Never Thought You'd Be This Kind Of Hero! Chapter 38

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Our Friends.h.i.+p!


"QAQ, I'm so stupid, really! I clearly knew that I could catch a cold from kicking off my covers, yet I still managed to forget that sleeping bags get moldy and infested with bugs if they aren't left out to hang in the sun…" After sleeping in his sleeping bag for just an hour, Xu Jun rapidly clawed his way out. He didn't know what the sleeping bag had gone through in his storage s.p.a.ce backpack. This snug sleeping bag that had accompanied him through the days and nights of an entire two months in the game had turned moldy and damp. He didn't know if it was attracting mosquitos or if bugs have already made their nest within, but Xu Jun was suffering from bug bites as he tossed and turned around within the bag, unable to fall asleep.

Finally unable to endure any longer, he crawled out from within the sleeping bag. "Before I die of my cold, I might die of malaria first…"

Daeniste groggily awoken due to the ruckus. "What's happening, Xu Jun?"

Xu Jun shook his head. "Alas, how high-spirited I was in the past, yet now I can't even sleep well."

He was embarra.s.sed to tell Daeniste too much, so he simply spoke to Prince Ryan within his heart depressingly, "I feel I have three bug bites on my b.u.t.t right now. They're so itchy_(:зゝ∠)_"

Demon King Rozenke: "…" So you're not embarra.s.sed to tell me, is that it?!

For a moment, he didn't even know whether he should just pay attention to his own distress… or reprimand this brave who had publicly said the word "b.u.t.t."

Oh wait, it would seem that he had not spoken out in public.

Demon King Rozenke sorrowfully discovered that that he had learned how to think random thoughts. In the early decades of his life, whether he was Prince Ryan or the dark demon king, he had always hated pointless thinking. The time he had was never enough; everyday he would have many things to do. This started when he was still Prince Ryan…around when he was six years old. Back then, humanity's emperor– the emperor of Snow Blade Empire and also his "father"– had once kindly looked upon him and told him, "You are my eldest son, Ryan. You are the glory of Snow Blade Empire.

"You must become a splendid prince and inherit this prosperous and powerful empire. My son, you can lead this country towards a brighter future."

He had heard such words on his sixth birthday. They had prepared a banquet for him and the aristocratic n.o.bles had fought to laud him with praises. At the time, the ignorant him had believed that when others laughed, they were truly laughing; that when others praised him, they actually liked him; and that when his father sent him to the Bright G.o.d Church, it was for his own benefit and not because of the awkward situation arising where he, the son, had grown up, while his father was still in his prime. 

In this lifetime, he had a period where he was young and hardworking. Everyday he studied numerous subjects; his excellence in war, magic, and governance delighted his father. Therefore, he put even more heart into learning everything that a human prince should learn. The him of prior didn't even have time to dream. After he became Demon King Rozenke, the name of the glorious prince of humans took a beating. He suffered during that time, but as more memories rushed into his mind. and as he heard the Demons calling out lowly for his arrival, he became busy once more. The proud and ambitious dark demon king was born.

Humans were weak and easily deceived. When they're about to die, they begin to dream of immortality. His once benevolent and kind father had also aged. While lying down in his chair, his father muttered insults at him. Prince Ryan, who had already become Demon King Rozenke, suddenly discovered that his current father did not line up with the one in his memories. His current father was like an old, weak toad; he was truly laughable.

This man had sent him to the Bright G.o.d Church, not because he had wanted Ryan to better himself, but rather because he wanted to prevent Ryan from gathering manpower and forming his own faction.

His father, imperial father, had actually inherited the throne by killing off his brothers. 

Upon realizing this, Prince Ryan gradually died and molted off his old ident.i.ty, finally becoming Demon King Rozenke.

Humans were weak and greedy. If they had the strength to climb the first step, they believed themselves capable of ascending to the mountain's peak–however, almost all of them would fall down halfway through, descending into the endless abyss.

Their thoughts were not worth considering.

However, now, with Xu Jun complaining in a sleepy and teary voice, Demon King Rozenke couldn't help but want to respond to him.

…This was practically a hard slap to the previous him's self respect1.

"If I were you, I wouldn't scratch my b.u.t.tocks," Rozenke tried to make his tone sound more refined, "Xu Jun, scratching and breaking your skin could get you infected with another disease."

Xu Jun's hands stopped on his b.u.t.t, allowing Demon Rozenke to unintentionally get a feel… it was firm but flexible. If Demon King Rozenke were to use his own large hands to grasp them, then it would feel even more comfortable. Xu Jun's own hands were way too small and truly not enough.

–Wait a second, what was he thinking?

Why was he having these sorts of thoughts!!!

Furthermore, at this time, Xu Jun moved his hands away! –Wait, you can leave your hands there for a bit longer!

Although he was very upstanding, the dark demon king, who was very straightforward with his instincts and desires, reminisced about the feeling of that touch with a scholarly att.i.tude. He was feeling more and more satisfied with Xu Jun's body.

