We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The boy with a chestnut colored hair


Uhm、I’m Ruiseine・Neferu。
(TLN: How about Mrs. Ruiseine・Isu ?)

Is it already morning? I awoke from my sleep with the fragrant & clear air。

Since I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a long time & it also felt like I had a deep but momentarily sleep too。

When I slowly raised my heavy eyelids、the focus on my vision has extended。

Inside the place where I was gradually focusing into、I felt a presence of someone at my side。
I moved my glance to that。

Though I still couldn’t focus on it correctly but the person at my side had blond hair and was short。I understood that it was Inea。


Suddenly、Inea jumped to my chest and started to cry。
Yo-、you’re heavy。

「Hey、Inea。Don’t gloss over Ruiseine who is too weak right now」

Ah、though I couldn’t see her appearance but it seems like Kiri is also there。
Kiri is scolding Inea as usual。

However、Inea was still crying at my chest。
I wonder why she’s doing this?
Other than that、why are these two girls here?
I was confused since I didn’t understand the situation。

「Ruiseine、are you alright?」

My vision has finally been fixed as I see that person’s appearance、Kiri’s appearance has finally been reflected on my eyes clearly。
The cute droopy eyes of Kiri also had some tears on it。

It’s like、did I do something for these two girls to worry about me? Since my memories were still vague then so I still couldn’t clearly remember.

「Uh Uhm、I……」

Did my confusion get transmitted to them? 、Kiri started to talk。

「It seems that you haven’t understood the current situation huh。First of all、do you want anything like food or any other stuff?」

When she said that、I remembered my hunger。But rather than food、I want something to drink so that is what I want。

「Okay, here」

Kiri took some water from a pitcher on the nearby desk as she pa.s.sed the gla.s.s filled with water to me who was on the bed。
She really is an able girl。
Hero Ristia-kun just has to choose her。

I drank the water and poured it on my throat。
And finally、I felt that I’ve calmed down。

「Ruiseine、do you remember anything that has happened before you lost consciousness?」

Firi hesitatingly asked that。


I stared at Inea who was crying on my thighs right now as I searched my memories。
Did I do something that would make Inea cry like this?

I contemplated for a short while。

And I gradually recalled that frightening event。

I who was bloodied as Kiri supported me on her back。

「I’m sorry。I know that you didn’t want to recall it」

To Kiri’s kind words、I gave off a smile。

「That’s not true。I made you worry huh」

I gently patted Inea’s head。Inea’s blond hair is really soft and felt so good。

「I was、I was saved」

Though it was a frightening event but I gradually remembered it。

I wonder how many days has already pa.s.sed? On that day that we used the ruins for our camping practice。

Since I said that I wanted Inea to accompany the Hero party and Ristia like before、I reluctantly became alone。

After the demons went out from our first ruins investigation、we of the holy clergies and the knights of the kingdom with the Hero Ristia has inspected the whole ruins。
Since Inea has gotten closer with Ristia at that time is what I thought。

Ristia-kun、you really move fast huh。Is it because of your true colors as a hero。
But I can leave Inea to Ristia-kun。

I who became alone entered the ruins sadly。What should I do for these 3 days is what I thought about but I also joined Kijirumu-kun and the other several students since we were traveling the same pa.s.sage way as we walked while talking to each other。

Then we also met with a teacher and walked with him too。

When we were talking while advancing our way in、we unfortunately encountered those people who were oozing with an ominous aura。

It was me who noticed them quickly。
I’m a war Shrine maiden even if I’m like this and I’m sensitive to the presence of evil and danger。

I warned them of the aura that came from the side & the teacher poised his weapon。
I made a barrier for safety as I protected everyone。

But looking at the result、it would have been good If I ran with everyone after I noticed it。

The people who appeared had an ominous Demon blade with them & they were all 5 Demon blade users。Furthermore、one of them wore a Dark armor from its whole body and I could sense his extraordinary ominous aura。

The teacher who confronted them to protect us was encircled by those 5 people and was slashed by them。
The other students who saw the teacher getting slashed immediately ran away。
I think that their decision was right。
With the people who the teacher couldn’t even raise a hand to、we wouldn’t be able to hold those guys ourselves。

I expanded the barrier & took the teacher inside。
My Holy magic barrier can take people in it and other people would be thrust away。
My barrier stopped and pushed away the Demon blade users、took the teacher、closed up the pa.s.sage way、as I expanded it so the ones who were running won’t be chased。

The 5 demon blade users started too look at me with a large amount of hate because I prevented them from going inside。

Though I felt like my body was cowering too but I desperately healed the teacher with my holy magic。I thought that I was able to save even a single life。

Was the teacher saved?

