To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 225

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TDADP chapter 225: Not you

In front of the approaching men, Lena doesn't panic but shook her cane. Dozens of things like steel-colored flower buds were created with magic power and appear in the air. Each time it is repeated two or three times, the number increases.


When Lena ordered, the Rank 4 black magic 『Steel Bullet』 was released towards the men.

「Leave it to me!!」

One of the men activates the Rank 2 spirit magic 『Water Ball Wall』 without chanting. A number of water b.a.l.l.s form a water wall that prevents the progress of the 『Steel Bullet』. The moment when the water wall and the black bullet came into contact, it was scattered as if the buds bloomed. Thousands of fragments drift through the water wall. When Lena´s attack magic was prevented, the comrades of the man who created the 『Water Ball Wall』 call out to him in joy, but cold sweat erupted from his whole body. If he selected 『Ground Wall』 that expands the soil into a wall instead of 『Water Ball Wall』, the ground wall would be shattered and even if they were not annihilated by the current attack, half of them could have become pieces of meat.


Agafon shook his big sword as he raised his spirit. However, the man receives the sword slash with the sword technique 『Yanagi』 without any panic. Agafon's big sword, whose power flow was changed, was buried deeply in the ground. It was the same development as before. Before Lena appeared, that man continued to hit Agafon's sword in the same way and was attacked when his movements were dull by fatigue.

(It's not the same as before. This time he seems to be fine)

The man who also uses a large sword to attack Agafon without any ingenuity judges that he is not an enemy unless he makes a mistake.

「Not yet!!!」

While forcibly pulling out his large sword buried in the ground, Agafon swings the sword aside. Agafon's sword fits his own sword style, but it is not a sword that many beastmen can wield. It's not a sweet attack that should be reckoned with, but the man knows it, so he'll be alert. Even if he continues to have his sword paried by the man who is less powerful than himself, Agafon continues to swing his sword without giving up.

「You can't discern it. It's useless what you're doing!」

「I decide whether it's useless!!」

Although Agafon is a beastman with a physical ability superior to humans, he attacks with full power, such as continuing attacking indefinitely. The man thought that such a continuous attack should not have any physical strength.

(Th, This guy! His attack won't stop!? N......No way!!)

Rather than that Agafon´s attack declines, it was even gaining momentum. That should be it. When the man looks at Agafon´s feet, he noticed that Agafon is connected to Lena through a thread of magic power. Agafon, now is always supplied with recovery magic and grant magic from Lena, so that he is not tired and can keep moving.


Agafon's sword reaches the body of the man who has finally been unable to evade it. The man who has his thigh cut tries to take a potion from the item pouch and put it on his wound, but Agafon is not silently watching him. If it was a one-on-one battle, it would have been settled here. However, this is a battle between groups. A male companion attacks Agafon from the back and releases the Rank 3 spirit magic 『Sword Wind Blade』. When a huge wind blade seemed to separate the neck and torso of Agafon――


Lena's Rank 1 black magic 『Wind Blade』 collides with 『Sword Wind Blade』 and disappears. Even though it is the same wind magic, the man who released the spirit magic that has been canceled by a lower magic bit on his lips. Lena's help was done not only to Agafon, but also to Otope, Yam and Flavia.

「A, Amazing. I don't think there was such a way of fighting for an rearguard」

「That's not all. I wonder what kind of person can keep track of everyone's condition and continue to supply appropriate recovery and grant magic」

The battle, which was overwhelming before, was starting to change by more than five minutes with the addition of Lena alone. She not only provides support for enemies attacks and supports her friends, but she also uses recovery and grant magic. Beibu and Akane, who are also rearguards, can't hide their surprise to the unusual battle style of Lena. Of course, Beibu and Akane aren't watching quietly. Although they were also helping from the back with recovery and attack magic, the difference between Lena and themselves was obvious. Beibu is afraid of Lena and Akane bites her lower lips regretfully because of the power difference between her and Lena.

「Step aside!!」


Monique receives the attack of the man with the battle axe with her obsidian tower s.h.i.+eld transformed into a distortion. The man's movement was clearly positive, but he couldn't escape Monique´s eyes who understood it. Because behind Monique there are Beibu and Akane.


