Pristine Darkness Chapter 25.1

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Chapter 25.1

Once, Jian Yao asked Bo Jinyan, “Why do you keep insisting that Fu Ziyu should be a forensic pathologist? Although he’s a highly skilled surgeon,, he did not specialise in forensic medicine. There are many highly qualified and experienced forensic specialists in the bureau.”

Bo Jinyan replied, “I don’t know them.”

Jian Yao muttered, “. . . So wilful.”

To her surprise, Bo Jinyan continued, “I previously thought that he would regain his self-confidence and optimism as time pa.s.sed . However, it has become clear that there is a block in his heart which he cannot overcome. He has to confront it, otherwise he will never be happy. In psychology, we call this ‘desensitisation therapy’.

Jian Yao was silent.

Thereafter, she was firmly in the ‘bully and nag Fu Ziyu to become a forensic pathologist’ camp.

In response to this, Fu Ziyu said, “When women marry, they really pay more attention to their lovers than their friends*.” Then, he shrugged it off with a laugh.

*T/N 重色轻友 (zhong se qing you) – pay more attention to a lover than a friend; to value s.e.x over friends.h.i.+p

He did not want to be a forensic pathologist.


He wanted to rescue people who were alive, not stand by powerlessly looking at corpses.

In this lifetime, he would never be a forensic pathologist.

However, what was currently holding the attention of the three-person Special Cases Unit was not Fu Ziyu’s persistent resistance, but the ‘mintage’ of the criminal investigator who had newly transferred in.

Early in the morning, Bo

Jinyan went for a meeting with the Police Chief at the Central police station.

After exchanging the usual pleasantries, the chief asked with a faint smile, “Jinyan, are you satisfied with the candidate who has just transferred to your unit?”

Bo Jinyan solemnly replied, “Just judging from the resume, I don’t see anything lacking. I’ll only be able to answer your question after I’ve put him to work.”

“Ahhh . .” the chief said.

The chief did not like to talk with Bo Jinyan, as he always felt that he was unable to continue a conversation with him for any length of time.

In truth, Bo Jinyan had a similar feeling. After they chatted simply for a short while, Bo Jinyan stood up to take his leave and the chief saw him off with a smile.

On leaving the office, Bo Jinyan was fully focused on walking forward.

He had not taken more than a few steps when, out of the corner of his eye, his attention was immediately arrested by someone in the vicinity of the criminal investigation unit’s office.

Oh, this is . . .

“Fang Qing?” Bo Jinyan strode over and asked rapidly, “Why are you here?”

Fang Qing and the newly arrived colleague had been idly chatting. When he looked up and saw Bo Jinyan, he laughed. “Professor Bo, why can’t I be here?”

A colleague next to him smiled and said, “Professor Bo, Xiao Fang has risen up the ranks because his past achievements have been outstanding.”

Fang Qing cupped his hands in obeisance

obeisance to him and said, “You flatter me.”

On looking up, he noticed Bo Jinyan deep in thought.

Fang Qing asked, “You came here to do something?”

Bo Jinyan evaded the question and muttered to himself, “I’ve changed my mind.” He turned and walked swiftly back into the chief’s office.

The chief was surprised. “You want Fang Qing? Why? You should know that the person I originally a.s.signed you is much more experienced, and is more highly esteemed for the work he has done!”

Bo Jinyan replied, “I want Fang Qing. I’ve worked with him before. He’s very good.”

“Eh? How is that? Was it the case in the ancient city?”

Bo Jinyan nodded, and said, “He possesses a keen mind, courage tempered by caution, and an unwavering determination. Once the course of the investigation has been determined, he will overcome any challenges to get to the end point. He is not bound by convention, but is flexible in how he thinks and in his approach to situations. He is even willing to disregard police procedure in order to reach his goal. He is kind-hearted, but also boasts a tough exterior. Furthermore, his skills are excellent. In future, if it’s necessary to engage the criminal physically, this responsibility can be handed to him. I can use a metaphor to describe him – although I’m not sure if you’d understand it, chief – he’s like the cla.s.sical Chinese hero, which probably has to to do with his family background and the environment he grew

he grew up in. I want this man.”


Fang Qing had only sat down for a while when he saw Bo Jinyan emerge from the chief’s office. He gave Fang Qing a meaningful look, then left.

The look gave Fang Qing a sense of unease.

F**k, this professor who was advanced in age but juvenile in behaviour was not going to play some kind of nasty trick on him, was he?

Fang Qing’s intuition was not wrong. Very soon, the chief called him into his office.

“Go to the Special Cases Unit?” Fang Qing stared.

“Yes.” The chief beamed from ear to ear. “Professor Bo specifically asked for you. You will be the envy of every criminal investigator.” He fully believed that Fang Qing would greet the news with joy. Who would have thought that this joker would think for a bit, then resolutely declare, “I’m not going!”

The chief was totally taken aback. “Why?”


Fang Qing was too embarra.s.sed to say anything. When all is said and done, a guy coming from the ancient city to Beijing in pursuit of a lady was not a glorious matter.

He had applied for a transfer because of Jin Xiaozhe.

Thus, he had not applied to transfer to any of the units which specialised in handling criminal cases. Instead, he had applied to the relatively idle unit dealing with p.o.r.nography and illegal publications. Although there would be occasions where he would be called to action suddenly, or when he would have to work at night, for the most part, the most part, he would be able to get off work punctually.

This way, he would be able to visit Jin Xiaozhe regularly.

Otherwise, why the h.e.l.l would he leave his ‘old nest’ in the ancient city, where he had plenty of support and the licence to do as he liked, to come to a lousy place like Beijing?

However, being a.s.signed to the Special Cases Unit was a different kettle of fish. They undertook the most vicious, most evil, most challenging of cases. Their work was more exhausting than anyone else’s. Although just thinking about this stirred up a faint thrill of excitement in Fang Qing, he really did not want to lose this opportunity to woo a wife. With a lingering ache in his heart, he declined.

“Chief, I’m not going. I want to stay in the Anti-p.o.r.nography Unit.” Fang Qing put on an especially firm and sincere smile as he said, “My lifelong ambition is to get rid of p.o.r.nography!”

The chief was stunned for a moment, then his face sank. “Get along with you! Fang Qing, I haven’t mentioned this to you yet, but we have regarded you highly for a long time. Why on earth did you ask for a transfer to the Anti-p.o.r.nography Unit this time? Although I have no idea what kind of game you’re playing, or what’s on your mind, you are the most outstanding criminal investigator in the province. Did you really think we would a.s.sign you to just any position? Dream on!”

Pristine Darkness Chapter 25.1

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