The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 66: 'Surely He Has Grown Up Now To Absent Himself From Intimacy With Me.'

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Mu Chen froze stiff while opening the box that Yue Mingze had brought.

Yue Mingze explained, "Sect Master Yu has entrusted me with giving this herb to you for urgent use."

Mu Chen nodded understandingly, "It seems that Yu Tianyi and you get along quite well with each other since he believes you to supervise the herb." 'Yu Tianyi is really effective that it should cost him so short a time to find the herb. I have lost so many years in seclusion. Seemingly it brooks no delay to go to Snow City.'

On hearing that, Yue Mingze consciously swallowed briefly with his eyes flickering.

Mu Chen raised his head and just caught Yue's subtle motion. He asked confusedly, "What's up?"

"Nothing!" Yue Mingze shook his head hurriedly.

"Tut! It seems that something bothers you." Mu Chen's eyes ran down Yue Mingze with curiosity.

"Actually, I do have something to discuss with Master." Yue Mingze looked down with shyness while rubbing the teacup with his fingers from time to time.

Mu Chen knew that this small gesture only appeared when Yue Mingze felt disturbed. It had been twenty years since Yue Mingze became the Chief Master. Theoretically, he would have changed this habit. But it was out of expectation that he remained the same, which just stimulated Mu Chen's curiosity. However, Mu Chen just drunk the tea and looked at the other confusedly, waiting him to continue.

Yue Mingze took a deep breath, pretending to mention it inadvertently, "What do you think of strengthening the bonds between Lofty Cloudy Sect and Ten Thousand Sword Sect by marriage?"

Mu Chen nodded. 'It will absolutely consolidate the two sects' positions in the immortal world so others won't dare to stir up troubles on us in the future. But the marriage will only be effective when the couples are of high status.'

So he just shot his mouth off, "Who?"

Yue Mingze raised his head and answered earnestly, "Me."

Mu Chen opened his eyes wide with surprise and stretched out his hand to touch Yue's forehead when Gu Yunjue just walked over and hastened to block Mu Chen. "He is not sick. Master may stop."

Mu Chen twitched the corner of his mouth, his eyes getting subtle toward Yue Mingze. 'Then why a healthy chief master wants to marry someone for alliance.'

He asked curiously, while taking a sip of the tea, "And the other is?"

"Sect Master Yu."


Mu Chen directly spurted the tea on Yue's face in surprise. At this moment, Gu Yunjue was gathering Mu Chen's hair with a dark green hairpin. Seeing Mu Chen shocked, Gu put the comb down, took over the teacup from Mu Chen and wiped master's mouth as well as his fingers carefully with a handkerchief.

Yue Mingze felt speechless at Mu Chen's reaction while cleaning the water on his face with the handkerchief that the servant offered. Suddenly he felt a chill at his neck. Yue Mingze raised his head confusedly, only to see Gu Yuejue staring at him coldly, which obviously indicated the other's discontent at Mu Chen's chock caused by him.

Yue Mingze also felt wronged, complaining secretly, 'Who thought Martial Uncle would be so surprised. This Junior Brother is more and more unperceivable who becomes even more domineering than Martial Uncle Mu these years. Is that really my misconception?'

Mu Chen was really shocked by Yue Mingze's decision. Pondering a while, he finally asked, "A mate is not like an article that can be changed after full use. As immortals, you two will accompany each other in the rest of your life that is much longer than that of secular people. Are you sure about that?"

Yue Mingze nodded.

"Yu Tianyi agreed with you?"

Yue nodded but then shook his head, "I haven't asked him."

Although Mu Chen didn't know much about love, he wasn't silly. He had understood something from the shyness on Yue Mingze's face. Never had he expected that this Martial Nephew should conceive such a feeling toward Yu Tianyi.

In the previous life, neither of them had married someone or in some dubious relations.h.i.+p as was said. To be honest, Yu Tianyi was also of good morality. If they do love each other, they could make a good match. But now it was still a problem whether Yu Tianyi knew Yue's affection toward him or not.

After eight years of seclusion, Mu Chen had no idea what the two had experienced. Therefore, he chose to keep a conservative att.i.tude, "Ask clearly about Yu Tianyi's opinion at first in the name of an ordinary person rather than Chief Master before we make the final decision."

As Yue Mingze left, Mu Chen heaved a sigh, "All have grown up."

