God Rank Hero Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Da Fei sinks into severe ball-ache .

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First, one has to have an idea what 100 million mean? Let’s not talk about the current market price studios set, using the game as example, Angel is 5000 gold coins each, 100 million can buy 20,000! 20,000! Even if it is 20,000 flies, it can still cover the sky airtight, not to mention 20,000 Angels! Is it for a divine crusade? To destroy the world? Okay, the Angel production in the city is fixed, there may not have supply even with money, and there is no way there will be such a ridiculous amount .

Then talk about territory . 100 million gold coins can build 100 villages at New World! A hundred villages’ territories squeeze together, that will form a nation already! In other words, Bro have to pay in installments to build a nation?

This old fellow uses the government’s budget to repair s.h.i.+p and give units to Bro with hypocritical righteousness, and then Bro takes the risk to fight at subterranean, if won, he has the merit of recommendation, and his political achievements rise greatly . Even if lost, he also does not lose anything . He stands to earn no matter what, but now that Bro makes a request, he actually still wants to get Bro’s money, and actually wants to get a 100 million from Bro!!!

Even if Bro has a s.h.i.+p that is leading by a few generations, even if Erowlin’s special product has unlimited productivity, filling up the cargo hold of the s.h.i.+p every time, together with Bro’s s.h.i.+p speed is OP, Navigation is OP, sailing long distance for 1 . 5 days in real time can earn 1 million gold coins, to and fro is already 3 days . Earning 100 million is also nothing much . It is 100 trips only, which is also 300 days, not even a year

But in actuality, it is definitely more than a year, right? 2 years? In life, how many 2 years does one have?

Is a s.h.i.+p worth Bro investing so much? Is this quest worth investing like this? Is Succubus’ value for money that high? If he won, the benefits may be able to cover a bit, but what if he lost? If he lost, the s.h.i.+p will be gone, Succubus instructor will also have died . This mobile barrack will also go down the drain, and then Bro will have to start from scratch, driving a small s.h.i.+p on trips to pay back this 100 million debt? And then fight with enemies while on merchant trips?

Going back on the debt? Oh f.u.c.k, that is forcefully deduct money by system, okay! Trying to win the system when playing the game? Unless he does not want this account and make a new account . That’s right, if he fails, he can only give up on this account!

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In the end, this is also not this old fellow’s fault, it is the system blocking players! Honestly speaking, Bro also feels a mobile barrack that does not require population nor territory is really a bit ridiculous . How can the system let players be so comfortable that easily?

While being conflicted, Othoriman sighs again: “Actually, I believe with Sir’s strength, even if there’s no barrack, it will work too . After all, our budget for the operation this time did not take into account the so-called reinforcements in the first place . Now, let us talk about the hidden Cla.s.s Sir requested . ”

Hidden Cla.s.s! Da Fei gets a shock! No way, this is just Bro casually asking for a sky high price, how can NPC really go with it and give it to Bro一一Return the serve? The normal reaction should be that “Send the guest off” like Makarl!

Othoriman heaves out a breath deeply, and says with an expression that is quite fascinated: “In our Elves’ history, there’s a legendary hero . His name is Gru . His special ability is being able to train Elf Archers and Human Archers with mediocre apt.i.tude into the legendary super long range, super high accuracy, and obstacles ignoring Phantom Archer any where and any time in the wild . This exceeds our cognition, and even totally does not tally with life’s law of growing . Even until now, n.o.body can believe this ability of his really exists, and still believe this special ability is just a legend, or even a myth!”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches! Phantom Archer? The existence mentioned in Makarl’s notebook? And then is obstacles ignoring Phantom Divine Bow? Phantom Ballista?

Othoriman continues to say in fascination: “But his achievements are really great to be recorded in the annals and unquestionable! A thousand years ago, Hero Continent is facing a full-scale invasion by Devils, the surface world has almost fallen, and the power of justice is being suppressed within the last fortress and facing imminent destruction . In this time of world crisis, the hero Gru came out from the ancient forest . He broke through hards.h.i.+ps and was unstoppable . Sniping the enemies’ leader within the army of millions, saving the allied nations from siege, under his leaders.h.i.+p, the power of justice gathered into an unstoppable steel torrent, exterminated the army of millions Devil, and then returned to the ancient forest after mission is accomplished . For a thousand years, the Devils army has not made a large scale invasion to the surface world ever again . ”

Da Fei is startled from listening: “And then?”

