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In the middle of the darkness, a group of about 10 people moved through the silence that covered the world. Each of them wore black clothing that even covered their face. They also used 《Night Vision》 magic to proceed in the night with no doubt in gait.

“Is it here? There’s no mistake right?”

“Don’t worry. There has been some preliminary inspection.”

“I just want to be sure… since this time it is a big job.”

“Well, I understand. After all the rewards is 300 gold coins, it is indeed a big catch. Anyway the receptionist and adventurer of Comer city is hard to handle, we even spend a lot of time to extort the information because they don’t want to talk.”
A man dressed with face mask then pulled the cover and spit to the ground in disgust.

“This place is far from the main road and some people considered this place as a haunted house. Anyway, I wonder why the n.o.bility and the thieves guild never move a finger. The treasure is in front of the eyes with dryad in the garden. I wonder why no one made a move. So, this time the client is the Viscount of Samantha City?”

“You know the main reason was because Yu was on friendly terms with Mussu, the ruler of Comer city. That’s why no one who dares to make a move.”

“Stop your chit chat, we’re going to arrive in the mansion. It’s already on sight.”

In front of the men eyes, despite in the darkness, they can saw it clearly. The mansion that was now covered with bushes and shrubs.

“Wow. This is the largest mansion I’ve ever seen. However ever since Yu went missing, the house was almost on the brink of collapsing. Even if that guy was here, I don’t think he could do anything since he is just becoming a C rank adventurer and not our match. The other companions were an E rank and two other C rank that are staying in the house. I think other than the black wolves there’s no other threat. Let’s used the sleep incense and spread it around the house.”
The man who said that seemed to be confident in his strength and from the other men the same expression can be seen.

“However, why don’t we move using the carriage?”

“Don’t worry too much about it. It seemed that it will be c.u.mbersome if the horse cries is heard by others.”


suddenly the man in the front raise up his arm and signaling the others to stop. The man who said that has a 『scout』 profession. His job was to prevented the annihilation of the party just in case there is an unforeseen danger ahead.

“What’s wrong?”

“The mound with the gra.s.s in front of us. It seemed that it was recently dug up.”

“There’s also a sign of someone using 【Awareness】!”

hearing the scout’s words, the other men were preparing for battle. Although it seemed to be emergency, no one was panicking and the tension was still calm. It showed just how much experience the men had and everyone was familiar with hards.h.i.+p.

Certainly as the scout said that, approximately 100 meters radius from the mansion, the gra.s.sland was in unnatural condition with mounds that could be seen here and there. The men vigilance finally climaxed when 「skeleton」 wielding iron swords and iron s.h.i.+eld come crawling up from within the mound.

“What happened here? Anyway, they are 「Bone soldier」 and 「bone fighter」. It’s not even a trouble.”

one of the skeleton monster came forward but their direction wasn’t Comer city but towards the men. Without a sense of danger or fear, the skeleton monster brandished it’s swords towards one of the men.

“We don’t even need to use magic.”

“yeah, it’s only a rank 1 「bone fighter」.”
while saying that, one of the man swung down his sword and directly crushed the skeleton skull. After that he pulled his sword out again. One after another bone soldier and bone fighter brought down.

“What is this? It doesn’t even break a sweat.”

the bone soldier and bone fighter were only some light exercise for the men. However the ground continuously moving.

“Oh, right now it’s 「Skeleton knight」 and 「Skeleton fighter」.”

“Don’t panic. It’s only the skeleton knight you have to watch out for. It’s a rank 3 monster.”

in the same way as before when they defeated the bone soldier, one after another skeleton knights were defeated. Just before they were able to proceed further, 20 meters in front, the ground once again moved. This time, the men have a bad feeling.

“….「Red skeleton knight」, 《Appraisal》!… It’s a rank 4 「red skeleton knight」 and … rank 5 「Skeleton Lizardman」, be careful!”

“Every time we advanced forwards, around every 20 meters, the monster emerging gradually get stronger. I don’t want to believe that a rank 6 monster and above will appear!”

