God Rank Hero Chapter 74

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Repairing the treasure needs 2 in-game days. After coming out from the guild, Da Fei heaves out a long breath.

All that can be dealt with is dealt with. Those that cannot be settled, are also planned out and waiting for Bro to deal with it. If players play it out step-by-step according to the game's rules, NPC probably are ATM with equivalent exchange, but if they do not want to go step-by-step and wants to make it big in one step, NPC will turn into slot machines, then it will be up to who is better?

This time round, the stakes are really a bit too large, but how large can this large be? It is probably not to the extent of jumping off a building due to stock market or MLM, right? Actually, thinking about it carefully, even if it goes out of hand, it is not like there will be no way to turn the table. Bro still has 2 strong beauty Deputy Heroes.  Even if it means going back to being a pirate and plundering the whole world, there is no need to fear that little bit of debts. Even if Bro really cannot carry on, he can still sell the account, and naturally there will be big bosses to cover up the debts for Bro just for the beauty Heroes. Bro has no need to fear!

What are ideals? Ideal is just build a large castle in the sky, and work your hardest and fight for your ideal. What is working hard? Willing to bear hards.h.i.+p is working hard. What is fight? Willing to gamble is to fight! How many chances to fight does one have in his lifetime with limited opportunities? Achieving ideal without daring to bear any risks and just working hard? Bro don't know, Bro only know time does not wait for anyone. At least in the game, Bro dare to gamble.

Now, there is nothing much for him already. After settling his sweetheart beauty Deputy Hero down at the hotel, Da Fei sets a notification for the commence of quest, and takes off his helmet to log out.

It is already 4 am now, even the cold wind of spring festival cannot the stop bustle of the night market barbecue stall at the food street downstairs. Da Fei is eating bun dipped in instant noodle while looking at the night sky through the smoke drifting up from the barbecue stall. Stars can never be seen on the night sky of big cities, but Da Fei still remembers the wish he made upon the shooting star while taking a rest in the village when he was young.

Bro's wish then was to be a scientist, build a s.p.a.ce fortress filled with big laser cannons everywhere, and journey to the ocean of stars! And then he realised, this is something directors do. Thus, Bro's ideal is to be a director, and get to know all the beautiful stars! And then Bro realised, this is also not something typical directors do, it is probably something done in the games! Thus, that year Bro went into games. Bro became the guildmaster of China's No. 1 guild Slaying Dragon Guild, with a crowd of b.i.t.c.hes under him, wahahahaha!

Who said Bro is a failure? Bro is actually also realising his ideal! Tomorrow is Bro's new expedition. and Bro is going to use absolute equipment superiority to knock off all the Devil players of the world!

Da Fei with all his ambitions drinks up the instant noodle soup, and goes to sleep without was.h.i.+ng up.


And unknown to Da Fei, during his time at the guild, all the Devil players in the world are shocked. Every Devil player with more than 10,000 merit, and had obtained the military rank Devil Centurion (equivalent to human's Second Lieutenant) received a system message.

——System Notification: Cross-server racial national war is about to begin, all those dedicated to responding to the Devil King's summon please sign up at the Devil King's palace.

After signing up is please wait for orders. Where is the battlefield? When is the time for battle? System did not give any further notification. All the Devil players do not have an unified opinion. The hero forum of the whole world is also making a h.e.l.l of a fuss. All the countries' media is also making an urgent dispatch to collect information. Anyways, initial findings shows that this is a Devil's general mobilization for war!

And according to the game's general background setting of Devils, this is signs of Devils' world invasion! But the game only started for less than 10 days. This clearly cannot convince people.

And all the agents around the world have flooded the customer service with calls, and only got a single reply: “This is the result of the supercomputer's progress of quests, and not an official event. GM does not have the right to intervene with the game's main computer's operations. May all players please wait for the system's further notifications.”

Tokyo's Akihabara, the world famous electronics city, anime, manga city and games city.

6am Tokyo time, Akihabara, Mitsubis.h.i.+ Softwares, ABC Building 7th floor, it is bright lit. This is the headquarter of the world famous professional E-sports team Mitsubis.h.i.+ Team.

Since Mitsubis.h.i.+ Team acquired the two G.o.d rank Heroes of Infernal race Infernal Gate Master and Mobility Master, Mitsubis.h.i.+ Team placed their focus on their development of the Infernal race, and formed the group “Rash.o.m.on”. The group has 30 world-cla.s.s professional players of the Infernal race, and 1000 players just for support on the periphery. It is entirely worthy of being called the strongest Infernal professional team of the world.

Now, Mitsubis.h.i.+ Team's manager Igaras.h.i.+ Yos.h.i.+yuki gathered the 30 core members of the Rash.o.m.on group for a meeting. Beside the meeting room's long meeting table, every team members is wearing trim black uniform, and a white armband with 3 blood red kanji saying Rash.o.m.on on their sleeves. Even if they have stayed up for a few nights, these team members still have sharp eyes and filled with vigor.

Igaras.h.i.+ is very satisfied with the members' spirit, and nods contentedly: “Everyone, the reason for gathering everyone is because of what happened just now. Hiratkun, let's hear your view.

Hirata Hirao, j.a.pan region's well-known world-cla.s.s E-sport athlete. Game ID: Onigiri Zanza, user of the famous G.o.d rank Hero Mobility Master.

A near bald short-haired team member suddenly stands up and says with an excited expression: “President! If i still don't go back, my units are going to all die in battle!”

Igaras.h.i.+'s face turns gloo, and can only wave his hand: “Go and fight, young man!”