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Othoriman shakes his head and sighs: “And then, the human Falcon Dynasty’s emperor is discontented with Gru stealing all the limelight, to build up his savior position in the alliance’s hearts, disregarding the alliance’s dissuasion, used following up victory with a pursuit as reason to send out large army on an expedition to h.e.l.l to give h.e.l.l a last strike . And then, there’s no more and then . This expedition’s wiped out caused the Falcon Dynasty to fall apart too, and have the Lionheart Empire now too . Aah, foolish humans, lives and dynasties are so short…”

Da Fei nods repeatedly, so this is that certain king that failed at the expedition to h.e.l.l introduced in the game background .

Oh f.u.c.k! Talking for so long, stop flaunting the racial superiority! Get to the main point! Da Fei hurriedly asks: “What about the hidden Cla.s.s then?”

Othoriman says seriously: “Before Gru withdrew, he left 3 scrolls to Elf Kingdom, Human Kingdom, and Dwarf Kingdom respectively . This is a legacy scroll that can inherit his Cla.s.s . Only Hero recognized by 3 countries can successfully Cla.s.s change completely . Although I don’t know what his Cla.s.s is, one thing is for sure!”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches: “What?”

Othoriman says with fascination: “It’s definitely very powerful!”

d.a.m.n! Bro naturally knows it is powerful! Aren’t you just jabbering?

——System Notification: You obtained information about legendary hero Gru’s Cla.s.s legacy .

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Da Fei gets a shock! Information came out! So it is not just jabbering, it really exists! Things that can trigger information are definitely really OP!

Da Fei hurriedly asks: “Then how can I Cla.s.s change?”

Othoriman says with a serious expression: “As long as you can complete this arduous mission successfully, you’ll have the qualifications to a.s.sume his Cla.s.s . At the very least, you can a.s.sume two-thirds of it!”

Oh f.u.c.k! What is the use of changing Cla.s.s after completing! What Bro wants is changing Cla.s.s now! However upon thinking, now that nothing is done yet, how can the system be so generous? But——

Da Fei says in surprise: “A Cla.s.s can still Cla.s.s change into two-thirds of it?”

Othoriman smiles: “Of course, as long as you made such a peerless contribution to the Elf Kingdom, the Elf Kingdom has no reason to not recognize, so you’re bound to get the one-third of legacy from Elf Kingdom’s side . And then as a human, our kingdom can communicate with humans’ side . Humans’ side will definitely be proud of you, so you will be able to get humans’ one-third of legacy too . And then is dwarves next, dwarves are always stubborn and shut-in . This will require you to go do something for them, actually it’s no big deal even if you don’t . Learning two-thirds of Gru’s legacy is enough for you to run wild…Ehm, enough to be recorded in the annals!”

Da Fei says in astonishment: “Which is to say, I have to go fight in the subterranean with newbie state?” That is a whopping 30 stat points lesser!

Othoriman sighs: “That’s why this kind of thing cannot be forced . After all, legendary hero’s Cla.s.s is not that easy to be obtained, so I personally suggest, you should just play safe and change Cla.s.s into Knight . ”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches! Oh f.u.c.k! The old fellow is advising me to play safe? Freaking place legendary Cla.s.s in front of Bro already, and then advise Bro, a G.o.dly master with dual Specialty, to change Cla.s.s into Knight? Bro was trapped on a pirate island can still be unyielding before almost making a wrong step to long-lasting regret, and then waited until Level 25 and still not changed Cla.s.s . You actually want Bro to go change Cla.s.s into a commonplace Knight? Is that even possible? Isn’t that hilarious?

At this very instant, Da Fei made a decision! Do it!

Not changing Cla.s.s is it, then Bro will build a Succubus barrack to make up for it! Isn’t it just 100 million? Wait till Bro conquered somewhere, it will come back easily, who will still foolishly run merchant trips? As for what to do if failed? Wahahaha, then let it be Bro’s retribution for stealing other’s Succubus, serves him right! It is divine punishment! Bro has already failed enough times in this lifetime, what is a few more time?

Da Fei says firmly: “Lord Mayor, I already booked this Hero legacy, please give a lot of care to the Succubus barrack affair!”

Mayor laughs loudly, and pats Da Fei’s shoulder happily: “Daring enough! Just your daring resolution is enough qualifications for you to inherit the Hero legacy . Leave this to me . Because of discovering new situation, so your trip may have to delay by 2 days, so there’s sufficient time to arrange . Now, let us go to the Hunter’s Guild to settle this Blood Hawk’s Flute . Us using equipment is enough to thrash Devils’ motley crew!”

Da Fei laughs loudly . Bro is definitely to gamble on this . There is no regret in mine life!

Feel free to point out typos and mistakes .

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God Rank Hero Chapter 72

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