Real Cheat Online Chapter 69.2

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Chapter 69.2

Chapter 69 . 2 : Taking Back That Girl Wish With Twenty Five

Oops it seems I got distracted while looking at the enraged oni who was swinging its metal rod blindly .

「Well, let the hunt―― Begins」

I vanished within the smoke, and circled around the oni .

『Where―― WHErE ARe YOuuuUUUU! ? YoU―― NUAAAAAAA! ? 』

I could deal with this guy with both my eyes shut tight as long as I could feel its life sign . That oni on the other hand couldn’t pin-point my position . Thus, I ran around inside the smoke screen so that it wouldn’t find out my specific location while firing my guns toward it .

Correction, it’s not 『Run』, but 『Soar』 . I activated my gale at the decisive moment to soar in the sky, and then emptied the entire cartridge of bullets on that annoying face from every single direction .

『N-N-…… NOOoooOOO』

Should I stop for the time being?

I loosened my attack once that annoying face HP bar was around 10% left .

If it was like the last time, that guy would separate itself from Lilith body around this time, but…… . . I was not sure it’d happen once again .

『D-D-D-……… . . d.a.m.n IIIIIIIIIIIT . 』

Fortunately…fortunately my gamble was the correct one when I saw it raising an agonizing cry as it separated its huge head from Lilith’s body .

「Yos.h.!.+ 」

After confirming that it had truly separated from Lilith’s body, I called the name of a certain person to cast a certain skill on Lilith’s body .

「BLUE! 」

Aoi-san replied to my calling with the sound of her flute .

「――Song of Eternal Night . 」

Thereafter, mesmerizing sounds from her flute resounded in the battlefield and sealed Lilith’s movement .

The skill used by Aoi-san was the type of song that would display its full potential against undead . And that effect was to seal the movement of undead for a few seconds . Though it was like a gamble since the recast time took as long as several hours along with an uncertainty whether Lilith’s body was considered as undead or not by the system, it seems that their plan was splendidly fitting together .

We―― Won this gamble .



Carrying Lilith’s body whose movement had been sealed, I ran toward the entrance where Kanon and Aoi-san’s were waiting all this time .

『Y-YoU BAsTAArD, WhAT Are Y―― GUaaAAA! ? 』

You’re noisy . I fired a volley of bullets into that b.a.s.t.a.r.d eyes for disturbing this moment .

Using the moment when that s.h.i.+tty Oni screamed in pain, I placed Lilith’s body on the ground right in front of the place where Kanon and Aoi-san had been waiting patiently .

「I’ll leave her to you, Blue! 」

「Y-Yeah!  」

Without wasting any time, Aoi-san rushed up toward Lilith and took out a small potion bottle .

「O-Oneechan! 」

Kanon who couldn’t hold herself back was rus.h.i.+ng in too, but neither I nor Aoi-san cared about that . I looked at that s.h.i.+tty oni immediately while Aoi-san was sprinkling the content of that small potion bottle―― The Angel Tears, on Lilith .

The effect of angel tears was to resurrect a dead NPC . Since Lilith had died and under the control of that s.h.i.+tty oni, there’s no doubt that she could be regarded as a dead NPC . Thus, this item should work on her .

――Please, made it work .

「Lilith-chan―― Please . 」

The angel tears which we placed all our hope in was splashed onto Lilith’s body and then turned into mist .


No change at all . If there’s a change, it would be mine and Aoi-san’s expression that was turning grim as second ticked by .

「…… . . Please . 」

It was our last chance . If we failed even with this, what sho-… .


Such words unintentionally escaped from my lips . ‘It wouldn’t be a problem if you came back to life now . ’ But…I couldn’t bring myself to say it .

「S-Sou-kun! 」

Aoi-san called my name with a tone as if she just saw an eartshaking event . The moment I turned around, there, I saw Lilith’s figure standing, with her formerly pale cheeks gradually regaining its pink complexion .

And then――

「K……… -Non? 」

「O-……… Onee…… Chan? 」

Reflected in her slightly opened eyes was the figure of her beloved little sister .


With puddle of tears flowing out from her eyes, Kanon embraced Lilith who had yet to regain her capability of speech completely .

It’s as if the dam in her eyes was broken after enduring so much .

「Thank G.o.d……… Kanon-chan . 」

Yup, I was glad . I was really glad . With this, I had fulfilled my promise with Kanon . And then――

I called the name of another person whose tears were spilling for the pair . My eyes currently locked onto that s.h.i.+tty oni .

「Blue, please protect those two . I―― Am gonna settle this matter with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d . 」

「Yes…… . . Leave it to me . 」

After I fulfilled my promise, I headed for my battlefield again .

When I returned to the battlefield, the words said by that Onitako left me dumbfounded .

『I’Ve bEEn WaItINg』

「…… . Hee, I was rather surprised knowing that you can read the mood . 」

『YoU…… . YoU aRE ThE oNLy ONe I’M GoNna CruSH COmplEtELY . 』

「So you still want to fight me, and even barking at the last minute with that miniscule amount of HP you’ve left . 」

The oni didn’t show any reaction at all, as if he didn’t hear my words . It was looking at the other’s battle instead .