“Why this isn’t included in the earlier report? What is the preliminary inspection team doing?”

“There’s no point in arguing now, let’s focus on defeating them.”

However as soon as the red skeleton knights and skeleton lizardmen appear, the group couldn’t easily defeat them like earlier. Under such circ.u.mstances, the party was divided into two.

“Withdraw! At once, fall back.”

“Wait! What nonsense are you speaking? We have to finish the job! We need to move forward!”

because of that, the group was scattered. One group was running towards Comer city and the other was running towards the mansion without even thinking to fight.

“Not bad! They are still chasing!”
behind those that ran away towards the house, the red skeleton knight was still chasing them. Just when they are about to be cut by the red skeleton knight sword, the red skeleton knight stopped.

“What? What happened? This guy suddenly stopped chasing and moving.”

“Fuh. This is our win. It seemed that they can only move within designated area boundaries. They can’t move here because they couldn’t move past the line.”
after they are spitting sigh in relief, seeing the red skeleton knight went back to the ground, the men were looking towards the house in horror because it was opened.

From the mansion front gate, someone comes out. With a battle ax on his right and a s.h.i.+eld on his left, clasped in black armor he appeared.

“Holy… what is that… No, if you look closer, it’s only a goblin. That almost scared the c.r.a.p out of me!”

the men who noticed that it is actually only a goblin regained their composure. After all, at first they are thinking that the one that comes out will be a monster of rank 6 or higher. They look down on the goblin since after all goblin is one of the weakest race.

“You should be preparing to meet your death if you come here. It would be good if you’re strong enough for me to test my strength.”
the men were surprised seeing the goblin talked but this was not the time to show any hesitation.

“That goblin is talking.”

“Don’t mind it, attack!”

one man moved forward but instantly he was cut in half by the battle ax. The rest of the men face changed after they saw the fate that embraced their fellow.

“Hmm. It’s too weak. This way I can’t tell if I have become stronger or not.”
Kuro muttered that in disappointed tone. The man he just killed in an instant however has the ability to be recognized as C rank adventurer.


“Quick, we can made it back. Let’s fall back to the inn and rebuild our plan.”
The group that falls back to the Comer city showed some smiled when they saw the Comer city entrance.

“Well, that might be impossible.”

“Who’s that?”

in front of the men, a figure is standing. It was Joseph who is looking at them with sleepy eyes.

“Fuaaa… I don’t want to work when I’m this sleepy.. however do you think you can try to enter the mansion and come back leisurely?”

“Everyone, it’s only one man. Attack!”

“Wait! That’s Joseph!”
The man who gave a warning to the other was too late. Easily Joseph beheaded two people in one swing. The remaining men seeing that were trembling because of fear.

“You know… if you run away, I’ll kill you.”
however even if they stayed, Joseph sword without mercy will severed their head.


as far as the eye can see, the ground was rotting, the air was covered in a strange miasma. As if it was there to block anyone from seeing inside. n.o.body can notice what is happening inside the dungeon.

“Fool… you can die if you ignored my warning.”

to that remarks, Momo could only tilted her head.

“Nothing… just ignored it… you have become stronger lately.”

under Momo’s feet, corpses of monsters were stacked like a mountain at the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon 46th floor. Since entering, Momo had ranked up from two to four and it is still increasing at a sharp speed. Momo wanted to nod but as she realized she was called ‘you’ and not by her name, she pouts and hit Yu cheek in anger.

“Ah, are you angry because I didn’t call you by name? Sorry, that’s my mistake.”

after that Yu lightly kissed Momo cheek and she became happy as soon as he did that. Momo then lied down on Yu head as usual.

“It’s already useless to stayed here for too long. You can rest for a while. I’ll proceed deeper.”

Momo then slept right on top of Yu head. When Momo little sleeper’s breathing can be heard, Yu proceed inside the dungeon with a smile.
(Tl note: he has regained his sanity too fast >.<>

To Deprive a Deprived Person 113

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