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The level of 【Swordsmans.h.i.+p】, the power of 《Stone bullet》, application of magic manipulation to jump in the air, just who in the world was his teacher?

Ann’s head was full of questions.

“Yu, is it true that you don’t even know about the dungeon we’re going to enter?” Ann asked Yu, with eyes full of interest.

Yu didn’t think much about it and replied. “Is there anything wrong about it?”

“Seriously? Adventurers at least try to investigate the place that they’re going to raid.”

“Is there a point to that? Just by relying on my ability I could tell that the entrance to the dungeon is only 300 meters away under a tree.”

Ann ell silent after hearing Yu’s reply. Previously in the tavern of Licorice there was an adventurer named Brit. He said that Yu possessed great skill that even some high lvled adventurers don’t and couldn’t be pa.s.sed down or inherited.

“Then, how about the dungeon information?” Memetto then approached Yu with an excited face. Ann and Memetto usually didn’t think much about others but Yu had some skills that made them interested. What’s more Memetto being a rearguard as him might get a few tips.

“Dungeon info?”

“We are regulars at 「Barurotte Labyrinth」 in the capital. We’ve went up to the 25F no, up to 37F. In return for my informtion you’ll teach me the secret behinds your 《Stone Bullet》. “

Just when Memetto was trying to get close to him, Lena came between them.

“You are too close… keep your distance.”

“Humph, I’m not interested anyway. And Lena you keep blocking my smell.”

(Tl note: this is where Memetto ability to appraisal other people is relying on their smell)

Memetto realized the moment she stepped away from Yu that Marifa was putting down her bow which was aimed at her earlier. Nina also appeared behind Yu. Suke didn’t notice anything wrong just rubbed his head at Yu’s feet and Coro was waving its tail while showing its belly.

“We need to do something about him.”

Yu approached Joseph that was still sleeping leaning on a stump. Yu took out his sword and aimed at him. Despite that he was sleeping and snoring, Joseph responded with his sword and blocked the incoming attack.

“Uh, Oh, what? What? What do you want?”

“What are you doing? Aren’t you the examiner for this quest?”

“I was…taking a nap?”

“Do you want me to help you? I can send you to eternal rest.”

“Well, that is a different kind of rest you are talking about!”

Joseph should’ve been the overseer for this mission but he had been caught napping without even a drop of guilt. He then stood up and walked together with the rest of the party. Only Nina was unhappily saying: “I wish I could send him to his resting place.”

The party then walked forward. Exactly as Yu said, the entrance was 300 meters away under a tree. The height of the tree was 50 meters while the surrounding trees were only 30 meters tall.

“What a big tree. So, this is the dungeon’s entrance?”

Siam was impressed by the size of the tree. Ann and the other were busy examining the surroundings.

“Without a mistake, this is the dungeon’s entrance.”

“I wonder if we can really clear this dungeon.”

Lalit muttered and his eyes fell on Joseph. Joseph, who was yawning while scraching his chin, looked around.

“Oh, are you asking for my opinion? Well, this quest is to test your ability.  Whether you are qualified as a C rank or not. So, don’t mind about clearing the dungeon. Just show ability of a C rank adventurer. By ability I mean combat strength, crisis management, judgment, survivability, concentration, adaptability, mental power. So yeah, it’s only C rank anyway.”

Moran and the others feltl as if the heavy burden on their shoulder had been lifted.

“Siamese-san, let’s go to the front. We need to get promoted to C rank and then go to B rank. That way everybody will acknowledge you.”

“If it’s only to be recognized as C rank, you will surely pa.s.s Siamese-san.”

Inu and Samoha were commenting happily around Siam but he didn’t react.

“Siamese-san, what is wrong?”

The party was already walking forward while Siam didn’t move so Inu  Samoha and him were left behind.

“Inu, Samoha, I want to honestly say this. This time If it wasn’t for the two of you who had been helping me since I was small, I don’t think I could’ve come this far.”

“What are you saying? We weren’t even that useful.”

“Yes, but even if that’s the case, we still believe you can make it to C rank. Even if we can’t, you alone can succeed.”

The two were trying to persuade Siam to move on.

“What is the difference between a n.o.ble and a commoner? Position? Financial power? Network? I think I have wasted a lot of money. Relying on financial power, network, but I can finally see the differences. Between n.o.ble and commoner there is a thing called pride. I don’t think that Yu and I have too much differentce in terms of skill. However I have lost my pride. I don’t think I would be able to get it back in this quest. Forgive my selfish request, Inu, Samoha, I want to give up.”

Siam was kneeling but Inu and Samoha understood. The both of them nodded and helped Siam stand up.

(Tl note: I didn’t see that coming. Suddenly he is forfeiting?)


“Ah, Joseph, as you can see.”

“Don’t worry, I understand. In the C rank test this time, you and your party has conceded. To tell the truth, everyone except dark elf ojou-chan has a chance of pa.s.sing. So, can you return to the guild and ask someone to come? I want them to erect a 《Dungeon Barrier》. We want to stop monsters from coming out of the dungeon. ”

(Tl note: marifa isn’t qualified for C rank since she is still E rank)

The 《Dungeon Barrier》 that Joseph mentioned was a skill to prevent monsters from coming out of the dungeons. It also acted as a wall so those monsters that already came out of the dungeon couldn’t get back inside and it was also used to block the monsters from roaming free in the wild.

Siamese felt relieved hearing Joseph’s words. He seemed to understand. Then Siam walked towards the town.

“Where is he going?”

Lalit questioned Joseph that was giving a fake smile.

“He missed his parents. More importantly, all of you understand that this dungeon is new and unknown, right?”

“Isn’t that the whole reason why you brought us here? We need to resolve this situation, right?”

“Right. That said, all of you please listen to my orders.”

“Eh? Isn’t your job here to act as an overseer? Just leave the rest to us. It’s better to finish this early, so we should start now.”

While watching Yu, who disappeared into the tree, Joseph loudly shouted but only the echo of his on voice replied.

To Deprive a Deprived Person 080

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