Mr. Dior Chapter 11 Part2

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BOOK II: The Subst.i.tute Lover of the Rich and Powerful Boss_Chapter 4.2

Looking at that calm and tall back of the retreating figure, Gou Xin couldn’t help but yell, “You really thought that you have the final say in s.h.i.+ Fei’s matters?! But, you are merely a subst.i.tute…”

Jiao Qi’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Looking back at the big anchor who looks like a cornered dog jumping over the wall [1], he slightly frowned as he spoke, “Gou Xin, if you still want to mix within the live broadcast circle, pay attention to your words.”

{T/N: [1] 狗急跳墙 gǒu jí tiào qiáng – It means a cornered dog will jump over the wall (idiom); to be driven to desperate action}

There is no undulation in Jiao Qi’s tone, so the hotheaded youngster instantly calmed down and shut his mouth, as he began to become anxious.

Jiao Qi is now having some headaches. Yesterday, the game conference was held. He didn't know what Zhangda Diao, this guy, had said to others as it unexpectedly pa.s.sed on to Gou Xin here.

Really, it was only a while that he did not look after him and something already went wrong.

He went out to call Li Yingjun, and asked him to help check the list of partic.i.p.ants yesterday along with the people who came in contact with Zhang Chenfei. Listening to the voice of Li Yingjun over the phone who seemed hesitant to speak, he thought that he is just worried. “Really, it’s not what you think.”

After rus.h.i.+ng to s.h.i.+ Fei Technology, Jiao Qi’s worry wouldn’t subside.

More than a dozen doc.u.ments on the table were signed with beautiful English curlicues – Dior Zhang – which he could hardly bear to directly look at.

Looking at the doc.u.ments carefully, it was fortunate that those are internal doc.u.ments of the company, and there is no significant business contract. Jiao Qi grabbed the coffee from the hands of the president and splashed it directly on to those doc.u.ments.

Zhang Chenfei watched helplessly at the little subst.i.tute as he did it. There wasn’t even a bit of disguise, nor was there a cover up for the fall. He directly poured the coffee on the doc.u.ment he had just signed. "What are you doing? Do you know how important these doc.u.ments are?"

Jiao Qi ignored him, and pressed the small bell for the secretary to come.

This little subst.i.tute is really not free from worry, using all means to seduce him. Early this morning, he provoked him to make a mistake. What does he wants to do now? Let the secretary see the love bites on his body and make it known to everyone to stabilize his Madame Zhang's status?

He pressed the little subst.i.tute on to the boss’s chair, and placed both his hands on the armrest to trap him, “Very good, you have succeeded in attracting my attention.”

The secretary knocked on the door and came in.

“These doc.u.ments are destroyed. Let the people send another copy.” Jiao Qi pushed his lao gong away and pointed to the things on the table to the secretary.

“Yes!” The secretary immediately tidied up the desk with his agile movements and informed each department to send a new doc.u.ment again. Then he left the president’s office without turning back, and did not even raise his head all throughout to look at the both of them where dark tides surge violently.

When the secretary left, president-daren carried his lovely little wife and placed him on top of the desk, then poked his small chest muscles. "Put away your dirty thoughts. I will not be fooled for the second time. Provoke me again, and I will do you in front of the whole company.”

The rude words made the lovely little wife blush. He was very moved and like before, he patted his lao gong’s head.

“You dare to pat my head? I think you are tired of living!” The president was in rage. “Who do you think you are? Only Yanyan is qualified to hit me!”

” … ”

The daring little subst.i.tute was pressed on the desk. When Mr. Dior’s fingers touched the expensive suit, he hesitated. The Jiao Qi wearing a suit is not the tender and delicate Jiao Yan that he recalled in his memory. What happened this morning was already a mistake, and he could not commit the same mistake again.

Jiao Qi didn’t know what’s running in his family’s lao gong head. Over the next few days, he didn’t touch him again. At most, he would just kiss him but they didn't do anything deeper than that.

In the evening, the two people slept in the downtown apartment. There’s only one bed inside, and to one’s surprise, Mr. Da Diao used a pile of big pillows to create a boundary between them.

This cycle seems to be longer than the last time. Jiao Qi did not feel rea.s.sured so he called Que De. That guy gave the kind of “probably the length of this novel is longer than the previous one” random babble as a reason. Jiao Qi always wished to go to the Health Bureau and report him.

It’s fine if they were not intimate. At least their kidneys will be maintained well. The horrible thing is, Zhang Chenfei will give him salt and pepper spare ribs to eat every day.

Jiao Qi does not like to eat salt and pepper spare ribs. This always reminds him of the nickname he was given in high school. At that time, his stomach was not good, and the food he ate were used to enhance growth development.

The teenage boys of his age were growing muscles, and only his looked like spare ribs. When he takes off his s.h.i.+rt, he will most likely suffer from ridicule.

“Jiao Yan’s ribs looked like salt and pepper spare ribs, hahahaha…”

In the past, all kinds of food that smell, look and taste great were given to him. And every time the salt and pepper spare ribs is placed in front of his eyes, he can’t help but get mad. Jiao Qi pushed the plate away and refused to eat it.

“This is what Yanyan likes to eat.” Zhang Chenfei clipped a piece of spare ribs and put it into the bowl of Jiao Qi, indicating that he should eat.

"When did I like eating this?" Jiao Qi was very puzzled. Since high school to date, he never liked this dish.

Zhang Chenfei raised his eyebrow and thought that the little subst.i.tute is cooperative today and his temper is pretty good. With this, he would be able to tell him about his first love. He clipped a piece of spare ribs and bit it with deep affection, “All his cla.s.smates call him salt and pepper spare ribs. It must be because he likes to eat it.”


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Mr. Dior Chapter 11 Part2

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