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Comer City Adventurer’s Guild’s warehouse. This was the place where the materials, that adventurers gathered from monsters, were stored and managed. There were even jewelry, precious herbs and unique decorations.

Within the large warehouse, a receptionist was hurriedly moving. She was packing some things and judging from the way she worked, she hadn’t stayed there for a long time.

“Why do I have to do this thing… huhuhu, alone, in this quiet place.”
“Rebecca, please stop whining!”

At the warehouse, Edda was supervising Rebecca work. Even a few years woudn’t be enough to finish all the work alone. Furthermore, due to dealings with expensive items, not anyone could enter this place. Hence entering the warehouse was a sign of their position within the guild. Most of the people that could enter this place were tied up by a contract magic. The slave collar they wore, acted as a contract. For the guild officials, it wasn’t as strong as the slave collar but it still didn’t have any loophole.

Mofisu was also there. He was examining the things that were brought back by the adventurers such as monster materials and jewelry.

“Uncle? Why are you here?”
“Edda, can you show me the things that Yu brought back?”

By Mofisu’s order, Edda took out some things and arranged it on top of the desk. Branches of a ⌈Sacred Tree⌋, Yurutesu gra.s.s, ⌈Treant⌋’s sap, roots of 「Dorubora」, and even monsters’ materials of rank 4 and 5.

Although most of them were expensive loot, one of the most important one was the ⌈Treant⌋’s sap and roots of 「Dorubora」. Because the two were used to create medicine and no other place around Comer city provided the materials.

Although Edda noticed some magic stones, however they were after all common loot. The Merchant guild and Alchemy guild could get magic stones easily, unlike the other two items.

“Yu-chan really brought back these precious things. I wonder when will he reach B rank.” (Edda)
“Really, calling his nickname like that, don’t you think that it’s not suitable for your age?” (Mofisu)
“Your joke is funny.” (Edda)

She said that without any emotion but just a few moments later, some of the only few hairs on Mofisu’s head fell out.

“Guhaha, that was a joke. Why go so far as to harm my hair? Indeed, these goods aren’t available in the market so Yu’s name may be spreading even until the Capital.”

“Oh, but I don’t think he wants that to happen.”

“Do you think adventurers don’t want to be famous?”

“We better start to move the goods. Some n.o.bles even came to Comer city to purchase the goods. Some even came from outside Houdon kingdom.”

“Well, once a product becomes a rare commodity, many buyers don’t want to miss the chance to acquire it.”

Mofisu was also an adventurer in his younger days so he understood how things worked. The guild so far had bought everything that Yu brought back. Although not all of them were profitable but still some items he brought back were rare. Mofisu on the other hand had to buy even the useless things he brought back. That’s why some of the way to make money were to sell the rare loot even if it drew in buyers from another kingdom.

“By the way guild master, what is that bottle that is hanging on your neck?”

Edda was curious when she saw a small bottle hanging around Mofisu’s neck. It was strange enough to make him exaggerate the importance of the item.

“This? This is the plants’ concentrate that Yu made. This is the real deal!”

Edda’s eyes narrowed as she was disappointed with his answer. As a woman, Edda knew no woman would find Mofisu appealing even if his hair grew back.

“So, is that really effective?”

“Of course… look at my hair.”

“So, is that from Yu?”

Mofisu’s face was sweating like a waterfall because of Edda’s question.

“This is the real deal, made from concentrated plants’ essence.”

“Oh, so that’s from Yu-chan? I just thought that if somehow, by any chance, even if it’s unlikely, an adventurer came and presented it like some kind of…bribe?”

“Ahahah, no way that happened.”

While Edda was speaking earlier, she had signaled for the other receptionists and workers to leave the area.
Mofisu also tried to stand up from the chair saying that he had an important errand but he wasn’t able to leave as Edda gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

“No, really it’s not a bribe! I was taking care of some things for Yu and in return he gave me this serum. This is really a concentrate to help the growth of hair. Really, I’m not lying. Now, I still have some errands.”

Mofisu was in a rush and tried to stand up again but he couldn’t lift his waist, not even 1cm from the chair. Edda’s hand that was placed on his shoulder was like a mountain pressing him down.

“Guild master…”

“L-L-Let me go…”
Mofisu put a cute begging eyes on but Edda’s expression was as cold as ice.


At Comer city’s residential area, when moving further and leaving the west gate, was a large mansion. The mansion previously belonged to Mussu. The garden was beautifully tended since he hired a gardener. Not even a speck of weed could be seen growing in the garden.

At first, Yu brought back herbs from the dungeon and forest and planted it in the garden. Despite the herbs being hard to raise the garden had overgrown considerebly in quant.i.ty with them. Their growth was so good, that the mansion’s fences were surrounded by herbs and plants. However the main reason for the overgrowth was a certain someone, who was currently smiling.

“Yu’s hair is so smooth and silky.”
The Dryad was now combing Yu’s hair while he was reading a book. The Dryad, who moved from the dungeon and planted her roots in the mansion’s garden, was the real reason for the plants’ overgrowth. Yu didn’t care about that, he just continued reading his book while leaning on the Dryad’s tree.

Their surroundings however very noisy. The Dryad talked to Yu every once and then. The Fairies were wet, their bodies were covered by the black wolves’ drool. When they surrendered to the black wolves, they all came together and made Yu their s.h.i.+eld.

Yu was silently covered in Fairies and in that condition, there was no way he could read his book. One of the Fairies even used Yu’s thigh as a lap pillow. Nina was playing with Coro, Lena was also reading her books while lying on the back of Sukke. Sukke on the other hand was sleeping and didn’t care if his fluffiness was taken advantage of. Marifa still quietly waited on Yu’s side and poured brewed tea with an exquisite timing whenever Yu’s throat was dry.

“These bees are asking for a beating? Trying to fight a Fairy… Yu, please help! Stop these bees. Help me!”

“You trained them well, the wolves, the bees.”
The fairy was saying that while she jumped towards Yu’s chest to take cover. However Yu didn’t think much as he continued to enjoy the tea that was made by Marifa.


“Tomorrow, Mussu will head towards the Capital at noon. Many adventurers and mercenaries were hired to protect him. There was even a request at the guild for high ranking adventurers.”

In a dim room at the corner of Comer city was where the spies of the Holy Church stayed.

“Finally, when he isn’t in town, I can do anything I want. Children, women, elders, I want to kill them all. I can’t wait to paint the town in red… I also want to break my record. Previously it’s 139 people from Namuba village. Don’t you feel excited too? Hahaha.”

The one who was laughing and was filled with madness was Clyde. Comer city may soon face its doom.

Namuba village was a small village in the Holy Church, Holy Kingdom’s territory.
It was a small village consisting of 500 people. Inside the Holy Kingdom, they believed in the Holy G.o.d religion. Clyde was one of many, tasked to spread the Holy religion.

In reality, something terrible happened.

Clyde had went berserk at Namuba village because they refused to convert their beliefs. The children were killed in front of their mothers. The wives were killed in front of their husbands. The husbands were killed in front of their parents. It was a ma.s.s murder.

Although his t.i.tle was deprived from him and he was no longer one of the Holy Knights, he didn’t really care about it. He just thought that it become easier for him to move since he was now a free men. Right now, Clyde sat on top of his 「Forest Panther」. He was smiling, thinking about the excitement that was to come tomorrow.

(Tl note: at the LN, this chapter is combined with the last chapter and become one of the cruel cliffhanger lol)

To Deprive a Deprived Person 096

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