To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 200 Part1

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Chapter 200 : Negotiations with the Merchants part 1

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「This is the only wind-chasing feather of the thunder cloud bird that is said to only inhabit the Chikin Mountain range! With this wing its possible to gain lightning resistance, but if you were to use it to convert it into a ornament with your workmans.h.i.+p, it could become a powerful ornament! If this wing were to be sold to the n.o.bility then it would fetch a 100 gold coins at the cheapest. but only for the people of Nameless kingdom i will sell it specially for 90 Gold coins! No, how about 80 gold coins ? This is the amount which only i can provide due to the trade route that i own myself!」

「Please look at the sophistication at this silver work.

Can you see how splendid the work is on them? The silver tableware arranged here are from Bonkari workshop which only make a 100 sets a year.

n.o.bles, nonono.

Even the imperial family were to be kept waiting to obtain, how long do you think they would have kept us waiting」

「This not the actual application of the fruit there are several application other than this one.

This is an item which is brought back from the 『Huge Philcy Trees 』which lies to the north east of the Set Republic.

Please watch! The real application of this fruit!! This is actually a fruit jewel which s.h.i.+nes in several colours depending on how light is applied to it.

Therefore, this is not a superficial thing to have.

And moreover because a group of rank 6 samaru barteru constant patrol and protect trees which hold the jewel fruit」

「A magical book, an unused one at that.

It is not a magic book below the first rank or the second rank.

It is magic book the of the Third Rank.

For this how about 200 gold coins?」

「Fhahaha.The articles of the other people are splendid, but the article that i have prepared shall not lose.This bow right here is made from a branch of the Tens.h.i.+n Han, which is found only in the labyrinth of 『s.h.i.+rinko』near the Set Republic inhabited by large catfish, the bow body is said to hold a tree spirit.Common people can never pull the chord of the bow, but if there are extraordinary people who excel in physical abilities then maybe they can master it?」

In a stone building which was not small in any sense of the word, it was filled with merchants trying to show of their goods.

They were the same items which they brought out a while ago.

Every one of them were lavishly presenting his or her best goods to get a better evaluation.

「Hahhaa.Satou-sama, please have a look.Everyone is putting out there most treasured items so that they can raise the ratings from Satou-sama of the Nameless kingdom.」

When Viktor saw the merchants who were brought by him finally starting to get down to business, he stroked his moustache satisfactorily.

「By the way, i can't seem to find Namari-chan anywhere ?」

「Since there would be disturbance around i let her go to the 『Great Goblin Forest』.Besides, you people are not good for her education」

「Mago-dono, I told you this」

「Hohoho, i thought it was Vilktor who satou-sama was talking about」

mago had gotten used to handling Viktor, and cleverly dodged that remark.

As if being hurt, Viktor exaggeratedly said 『How terrible of you』(Imagine this in a girly tone).

Looking at the funny figure, mago lowers his head gratifyingly while drinking the alochol.

But, this is the very technique of Viktor, which mago had not noticed yet.

「Even so 『Great Gobling forest』is surely a B-rank labyrinth in the set republic.

Most of the monsters that inhabit the labyrinth over there are mostly goblins as the name suggests, It does not have much degree of difficulty even if the ranking of the labyrinth is B.

I see, i get it now.

The main purpose is to nurture Ninchan, while Namari-chan is the it?」

「Not at all.

Right now if it's ninchan and gang they should be able to easily take-----」

While talking with viktor, Yuu's gaze was at a merchant who was negotiating with byarune.

No, rather his gaze was one the seeds of the plant which was in his hands.

「Is it the seeds of a plant?」


It is the seeds of a plant called rice which a certain race grows.

They are quite the strange people, but i have trades with them and therefore i am able to procure them.

You can eat them as they are, but with some wood-----」

「Is that rice?」

Byraune was surprised at Yuu who broke into the conversation.

During this deal, byraune was told beforehand that he would not be speaking or meddling.

「You know this de」

「Do you by chance of Soy sauce and miso?」

The words soy sauce and miso which was said by Yuu was not understood by the surrounding merchants, but only the merchant who brought the rice had a surprised expression.

「A, I have it.

Excuse me, satou-sama....」

「Hey, i am not concerned with the people who trade with you( the farmers who grow rice).

Moreover, i want to buy all the items that you have brought」

「all o-of it!?」


You're asking price is alright」

The merchants who were explaining their treasured items to attract yuu's attention were now looking at the merchant dealing with yuu in envy.

Looking at the somewhat excited appearance of Yuu, both Viktor and Mago were showing a surprised expression with  a 「hou」

As everyone's eyes gathered to Yuu, the merchant's escorts escaped out of the building as if they were waiting for that time.

To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 200 Part1

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