Banished To Another World Chapter 174

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    Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang                    

Chapter 174: Good trick or Not so Good a trick of the luck Fruit

    Happy for Jiu Feng, and Yan Mo has grilled a bunch of fish at the Qingyuan Lake behind the East Side.

    Yuan Zhan didn't know what his thoughts were. He took the initiative to go to the lake to catch Jiu Feng. Of course, half of his grilled fish were fed to himself, half feed to Yan Mo, and didn't even give Jiu Feng a meal.

    Jiu Feng did not care, it has Mo Mo to give it grilled fish.

    Perhaps because the fish that Yan Mo baked was fed to it, none of them given to the big Two Legged Monster next to him, and Jiu Feng's mood was finally recovered at least by half. After eating the grilled fish, it flew to the lake and grabbed a few fish to eat.

    Yan Mo knows that it has a strong stomach and does not prevent it from mixed eating.

    The Mer-warriors who had been patrolling the lake saw the grandfather flying over, all went hiding under the water, and no one dared to come to the surface.

    Jiu Feng can't beat Yu Wu. It's okay to bully and bully these little fry. If Mo Mo told him not to eat these big fish that look like Two Legged Monster, if it see one it would catch and one throw it ash.o.r.e. Eat it!

    After eating the grilled fish, Yuan Zhan fell down and the headrest slept on Yan Mo's thigh.

    Yan Mo just wanted to reach out and push him away, but his hand had already stretched out, but when he saw the other's person racc.o.o.n eyelids, his hand slowly shrank back.

    This person has not had a wink of sleep, as a doctor, he can tell if the other person real sleep, he can still tell. If you look down, you can see how tired this person has been working in the past few days.

    It's also a coincidence that the first batch of blood ability warriors were all leaders of the various warriors group. These people just left the tribe to go hunting before the news came, and the deputy leader of the regiment group and Jiu Yuan's posts were important had to be filled. The characters to fill those post were now all lying in the lab of the clinic. Without these people, Yuan Zhan and he will have to take up multiple positions because he is also responsible for inspiring the second batch of warriors. As a result, most of the things in the tribe fell to Yuan Zhan.

    The Chi people are coming, no matter whether their goal is really Jiu Yuan, Jiu Yuan has to prepare for the battle.

    To fight, logistics is definitely the first consideration. Food, weapons, herbs, and even wound linen must be prepared in advance, and the amount must be large.

    He took the herbs, linen and the like, but with Wu Chen and Wu Qing helping, he is not particularly tired.

    Yuan Zhan is different. He has to arrange warriors to defend the city and decide how to fight. He is also responsible for cultivating earth yuan fruit trees and other useful plants. In addition, the production and preparation of weapons, the collection and storage of food, and organize the fighting strength. He also has to be responsible for supervision.

    In addition, he has to take time to deal with Yuan Ji Tribe, Granma Tribe, The Mer-people and the dwarfs.

    The 18-year-old child, even at this age in the ancient times, one was completely an adult, but Yuan Zhan was able to pick up these things quietly, and this still surprised him.

     The original world in which he lives is not without geniuses in this respect, but most of those geniuses have been specially cultivated from childhood, and they can go to professional military or political schools at this age. They can be said that they have been influenced by the military environment since childhood, and they have known themselves since childhood. What they want to do when they grow up? The educators around them will also deliberately set various questions for them to let them think ahead, but what about Yuan Zhan?

    This guy was also a bit more capable of counting before he met him, and he now can only count to a thousand. His fighting strength was not bad, but because of the old injury, he remained a small 2nd Rank warrior. He had some ideas, but there was no suitable stage for him to work on them and he is unable to work to full strength. The tribe did not train him to be a Leader. Leaders.h.i.+p is seen from the warriors who are following him.

    In just one year, if he has been calculating for his treatment of old injuries for less than a year, Yuan Zhan grew to the point where he really has his help, but if Yan Mo says all this is to his own credit alone then his thick face felt skinny..... And he will be a bit embarra.s.sed After all, he is a doctor, not a politician, nor a military strategist, nor is he an emperor who is cherished by the world.

    Maybe Yuan Zhan really has the talent to be a leader, and he also has ambitions. After he awakened his blood ability, this ambition immediately became very obvious. It is not surprising that a person who is ambitious, talented, able to eat hard, is willing to learn, is willing to work hard, has a suitable environment, and can grow to such a degree in a short period of time.

    When the times create heroes, heroes can also create time, he just doesn't know which step Yuan Zhan will grow in the future? Will he be a hero? One party overlord? Create a generation of emperors?

