To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 184 - Adventurer Guild Conference Part 1

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Chapter 184: adventurer guild conference part 1

Capital city Tenkasi. If you live in the Houdon kingdom, it was a city which is everyone who lived in the kingdom knows. It was the center of the Houdon kingdom and it was the central commanding city for 20 other cities from which further relay transmission to the smaller towns and villages around cities.

There is a big conference in the headquarters of the adventurer guild. Where is the central headquarters of the adventurer guild who is said to have thousands of branch on the Rem continent? You probably can't find this place and n.o.body can answer this question. Was it in the capital city Tenkasi? Even though no one knows the real answer but they believed that headquarters will be in the capital and everyone mostly guessed so.

The country where the 「great wise sage」 lived, the Houdon kingdom. It wasn't a busy place originally. They only know about the wise sage and the adventurer guild never get much attention but somehow among the two, it was closely related. The adventurer guild headquarters, today all branch head of every adventurer guild in each city have gathered in the meeting room on the third floor. Once every four years, all of the adventurer guild branches of the Rem continent are having a conference and they gathered at the capital city of the Houdon kingdom, Tenkasi; to discuss future policies and operations.

It was a meeting where each branch head of adventurer guild gathers. At this day, the meeting was held at the Houdon kingdom and it was the day where each branch head of adventurer's guild gathers.

(Tl note: it was repeated with different wording only lol)

Inside the conference room, a woman who acts as the moderator explains the information that is brought from the adventurer guild around the continent of Rem and was shared with the adventurer guild head from each city. The moderator was a woman who seemed to be a girl at first sight but from the characteristic of her body and red hair, it was known that she is a dwarf. It was a charming dwarf woman.

“「Explosive sword」 Siam de Blood is promoted to C rank, next we'll move to B rank promotion.”

The dwarf woman is reading C rank promotion and move on to B rank.

“Finally, Yu Sato is promoted to B rank. Next.”

“Eh, please wait. Isn't Yu Sato just promoted? He wasn't on the C rank list in the previous meeting?”

One of the guild master from fortress city, Molly raised her voice.

“Yes, please wait a moment… alright… according to our report, Yu Sato has indeed been promoted to B rank and he achieved it in less than a year since registering as an adventurer. Because of that he wasn't in the C rank list on the previous meeting.”

Because of what the dwarf woman's words, noises were made.

“Promote to B rank in less than a year? His speed is comparable to 「Spirit Knight」 Goliva, is he a demi human or a half dragon?”

“Wait… from the information that I read, this Sato guy is someone who is only around 12-14 years old and he is a human, is this right?”

“Haha, such a brat is a B rank adventurer in less than a year? What kind of person is he Mofisu?” the line of sight of each guild master is now centered on Mofisu. Mofisu stroked his head which is lacking in hair as if he didn't hear anything.

“Hey, are you pretending that you can't hear us?”

“What is it Gizzy? When someone is promoted to B rank, is there an age limit?”

“No! we are just doubting that Yu Sato was promoted because some guild master gives preferential treatment and manipulating the guild points incorrectly.”

The guild master of the Samantha city then raises his voice while hitting the desk. The dwarf woman is in a rush sending a piteous look to a man that is sitting next to them with teary eyes.

“That's not it.”

A man who kept silent until now was speaking as if he was an expert and give a smile to the dwarf woman.

“Carl, what is it?”

The man name was Carlheinz Angmuller, the head master of the adventurer guild in the capital city Tenkasi. In fact, he was a man that lead the adventurer guild who is said to have thousands adventurer.

“I'm saying that there is no injustice or preferential treatment given to Yu Sato. He was someone who defeated the undead 「black dragon」 alone and it was confirmed by the headquarters who also investigated it. His skill is enough to be ranked as a B rank.” Hearing Carlheinz words, the fortress city guild master Gizzy and the guild master of Samantha city can only smile in a nasty way.

“Hahaha, that's alright. n.o.body in this place know that he got the attention of the alchemy guild and said he has secret means that disturbing their business. We're just here to help make some inquiry. I'm sorry. They just want the real information about Sato.”

The guild master of Samantha city was speaking a lot of troubles.

“So, did you gave away the information?”

Carlheinz voice is the same as normal but his eyes narrowed.

“Idiot. The alchemy guild has been monopolizing the sales of potion so the price will not drop at all and in fact it will never reach the hand of the citizens when they are wounded by monsters. There's a lot of children victim, and did they care?”

“Merchant guilds are mostly obsessed with the money but the alchemy guild isn't that different, but not us.”

Fortress city guild master Gizzy and the guild master of Samantha City are all calmed down. Adventurer's guild no matter what must always be neutral. Whether the opponent is a big country or not, it was only due to the efforts of their predecessors that have protected it for hundreds of years that they remained neutral and will do so.

“I am relieved to hear that the adventurer guild will always have to be neutral and fair. Mofisu think the same don't you?”

Although Mofisu is not replying, he nodded to Carlheinz question.

“Mofisu, I want to ask you a question, can you swear to G.o.d to tell the truth?”

“Well, I swear that I will always acts neutral and fair as an adventurer guild master.”

After that Carlheinz stared at Mofisu for a while but the dwarf women then urged them to preceed with the conference and they complied.

“Alright, this is the one who's promoted to A rank, 「Stone Wall」 Hugo Hirschberger; 「Hundred Demon Beast」 Wurlich; 「Lost Maze」 Dering.”

The names of adventurers who have a good track record, convinced everyone as they are mentioned one by one by the dwarf woman.

“Above names will be promoted to A rank. It was a pity that there is no one fulfill the condition to be promoted to S rank. Also, we have an issue about the disappearance of 「spirit」 within the Houdon kingdom. The investigation is still ongoing but the real cause is still unknown. There is a rumor that the spirt leaves the country because a spirit magical user is forcing them however the spirit magical user feels that it was a slander for them and requested for us to announce that there are no relations between them and the incident but we can't say anything since we don't know the real cause.”

“Well, we don't care about it but if it was a farmer, they will be in grieve thinking of how many crops will be affected if there are no spirit.”

“When they can't pay tax anymore, what awaits them is slavery.”

“Although the spirit disappears, there are rumors that most damage is centered on Comer city, what do you say Mofisu?”

“As you said, it was only rumors, I can't say anything since there's no way to verify it isn't it?”

“Well. If you put it that way, it doesn't really matter. Anyway, is that a fake hair Mofisu?”

The guild master of Wood city is sitting next to Mofisu and tried to pull his hair and he found out that it was genuine. If it was the old Mofisu, he will go mad if someone is pulling his hair, however right now he accepted it with a smile.

“My hair? It has grown for a long time. Are you worried about yours?”

From around the place, many envious eyes are directed to Mofisu.

To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 184 - Adventurer Guild Conference Part 1

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