However、my holy power dried up because I cured the teacher & the barrier was destroyed。

Though we ran while I managed to shot out a holy magic while being a bit dizzy、I was slashed in the abdomen by one of the Demon blade users……

I s.h.i.+vered as I remembered that & I checked my abdomen which was supposed to have been cut。

I timidly touched it over my clothes as I was surprised that I didn’t feel anything weird。

「Ruiseine’s wound was healed by an adventurer who pa.s.sed by」

Kiri told me that。

Uhm……was that so? Though I couldn’t remember it since my memories are still fuzzy but it felt like something was wrong。

「For the time being、I shall tell the Shrine maiden head that Ruiseine has awoken」

When she smiled at me who was inclining my head、Kiri went out of the room。

Though I just noticed it right now but this was a private room in the sickroom。This might be inside the temple。
Since I who is a War Shrine maiden didn’t partic.i.p.ate much in healing so I didn’t go to the hospital ward so much。That’s why I’m just guessing right now。

I who became like this was still patting the head of Inea who was still sobbing。

「I’ve worried you huh。But I’m already fine now」
「Okay、I’m the one at fault。This wouldn’t have happened if I neatly went with Ruiseine in the ruins」

Inea repeatedly apologized many times while saying that same thing。
I’m not troubled about such a thing though。Her apologies didn’t stop even when I said that。

I’m a bit troubled right now。

Inea who was crying like a baby。
Though I was troubled with this current situation but couldn’t stop thinking about how this child is so cute。She is like a lovable and precious little sister。Eh、wasn’t Inea’s birthday a bit ahead。

I’m sorry、I’m sorry。I said that as I embraced the crying Inea。

「Look、Since I’m already alright、a lady like yourself shouldn’t be crying like that。I’ll get angry if you cry like that」

Inea raised her crying face。

Ara-Ara Maa-Maa。Her eyes were red up until the corner。How much did this lady cry I wonder。
(TLN: I’m not translating that AraAra since I’m a sucker for Onee-chan talk. Feels so good, bruh)

I smiled as I wiped the tears off Inea’s face。

「I’m already safe。If Inea doesn’t go with Ristia from now own then the other bridal candidates would overpa.s.s you」
「uuuuu、that won’t happen」

While she was tearing up、her face got red from embarra.s.sment。Ah、she’s so cute after all。
I hugged Inea yet again。

Though I was supposed to be an injured person、why am I in the role of comforting Inea? While thinking so、I waited for Inea to calm down while embracing her。

While doing so、Kiri came back to the room。


What are you doing? 、is what the eyes of Kiri is saying。

「I’m wondering for myself too」

I rubbed the back of Inea as I urged to Kiri。

「The truth is、Ernea-kun came to visit you……but since you’re still weak、should I tell him to come on another time」

Ara-Ara Maa-Maa。For a boy like him to visit me。While thinking so、I have regained the remaining memories of mine。

「Uhm、it would be fine it it’s Ernea-kun」

She nodded at my answer & Kiri went out of the room for a second time。

Incidentally、Ernea-kun was the one who saved me and the teacher from that dangerous situation。

At the time when I was escaping from the Demon blade users inside the ruins、my abdomen was greatly cut。
Immediately after being slashed、I was already convinced that it was all over。I exhausted all of my holy power though I understood that I had a severe injury。
Nevertheless、I still ran away to save the teacher。

However、we couldn’t get away while being injured。

They caught up with us as their Demon blades approached。

Ah、were gonna die。That was what I thought。

Suddenly at that time、something repelled the Dark armored Demon blade user & the Demon blade user next to it was slammed too。

The person that appeared before me while my view was starting to get hazy、it was Ernea-kun。

At that time、my consciousness was already clouded。
I saw Ernea-kun was being wrapped in some kind of light。

And thus、Ernea-kun started to dance。
It’s strange isn’t it? It was a battlefield。His enemy was a Demon blade user。
However、I looked at Ernea-kun who seemed like he was dancing。

Though it was still a bit rough but it was still really fascinating、and it was a really powerful dance is what my eyes have seen。

And mysteriously、Ernea-kun who was dancing like that was being enshrouded by a deep green colored vapor from beneath the ground as it wildly danced while following and matching it up with Ernea-kun。

I’m sure that my consciousness is already messed up from what I’m seeing。It’s that Ernea-kun。That REALLY REALLY SO CUTE Ernea-kun、is now fighting off a Demon blade user while dancing & I couldn’t believe it。And I saw something even more strange。

「Here you go」

While I was tracing my messy memories、Kiri came back to the room with Ernea-kun。

「Okay、Inea。Let’s go out for a bit」

Inea listened as she was taken outside。

「Ah、I’m sorry」

Ernea-kun cordially bowed to Kiri and went inside the room。

Fufufu。I unconsciously made a smile when I saw Ernea-kun。
(TLN: Oh no, I’m having this feeling like Ernea’s purity is in danger! Where are you Mistral Onee-sama!)

