We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Dragon Princess and the Dragon King


While Mistral-san was hiding her b.r.e.a.s.t.s that couldn’t shake with one hand, she approached me while her face was bright red.
(TLN: Truly best girl)

Ah, the danger of my life is approaching

For her attack the could injure an Ancient Dragon kind、I didn’t have anything to defend against that。

I was pushed by Mistral-san’s aura as I fell on my bottom。

And thus、the Deva king Mistral-san was before my eyes。

Though she wasn’t holding the frightening one handed rod but she greatly raised her right hand。

「Uwawawa、please spare me」

I begged Mistral-san’s forgiveness while prostrating。

I’m sorry for thinking that you’re small chested。I apologize for desiring to obtain a bride that would have a bouncy chest。So please spare me。

Other than that、wasn’t Old Sleigstar the one who is at fault for reading my thoughts and speaking it out loud。
Kuuu、for me to get misfortune from another person’s doing。

I who was prostrating。

Mistral’s fist of punishment。

It didn’t befall unto me even if I waited。

When I timidly raised my face、Mistral-san’s right hand was still raised up high。

I prostrated again while in a panic。

「You’re sorry for?」
「I-i-i-、I’m sorry」

I desperately apologized。

If you would forgive me、I will do anything you want。Therefore please forgive me。Please spare me。
(TLN: Those are dangerous words yar saying there, Ernea…..You might get a femdom shotacon doujin with those words & it’s a bit perfect since Mistral seems to be an S)

With my sincere apology、Mistral-san finally let out a sigh and forgave me before long。

「Good grief、you and the old man are already forgiven……」

Though she was grumbling a bit、Mistral-san left my presence。

「Because of that。You’ll be giving us a neat explanation right、Old man?」

Mistral-san beckoned me as she moved beside the place where Old Sleigstar was。

「You must also come here。You’ll be troubled to be rolled up in this old man’s pranks too」

Aside from being a trouble、I’ve done as she said as I moved next to Mistral-san。

「Fumu。Even if One’s own explains it again、it was just as what one’s own said a while ago」

Old Sleigstar was averting his gaze however。

Mistral-san silently unsheathed her one handed rod。

「Alright Alright、one’s own understands。One’s own really understands now so just put away that dangerous blunt weapon already」

Even for an Ancient dragon kind as expected、was he also scared of the one handed rod of Mistral-san huh。With Old Sleigstar panicking、Then one’s own shall give an explanation、is what he said as Mistral-san approached him。

When I’m watching these two、I can’t see a huge dragon and a human but a grandfather playing a prank on his grand-daughter。

「Fumu、if thine feels that we have a relations.h.i.+p like a grandfather and his grandchild then that might be right」

Old Sleigstar read my thoughts and answered。

「Mistral is a person of one’s own clan in my protection。All members of the people are one’s own grandchildren or otherwise she is like that kind of person」
「Though I don’t have any blood connection with this old man」

Uhm。He is the Huge dragon in the legends that is protecting the forest of dragons。Her clan is being protected by that Ancient old dragon。And a little while ago、Old Sleigstar said that she was a Dragonian。
She’s not a human in other words、so is she a Dragonian who were living in the west part of the Dragon’s peak?

I looked over Mistral who was standing with a good posture。

She had the appearance of a human without anything strange。Other than she was taller than me and she didn’t have b.r.e.a.s.t.s but such a thing is trivial。

Yes、it didn’t matter。

Compared with her beauty、everything seemed to didn’t matter。

(TLN: Le insert Mistral’s SMALL b.r.e.a.s.t.s that doesn’t matter


With her beauty、I was charmed by Mistral-san。

When she blushed at my glances、Mistral-san felt a bit shy。

「Mistral is the representative of her clan that comes here to look after me on the behalf of her clan」
「Since this place is a sacred area、only a person limited in my clan is allowed to visit here。I am looking after this old man as of the present」