    “Hey." Jiu Feng was kneeling beside him, his huge body cuddling with the teenager, and he was blind to sleep. From the perspective of a bystander, no matter how you look, it is like a teenager leaning against a giant bird.

    Yan Mo smiled and reached out to touch Jiu Feng's belly soft feathers. He thought too much, and whatever thought or decision to stay with Yuan Zhan in the future, was then shut it down.

    The lake was a bit cold, but it was still very warm leaning by Jiu Feng, and Yan Mo began to fight sleeping when he was full.

    An hour later, Yuan Zhan opened his eyes like an alarm clock. When he woke up, he still rubbed his teenager's thigh with a face, and Mo didn't push him away?

    “You woke up, good then get up if you laybon me again believe or not I will stab you."

    Yuan Zhan took a bite from the thick thigh of the teenager, and he did not wait for Yan Mo to counterattack. He has already jumped up.

    Yan Mo showed him his middle finger. Yuan Zhan patted his a.s.s provocatively, and he now knows what the gesture means.

    “Fast let's go there is a bunch of things waiting for you to do, don't want to be lazy."

    “I will go back first, you should not stay here for too long." Yuan Zhan looked at Qingyuan Lake, he still does not trust those Mer -people. He can add the time spent roasting fish, they have been sneaking away from work for two hours, even if he is not willing, he has to return to the city to invest in the intense pre-war preparations.

    Yan Mo stayed in the place and did not move. He was taking advantage of Jiu Feng's mood, he wanted to mention Jiu Feng to help tame a group of big birds., but he did not expect that Jiu Feng actually refused him.

    Yan Mo asked why, Jiu Feng only said that it can't do this.

    Yan Mo also wants to ask in detail, Jiu Feng can't explain it, and he only repeated that he can't do it. Yan Mo suspects that this may be related to Jiu Feng's heritage.

    Although a bit disappointed, Jiu Feng said that it found a wildebeest and not far from Jiu Yuan.

    “Hey." Are those horses useful to you? Jiu Feng still remembered the horses that Yan Mo used, even though those horses were not here with Mo Mo.

    “Useful! Very useful!" Yan Mo was overjoyed. There are no big birds, and horses were good.

    “Hey, hey." I will go with the Iron Back Dragon family to drive them over.

    “Good, Jiu Feng, you hurry to bring them over, I need them very much! However much can be rushed, it is best to get back before the winter."

   Even if they have to raise them for a winter, there is Yuan Zhan, he is afraid of not having enough gra.s.s to feed them.

    “Right, can you stay with Iron Back Dragons?" Yan Mo sees that the Iron Back Dragon family can communicate with Jiu Feng, guessing that their IQ should not be low, then he want to communicate with them, please help them a little busy, it should not be difficult?

    “Hey!" I will ask them.

    “Thank you! Jiu Feng, you are so wonderful! I love you."

    “Hey." Jiu Feng felt that he was needed. The small anger that he was previously defeated by Yu Wu and could not save Mo Mo, was finally injured. That was patched a bit, “Hey-!" I will go!

    Jiu Feng was anxious to express, he fluttered his wings and flew away, and forgot to tell Yan Mo that the group of wildebeests is different from ordinary horses. As for how it is different, Yan Mo only knows the group of wildebeests.

    Yan Mo was on the ground and waited for Jiu Feng to fly away. He just saw Jiu Feng leave and was too anxious. He was blown over by the wind brought by Jiu Feng's wings.

    After getting up, Yan Mo patted the lower abdomen and said with a joking tone: "Son, everyone said that with your Priest and Old Priest, the lucky value will rise to full, how come for your relatives you have no performance at all. Is this what you call The Fruit of Witchcraft?"

  The Fruit of Witchcraft is almost the same, I am going back to Jiu Yuan after this pile of things!

    “Oh." His stomach arched.

    Yan Mo laughed. "Be careful."


    Yan Mo smiled.

    “Dad, stop, don't..."

    Yan Mo is familiar with his son's way of speaking. Just understand, “Do you want me to stop something?"

    “I can't come out, don't let me out."

    No wonder The Fruit of Witchcraft has very little reaction. He suppresses it with the ability from the Soul Return Tree, and how can he actively help. The last time he felt that blood stasis had such a strong reaction, probably because of the great benefit of The Mer-people.

    He was afraid that this son would not be his son, but another consciousness of The Fruit of Witchcraft?