There are a lot of school girls。No、All the women in the Amuado Kingdom is attracted to the Hero Ristia-kun。
His height is tall and is handsome and yet he is reliable and gentle too。
As expected of the Hero-sama、is what I thought。

But in the shadows of that perfect Hero-sama、there lies another fantastic and superb child。

He was the one who was always fooling around with Ristia-kun。He would look like the little brother of Ristia-kun if you looked at them。

Is it because he was a bit short for a boy like him。

Though Ristia-kun’s blond hair was also beautiful but I like and prefer that child’s chestnut colored hair which looked soft too。
Though I can say that his hair was long like Ristia-kun but since his hair was long enough to hide his ears then it would be long as for being a boy。

And that cute smile from his lovely face which looks like it was left from his young age。His smile never disappears and was a very expressive boy。

That is、the boy who is currently visiting me, Ernea-kun。

「Yow、hey。How is your physical condition right now? I’m sorry that I had to visit you today」

Ernea-kun had an apologetic face while his eyebrows were in the shape of the letter ハ。

「No、such a thing isn’t true」

He obediently sat at the chair beside me at my beckoning。
Fufufu、he really is obedient and cute。
My motherly instincts are getting tickled。

「On that even、Thank you for helping us」
「No、it isn’t like that。I was frantic at that time so I don’t remember much either」

Ernea-kun said that as he embarra.s.singly smiled。

「To be honest、I have a bit of a request on that time……I’m sorry that my visit here isn’t purely just that」

Really now。With that cute face of yours、if you wished for something with that troubled looking face then someone who would refuse you wouldn’t be able to do so。
Don’t you have any self awareness、Ernea-kun?

And then、what would his request be? Is it something that he needed to say to me alone who he has saved on that occasion?

I tilted my head。

「Uhm。At that time……The thing when I cured the wound on Ruiseine’s stomach、I want you to keep it a secret」

I retraced my memories。

Ernea-kun who has defeated the Demon blade user & he hurried to where I was。

Ah、he plastered something on the wound on my stomach。
Though I immediately lost my consciousness when I felt the excruciating pain。

「I told Ristia and everyone that an adventurer that pa.s.sed by was the one who healed your injury。Therefore、I’m asking you to keep the fact that medicine that I cured you with a secret」

I see。So he cured my injury with a medicine that has a history。
For him to even keep it a secret from the Hero Ristia-kun。Fufufu。We’ll be sharing a secret together。

With that、I now understood that weird feeling that I had of the words of Kiri when I awakened。

「Okay。So it’s a secret。I understand」

With me that was smiling、Ernea was relieved as he soothed his chest。

「However、please explain it to me in detail。About what that medicine was」

To my words、Ernea was shocked and got confused。

Fufufu、He’s really so cute。
I’m really wondering right now as to why hasn’t anyone laid their eyes on such a cute boy like Ernea-kun。
Even if you say that a perfectly handsome guy like the Hero -sama was here then they wouldn’t have any awareness like mine。

With the feelings that I have when he saved me from that dangerous event and while looking at Ernea-kun who was moving about in confusion、I have finally eased off from the bottom of my heart。

Ah、I’m really glad that I was saved。

Thank you G.o.ddess-sama。

And Ernea-kun too。

Author’s Remarks
Okay。I have a various things to reflect to。

First one。
I forgot to explain the appearance of the Protagonist Ernea-kun。That was a great blunder of mine。
Since I’ll be giving out more information from now on so please be so kind enough as to revise the things you’ve thought of from this novel……
Ernea-kun、He really is a cute kid。

I onyl gave off a bit of explanation regarding the appearance and the daily life of the other characters。It would be neccessary for it to be neatly and normally putting it together at first。

Should I put out the personality of the other characters? Though I’ve already decided their personalities as a writer but I haven’t finished explaining it。
I’ll be improving my power in expressing it as I’ll be challenging the individuality of every character hereafter。

I am reflecting on the other characters this time。
Am I really writing such a postscript like this right now on purpose? is what I was thinking、I am aware of my problematic points as an author so I would be grateful if everyone would watch over me。

Before raising this paragraph、Wow, 11 paragraphs suddenly became 9項 which will be giving me trouble in the future。
Though I made it myself but I wonder of what is its source……

Thus、while I’m surprised that a lot of people are reading this、I’ll be working hard in the future is what I’m thinking。
By all means, my best regards in the future。

We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 14

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