Banished To Another World Chapter 177: The Inheritance Of The Bone Sculpting People.

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Although this skull is neither a creature, nor a mineral, Yan Mo asked The Guide with a feeling of injustice in not knowing. When he thought, the bones of a certain creature should also belong to the ranks of biological guides. .
The Guide had an answer, but the content is completely beyond his expectations.
— The item inquired by The Banished Sc.u.m is unnatural synthetic items refined by the intelligent creatures. They are not covered by this guide. Please, they should be explored by The Banished Sc.u.m themselves.
Synthetic? Refined products?
Yan Mo grabbed the skull and turned it over.
However, this thing only looked like a bone but from the color and l.u.s.ter it is not like natural bones. If he had no rich experience, he would determine that the touch and bone lines on the bone indicate that this is a piece that was handmade.
The Guide can't answer what it is. The Fruit of Witchcraft only knows that this is a good thing. So what can this stuff do for him?
Yan Mo's thumb rubbed on the surface of the skull. The light from the torch was not enough to let him see the bone completely. It was faint. He felt that the bone seemed to have some lines, not like the bone itself. The texture is much more complicated than that.
There is nothing surprising about the concave surface of the skull, and the hand felt smooth and only has an oval groove at the top of the reverse side.
Yan Mo saw the groove and the four oval crystal stones around him. Naturally, he also had the idea of ​​putting crystal stone in this groove, but he was worried about the consequences.
In the past life, he also watched some treasure hunt movies, almost all without exception, as long as you find a mysterious tomb or Temple or cave, as long as someone picks up the most important treasure those buildings such as the tomb or Temple will collapse, and the best conditions will be overwhelmed by sand or floods.
Yan Mo is not sure that he can escape in that situation, and he does not want to be buried alive, so he planned to wait for Yuan Zhan to find him.
Don't think he doesn't know, when he threatened The Fruit of Witchcraft, the fruit pa.s.sed on some kind of information. Since Yuan Zhan said that he heard The Fruit of Witchcraft talking to him, hit meant that animal somehow noticed this spiritual transmission.
The Fruit of Witchcraft is powerful, but it lives in him and is suppressed by him. If he doesn't pay attention to it, once he notices, what action does this fruit have? He will feel a little bit awkward
This feeling is subtle and cannot be described in words. If you want to describe it, it is similar to the connection between pregnant women and the fetus.
When he used to be an intern and rotate in obstetrics ward, those pregnant women had a similar subtle feeling with their babies like him. They were sometimes affected by the fetus in their abdomen and even felt their emotions. Some fetuses pulled the umbilical around their necks, then the mother even dreams of the child or her own neck being strangled, that feeling is a lot like this.

“Hey, is there any other creature nearby?" Yan Mo asked The Fruit of Witchcraft.
“Can you feel the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that you recognize?"
“Too far..."
Yan Mo didn't think The Fruit of Witchcraft was lying. He found that the fruit could confusedly connect with Yuan Zhan, but only when he is very close to Zhan, if he is far away, he probably can only pa.s.s out a little vague meaning. Maybe this is related to the spiritual range of this fruit?
It's a pity that he can't give his direction to Yuan Zhan through The Fruit of Witchcraft, but he still has some confidence in the guy. The s.p.a.ce here is so big, as long as Yuan Zhan is looking for the underground, it is impossible to ignore it, and from that kind of human skeleton he found here in its approximate time he took to get here, this s.p.a.ce is not far from where he was taken. Unless Yuan Zhan finds the wrong direction, but with the previous contact, Yuan Zhan is not easy to find the wrong direction.
Gossip is not much his forte ,so he was strictly grasping the skull and holding the torch trying to step down the stairs, he intended to use this waiting time to take a good look at this vast s.p.a.ce.
There are bones everywhere!
At first he only felt that these bones were scattered, but after a while he discovered a certain pattern in their arrangement. These bones seem to be scattered, but not all of them are mixed together, but a circle and another circle are placed separately.
