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*Ton ton ton ton*

A rhythmic sounds of a knife cutting on the cutting board can be heard.

On the table, Kuro was sitting straight.

“How can it be that you’re not able to do a simple thing? ”

” I’m sorry.. ”

Kuro then kneeled down and did a dogeza. Slowly he also acc.u.mulated knowledge of j.a.pans culture from Yu.

” And what are you doing staying there? ”

Marifa is sitting besides kuro and immediately copied him. As a slave, she feels ashamed to wake up later than her master.

Yu didn’t know whether she could cook or not so he is asking her to serve the food on the table. The menu today is French toast, potato salad and grilled bacon. He didn’t forget to serve a refres.h.i.+ng drink that smelled like orange juice. The smell of the cooked food brings Nina and Lena to the dining table. They sit down while rubbing their eyes.

“Ohayou~” (Nina)

“….yo” (Lena)

Marifa wanted to say something when she saw them but she refrained herself from doing so.

(TL note: it seemed at the last chapter Yu failed to heal her throat so she still couldn’t speak. Ps Rambo, can you edit a sentence in the last chapter saying Yu healed her throat too so she could speak now into Yu is trying to heal her throat but he failed)

“Because I’ll be going with Mari to the forest, you guys  should make your own lunch. ” (Yu)

” I’m going too. ” (Nina)

“.. Me to” (Lena)

“Why? ” (Yu)

” Because we have nothing to do. ” (Nina)

Actually Nina and Lena could go to the town and shop leisurely because the rewards for the rookie hunters was abundant. Buying equipment, food, clothes, wasn’t a problem. But seeing Yu going with Mari and Kuro must have ignited some jealousy from Nina and Lena. However Yu didn’t realize that.

When they finished breakfast, they went to the forest. Firstly, using [specter magic]  Yu revived the dead goblin. He is using them as Marifa’s. .h.i.tting target practice.

Nina is now trying to teach Kuro some battle technique. Kuro is now undead and it is impossible to train his physical ability but by sparring, she could teach him how to react in some situations. Kuro’s weapon also changed to an earth war axe from an iron sword.

Lena is practicing magic while talking to Yu. Usually Lena didn’t talk much but if it’s about magic, she seemed to be another person.

“Kuro-chan.. It’s not like that! Like this! You have to circulate your mana! ”

” Nina-dono, is it like this? ”

Nina is teaching Kuro [body enhance].

” Do you know of a way to cast multiple magic? Is there a trick? ” (Yu)

” Why are you interested in that? Aren’t you a vanguard and doing close combat? ” (Lena)

” You know, literally [barrier]  is done while continously maintaining your magic. So, if you can  deploy multiple layers simultaneously in other words you can cast multiple magics. ” (Yu)

” Hmm.. Eventually the number will be increased or I can deploy lesser numbers faster. ” (Lena)

After around 30 goblins were resurrected and killed, Mari is now able to hold her own ground against 3 to 4 goblin at the same time.

” Marifa”

Yu called her and immediately she came in front of him and kneeled.

“How are you feeling? I saw you are making progress with the bow. ”

Marifa’s head is looking down but her elf ears were twitching. She must feel happy being praised by Yu.

” Also, I think that you need to learn casting magic without chanting. Since your throat isn’t healed yet. ”

Marifa then touches her neck for a bit.

” Don’t worry. I’ll try to heal you as soon as I can, but in the mean time if you are able to learn no chant magic, we can mix it with your bow attack. ”

Marifa didn’t necessarily wanted to learn the no chant technique. Of course it was an attractive skill but there is something more important than that.

(TL note: probably it was saying it is more important to listen to Yu words?)

” I think Lena can teach you the technique. In one month I think you will be able to master it. ”

” Are you asking the genius me to teach her? ”

–Yu PoV–

(TL note: once again sudden pop changes)

I glared to Lena. I never thought that she would say that. I could feel some invisible sparks flying out of her eyes to Mari. I then sighed and look at Nina. She was enjoying herself sparring while crying out” kya kya kya”. This is hopeless.

Soon it will be lunch time. I asked the goblins to clean up the surrounding area. There are some boar soldier and horned rabbit corpses getting caught in the middle of our practice. I skinned them and collected their materials.

Today lunch menu is a sandwich. The filling is bacon, egg and vegetables.

Marifa is laying out the carpet for us to sit. Nina and Lena immediately sit down and Kuro is guarding us since he doesn’t need to eat.

“Ah ~ This bacon ♪ is delicious, it fits the bread in the dark seasoning” Nina is holding the sandwich with her eyes glued at it adoring. Lena is nibbling on it like a rabbit. Marifa on the other hand is pouring water for them.

“Marifa, you don’t need to do that. Come and take your break too. ”

However she shook her head and no matter how many times he asked, her att.i.tude didn’t change.

After the lunch , the training continues. Marifa isn’t able to master chantless casting that day.


” I’ll go home later after some shopping. ” (Yu)

” Alright! ” (Nina)

” Don’t be late.. I’ll be waiting for dinner. ” (Lena)

Kuro wanted to come but he was stopped by Yu.

” Kuro, you should head home first. A monster without collar will cause an uproar. That was also one of my buying list for today. You should wait at the house. Marifa, come with me! We will buy you some clothes. ”

” Yes..  ”

Kuro bowed down after that order and Mari followed Yu silently.

Yu delivers some potions to the merchant, buys some tools and food ingredients. Marifa tried to carry it but it wasn’t needed since Yu brought his item bag.

” Well, the only thing left is your clothes. ”

When they arrived, Yu takes out five gold coins from his pocket and gives it to Mari.

” Buy some clothes, underwear and also some towels. ”

” Aaaaaa… ”

Marifa was panicked. In a small village, one gold coins can be used to life for one month. Two gold is enough to sustain enjoyable life in Comer city. Given 5 gold, she is panicked.

(TL note: so isn’t the price 500 gold for her is too much?)

” This shop should have a lot of choices since it was recommended by Collet. I think 5 gold is enough. ”

The value of 5 gold on Yu eyes is different. They entered the store and talk to the clerk.

” Can you help her choosing some clothes? She also needs some underwear. ”

” Leave it to me! Since Collet introduced you, I will do my best. Since she is a beautiful dark elf, I am pleased too. ”

After that, she was taken by the female clerk to the back. Yu decided to wait outside. Finally Marifa came out after 3 hours inside the store.


Status window Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf Job: None Level: 7 HP: 47 MP: 52 Strength: 9 Agility: 20 Vitality: 10 Intelligence: 17 Magic: 36 Luck: 3 Pa.s.sive Skills Archery: LV1 Hawk Eye: LV1 Active Skills Bow technique: LV1 Spirit magic: LV1 Special Skills None


Status window Name: Kuro Race: Black Goblin (undead) Rank: 4 Level: 31 HP: 1342 MP: 378 Strength: 478 Agility: 298 Vitality: —– Intelligence: 32 Magic: 193 Luck: 1 Pa.s.sive Skills Swordsmans.h.i.+: LV3 Increase strength: LV2 Intimidating aura: LV1 Darkness Resistance : LV1 Active Skills Sword strike: LV2 Body enhance: LV2 Special Skills None

Equipped weapons:

Earth War axe (grade 4): earth element, weight reduction


Steel helm (grade 6): none

Black steel armor (grade 5): HP up, MP up and Strength up

Steel gauntlet (grade 6): none

Iron s.h.i.+eld (grade 6): none

Ogre boots (grade 6) : magic resistance up, poison resistance up, and paralysis resistance up

Accesories: none


To Deprive a Deprived Person 060

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