To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 232

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TDADP chapter 232: Failure

It was just a coincidence. It happened during the transition to the upright position, with the possession of the hand reversed and the right arm on the top and the left arm on the bottom. The Sky Falcon claw in his right hand was suddenly repelled. It was not just repelled. The blade of the Sky Falcon claw, which can easily cut even the strong scale of a rock dragon, was partially missing. But Jozu was not surprised. It wasn't exactly a surprise. The reason is that his eyes were caught by the blood splash which spouted from his right wrist. The right wrist was barely connected by a thin skin. The wrist hangs loosely in the direction that wouldn't bend normally. The severe pain that ran every time the wrist which had nearly been cut told Jozu that the event in front of him was reality, not an illusion.

(What happened!? I haven't even been able to keep an eye on Nina)

Did she use her unique skill without chanting? Even so, it's strange that he can't react at all when he activated 『Lightning Speed』. Second unique skill!? Is there a possibility that a third party is lurking somewhere? That is not possible. Thoughts ran through Jozu's head, but he couldn't afford to spend any more time thinking. Blood droplets still erupting from Jozu's right wrist. Frighteningly, when it reached the ground, the blood was clotted, like a lever. By being cut by Nina's black dragon claw, multiple poisons such as neurotoxins and hemorrhagic toxin were activated at the same time. The poison was still violent, with the skin tearing gradually from the wrist to the elbow and vivid pink flesh become visible. Jozu had no time to hesitate. Judging that it was too late for a potion or antidote, he cut off the tip of the elbow of his right arm with the Earth Wolf Fang in his left hand. Jozu, who cut off his right arm without any support, would be brilliant. A large amount of bleeding causes a rapid loss of color from Jozu's skin. Jozu rushes above the cut surface of his right arm and ties it with a steel thread to stop the bleeding. This is because closing the wound with a potion or the like makes it difficult to regenerate the right arm without using high-level sacred magic.

「It's funny~」

Jozu looks back at that voice. There was a figure of Nina staggering her head, so as not to be convinced.

「Why isn't Jozu-san dying? If it's ranked Jozu-san, he shouldn't be able to prevent it」

She is not angry at all. Nina is purely wondering. It was like saying that if Jozu wasn't dead, she could only stand stunned by Nina's strange thoughts. In the past, Nina would have pursued Jozu without worrying about such questions. If so, by now Jozu was definitely a dead man. Nina, who is not interested in herself, didn't notice the small change. However, curiously many times, she muttered, 「It's strange」. The slight puzzlement of Nina saved Jozu's life. And――

「Is Joseph-san also an enemy?」

――Joseph arrived in time.

「Joseph-san......where did you......guu, were you walking around?」

Jozu asks Joseph with a distorted face. Joseph was full of wounds all over his body. Blood dripping from the body tells Jozu that not much time has pa.s.sed since Joseph was wounded.

「Nina, Jozu, that idiot caused trouble. Give me a break around here」

Somewhat there was a different atmosphere from the usual Joseph.

「What are you talking about? I can still fight――」

Jozu's teeth splatter with the dry sound of a broken twig. At the position where Jozu's face was, was Joseph's right arm with his fist hardened. Jozu rolls on the ground as if he had been kicked by a horse. He rolled a few dozen meters from where Joseph was and finally stopped. Everyone would think that they did not want to imagine how much he had been beaten. Despite being a surprise, even though he was a man, Nina was surprised to see how extraordinary Joseph was, who had beaten his back fist against Jozu, who had a lot of achievements as an rank adventurer.

「I told you not to touch Yuu and the others」

It was anger that overflowed from Joseph's whole body. No, it might be easy to say anger. There will be no suspicion of being killed. Joseph had such a sword-like atmosphere.

「Tsk. How long have you been pretending? Get up quickly」

Joseph responded without looking back, but Jozu didn't react, nor did he seem to move. During this time, Nina was silently watching the exchange between Joseph and Jozu, but eventually she put her Black Dragon Claw and Black Dragon Fang Daggers back into their sheath on her waist.

「Oh, was it too much? I'm sorry」

「Yeah. Joseph-san used too much strength on a friend」


Joseph had a doubtful expression hearing Nina's words.

「Maybe Jozu's head is broken with this blow」

The moment Nina says so, she left the place. Joseph, who had been left behind, went to Jozu´s side, clicking his tongue as if to say that he didn't use so much strength.

