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ED:Steve Loreson

Chapter 189 Part 2 Urban Child Fifi

[Ah. Everyone, good morning! Well, actually, I was waiting for Yuu san to come by.]

[Did something happen?]

[Victor-san seems to be misunderstanding something.

He apparently heard that, me and Yuu-san were going out.

He also heard that we were quite intimate, since I am a receptionist and Yuu-san is an adventurer allowing us to often meet each other. But, I told him that we were just friends.

He suddenly said I am the second coming of the Witch of Seduction?

Even though I have no chance of being compared to such an extraordinary person…

Could Yuu-san please tell Victor-san that there might have been a misunderstanding?]

Collet puts her forefingers together and starts to fidget with a *Mojimoji*.

She looked troubled, but when Yuu looked at Collet her cheeks blushed.

Namari and Peach both looked at Collet curiously.

[Although Victor is quite strange, he is definitely a first-cla.s.s merchant.

If Victor thinks that Collet-san is amazing, then he must have a reason to say such a thing.

By the way, even I feel that Collet-san has the power to attract people as well.]

When Yuu jokingly patted Collet, Collet's face became red. With steam raising from her head.

[Mo, Mou.If Yuu-san continues to make fun of me then I will get angry!]

Collet sulkily speaks while acting angry, but contrary to her words Collet looked glad.

Adel looked on with hearts in her eyes as listened to the conversation between Collet and Yu.

[I am joking.But, Collet-san certainly does have power to cheer people on.

Isn’t that the truth?]

[Uuuuuu….Th-then what can I help you with today?]

[I wish to use the consultation room.]

When Yuu said that, Collet and the other receptionists who were listening in reacted.

The consultation room was a system through which it was possible to consult with a receptionist in a private room of the adventurer guild, but the usage of such a room required the person to pay 1 silver coin.

The distribution of the fee would be divided between the Guild and the Receptionist with a 50:50 split.

This was certainly a very attractive option for the receptionist.

Mostly male adventurers would opt for this service.

Because you could pick a receptionist for your consultation room.

In other words, this was one of the methods that male adventurers used to court their favorite receptionist.

Since the nominated receptionist was used, they would have to wait a while. However, the added benefit was that they did not have to stand in a line.

At some Adventurer guilds, some adventurers would sell information about the paths and the demons which inhibit a dungeon at a low price and get fooled by false information but the information that the receptionist gives out for a price is worth its weight in full.

In the first place, the receptionist is tied to the guild by contract magic which does not allow them to give out false information.

[You wish to use the consultation room?]

[Is it open?]

[Yes. Its open.Do you want to nominate a receptionist?]

Collet tried to remain calm, but Adele and Rebeca who were beside her in the counter noticed it.

She was anxious about if Yuu would choose to nominate some other receptionist or not.

[Look over there Adele, at Collet’s feet.]

[Oooh, Her feet are trembling rapidly. Just like a newborn deer.]

Collet had always been in-charge of Yuu's payments and deposits ever since Yuu joined the guild.

She was trembling with a pale face and thinking that if Yuu does not nominate her then it could only mean that she had not done her job properly.

[Is Fifi-san available?]

[Fi, Fifi-san is it?]

Collet had a long face, but her expressions could not hide her disappointment.

Soon the door behind the counter opened vigorously.

[Ho-hoho! It's here! My time has finally arrived! Yuu-chan, sorry for having you wait! Well then, come on let's go. Yey, yey. You can ask me anything! Because of the contract magic, you can be sure that all that I speak is the truth!]

Collete and Adele were taken aback while Rebecca gave her a cold gaze.

While not caring for such a thing, Fifi takes the same pose that her father Karl Heinz always takes.

[Fifi-san Good Morning. Are you free for the time being?]

[Yuu-chan, you know that my top priority is you right?]

Behind Fifi, Rebeca muttering, [ Fifi really is an idiot.] could be heard.

[Now then Yuu-chan. Let's go.]

In truth the person herself did not see the surroundings and only had on a smiling face. Looking at Fifi who had such a bright expression, Collet felt further depressed.

Fifi drew Yuu's hand and took him to the private room—

[So, for what reason are you all here?]

Fifi's att.i.tude completely changed from earlier, she glanced at the people in front of her and had a somewhat disgusting look.

The consultation room was for an adventurer and a receptionist. It was room that was large enough for two people to use, but behind Yuu was Mofu of the Fox tribe and a receptionist of the Second floor accompanied with [Golden Moon Blossom] Moran and 10 other receptionists. All who were cramped together.

Incidentally Namari and Peach who couldn't take the teasing of the female receptionists fled.

[We are on break.]

Mofu looked on as if saying, “is there a problem?” while looking at Fifi as if she was a fool.

At the same time, Mofu’s tail rocked left and right while she was at the back which caressed Memet's face.

Memet could not endure, sneezed cutely.