“Yes! President!” Hiratkun bows and runs out of the room like a gust of wind.

Igaras.h.i.+ can only set his gaze on the next person then: “Tsukamoto-kun, tell us your view.”

A team member with quiff hair suddenly stands up with a determined expression: “Takeover the world! That's all!”

Tsukamoto Eiji, game ID: Hattori General, user of G.o.d rank Hero Infernal Gate Master.

All the team members suddenly stand up and shouts out: “Takeover the world!”

Igaras.h.i.+ stands up and claps contentedly: “Very good! The faction national war this time is destined to be the stage of our great j.a.pan. Chairman just gave me a call. The operation this time, no matter where the battlefield is, no matter who the opponent is, everyone must give their all to win! Hope everyone can work together!”

All the members raise their arms and shouts: “Takeover the world, go all out!”


A new day begins. The system notification alarm wakes Da Fei up. Da Fei immediately jumps up, grabs a bread and Red Bull and charges into the toilet and squats down. 30 seconds to deal with internal needs, 10 seconds to wash face and not brush teeth, returns to the machine within 1 minute, puts on helmet, and enters the game. A bunch of notifications flooded the screen.

——System Notification: Blood Hawk's Flute is repaired already, please make your way to the Ranger Guild to collect it.

——System Notification: The day to receive Phantom Ballista as promised with your Teacher Makarl has arrived, please make your way to St. Paul's Duke office to collect it.

——System Notification: Your Flying has finished its repairs and modifications.

——System Notification: The Elf Kingdom's mage legion is arriving soon, please get into position quickly.

——System Notification: 2.4 hr countdown to Epic Quest <Purify Pool of Radiance> , please make your final preparations.

Oh my f.u.c.k! The last day is still the busiest day!

Da Fei first rushes straight to the Ranger Guild, and gets to meet Gillian. He says faintly: “Use it well, don't damage it!”

d.a.m.n! He really has the awareness of being the owner! Gotten ahold of the thing, Da Fei is too lazy to say too much with him, and then rushed straight to the teleportation formation to get to St. Paul Port. Under the slow guide of the butler, Da Fei finally has the time to check this G.o.d rank Treasure.

——Blood Hawk's Flute: Support equipment, S rank Treasure. Increases Scouting Level by 1. Summons a spirit hawk that shares field of vision with the user to support scouting. (Quest Lease Item cannot be traded nor dropped)

Lease item! Tsk!

——System Notification: You equipped Blood Hawk's Flute. Your Scouting will be raised to G.o.d level temporarily!

——G.o.d level Scouting: Your mini-map will obtain radar functions. Any moving target within your vision will be displayed on the mini-map.

Indeed, Da Fei's mini-map is littered with moving green dots. Those are all kinds of players and city's NPCs! Oh my f.u.c.k! What use does this have? Ehm? Why is this dot in front of Bro red?

Da Fei raises his head to look, and it is the butler guiding him, Riel. At this moment, Da Fei suddenly discovers under his name there is an additional description box: Riel, Vampire Leader, Attack ? Defense ? HP ? Speed ?

Vampire! Da Fei gets a shock! Where is there a Vampire? Oh f.u.c.k, as a Death Lord, Makarl's servant is a Vampire is not strange too. In other words, under Bro's G.o.d level Scouting, he showed his true form? This G.o.d level Skill is really OP!

And at this moment, the butler suddenly stops, and suddenly turns his head. Oh f.u.c.k, he discovered? Da Fei hurriedly unequips the Blood Hawk, and pretends to be fool with a laugh: “This is?”

The butler also laughs and nods: “Sorry for the impoliteness, Sir, continue please!”

Da Fei breaks out in cold sweat. Oh f.u.c.k, even a servant is so OP. Definitely cannot equip this thing in front of Makarl, just like that voyager's sword.

It is still that magic library, and Da Fei meets the Santa Claus Makarl again: “Teacher, happy festive season!”

Makarl laughs: “You came very in time, I've prepared the Phantom Ballista you need for you already. It comes with 100 magic arrows in it. Those are really expensive, so please use conservatively.  And, I also gave you an additional medic tent, a siege engine as a little sign of my regard.” After finis.h.i.+ng, a s.h.i.+ny War Machines Dimensional Bag appeared on Da Fei's hands.

——System Notification: You obtained Advanced War Machines Dimensional Bag.

——System Notification: You obtained Medic Tent.

——System Notification: You obtained Special war machine “Phantom Ballista” (Quest Lease Item, cannot be traded nor dropped, self-destruct automatically once lost.)

——Advanced War Machines Dimensional Bag: A large dimensional bag that is able to carry ballista, medic tent and siege engines simultaneously.

——Phantom Ballista: On top of the foundation of normal ballista, a ballista with special ability Ignore Confounding, and special arrows function.

Ignore Confounding! Just this extra trait is the distance between G.o.d level ballista and ordinary ballista! With it, Bro can wipe out a BOSS with 1 shot! Haha, wahahaha!

Da Fei says excitedly: “Thank you for the generous gift, Teacher!” But Teacher, isn't it below you to just give an ordinary Medic Tent and war machine? Forget it, Bro has already been sabotaged by NPC enough, and do not dare to ask NPC for things already.

Makarl laughs: “It's lent to you. Do you have confidence in the expedition?”

Da Fei sighs: “It's really as Teacher predicted, the Elf Kingdom is really too naive, and too simple!”

Makarl laughs: “Only a harsh challenge can show the value of a brave one. Go, face the challenge courageously.”

“Student will not let Teacher down!”

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God Rank Hero Chapter 74

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