The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Do You Want To Bathe Together?

Translated by Ellen

Hearing that many people were searching for him, Mu Chen looked at Jing Ting with suspicions, who was it?

Jing Ting concisely and comprehensively said, “Sending gifts.”


“Disciple acceptance gift.”

Mu Chen tilted his head, what is it?

“It's to congratulate you for accepting a disciple, giving you and the Little Master a congratulatory gift,” an astute maid on the side explained in place of Jing Ting who did not want to speak, feeling anxious on the struggling communication between the two.

Mu Chen suddenly remembered that in his last life, it didn't seem to have happened this way. “Since it was sent, let's just give it all to Yun'er.”

“Oh,” Jing Ting agreed with a small sound, eyebrows creasing at the thought of dealing with the giftee. Because his family's Palace Master showed off his glorious power yesterday, this group saw the wind and set the helm to send a gift to bootlick right away, leading Jing Ting to feel utterly disgusted.

TL note: 见风使舵  – saw the wind and set the helm – to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

Seeing Jing Ting's impatient att.i.tude, Mu Chen suddenly felt that his palace notably lacked a capable housekeeper. Jing Ting didn't like to speak, besides having a particular imposing manner whenever he saw visitors out, he was especially impatient when managing the various Moreover, in a few years, Mu Chen wanted Jing Ting to go out to learn through experience. They will nevertheless return to the Demon Realm and growing up in a comfortable place was not really good for him.

So Mu Chen summoned Jing Ming so he and Gu Yunjue could go to the outer sect to pick out an attentive follower to bring back to manage the miscellaneous tasks inside the palace. When the two returned at noon, they brought back an old man with a grizzled beard. The old man's name was Guan Shan and also took care of small tasks in the outer sect.

Mu Chen kneaded his forehead with a headache coming up. It was his mistake. He shouldn't have let two people with the IQs of a 5-year-old child to go pick out people. The person had kind brows and pleasant eyes, something young children will like.

Most outer disciples are cultivators with at least three spiritual roots. After going through refinement, they were divided into two basic cultivation methods based on their performance. The lucky ones will bed a.s.signed to each of the palaces as a dao child. If they were given a bit of guidance, their path of becoming an immortal can turn for the better. Those without a kind fate can only do miscellaneous tasks in the outer sect, and most live to over 200 years old. If they fail to reach the foundation establishment stage, they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Of course, outer sect disciples can a.s.sociate with those of the inner sect, but to be able to stand out among one's peers and enter the inner sect is rare as Phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Unless they suddenly have the great luck to come across an opportunity that will transform their destiny.

The old man in front of him, his hair was already grayed out, and by telling fortune from his appearance, he's already at the end. Allowing these kinds of people to come into Yanyang Palace, is it to support the elderly?

Seeing Mu Chen's disappointment, Gu Yunjue beamed at him. Sitting directly on Mu Chen's lap and patting Mu Chen's chest, he softly persuaded him, “Master, he seems to be quite reliable. He is rather pitiful being driven out, let's keep him.”

Mu Chen raised an eyebrow. He seldom sees his little disciple this virtuous. The Gu Yunjue from his previous life killed everything that was useless, extremely ruthless. His teachings have sure enough taught him well. Mu Chen was delighted. Gu Yunjue's respectful persuasion made him utterly delighted.

“Since you seem to be fond of the old man, he can stay then.”

“Many thanks, Master.”

Hearing that he was able to stay, Guan Shan relaxed his tone. He smiled from ear to ear towards Mu Chen and said his thanks, “Many thanks, Palace Master.”

Mu Chen waved his hand and had Jing Ting withdraw with him. Whether he can be employed or not stills needs to be inspected.

Gu Yunjue wrapped his arms around Mu Chen's neck, leaning against Mu Chen's chest and smelling the faint scent of his body. The corners of his mouth rose to show a content smile. It's adorable that Master listens to his words so much. From now on, since Guan Shan will be here, there will be someone to protect Yanyang Palace and Master even if he is out and his own work will be made a bit easier.

There was no doubt in Guan Shan's ability. In no time, he organized the delivered gifts into an inventory. Mu Chen looked over the list. Although the presents aren't anything famous or expensive, they were also rather impressive, clearly showing the gifters took it seriously. Unexpectedly, Hanyang Palace even bustled and sent Gu Yunjue a roast chicken. It couldn't have been Liu Hanzhi's idea to send out food as a gift. It could only have been Chu Qianshuang who loved eating as much as life.

“Out of these things, perhaps it's only this roast chicken that doesn't have greedy intentions,” Mu Chen pointed out on the list as the corners of his mouth faintly lifted, “All of these things are for you. You can deal with them.”

“All for me?” Gu Yunjue laughed. His master really wasn't an ordinary generosity. Whether Master looked at it or not, he gives everything to him. For this kind of dear love, what could he exchange it with?

Jing Ming was already holding a box of food, wanting to open and take a look at it only to notice something was wrong from above suddenly. He raised his nose and sniffed around, subconsciously watching Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked over at him, what was wrong?

Jing Ming, shocked, said, “There … there's demon qi.”

Jing Ming was not originally human but an ancient spirit beast, the descendant of the Howling Moon Heaven Wolf. Because of some unexpected events that made him move from the demon realm to the immortal realm and not wanting to enter a contract to become a spirit pet, he transformed into a human form to hide at Mu Chen's place. Mu Chen treated them like disciples. Jing Ming got accustomed to the ease, but even if he's at ease, he is still a demon cultivator that can perceive demon qi exceptionally sharply.