『Lil BrO! It’S TiME To USe OuR TRumP CARd! 』

Ee~r, so the one who was attached to that bear was his little brother . What a useless setting .

Reacting to this s.h.i.+tty oni’s remark, I s.h.i.+fted my attention to Mop-san and co battlefield . There I saw Mop-san controlling his Great Boar, Ikkun, and his Fire Bird, Tokkun at the same time .

――Was that the trump card that Mop-san kept for this fight!? What in the world was the baton-like thing in his hand? I really was so d.a.m.n jealous of this guy’s job .

While I was thinking of such thoughts, the other oni stopped moving its hand . I was sure that it had heard its big bro’s voice, but why did it stop its furious exchange of offense and defense against Mop-san and Yukihime-san? Why was it looking at its big bro who was floating  in the air right now?

『Aye, Big bro! 』


d.a.m.n IT, YOU’RE DESTROYING YOUR CHARACTER YOU KNOW! Even though I wanted to impress Aoi-san with some cool looking action…don’t just go around and destroying your character .

Though my silent cry vanished within my mind without even having the chance to be spoken out loud . After all, the k.u.maOni was diving into the underground now .

I didn’t know what was going to happen but let’s a.s.sume that they’re going to do a gattai . [TL : Combine, power ranger term] Meanwhile, Mop-san and co was rus.h.i.+ng toward me while I was wondering about that .



「Thank you very much . But, we’re not done yet . It felt like that those guys were trying to do something . 」

As soon as I said so, the ground below us was shaken along with a loud noise . To be exact, it almost reached 5 SI . [TL : Seismic Intensity, scale richter]

「W-What in the world will appear now! ? 」

「Just in case, Mop-san please go toward Blue and co . 」


Just in case, I asked Mop-san to protect Lilith, Kanon and Aoi-san . Weapon in hands, Yukihime-san and I was preparing ourselves to face against whatever it was that’s going to appear soon .

Soon, I felt something was resurfacing along with the ever increasing intensity of the rumbling sound, and then THAT thing appeared in front of us .


The thing that came out was…… Almost as big as 3 storey high building .

「It’s an………… Ogre?」

No doubt about it, it’s the body of a gigantic ogre . Looking at its muscle fibres, it was definitely the body of an ogre . Maybe .

The reason for my hesitation was because there’s nothing above its neck, and the oni who was previously attached to the bear before was floating around it’s abdomen .

「It lost its head? ――AAH! 」

Yukihime was looking at the oni who was floating in the air . She must have noticed something . And, almost at the same time, I also noticed the same thing she did .

At this moment, the gigantic face of the onitako fell on to the headless of giant ogre, and since it had a huge face, it’s well matched with the giant ogre gigantic frame .

「Its head, huh . 」

「So it has a head . 」

In the air . Even that Ja〇 ojiisan would be surprised by this you know .

『FUHAHAHAHaHA, NoW I’M GoNnA CRuSH YoU! ThOUgH I’Ll LosT MY ReSUrreCTiON AbILiTY WheN I aM In THiS ForM, It’s A WorTh RiSK To CruSH YoU . 』

The super duper bigger ogre was looking at us who stood below it with eyes filled with anger .

「S-Sou-kun… . . What should we do now?」

What should we do in what meaning I wonder? I looked at Yukihime-san who said those words with a dumbfounded look on my face . However, she continued on with an impatient look on her face .

「This isn’t the time to look that calm! That kind of opponent is too much for us, you know! Let’s go, since we have achieved our goal in saving Lilith, now is the time for us to escape from this place! 」

E~h, why must we escape? Escaping meant……… . Deserting the battlefield huh . Well, looking at the situation, it’s definitely the best choice for Kanon, Lilith and Aoi-san to leave this room .

But, for myself, did I really have any reason to dessert the battlefield?

――None at all .

「Please get back, Yukihime-san . This place is my stage . 」

「Eh, Sou-kun? Eh?  」

I fought really carefully in the previous battle in order to avoid hurting Lilith in the middle of battle, but now that our goal had already been accomplished, such worry was unnecessary . On top of that, the danger of that s.h.i.+tty guy resurrecting after being subjugated had disappeared as well . In this kind of situation where I could finally released my pent up anger―― I jumped toward that s.h.i.+tty guy, prepared for an all out battle .

Moreover―― I felt that this s.h.i.+tty guy had became stronger than before .


「What in the world is wrong with this battle maniac ? Are you actually  someone who is born from a certain combat specialist race! [TL : Saiyan race] ? 」

Yukihime-san retort was gold, but the current me had no time to worry about such things .

I had to separate these oni from Yukihime-san who was standing below it .

Nevertheless, whoops, oops .

「―― Woops, it seems I can enjoy this . 」

With a smile on my face, I set my mind toward the battle .

Real Cheat Online Chapter 69.2

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