「I understand!!!」

A man with a Damascus hammer called Domdom attacks Lena from the other side where Monique and the others were. Naturally, Lena knew that she was being targeted, but decided that she could prevent it with her barrier and focused on helping Agafon´s party.


Domdom slams the Damascus Captain against Lena while rotating her body at high speed. Domdom released the hammer technique 『Tornado』. When the Damascus hammer hit lena´s barrier, a terrible crus.h.i.+ng sound that makes them deaf is ringing in the forest. Of the five barriers that Lena unfolds, three are crushed with a single blow and disappear as particles. Subsequently, the fourth one is crushed and disappears. And, the movement of the large Damascus hammer stopped there though the rose spread to the last barrier. By barely defending against Domdom's attack, Lena will not have a happy face, but she is relieved.


Domdom twists his body screaming loudly. The last barrier breaks down, and the Damascus hammer digs into Lena's side, who is trying to repair the barrier


Lena, who was trying to endure the pain, couldn't endure and vomited blood with a small whisper. At the same time, Lena's barriers and the magic threads that connected to Agafon and the others disappear all at once.

Domdom and the surrounding men notice Lena's incident. Although she is exhaling blood, the damage that Lena has received is not that serious. If you're a skilled rear guard, it's unlikely that you'll be able to unlock magic with this amount of damage or pain. In other words, Lena has a fatal weakness of being vulnerable to pain. Dom Dom and others are not sweet enough to miss it.


Using the reaction that Domdom pulls out the Damascus Captain, he tries to strike the Damascus Captain on the side and make a full turn.

「Gefuu....... Wh,」

From the back to the chest, Otope's spear penetrated Domdom's body. As soon as he saw Lena´s inferiority, Otope rushed towards the enemy. However, there is no way that you can turn your back on a enemy and be unharmed. His defenseless back was slashed many times, and Otope's back was dyed red.

「I can't let you kill Lensan. I'll be beaten by Odono-sama」

「Ba, Bast......ardd!!!」

Domdom swings the Damascus hammer against Otope´s face, despite being clearly deadly wounded. The blow was so sharp and fast that no one would think it would come from a dying man. It was Otope who tried to deflect the Damascus hammer , but still twisted his face in time――but when a sound like a forceful break of a bag filled the air was heard, Otope's right ear and its surroundings exploded. Originally he suffered a serious injury on his back to help Lena, but he was attacked by Domdom. Otope is out of balance and lies on the ground, but Domdom tries to release a single blow.

「Di, Die!!」

「Persistent! 『Vine Spear Tendril Javelin』!!」

Akane activates the Rank 5 fairy magic 『Tendril Javelin』. The vines are intertwined, forming a number of spears and penetrating the whole body of Domdom.

「Gahaaa!!! Da, d.a.m.n it......wa......ado......ha......sorry!」

Even though Domdom continued to move even though a hole was made in his chest, he didn't fall back and moves again even when his whole body is penetrated with vines.

「Domdom! This f.u.c.king worm!!! It killed Domdom!!!」

One of the companions who saw how Domdom was killed is heading for Akane, but Monique blocks his way. And a magic thread is reconnected to Otope from Lena's body who has recovered. Then, while Otope's back and wounds around his right ear were seen, he recovered and entered the battle with the man confronting Monique. Lena, the lifeline of Agafon´s party, was aimed once and leaned, but Otope, who is not afraid of death, starts pus.h.i.+ng again.

「It seems that we are slightly more advantageous」

Marifa's maid outfit against Kiringirin was stained red with blood. Still, there was no sign of pride in Kiringirin.

「Is that the power of an magic eye?"」

Marifa doesn't answer to Kiringirin who attacks while asking. And it was Kiringirin who made a blow with a deadly blow, but Marifa has already been avoiding it.

(And again. She's already moving before I attack. What can she see with that eye?)

Since Marifa's right eye began to s.h.i.+ne purple, Marifa began to attack Kiringirin without her insects. That was something that wasn't normal, given the differences in skills and physical abilities between Marifa and Kiringirin.

