The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 90

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Published at 12th of October 2019 10:49:23 AM Chapter 90

Lofty Cloudy Sect was in good relations.h.i.+p with Ten Thousand Sword Sect, and both of them were inclined to protect Mu Chen . So these two large Sects in the immortal realm worked in unison to attribute all the blame to Gu Yunjue . Merely in a few days, Gu Yunjue had become the “murderer” of Mu Chen . The upright cultivators in immortal realm all are in great excitement and with high morale, regarding themselves as the warriors who would slaughter devils . They intended to find Gu Yunjue for duking it out and to save the rare talented pill alchemist in immortal realm . Sure, whether there were other personal considerations in this statement was only known to themselves .

However, no one knew Gu Yunjue’s whereabouts . Even spending spirit stone in Gazing Chen Pavilion for the related news didn’t work .  

What was the most annoying thing was that someone should show up and pretend to be Gu Yunjue . After all, Gu Yunjue was the son of the Devil Lord, and the purpose of his coming to the immortal realm was also malicious, entertaining rebellious schemes in his mind . What was more, in hope of seeking for Mu Chen’s track, many people were led by the nose by the fake Gu Yunjue . For a time, immortal realm was a bit chaotic .

It was at this time, a rumor, came out from somewhere, that Mu Chen had already married Gu Yunjue, and now he had come back to the devil realm with Gu Yunjue .

Like a prairie fire, this rumor immediately put the cat among the pigeons in the whole immortal realm once appearing .

Yue Mingze looked at the messages sent back from various subordinates, his face clouding . “It seems that some people don’t want Martial Uncle Mu to go back to Lofty Cloudy Sect . The news could not have come at a more opportune moment . ”

Yu Tianyi thought for a while and said with a low voice, “We can conclude from the kinds of clues that the Master of Gazing Chen Pavilion is exactly Gu Yunjue . This rumor should have been spread by him . ”

If Yue Mingze had heard this before, he must just laugh away, but now he was not sure, just shaking his head and sighing, “This junior martial brother, I am unable to know what he wants to do . We were all deceived by his gentle appearance . Now as Martial Uncle Mu is with him, I’m worried about his safety . ”

“Mu Chen’s safety is certainly no problem . You have seen how Gu Yunjue treat Mu Chen . He just wants to keep Mu Chen tightly to his side . This is a really cruel tactic . ” In order to keep his beloved around him, he even broke his beloved’s “wings” and cut off all of his retreat . How did Yu Tianyi not understand Gu Yunju’s mentality? For he also thought about this before . But his love didn’t reach that extent, and he was a rational person, so he could not take that crazy step .

Looking at Yue Mingze’s worried look, Yu Tianyi continued, “What I am worried about is what Gazing Chen Pavilion will do in the future . ”

Yue Mingze nodded, “Yeah, Gazing Chen Pavilion’s root is so firm that we must take precautions against it . ” After that, he meditated for a moment and switched the conversation to another topic, “Well, there’s no need for you to go to Lofty Cloudy Sect all the time . It’s too far and inconvenient . ”


Yu Tianyi nodded slightly .

An imperceptible loss glimmered through Yue Mingze’s eyes . He didn’t say anything, just turning his head and looking elsewhere; then he heard the person next to him saying, “To facilitate the communication between these two Sects, I am going to build a magic formation of transportation . ”

Yue Mingze went blank for a while, then nodding his head and saying with a severe countenance, “Well, please . Thank you, Sect Master Yu . ”

Following the direction which Heaven Bell sensed, the master and his disciple kept going eastward . All the way, Gu Yunjue released demon power around him to make other people run the other way .

The mode of existence in both the demon realm and the devil realm was the same, carrying outing the saying that the strong were respected thoroughly and vividly . The cultivators in the immortal realm were afraid of being punished by Heaven, so they behaved properly to improve their att.i.tude and mind, and would consider saving face before doing evil . It was totally different in demon realm . Your weakness was wrong, so you deserve to be bullied .

Gu Yunjue did save a lot of trouble by doing so . When Mu Chen saw his disciple’s unrestrained look, he sighed in his heart . The younger disciple seemed to be more comfortable when living in this environment .

While thinking about it, Mu Chen heard a scream coming from the street below . He bowed his head and saw a fox teenager whose tail was just cut off by a fierce-looking man . The man lifted the teenager up with a pinch on his neck and walked away, dragging a long bloodstain on the ground .

None of the guests in the inn nearby offered any help . On the contrary, several of them laughed disdainfully and drank while watching what was going on . What a bustling place!

Mu Chen’s face froze, and he held his fist tight .

Gu Yunjue knew he was softhearted, putting an arm around Mu’s shoulders, and said softly, “This is the way of survival in demon realm and devil realm . You can save one person, but can’t save everyone here . ”

Mu Chen thought of Gu Yunjue’s skinny appearance and the scars on his body when he was a child . He knew that Gu Yunjue must also led a life like this in his childhood, and he also understood why Gu Yunjue always wore a smiling mask on his face . If he was pure and simple in thought, he would not have survived .

Gu Yunjue tapped him on the shoulder, proposing, “How about going down and having something to eat?”

Mu Chen nodded, and took one look at Gu Yunjue after falling to the ground .