Apuri said, [Didn't I tell you before?] while lightly tapping on Memet's head.

[Mof.u.ko and you all, I know that you’re taking a break. But, unfortunately, this is not a break room. Moreover, you all are responsible for the second floor. If you are going to take a break, then do it on the second floor.]

In front of Yuu, Fifi raised her voice against them unable to endure their actions.

[Fifi-san, my name is not Mof.u.ko, it is Mofu. Oh maybe...... I know that you were an idiot, but I guess that can't be helped]

[Wh-who are you calling an Idiot! Don't think that I won't inform the guild head!]

[Are you sure you want to go to the guild head for such a simple matter? Eventually the Guild Head would of course receive a report. I am here for the same reason as the others in the place.]

*Gununu* Fifi was grinding her teeth, but when Yuu looked back she loosened her stiff neck.

[Ohoho, forget it. Since this is how it is, I will allow it.]

After she finished her words, suddenly all the receptionists came in with a *Don*.

[Th-this… The same as the others?]

Looking at Moran in the eyes, Moran only smiles back at Fifi.

[We were worried about you. A man and a woman in a locked room. We can't let anything happen after all.]

There were many others in the consultation room other than Yuu and Fifi, Moran also came but she did not dare touch Yuu's chair while Mofu turned towards Yuu and winked.

[Fifi-san, it's fine. You can stop grinding your teeth. Me and Memet are here just here to keep you company.]

Fifi was going *Puripuri* and was trembling in anger. Apuri told that herself and Memet were irrelevant but, Fifi's anger did not subside.

[You all! Are you trying to say that it would be bad for Yuu-chan if he were to go with me!?]

Although Fifi spoke in anger, the reactions of the people around her were unexpectedly strange.

Unexpectedly Fifil, arrived at such a conclusion.

[It-it can’t be… the one you are actually worried about… is not Yuu-chan but me?]

[That’s right! We are worried something might happen in such a closed room. That’s why we were concerned about Yuu and you.]

Morgan smiled while thinking that she finally understood and nodded her head firmly. While the other women also nodded as a group.

[Naaa!? Yo-you all th-think th-that I-I mi-might d-do so-something t-to Yuu-chan? I can't help but be disgusted at your thoughts.

Even if I look like this, I am still someone who can differentiate between public and private. I am a receptionist of the Best Urban Guild among the many adventurer guilds in the Kingdom of Udon.

Yuu-chan believe me! I never thought of using the consolation room to something strange to Yuu-chan!

Th-that's right. I only ever thought that it would feel nice if I touched Yuu for just a moment.]

[W-wow.This is the first time that she has ever understood something so quickly.]

To the desperate excuses of Fifi, Mofu looks at her with pity.

[All of you!I only touched Yuu's hand casually!]

[Certainly, it is as Moran Said.But did you really think that we wouldn't notice?]

Moran was impressed by the stubbornness of Fifi, Apuri even thought that she might be a Shotkon.

[Your stomach is empty.]

Did you not have your breakfast? Memet held her stomach and said, [I’m going to have some food.] To Moran and appeals to Apuri.

[Umm.... Can we have a talk soon?]

Everyone turned silent at Yuu's words.

At last, the main issue had arrived. Yuu lined up the entire table of the desk with things from the item Pouch: Eclairs bottled jam, cookies and cream puffs.

Soon the consultation room was filled with the sweet smell. Memet was almost salivating from looking at them.

Apuri hurriedly took out a handkerchief and wiped Memet's drool, but Memet eyes were glued to the sweets in front of her.

[Yuu-chan this is?]

[Fifi-san, you were born and raised at the capital, right?]

[E-eh. That’s right.]

[Did you often have dinner at the famous shops at the capital?]


I don't wish to brag but as my father was the Guild Leader at the Capital's Adventurer guild, I had many opportunities to eat at such place.]

Apuri and the other receptionists were surprised at the fact that Fifi's father was the guild master of the adventurer guild at the capital.

Only Moran and Memet did not understand the significance of such a thing. Rather, a question mark was floating on their heads.

[I will soon be meeting with the Imperial Family that's why I wanted to ask Fifi to judge if these sweets were good gifts to be presented to them at that time.

Don't you think that these sweets are perfect for the women, I need to make sure that I could make a proper impression.]

Fifi and the surrounding women looked at Marifa.

[I am not useful as everything that we eat always feel delicious, which is why this is an issue.]

Marifa who was behind Yuu said so while not even moving slightly.

[What! If it was such a thing then I shall happily co-operate.I should eat these things and give my opinion, right?]

Moran tried to grab a cream puff silently but was immediately shot-down at blinding speed.

It was Fifi who knocked it down.

Such speed even caused the other receptionists to blurt out, [Fast!].

[Ouch!? what are you doing!?]

[Oh shut up.