    However, he couldn't relax the suppression of The Fruit of Witchcraft. Last time, he only slightly indulged, and the guy dared to emerge from his body to take the initiative to prey on The Mer-people creatures.

   , but if it has been suppressed, The Fruit of Witchcraft, which is careful, will probably remain silent, or even if it does not give him benefits, will it cause him trouble?

    “Son, let's talk about it? You help me once, I will feed you once." Yan Mo Dad began to trick the children.

    “... Full."

    Let you have enough to eat?

    "Son, don't you want to be a human? If you want to become a human, how much you want to eat later you can, but if you eat too much now, you can't become a human. Do you want to be a fruit all the time? Or plan to stay in my stomach?"

    “Think... eat..."

    Yan Mo blinks, this is the consciousness of The Fruit of Witchcraft? He seems to be able to distinguish now. If the language is clearer and clearer. It should be his son. If the language is simpler and only speak broken words. It is probably another consciousness.

    “If I indulge your desires that will only hurt you. If you are consciously able to understand, then you should also heard Old Sa Má and The Mer-People Old Priest. If I feed you, you will not grow healthily. I will also be killed by your greed desire, and you will look ugly when you die. Do you want to die?"


    “So we may wish to make an appointment, you will help me once, I will take you out when I catch a prey, but you are only allowed to eat  five creatures at most, and the creatures that you eat must pa.s.s my consent."


    “What blood?"


 It was because of my blood that thing drilled in my stomach. Can I provide the nutrients for growth? Now that I have suppressed you, you can't absorb nutrients from my body, and can't leave. You must think my body will be your nutrient, right? Five creatures add my flesh and blood? Think again!

    “Five creatures or one or two of my flesh and blood, you can only choose one."


    “One is less or two is a lot, cut and slap."

See how you cut.

    “Two... more."

    “Up to two or two, if you don't agree I will cut it down. My flesh and blood is precious, otherwise you wouldn't get into my body?"


    So flickering? He is actually ready to contribute half a catty of flesh and blood. That being the case...

    “Then let me see your sincerity. Last time I let you have a big meal. About two or three days later, there will be a group of small monsters called Chi people close to Jiu Yuan, we are not afraid of them, but if there is a better response or if you can eliminate them in advance, it is better. How can help me with?”

    The Fruit of Witchcraft did not respond for a long time.

    Yan Mo laughed. "Little devil, I know you can understand."

    “Dad, it said that it was not that the last time." His son's voice came out again.

    Well, he can't be fool by it, he thinks that it would be really deceived, “Five prey"

    “Dad, over there..." The Fruit of Witchcraft topped his stomach.

    Yan Mo followed and turned and finally decided to be the South. "What's there?"


    “Bone? What bone?"

    The Fruit of Witchcraft didn't answer, like he didn't know how to describe it, only his belly pointed him to go south.

    “Don't you?"

    “Dad, not far, far, I can feel it."

    Yan Mo rubbed his chin, the second batch of warriors' abilities have almost ended, and a few more medicated baths, even a few times acupuncture presumably, it doesn't matter too much, and he has already set up the formula for the medicinal bath. How to control it, Wu Qing and the ones working in the clinic all know, that is to say, he thinks if he was to leave for a day or two temporarily. As long as he can come back before the Chi people arrive.

    Oops, Jiu Feng wouldn't be so anxious, let Jiu Feng take him for a trip, maybe he can run back and forth in one day, and he can go to The Red Salt Lake to see Da Shan, Wen Sheng and Pang Zhao.

    Touching the waist horn, does he want to call Jiu Feng back?

    By the way, he can go to the Iron Back Dragon to communicate. The big guy are running very fast, and their back seems to be more suitable for riding.

    When he thought of it, Yan Mo turned and ran north. He remembered that the warriors came to report, the Iron Back Dragon family was there, and Yuan Ji Tribe was nearby.

    When Yan Mo left, there are several The Mer-warriors in the lake.

    “What did he say when he stood by the lake alone?" Xi Meng was curious.

    “I don't know, his voice was very small." Dai Wen shook his head.

    “I saw him laughing for a while, frowning for a while, as he wasn't standing alone." Another Mer-warrior said.

    “Someone was here? Who saw it?"

    “Is it the G.o.d he served?"

    “Not like, shouldn't you be more respectful to the G.o.ds?"

    “Will it be an invisible person?"

    “Or a ghost?"

    Hey! All The Mer-warriors rushed to and slapped Xi Meng's head.

 The Mer-people hate ghosts!

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Banished To Another World Chapter 174

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