I see。Old Sleigstar is the one who is protecting Mistral-san’s clan and a person of that clan would take care of him in return。

The firewood and fruits that were being given to me everyday were being collected by the care taker Mistral-san huh。
Then that’s right。If a gigantic figure like Old Sleigstar enters the forest then it would be impossible for him to collect those tiny firewood and fruits with his large body。

It wasn’t necessary for me to express my grat.i.tude to Old Sleigstar but Mistral-san should be the one I should be thanking。Thank you。

「Fufun、Mistral is a very able person。Thine and her age are near。Thine and her would surely become a good husband and wife」

Old Sleigstar is reading my thoughts as usual。

「Please don’t talk to each other by just reading his thoughts。You too、be careful on not getting your thoughts simply get read」

She looked at both Old Sleigstar and me as she said that。
For her to tell me to be careful on not getting my thoughts read、how would I be able to do that?

「Anyways。For him and me to understand it、please explain it CA・RE・FUL・LY alright?」

To Mistral-san’s aura、Old Sleigstar hang his head。It’s like、this Ancient old dragon’s dignity disappears when in front of Mistral-san。

「Hmm。That’s really troublesome」
「The one being troubled is him and me」
「Uhm、yes。I’m troubled……am I?」

For me to have a lovely woman like Mistral-san as my bride、that would fulfill my wishes somehow。

However、it was certain that we were surpirsed by the sudden explosive statement of it。

「Mistral、Thou have become a Dragon Princess。From now on、Thine shall have a hard time in marriage proposals and power struggles between clans and tribes so thine shall not be able to move。One’s own fears that the power thine has obtained as a Dragon Princess shall become hazy」

Incidentaly、Old Sleigstar said that Mistral-san is a Dragon Princess huh。Does it mean that she is the Princess of the Dragonians? In other words、it means that she is the daughter of the head of their clan。

Was a question mark floating above me? Mistral-san supplemented an answer。

「Dragon Princess is a t.i.tle。That’s so、it is the same as the ones you humans have like Hero and knight」

Was it a t.i.tle that would be given to someone who has great power or great achievements?

「A Dragon Princess is a female who has surpa.s.sed the power of a Dragon King in the Dragonian family」

With Old Sleigstar’s supplement、my eyes were looking shocked。
Why is it that the princess is stronger than the king?

「In the past、Only the t.i.tle Dragon king existed in the Dragonians。At a certain time however、because a wife of a certain Dragon king was more powerful and had more achievements than him、a new t.i.tle was born」
「That is、was the t.i.tle Dragon Empress or Dragon Queen not good enough?」

Since she was the wife of a Dragon king、though that would make it look more fitting。

「Fumu。That is a bit too gloomy。The word princess suits it better」

Hey。Was the one who gave birth to that new t.i.tle really Old  Sleigstar?

「Kakaka。Anyone can do it if it is just creating it。The ones who has the authority to make new t.i.tles are only a few。Therefore the t.i.tle Dragon Princess that One’s self has made has that much of an effect」
「The ones who have been awarded the t.i.tle of Dragon Princess were the one who could rule over Dragon Kings and are given to them by this old man。Though the Dragon King t.i.tle also has a moderate necessity of power and achievements but exceeding that、The t.i.tle of Dragon Princess is an absolute symbol for the Dragonians。That is why for who would be able to marry the unmarried Dragon Princess、it would become a extremely troublesome commotion within the tribes」

Mistral-san who said that sighed deeply。She really looks like she’s truly troubled by it。

And Dragon King is just a t.i.tle in the end so that means that just being a Dragon king doesn’t mean you’re a king of the dragonians。

Each tribe lived somewhere in the Dragon’s peak as for the Dragonians and the patriarch is the one who is settling up the clan。That is what I recalled from the lesson of my teacher in the seat study。

「With the fighting of the tribes with one another、one’s own had been fed up with that。With that、thou had appeared」

Old Sleigstar changed his glance from Mistral-san to me。

「One’s own has promised thine。If thine could attract one’s own interest、thine desire shall be granted by one’s own」