「......Cough, Cough Cough」

Each time she coughs, a new red stain spreads on the ground. Lena saw the moment when her unfolding barrier and Ranpou´s Mithril Golem, which Ranpou controlled, clashed. When the drill-like arm of the Mithril's golem digs and cuts the barrier, it simultaneously interferes with Lena's barrier and neutralizes it. It is not enough for Lena to continue developing a new barrier. Because it was erased from the end of creation.


With her right lung crushed, she couldn't breathe and Lena tried to use recovery magic, but she couldn't concentrate due to pain and suffering.

「What do you think about my Mythril Golem? It consumes a good amount of Mythril in the catalyst, but it's worth it. It seems like you've noticed. Mithril is a mineral that goes well with magic. Good, it is one of the materials that is easy to pa.s.s by magic power and is suitable for enhancing the ability of the operator, so many rearguards choose mithril for their weapons and armor, otherwise the thread would be too heavy to move properly. On the other hand, it's easy to interfere. It is said that you are proud of your great magic, but if I interfere a little from here, you won't be able to do anything as soon as possible and you name yourself a genius magician? Don't make me laugh」

Looking down at Lena, who cannot move satisfactorily, Ranpou verbalizes Lena with words. Lena couldn't even raise her face because she was too much damage to refute.

「Even so, it's really a mess that you can't use magic with this kind of wound. It wouldn't be a big deal just for Jozu to deal with that stupid brat called Satou」

Anger pushes Lena's body forcibly. Where treatment should be prioritized, Lena prioritizes the attack on Ranpou. The biggest magic that can be used by her, the 7th rank black magic 『Fujin Raijin』 that was previously activated by using her Pumpkin Hat skill. With today's Lena, it was possible to activate it with just her own power. With the skill 『Discard Chant』, Lena's magic power is converted into the power of wind and lightning, and she fires it in the blink of an eye――faster than it, Ranpou´s 6th rank spirit magic 『Mithril Pile』 pierced Lena's palms and sewn it to the ground.


To that much pain, the voice of the pain which does not become a voice leaks out from Lena's mouth.

「Haahaa, what is it? Can't you even make a loud voice? That Mithril pile absorbs your magic and keeps its shape. It won't go away until your MP is empty. Judging from the magic composition, it was the 7th rank black magic 『Fujin Raijin』. Why didn't you use it first? Even if you can't beat me, it's enough to injure my hand. Underestimating me――no, its different. You've never killed anyone」

「......Si, Si......le......nt」

「After all. You´re an adventurer with a half-hearted resolution」

Lena tries to pull her hand out of the Mithril pile, but Ranpou puts his weight on the Mithril pile. In response to the weight of the foot, the Mithril's pile digs deeper into Lena's hand.


「Don't be impatient. Let's talk and kill some time. I'm from a village that exists everywhere. It is a remote place where there are only mountains when you look around in the countryside again. But that's it. There is a lord who can rule even in such a countryside village. The lord who's a typical n.o.ble lord, who can't afford a big tax, had a hurdle, a so-called run-up adventurer in the village and even if the villagers were being snarled, he kept watching the adventurer because he was thinking every day that the adventurer will kill the lord someday」

Ranpou was talking cheerfully, but the force on the Mithril pile gradually increased.

「The Lord embraced most of the young women in the village with his power. A girl is cut off playfully because he didn't like her eyes.The lord and his entourages are so outlawed that the usually quiet village is going beyond their patience. It's strange to see people who are eager to get into the house where the lord lives with forks or sickles in their hands, even if they die. What about me? Of course I was mixed in it. After all, one of the women who refused to be held by the lord and was killed was my older sister. It's a masterpiece. In the middle of the road to the lord's mansion, the lord's entourage and soldiers stood in our way. The village where it was not possible to take a big tax was only a toy for that Lord. It was a recognition of the degree to which it was necessary to play appropriately and to kill everyone if it reversed. Now, when the lord´s soldiers started to move to kill us, with a bad smile on their faces. He showed up. Wyatt Gofu Buff-sama, who is said to be a n.o.bleman among the n.o.bles and Muss´s sama´s father, who must have heard and examined our pet.i.tion from somewhere appeared. The lord and his entourage are caught in a flash and are tied up as it is. And after that, he apologized to the villagers. That it was a shameful deed as a n.o.bleman. A great aristocrat is dealing with the people in the village who have no education, no power. I was about to have such a n.o.ble man at that time」

While Ranpou continued his merry talk, Lena was trying hard to pull out the Mithril pile from her hands, but the pile was conical and the more she tried to pull it out, the more the wound would spread.