This kind of bone pile that can't be seen as an arrangement without a careful look wad spread throughout the hall.
In addition to the bones Yan Mo walked all the corners of the hall and found nothing else, nor did he encounter any danger.
During the period, he also touched a few bones to ask for a guide, and The Guide gave him the same answer.
When he touched the bones, he took the skull into his pocket because it was inconvenient to hold the skull.
“Crack." There was the sound of the bones being touched.
Yan Mo turned around and the flame on the torch burned a line of fire in the air as he turned.
The voice came from the direction he had just entered.
The range of the torch is limited, and he can't see anything coming in. And holding the torch is a clear goal.
However, it is too late to extinguish the fire, and he does not dare to put out the fire. The other party can come in black, or may have night vision ability, or there are other means. If he destroys the torch, he will not only have no advantage, but will become a complete sitting duck. The situation is not good for him so he would rather have a torch.
Brightness can always drive away some fear.
There is something coming close to him.
Yan Mo pulled his legs and rushed to the steps. The position was high, the range of the torches could be larger, and only one side had steps. As long as he ran to the top, he could just keep vigilant on one side.
The latter thing followed him closely. Fortunately, Yan Mo was not far from the steps. He sprinted and rushed to the top of the steps before the thing caught up with him.
The torch exploded, and Yan Mo quickly turned and stared at the bottom of the stairs.
The sneaker sneaked, and then slid on the moss, showing the figure in silence.
It was the humanoid skeleton that he saw at the door which brought him here.
Now, this skeleton looked like a snake. With both hands on the ground, the tailbone swims and climbs up the stairs quickly.
The bones stopped in front of the steps, and both hands pressed the steps and lifted the body in his direction.
It is clearly a black hole that has nothing to look at, but the other party accurately captured his position.
One paw made of bone kept moving forward, like it wants to climb the steps.
Yan Mo grabbed the skull from his pocket.
He suspects that this skeleton is probably the guard here. They probably feel the existence of the skull. As long as no one removes the skull from the bone, the guard will not appear, and he not only took the skull, but also put it in his pocket.
He would think like this. It is really a good time for this bone to appear. Just after he put the skull into his pocket, it appeared. His pocket is a s.p.a.ce item. If the skeleton can really feel the skull, he put the skull into the pockets, isn't it just like the sudden disappearance of things?
Maybe he did it right, the bones stopped halfway and didn't climb any more. Yan Mo stared at the other side and didn't dare to move.
“Hey, hey." It was two sounds, just like telling him specifically who came in. Soon, two identical bones appeared again in front of the steps.
Three bones stood together in front of the steps, staring at him in the upper body.
This strange atmosphere, the hair on Yan Mo's neck was erected.
It was a very difficult task to stand still all the time. Yan Mo tried to move a step to the side. The three bones only looked at him and did not move.
Yan Mo walked a few more steps and stepped back to the pedestal step by step. The three bones still didn't move.
What's going on?
If they are the guard here, he has already grabbed the skull in his hand. Why are they not attacking him? Or do they just need make sure the skull is still here and not taken outside?
He put down the skull and pick up an oval crystal stone, still not responding.
Pick up the skull and crystal stone, noticing that crystal stone didn't touch the groove, it didn't respond.
Then, by this can he judge that he is safe as long as he does not put the skull in his pocket and does not put crystal stone in the groove of the skull?
After thinking about it, Yan Mo once again put the skull into his pocket.
Just then, three bones moved.
Sure enough! Yan Mo immediately took the skull from his pocket and the three bones stopped immediately.
He was about to put crystal stone in his pocket and tried it. He heard a voice:
“You are finally here!"
Yan Mo looked up at the moment when he heard the sound, and couldn't see the top of the top s.p.a.ce falling down.
“You are really slow, I just found it now." Yan Mo was happy, but his mouth continued to spew the irony.
Yuan Zhan didn't bicker with him. When he landed, his legs were slightly bent to resist the impact. He stood up to the three bones under the steps.