…However, this sort of satisfaction seemed to be a bit off. Towards this, Rozenke was puzzled, but he was very willing to explore it in depth. He felt that this would have a great impact upon him. (⊙v⊙)

The Holy Light Elves were considered peak existences across the entirety of the Shen Juan continent. Their reputation was even comparable to that of the dragons. The Elves were divided into many races and were different from ordinary beings. They were not birthed from parents, but rather formed from the elements, possessing a pure elemental body. It is unknown how they became living beings. The Elves were born from the Tree of Life, although in recent years, some scholars claimed that Elves could also reproduce through intercourse. There were also examples of where an Elf would mate with members of another race, producing a Lesser Elf. 

The Lesser Elves looked beautiful, but they weren't as strong as Elves, almost human, and also could not live in the relatively safe Elven dreamlands. They could only crawl and roll about in the human societies. Their beautiful appearance didn't give them many practical benefits, but rather invited disasters instead.

Such a vulnerable group must learn how to stand together; therefore, heading west from the southeastern region of the Snow Blade Kingdom, the number of Lesser Elves would gradually increase, simply because both the Emerald Forest and the Sacred Highlands were in the west. It was said that the Moonlight Elves' dreamland was in the Emerald Forest, while the Holy Light Elves lived in the Sacred Highlands. 

People simply gossiped about it as such, but did not know if the information was true or not. Most humans would never be able to see even one pure-blooded Elf in their lifetime. Xu Jun, however, knew this information was correct. The Holy Light Elves lived in Sacred Highlands, a place which claimed to have the closest relations.h.i.+p with light. They usually lived in seclusion and rarely interacted with the outside world.

The Moonlight Elves, on the other hand, indeed lived within the Emerald Forest, adjacent to the Sacred Highlands. The relations.h.i.+p between the two Elven races were tense. From their faiths to their abilities, none were compatible with each other, so conflicts often occurred.

“For races like the Moonlight Elves and the Holy Light Elves, ah, don't put them on too high a pedestal," on the road to the last multi-ethnic city east of the Sacred Highlands, Xu Jun imparted his knowledge to Daeniste as he held a cup of warm, locally produced, Kodo2 beast's milk in his left hand and a steamed bun in his right. "In fact, the Elven race is also really complicated. They think that they are living beings formed from the elements and that they are much stronger than the other intelligent races…their simply daydreaming. The truth is that no one is intrinsically different from one another."

Xu Jun had recovered from his cold three days ago and the last of the mosquito bites on his rear had long since faded. Now as he walked the open road and based in the sun, his eyes were filled with the beauty of Lesser Elf sisters and brothers. His mood lifted. As Daeniste listened to his fresh argument, he couldn't help but laugh. "Do you know where this is, Xu Jun?"

Loudly discussing about the Lesser Elves' patrons in a city where Lesser Elves gather, aren't you afraid of being beaten?

However, as the Bright G.o.d Church's Holy Son, his tone didn't sound very serious. Nar was worried that his family's Holy Son would be heard by interested pa.s.serbys, so kept a high degree of vigilance as they traveled. His heart was bursting with worry. 

Daeniste, on the other hand, seemed unaware. He simply gave Nar a small smile occasionally–a smile that was a bit naughty, like a pupil who was deliberately doing bad things right under the teacher's nose.

Nar pretended not to notice anything.

He felt sorry towards His Holiness the Pope…truly. _(:зゝ∠)_

"If you were heard by the Lesser Elves…" Daeniste made a hypothesis, however, he also felt that the Lesser Elves' abilities were way too trashy. Since Xu Jun could eliminate the Demon King, he definitely wouldn't see the Lesser Elves as a threat. Therefore he changed his words, "If you are heard by the Holy Light Elves, the many years of friends.h.i.+p between the Holy Light Elves and humans would probably end.”

Xu Jun blinked. "That's why I'm whispering."

With his current volume, even a long-eared rabbit wouldn't be able to hear him, right?

As he carelessly thought this, a cold voice traveled over from behind him; a clear, yet familiar voice. "In my opinion, you're being very noisy, sir." 

Xu Jun: "…"

This voice was as clear as flowing water. For those hearing it, one could not tell if the voice was male or female–it was a pleasant sound, but Xu Jun's expression immediately became stiff.

Daeniste and Nar discovered that the atmosphere was not right. They followed Xu Jun in turning around and subconsciously prepared to defend themselves. Upon hearing the voice, Xu Jun raised a trembling hand, greeting the person who had just spoken, "Lord Knight, how are you?"

The other remained silent, not accepting Xu Jun's words. He wore a white cloak and a white veil covered his face. A strand of golden hair flashed occasionally near his chin, slightly curving. The sight softly scratched at people's hearts.

Without even looking at his face, just based on voice and posture, one could conclude that this was definitely a beauty.

The beauty walked towards Xu Jun with raging momentum. For a moment, Daeniste thought that the beauty was here to arrest someone. He then heard the beauty seemingly gnash their teeth while saying, "Since when did the Holy Light Elves have a friendly relations.h.i.+p with humans?"

"–However, because of your presumptuous words, your friends.h.i.+p with the Holy Light Elves can now be considered over! Xu Jun!"

Translator's Niche:

[1]Literally translates into ‘old face.' Can mean the self respect/prestige of an elderly.⏎

[2]A monster from World of Warcraft. Pretty much confirmed by now that author is drawing quite a bit of inspiration from said game. Here's a link if you want to know more: ⏎


Never Thought You'd Be This Kind Of Hero! Chapter 38

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