Yuu-chan came here to ask me about the deserts taste of the famous shops in the capital, right? He wanted me to eat them.

You, who was brought up in countryside, would definitely not know the taste of the famous shops of the capital. Do you think you have the qualifications to eat the sweets made by Yuu-chan?]

***Gununun*** Fifi ate the cream puffs while the women grinded their teeth.

The grace and form with which she ate looked as if she had been thought the ways of the n.o.bles since her childhood.

[The const.i.tuent of this cream puff is strawberry right.while this cream puff was made using Cacao fruit.]

[While this one is made along with Chocolate cream and Cacao fruit]

Custard, fresh cream, chocolate, and strawberry cream puffs were all devoured by Fifi.

Her face excluded seriousness, but the surrounding women gazed at her with jealousy and envy.

[Fifi-san, please try this one as well.

It’s called Éclair.

While this one is called Ice Cream.]

Fifi bites the chocolate coated eclair with relish.

The inside was filled with custard which flooded into her mouth, the sweet smell of custard drifted into the room. A lovely ringing sound rang from Memet's stomach.

And like so, all the sweets were about to be devoured by the Greedy Demon-Fifi.

To stop that from happening, Mofu intervened.

[Kehum, Yuu-san although I did not grow up in the capital, I did grow up in a well refined city.

I know the taste of several Famous stores.

So, will you allow me to co-operate as well?]

[Mofu-san, Thank you very much.

I do have a lot of it, here you go.]

Although Mofu smiled casually, but the edges of her face was raised a lot more.

The other receptionists all rush in for permission in the same way as Mofu.

[H-hey.I have tasted several famous stores in the Fortress city of Moriguru!]

[A a.

If so, then I have also had food at the famous stores of Mont Blanc of Samantha.]

[Yuu, I did not have a taste at the several food stores of famous shops, but please let me try them?]

Yuu started to feel scared looking at the women's thirst for sweet things.

The women who soon obtained the permission flocked to the sweets with delight and soon blood curdling screams could be heard from the fights.

The force of the fight was unstoppable.

Fifi tried to appeal to them by saying [Wait a minute. Don't let Yuu-chan?] but it was only wishful resistance.

The women turned into demons and jumped onto the sweets on the table.

Among them Memet quickly ate sweets with a speed that could not imagined from her usual appearance.

The sweets that were so much in number disappeared in the blink of an eye.

As the storm soon pa.s.sed, the sweets on the desk were gone.

[Memet, don’t overeat.]

[Apuri also ate more.]

Memet had cream at the corner of her mouth, but custard was also hanging from the mouth of Apuri.

[Fifi-san how was it?]

Yuu looked away from the chaos made by the other women. He just wanted to know Fifi's review on the sweets.

[Yu-chan, it was amazing!]

Fifi who ate elegantly at first, also became one of the demons to secure her food from the starving wolves of the others. Her hair was disheveled, and her makeup had become tattered.

[Thank you very much.

But, wasn't everything a little crude?]


The shops in the capital use only chocolate or cream while making them look good. Those which I made in addition to cream and the chocolate, strawberries and even large quant.i.ties of honey was used. Fifi-san?]

Fifi-san quickly held onto Yuu-san hand and did not let him finish.

Her eyes were serious unlike her usual appearance, but at the end of her mouth there were still remnants of the sweets that she had eaten/fought for with the other receptionists.

Everything was messed up.

[Yuu-chan, wait? High end sweet shops in the capital use a lot of unrefined local honey but they use only a small amount of rare products like rare honey or jams. It is considered that it’s good to have it in small amounts so that it can be eaten elegantly. To say that they use large amounts of honey and cream…

That is not true.]

The Women behind Fifi nod several times.

[Then.... what about the sweets that I made?]

[The best! But, there is still room for improvement! After this the two of us…

You understand right? Let's go to a place where no one can disturb us.

Ow! Mof.u.ko, what are you doing!]

[Where do think you’re going! How could try to abandon your job and intend to run away! Also, its not Mof.u.ko it is Mofu-desu!]

[Memet, what is it that your trying to hide behind you?]

Moran walked towards Memet who was hiding sweets behind her.

[This is for eating later.]

[Memet, please stop imitating vulgarly.]

[Apuri also hid sweets.]

[N-no it's not true!  If that is so, then those girls also!]

The women surrounded the Memet and Apuri and the other girls that hidden sweets.

[Hey! Don't involve us in this! I will never hand this over!]

[Hey, hand those over right now!]

[No, no, no, no! I will never hand these cream puffs over to anyone!]

Another Ugly Women Battle Royale Broke out, and it got noisy quickly.

Yuu who had yet to receive answers satisfactorily sighs.

Marifa said, [Master-sama, let us go out before it turns even more noisy.] and then Yuu and Marifa left the consolation room.

Yuu understood the insatiable greed of women for sweets on that day.

To Deprive a Deprived Person 190

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