What did the fact that gift from Chu Qianshuang had demon qi mean?

“It's not good, Palace Master. A demon kidnaped Xiao Liu!” Jing Ming exclaimed alarmingly.

Mu Chen helplessly glanced at him. You're a demon yourself, why are scared of demons? Recalling the medicinal pills Jing Ting and Jing Ming was using to conceal their demon qi was also diminis.h.i.+ng, Mu Chen entered the alchemy room again. In two days, he smelted over ten bottles of medicinal pills. He then divided them into three shares and gave Jing Ting two of them alongside an order: “Go give Xiao Liu a share and have him not run outside these two days.”

“Chu Qianshuang is also …”

“Shh!” A long, fine forefinger gently pressed against Jing Ting's lips, successfully preventing Jing Ting from speaking any fruther. Looking at Jing Ting's rarely exposed expression of shock, Mu Chen gave a slight smile and gently said: “Go, but this time, don't worry about having your ident.i.ty exposed." Because they were all similar, three children of similar ages should share a common language and can become friends.

The warm sensation on his mouth caused Jing Ting to blush. He took the medicinal pills from Mu Chen's hands and turned his head as he scurried out. His movements were as fast as his swordsmans.h.i.+p, his silhouette already gone.

Mu Chen frowned, not knowing what this child was fl.u.s.tered about.

Black Egg who was helplessly tied with red silk and Gu Yunjue who was forced to walk the bird for the whole day finally came back. He saw his Little Master has finally come out of the alchemy room from his window. His Little Master's white finger touched another's mouth… Gu Yunjue's complexion darkened as he entered and did not say a word as he grabbed Mu Chen's finger and fished out a handkerchief to clean it with all his might.


“Master, your actions just now was awfully like taking liberties with an innocent child. You must not do this later by any means; others will misunderstand your actions.” Gu Yunjue heated gaze penetrated into Mu Chen's eyes to see the other's emotions and found that Mu Chen didn't have any intentions towards Jing Ting. The fact quickly eased his face and he softly whispered, “Look, Jing Ting has already been scared away from you. I guarantee that he will surely dodge your eyes when he comes back."

Mu Chen froze for a moment, feeling regret as he turned towards the direction Jing Ting left in. It was his wrong. He forgot that Jing Ting was practically an adolescent mentally so distance really should be maintained from now on. But taking liberties with an innocent child and the whatnot, why did his little disciple know what that is? Thinking of the future Gu Yunjue whose body was filled with scars, Mu Chen's mind flashed through numerous horrible scenes. Stroking Gu Yunjue's head with feelings of remorse, Mu Chen felt this pampered child must have seen many filthy things. The more powerful the family, the more things that can't see the light of day.

Holding Gu Yunjue up in his arms again, Mu Chen weighed his hand, feeling that he gain a rather nice amount of weight. Patting Yunjue's back with grat.i.tude and promising, “It won't happen in the future.”

Gu Yunjue laughed, “Master, you want to hold me until I'm how old?”

“I'm taking advantage of how you're still small. I won't be able to hold you a year later.”

Gu Yunjue grabbed a lock of Mu Chen's hair and lovingly twisted it around his finger, pulling it to his lips and sniffing it softly. Smiling, he said, “Then I can hold Master's hand, and it won't matter how old I become."

Mu Chen took his words as a child's joke, lightheartedly smiling and gently agreeing. Thinking to himself that in a few years, even if Mu Chen wanted to hold his hand, his little disciple won't allow it. People have many of their own thoughts after they grow up.

Since concocting the pills took two days, Mu Chen's entire body felt uncomfortable. He threw Black Egg from Gu Yunjue's arm and directly took Gu Yunjue to the back mountain.

There had a spirit spring which was his personal bathing location.

All around were distant mountains, nearby flora, and a hazy mist. The flowing water in the spirit spring was slowly circulating, raising the fog in spirals to veil the environment. It was now evening, and the sunset illuminated the place revealing a faint layer of powder amongst the mist. Since there was always a protection boundary set down, outsiders have never entered. Fallen blossoms floated in the stream, loving and inseparable yet fleeting, relaxing the hearts and minds of people comfortably.

Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue back on the ground and asked, “Do you want to bathe together?”

Gu Yunjue understood what Mu Chen wanted to do right away and slightly blushed at the sound of those words, “Master… I… Your disciple should withdraw…”

Mu Chen grabbed the child's sleeve, letting out a rare tease on other's request, “Shy?”

“Master, you're really…” Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and smiled innocently, “Since you want this so much, then disciple won't be rude.”

Not knowing whether he misheard it, Mu Chen has always felt that the moments when he says that he won't be rude are quite serious.

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Master invited me to bathe together!” ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Black Meow: “I wanted to castrate you yesterday.”

Gu Yunjue: “Master brought me to such a private location, he loves me most.” ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿


Black Meow: “Loving you to the point of wanting to castrate you.” →_→


Gu Yunjue's wild and beautiful demonic charm concealed the danger behind his smile. ^_^

Black Meow: “If you dare hit me I'll have the Little Master castrate you.” ╭(╯^╰)╮

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The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 22

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