We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 50 Part1

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We stare at the far-off surrounding demon beasts as we have our lunch. While I'm nervous, unable to shake the feeling that the demon beasts are aiming at us, everybody else bustles about without concern. Looks like there really is nothing that can interrupt the conversation of women. They jump across various topics as they enjoy their meals.

Now that I think of it, Nymia is also a girl. Other than me, everyone is a woman.

After we finish our meal, just like Priscillchan wished, we once more mount the predatory beasts and go for a walk. This time, she is being held within the arms of the bear demon beast.

The bear demon beast walks dexterously on its two legs. Standing tall like that leaves a powerful impression. If I were to meet one alone, there's no doubt that I'd end up tasting despair.

Mistral rides the rabbit demon beast this time. Ruiseine praised its powerful leg work and made her interested.

Ruiseine in turn rides on the back of the great wolf demon beast. She's enjoying herself by comparing it with riding on a horse. Seems like she has riding experience.

As for me, I am riding on the back of the deer demon beast. The snake demon beast and bird demon beast offered their backs by approaching me, but that's impossible. I was a little interested in traveling through the sky on top of the bird demon beast, but I was too scared of falling off. As for the snake demon beast, it's just too eerie. Not only is it covered in scales, riding on its back as it crawls over the ground will make me nauseated.

In contrast, the fawn of deer demon beast are cute. The female deer demon beast doesn't have any antlers. She is only big, but still cute. When I went to get on the her back, the male one poked me with its antlers. So, I had to get onto his back instead.

We enjoy our stroll with the demon beasts the entire afternoon. Evening will soon come, and as expected, there is no way we can sleep in the middle of the forest. Priscillchan throws a tantrum, but we separate from the demon beasts and walk through the forest.

Upon separating from the demon beasts, Ruiseine tenses and her movements become stiff. She already knows that there is an ancient dragon in the moss-covered plaza, Old Sleigstar, protecting Dragon Forest.

Dragons are already terrifying existence for ordinary people. Naturally, a legendary dragon will make her nervous. I totally understand how she feels, but if I have to say it, I'm was more nervous about the demon beasts that gathered around us until just earlier.

Why are there so many demon beasts in the Dragon Forest? I'm get the feeling that there have always been a lot of demon beasts, we just didn't notice or even knew about that. There's probably some sort of reason for this. Mistral said she will tell us after we reach the moss-covered plaza.

Priscillchan puts Nymia on top of her head and walks happily. Just like that, we progress for our destination. Soon after, the atmosphere around us changes as usual. Ruiseine also seems to notice the change as she stops and looks around in surprise.

The forest ambience has completely changed from moments ago. Ruiseine is astonished by the majestic trees lining the depths of the forest.

“Now, this way.”

Mistral takes Ruiseine's hand. While taking in her surroundsing, she is lead further inside.

“Nnmtto, we will arrive soon!”

Priscillchan's voice fills with pride as she points to the end of the forest.

Thus, after much hards.h.i.+p, we finally reach the moss-covered plaza.

The old trees give way and we step onto a large s.p.a.ce. Deep green moss carpets the ground. Looking up reveals the branches and leaves of the spirit tree serving to cover the entire square like an umbrella.

Ruiseine's eyes widen in surprise at this illusionary like s.p.a.ce. I also had my breath taken away the first time I stumbled into here. I understand her feelings very well.

Ruiseine looks around, then overhead, and then finally at the black mound in the center of the plaza. Black glossy scales, jet-black body hair, and sparkling gold eyes.

The tremendous impact of Old Sleigstar causes Ruiseine's legs to give way.

“My, my, well, well.”

Ruiseine, having fallen on of the moss with her b.u.t.t, covers her mouth with both of her hands from surprise.

“Fumu, there's a face I'm seeing for the first time.”

Although Old Sleigstar is quietly looking at us, he seems to have noticed Ruiseine's presence.

“Come on, let's greet the venerable elder.”

Mistral lends her hand to Ruiseine, helps her onto her feet, and leads her to Old Sleigstar.

Old Sleigstar observes Ruiseine with great interest as she timidly approaches him. Priscillchan, Nymia, and I watch from a small distance away.

Ruiseine, upon managing to reach the tip of Old Sleigstar's nose, takes a deep breath once more.

“This is our first time meeting. I am Ruiseine Nefer, a shrine maiden from human tribe. Certain circ.u.mstances… ano… that.”

Ruiseine's face turns red as she gets caught on her words.

“Fumu, you are Ernea's second bride?”

However, Old Sleigstar, reading Ruiseine's thoughts, narrows his eyes in interest and nods.

“Ehh, ano…”

Ruiseine hangs her head as even her neck turns red.

“Kakaka, wasn't your dream is to have tons of wives?”

Old Sleigstar suddenly brings me to the conversation, making my face also turn red.

“Onii-chan wants many wives?”

To Priscillchan's innocent question, I scratch my head in embarra.s.sment.

“Nnmtto, then Priscilla too will become your wife!”
“Nyan too, nyan~”

The faces of Mistral and Ruiseine stiffen at the declarations of Priscillchan and Nymia. My face also turns stiff. All I can do is laugh.

“Kakaka, looks like your brides have increased in a go.”

Old Sleigstar laughs, shaking the old trees of the forest.

“Ernea, what's the meaning of this?”
“Ho-hold on a minuuute!”

I panic as Mistral approaches me. Her feet land on the ground, thump, thump, thump.

This is my fault? Priscillchan, what are you saying?
I try to run away, but like a frog being glared at like by a snake, I can't move.

“Mist onee-chan is the snake to onii-chan who is the frog, nyan.”
“Hohoo? Just what does that mean?”

A vein pops out on Mistral's forehead as she grabs my head with both of her hands.

“Ahhh, please forgive me. Please save me, G.o.ddess-saaaaama!”

My scream echoes across the moss-covered plaza.

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We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 50 Part1

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