“You ... don't attack first!" Yan Mo stopped him in time.
Yuan Zhan stopped the attack momentum and quickly closed the ground under the three skeletons.
Yan Mo has no way to take those bones, but Yuan Zhan's ability can suppress them. And if Zhan is here he is not afraid that the cave will collapse, and he can let go of the experiment.
“I found something, I plan to try them. You can help me to pay attention to the surrounding, take me out of here if there is danger." Yan Mo quickly confessed.
“What?” Yuan Zhan glanced at the teenager and determined that the other person had not suffered any major injuries. He immediately turned around and looked around for four pillars. All the tables and steps built by the bones made him very vigilant. Because he recognized that there are many human bones.
“I don't know yet, I have to experiment first."
“Can't you take it out and experiment?" It is obviously a dead cave, but Yuan Zhan felt a terrible threat here.
“Yes." Yan Mo handed the torch to Yuan Zhan and turned around to the other side of the pedestal. "But this step, the pedestal, including this s.p.a.ce is very special, I don't want to lose them. And maybe, this stuff only is possible to be used here.”
Yuan Zhan saw the skull that Yan Mo was holding, and his eyelids jumped. “What are you going to do?”
Yan Mo picked an oval crystal stone and pushed it to groove in the skull.
A stream of light spreads around the skull around the crystal stone.
Under the glimpse of this stream, as the skull made of black jade became more radiant, it seems like there is vitality?
Is this charging...?
Yan Mo watched the streamer sweep across the entire surface of the skull, and suddenly there was a feeling that the device had been plugged into the battery, the charging was over, and the boot was starting.
The streamer disappeared, and the skull was restored to its original shape, and it seemed to be different.
Yan Mo waited for a while and did not see any special circ.u.mstances.
How is this going?
Look around and there seems to be no change.
Look at the three skeletons under the steps, and he saw that they still maintain the original posture.
“Hey, hey..." The sound of the bones that kept ringing told him that there were more half-human and half-snake skeletons coming.
The front of the steps were now surrounded by the bones, and there are actually as many as thirteen. Like the companions they came before, they stayed under the steps, didn't climb up, and didn't mean to attack them.
So, there are still changes, but... just like this?
Yan Mo frowned, there must be some secrets, but he has not found out, where is it?
Yuan Zhan stared at the bones under the steps and asked him, “What did you find?"
Yan Mo shook his head, tried to put the skull back in place, and replaced the other crystal stone, but he still had no reaction he expected to appear.
Asking The Fruit of Witchcraft question an there was no answer.
Yuan Zhan looked at his Priest, and took the skull for a while, then let it go down again. It didn't make any room for a long time. When the other person put the crystal stone on the skull again, the person was impatient. He started placing the skull on the boy's head, “What's so fun? Let's take it back and put it on."
Yan Mo suddenly stiffened.
Yuan Zhan immediately noticed his change, his face changed, he raised his hand and took off the skull, but Yan Mo grabbed his wrist.
“Don't move, don't take it down, wait for me."
Yuan Zhan held his breath and didn't dare to move.
Don't say how Yuan Zhan regrets his own intentions and say Yan Mo.
When the skull was stuck on his head, a lot of information was poured into his mind.
Similar to spiritual infusion, it is like an upload of information.
The language used for this kind of information is completely different from the normal language, but Yan Mo can understand all the languages ​​in the world, and even if he doesn't know or understand, he can immediately understand the meaning.
The first thing that comes to mind is an old voice: Child, this bone is the inheritance of my bones and sacred to my people. The inheritor who wears the bones must pa.s.s the test and be judged by the bones before it can be removed, otherwise under whatever circ.u.mstances should you try to remove the bone skull the wearer will die due to mental connection breakdown.
Child, listened well, if you do not pa.s.s the test, the wearer will also die. Once you wear the bones, you can only pa.s.s the test if you want to live!
Child, work hard, don't let me down.

Banished To Another World Chapter 177: The Inheritance Of The Bone Sculpting People.

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