「I've been training hard so that I won't lose to such unreasonable forces again. When I noticed, I was strong enough to have two names. When I came back to the village with eagerness, I saw a n.o.bleman who ruled like a s.h.i.+t and managed to kill him. I didn't miss him alone, I killed everyone! I was prepared, but no one came to catch me forever, till finally a n.o.ble man and a grandfather-like steward came. When asked if they came to kill or to catch me, what do you think Muss said? Why do we need to kill the courageous one who disposed of the waste? I don't know the details, but I understood that it was Muss´s mistake to let such a n.o.ble again take care of the village. He was the son of Wyatt I knew that at the same time」

Further power is added to Ranpou's feet.


Already, Lena's palm had a larger area occupied by the hole.

「Well, the other house guests had the same problem and are helped by Muss-sama. Do you understand? I'm prepared to throw away my life for Muss-sama, who is a great benefactor. Without knowing the hards.h.i.+ps of Muss-sama, I don't know what to do, but just because Muss-sama was kind to you kids a little, you got on the tone and misunderstood him. Uh, I can't forgive you, can I?」


「I'm telling you that att.i.tude is unforgivable!」

Ranpou kicks Lena´s side. Lena, whose hands are sewn to the ground, can't escape or shelter and can only catch the kicks in an unprotected state.

「Last chance. Pledge to cooperate with Muss-sama」

Ranpou's words are full of killing intent. Lena can easily imagine what would happen if she declined. Nevertheless, Lena――

「......I can't」

「You know what will happen?」

「......I am Yuu's companion」

「It's a shame」

It was the real intention of Ranpou without a lie. When magical power gathers in the right hand, the magical thread that usually manipulates the golem elaborately tries to entangle Lena's neck――


It was too evil magic. It was too ugly miasma. After pa.s.sing by, the plants died and the rest was the land of death. That figure was a reaper carrying death. The face is hidden by a robe, but the face is a skull whose skin and meat have been cut off.

「Finally. Satou's dog!」

Ranpou takes a great distance from Lena and hardens the surroundings with his proud golems.

「Lendono, let's change」

「......I......I haven't lost yet」

「In that state? After all, you are not qualified to stand next to master. It must have been a great thing for Lena」

「......I, I――!!?」

Suddenly, a shadow casts overhead. When everyone looked up, there was a lump of ice covering the sky.

「Gonroya! Stop it!! You can go straight to Jozu and Puriri!!」

Ranpou shouts at the ice block. Russ can't see him, but maybe Gonroya is on the ice block. Ranpou concealed himself in the ground with earth spirit magic, so as not to be under the ice block.

「Impudent biting louse」

Russ couldn't just silently watch the ice block fall. Anyway, Lena, who can't move, will surely die if the ice block that looks like a mountain falls down. If so, he will betray Yuu who trusted him. Russ raises his cane. The 8th rank black magic 『Scorching Heat』 is activated from the cane which makes the undead feel the divine power disproportionately. The mountain-like ma.s.s of ice was wrapped in a more powerful flame. On this day, local heavy rains rained on the northern part of Comer City.


Ranpou muttered while repelling the high temperature rain which poured down on the barrier.

「I can't seem to beat this guy easily」

While ringing his neck, Gonroya, a bear, shakes off the ice on his body with a shudder.

「One of Muss´s house guests, 『No Vanguard Ranpou』」

「Similarly, 『Lump of ice, Gonroya』」

There is no response from Russ to the two who introduce themselves.

「Hey, give me your name. Or is it because you´re undead that your brain is rotten?」

「Why shall I give my name to biting louses like you」

「Biting louses. Us?」

「I'm a beast, one way or the other」

「Shut down Gonroya!」

Gonroya shrugs at Ranpou's rebuke.

「You don't have to call yourself a biting louse and you don't have to know my name. Just shut up and die」

To Ranpou and Gonroya, who Muss is proud of, Russ told them that they would die silently.

To Deprive a Deprived Person Chapter 232

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