Knowing what Mu Chen meant, Gu Yunjue flicked his finger at the strong man, instantly a plume of demon power hitting the man; and directly the man was catapulted into the air . Gu Yunjue said in a low voice full of resolute killing intent, “Hop it!”

The strong man knew Gu Yunjue was not a man to be trifled with . So he didn’t dare to defy after being beaten, just running away swiftly .

Seeing someone offering help, the fox teenager was also surprised . He had thought it was impossible to escape his doom, but unexpectedly he had a lucky escape because of being helped by others . He picked up his own tail, took a grateful look at Gu Yunjue, and ran away .

Some worry appeared on Mu Chen’s face that was hidden in the hood . In his mind, Jing Ming was similar to this fox teenager, and was typical of fool . So he was very worried that Jing Ming would get into trouble when Jing Ting didn’t take note of him, and be peeled of the wolf skin to be hung on a flagpole .

Gu Yunjue took out a pair of jade cups from the s.p.a.ce ring and put them in front of Mu Chen . He quietly touched the cat ears on top of Mu Chen’s head through his hood and said seriously, “Actually, there’s something I’ve been hiding from you . ”

Mu Chen crumbed the jade cup that he just picked up, thinking, ‘This rebellious disciple! What else does he hide from me?’

Gu Yunjue handed him another jade cup and wiped the dregs in Mu Chen’s hand . He said in all seriousness, “As their master’s spouse, surely I should pay more attention to their safety . "

Mu Chen raised his eyebrow, expressing doubt, ‘Master’s spouse?’

There was no change in Gu Yunjue’s face . He looked back with puzzle, as if he was saying am I not your spouse?

Mu Chen gave a cold snort . What a rebellious disciple!

Gu Yunjue went on to say with a straight face, “Actually, I have always kept in touch with Jing Ting . I have left people to help them when they are in need in devil realm . ”

Mu Chen’s face was slightly relaxed . As the senior martial brother, his disciple could be regarded as qualified . But then it suddenly occurred to him that something was wrong .

Gu Yunjue founded Gazing Chen Pavilion in the immortal realm . His secret power could even match the four Sects together . Being neutral between good and evil with eerie style made it rare for cultivators in the immortal realm to carry out deliberate provocation towards Gazing Chen Pavilion . Gu Yunjue also mentioned it to Mu before that he had already developed forces in devil realm, which could confront Devil Lord and Gu Yunjin as an equal . So even if they came back to devil realm, he could also guarantee both of their safety .

Mu Chen thought Gu Yunjue had done enough in secret . He only had to acknowledge the superiority of Gu’s scheming and he was not as good as him . Gu Yunjue began to plan in the outset as soon as he was reborn . He was really shocked that Gu Yunjue should have achieved all these arrangements with his five-year-old body .

But now, he even developed a force in demon realm . It there anywhere he dare not to calculate and build his own force? If he wanted to rule these three realms, he must get what he wanted early .

Seeing Mu Chen staring at Gu all the time, Gu Yunjue could guess what he was thinking in his heart . He grinned and pinched Mu Chen’s fingertips, explaining, “I have no intention set on those powers, nor so great ambition . Now I just want to be with you . All I have done is to make you feel at ease . ” In these three realms, no matter where he was, he would make Mu Chen, the most valuable treasure in his heart, happy . No one dared offend him . “Henceforth you don’t have to do anything except smiling . ”

Coaxed by Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen felt more at ease and was in the mood for chatting and laughing . In a word, he suddenly felt that everything was pleasing to his eyes, so he followed Gu Yunjue’s words and asked, “So to speak, I’ve saved the world?”

Gu Yunjue curved the corners of the mouth into a smile . The scarlet eyes added a bit evilness to his handsome face . He seemingly joked, “Without you, I might feel bored again and want to find something to do . ”

The so-called “find something to do” was to do fooling with the three realms, and he would just stand by and watch the fun . With a tut, Mu Chen lightly hanged up the corners of the mouth, “I should find a rope to tie you up and hang you on the hilt of the sword as a sword ta.s.sel . Wherever I go I will take you . ”

“Where do you want to tie me? As long as you like, it is OK with anywhere . I promise not to resist . ” Gu Yunjue stretched out his hands and continued to tease Mu Chen, “How about my hands first?”

Mu Chen was about to kick Gu Yunjue out of his disciple’s amus.e.m.e.nt, when he heard a familiar but long-lost voice outside calling him, “Master! I finally find you!”

Mu Chen looked over and stood up in surprise when he saw clearly the people, “Jing Ming!”

The author has something to say: an irresponsible little drama

Gu Yunjue: “This black cat comes from the depths of the demon realm . There is only hearsay about him in demon realm, but n.o.body has ever met him in person . If master masquerades yourself as him, no one dares to offend you . ”

Mu Chen: “When we are in trouble, I will take off my hood and frighten the enemy away by this appearance?”

Gu Yunjue: “No, you must hide yourself to remain mysterious . Everyone who had seen the black cat demon was killed . So if we cannot kill everyone, master must not be seen by other people . ”

Mu Chen: “You’ve met him?”

Black Cat: “Young master has also met me (him) . Last time I even handed you the scissors . Mew hee hee hee hee . ”

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 90

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