I’m certain that that was what he said at first。
However、I thought that my desire had already been fulfilled。I studied about controlling the Dragon pulse and learning how to dance、I would receive firewood and fruits daily so I was already satisfied。

「So thou have been satisfied with everything up to now。However、the one that thou have desired with great power was a Bride, right?」

Did he indeed not say the thing about the b.r.e.a.s.t.s。

I certainly wanted a bride。Since I am a Man。 (TLN: WAT…… I thought you were gay?)
However、I looked at Mistral-san。

Mistral-san’s face was perplexed。
I felt the her gracefulness with her dignified standing appearance and it is true that she was the most beautiful woman that I have seen from the time I was born up till today。
But that is why she is unbalanced with me。
Since I’m just a normal boy who was living in the kingdom’s capital that was going to a school where I’m regarded as a foolish child。

If her other party was the Hero Ristia then it would be probably different。
Even if he stood beside Mistral-san、It wouldn’t feel like they weren’t matched。For their stature and position too。

「Mistral shall be 17 this year。There isn’t any problem with her being a bit older than you。Though thou art standing with each other like this、thine and her really look perfect for each other」

Old Sleigstar said that as I and Mistral-san’s glance got united and we averted our gaze from embarra.s.sment。


Mistral-san’s face deepened with perplexity。

Ah、It seems like I already understand。
Mistral-san doesn’t like it huh。However, she couldn’t refuse what her protector Old Sleigstar was giving to her。

Well that’s to be expected。She wouldn’t be pleased to suddenly be tld to get married to an unfamiliar and moreover a human male。
The humans for a dragonian、they might only think of us as a low kind of race。

「Mistral、accept it if thine doesn’t have anyone thine are thinking about。And Ernea。Mistral shall be a great a.s.sistance for thine while thine continue to grow up in the future。One’s own understand that thine are confused with this sudden announcement。However、just accept the agreement of interests first of all」

With Old Sleigstar’s amazingly one sided pushy proposition、Mistral-san and I looked at each other for a second time。

I wonder what kind of expression is my face making right now?

Mistal-san had an extremely troubled but smiling face。

「With that、Ernea。Did thine not have a business with one’s own?」

When he said that、I recalled the purpose of why I came here first。

That was so、I really needed to tell him about tomorrow。
Because of the meeting with Mistral-san and the sudden marriage proposal、I completely forgotten about it。
Three days from tomorrow、I was goign to tell Old Sleigstar about why I could go here from tomorrow onwards because of the school’s event。

Since it would be bad for me if I didn’t go home and prepare immediately、I came here early in the morning。

「Fumu、camping practice huh。Thou wouldn’t be troubled with that since Mistral is there for thine」
「No No No、I’m not allowed to bring Mistral-san since she isn’t a student」
(TLN: Remember to bring the lyrics of the Campfire Song song)

If they knew that she was a dragonian then it would become a fuss。
Even if you say that the dragonians are living at the western part of the dragon’s peak but us humans haven’t had much of an interaction with them。
Even with ages pa.s.sed、the dragonians would only descend the mountain and cross the dragon’s peak just to commerce with humans。
It was a normal thinking that no human has seen a dragonian。I also from until I met Mistral-san、I haven’t seen a dragonian from then。

「Fumu、is that so。However, since thine has come here already with great pains。Go and train。Mistral、thine shall prepare the needed things for camping」

「……I understand」

Though there was still a lot of things to be spoken about the marriage proposal but Mistral began to act as to what she was ordered to do。

Was she doing what was ordered to her?

Mistral-san turned back to where she came out a while ago as she disappeared from inside the forest of old trees。

「Am I really going to train right now?」
「Of course」
「Are you really serious about my and Mistral-san’s marriage proposal」
「Of course」

Hahaha。Whether I was glad or troubled but a complicated smile floated on my face。

We Live in Dragon’s Peak Chapter 9

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