「It looks like you´re visualizing my murderousness, but it doesn't seem to be perfect. My evidence is that I hit you a little bit」

Marifa does not respond to Kiringirin´s interrogation. Neither facial expression nor body reacts and Marifa keeps her gaze away from Kiringirin with ice-like eyes. The opponent was a little girl, so Kiringirin was beginning to be impatient, despite the fact that he was far superior in actual battle experience and ability, but he was still struggling without defeating.


Kiringirin activates the spear skill 『Three Strike』 at the same time as the skill 『Expansion』. The spear extends far beyond its size, aiming for Marifa's vital point. However, Marifa has a single piece of skin and moves so fast that it cant be seen with the eyes.

(Not you)

Kiringirin was half-armed to prevent Marifa from knowing the wounds on his flanks. It was a wound made by a throwing knife when he attacked Marifa. Since the beginning of inviting Flavia into the woods, Kiringirin has been worried. Even though Lena and Marifa appeared at the tip of their thoughts, they were still worried. And after starting fighting Marifa, anxiety turns into conviction. Someone started attacking him. Someone who Kiringirin was totally unaware of repeatedly throws attacks at him. Still, Kiringirin did not know where the enemy was throwing from. The B-rank adventurers of 『Dragon's Fang』 don't know Kiringirin who has great confidence in battle. It was Kiringirin who was thinking that this unidentified enemy was working with Marifa, but Marifa did not even show a slight reaction. No matter how cleverly Marifa hides, Kiringirin, a battle veteran, has no way of not being aware of an ambush. If so, this person becomes the third enemy. The impatience and increasing wounds deprive Kiringirin of his normal judgment.

「Kiringirin! Can't you beat her yet?」

He hears a call for help from his comrades. It's unbelievable that he's struggling so hard. However, Kiringirin cant look back. This is because neither Marifa nor the invisible enemy will forgive such a thing.

「What's funny」

Kiringirin asks Marifa who smiled while holding his spear. When Marifa, who he thought was an icy girl, looked a little embarra.s.sed, Kiringirin stared at her.

「Excuse me. Your name was similar to the plant I'm growing」

The smile disappears from Marifaßs face while expressing an apology. Kiringirin's whole body was appealing that he should escape from this place.

「I don't know anyone other than me who can use it, so let's call it Rank 3 spirit magic 『Poison Thorn Cage Ginpira』」

When Marifa crosses her hands and activates that spirit magic, a lot of gra.s.s pushes the soil away from the ground. At first glance, it looks like an unchanging gra.s.s, but it is judged by Kiringirin's intuition that he should take a distance. A throwing knife pierces Kiringirin's ankle at the moment of trying to jump out of the spot. The mysterious gra.s.s covers him who is late to escape, but the gra.s.s does not entangle and kill him, nor does the branch penetrate his body. When Kiringirin tries to the gra.s.s out, he notices the brutal attack of the gra.s.s.


Kiringirin, who had been injured many times after fighting against monsters and sometimes powerful private soldiers, shouted without being able to endure the pain. He couldn't even move from the spot with so much pain.

「The name of the gra.s.s is GinpiGinpi. The leaves and branches have fine hairs called stabbing hair, but there is no need to explain what happens when you touch them」

It wasn't when he heard Marifa's explanation. In order to escape from the pain that GinpiGinpi brings, Kiringirin removes the detoxification potion from the item pouch, puts it on the painful area and drinks the rest.

「Gaaa!? Wh......Why. Why is it so painful, the pain doesn't go away!?」

「GinpiGinpi's poison is almost ineffective with detoxification with magic and medicine and the pain lasts for years」

How desperate was Kiringirin who was told that this pain would last for several years without detoxification? But Marifa pushes Kiringirin into further despair.

「Don't worry. The venom of GinpiGinpi that I carefully selected and cultivated is not the ratio of normal species. The effect will last for decades」

「Yo, You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!! Guaaaa!?」

A high-heat breath carbonizes Kiringirin's arms as he reaches for Marifa.

「Don't kill him Koro, because there's a lot of information to hear from him」

When Marifa stroked the dissatisfied Koro's head, she released 『Poison Thorn Cage Ginpira』 towards Kiringirin´s remaining comrades.

To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 225

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