Gu Yunjue poked Mu Chen's waist from behind, signing, "I've also grown up. Shall we have a talk about ourselves now?"

Mu Chen's face froze, "One more foolish word, I'll just kick you out of Lofty Cloudy Sect." Mu Chen took the herbs from the table and simply turned around, leaving some words before he went out, "I'm going to concoct pills. Don't bother me."

"This disciple can help Master to do some legwork." Gu Yunjue trotted to catch up with Mu Chen.

Mu Chen stopped, "If you do have spare time, you'd better prepare well for our up-coming long journey. As soon as I concoct the pills Yu Tianyi needs, we start off to Snow City for Ice Soul Pearl!"

Gu Yunjue asked thoughtfully, "Only two of us?"

"You want to expose your ident.i.ty?" Mu Chen turned his head and glared at Gu Yunjue shortly. However, this disciple was taller than Mu Chen now, to which he was quite unaccustomed. Looking up at Gu Yunjue with his head slightly raised, Mu Chen subconsciously squared his shoulders.

Gu Yunjue, however, just saw Mu Chen's thick long eyelashes from above, which was like a small brush that stoked his heart. Gu Yunjue took a step closer to shade Mu Chen from the sun, smiling, "Or we take several servants? After all Master need others to take care of."

Mu Chen reached out his hand and pushed this person in his way, refusing him impatiently, "No."

Looking at Mu Chen's back, Gu Yunjue couldn't help smiling. Others always said that Mu Chen was moody and unpredictable, but actually he was easy to be controlled. Since Gu was clear about his disposition, Gu certainly knew how to provoke as well as coax him, so this cold person always presented an expressive face in front of his disciple.

As for the approaching days, Gu Yunjue had high expectations.

Mu Chen surely didn't know Gu Yunjue's thought. Arriving at the pill concocting room, Mu Chen summoned out his furnace furiously which fell on the table with a big BANG, 'Evil disciple! What did he mean by saying I need others' care? All those years whenever I go out, I 'm all dependent on myself!'

Now he just stood there to block his suns.h.i.+ne. If he could know it early, he should have fed him Retaining-Youth Pills to make him as short as a five-year-old child forever. Little disciple was so cute at five that Mu Chen could coax him in arms like carrying a bunny. Whereas now he conceived licentious thoughts toward his master every day.

In the eyes of other disciples outside Lofty Cloudy Sect, Mu Chen was absolutely a legend. Now seeing their idol wear a cold face in the pill concocting room, they all shrunk their neck out of fear. It was said that cultivators of fire spirit root were normally hot-tempered. But they had thought Mu Chen was different from the most according to his gentle and graceful look until they saw him in person.

People doubted that Mu Chen's bad temperament was hidden inside his graceful skin. The rumors may be true that he was capricious, although more evidences were in need to prove his cruelty of simply killing people without reasons. All in all, he seemed to be dreaded.

Being agitated, Mu Chen had no idea why all those people were afraid of him. Therefore, he just drove them all out and fixed his attention to concoct pills.

After a month, the pills were finally made out. Because the only share of pills was used to save Yu Tianyi's life, Mu Chen paid meticulous care at every moment and was never slack while concocting them. When the pills came out, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

Tiredness rolled over like waves. After putting the pills in the s.p.a.ce ring, Mu Chen summoned a soft couch at once and dozed off as soon as he fell into it.

In a daze, Mu Chen saw a black figure approach who looked like his little disciple in the previous life. Feeling exhausted, Mu Chen didn't give a second thought but subconsciously drew the other's sleeve. "Yun'er…" He mumbled.

Yu Tianyi's fingers shaking slightly, he looked at Mu Chen's tired face thoughtfully.

Gu Yunjue walked over and indifferently pulled the other's sleeve off Mu Chen's hand before finally squatting down beside Mu Chen.

Mu Chen opened his eyes to see clear the person. After ascertaining it was Gu Yunjue, he just moved over and fell asleep again.

Gu Yunjue took out a white furry blanket and put it gently over Mu Chen. Exploring inside Mu Chen's s.p.a.ce ring, he took out a jade pill bottle and handed it to Yu Tianyi smilingly with a neutral att.i.tude, "Sect Master Yu, this is your pills."

Yu Tianyi took it over, full of amazement in his eyes. 'How come Gu Yunjue is able to take things out of Mu Chen's s.p.a.ce ring. Unless he has signed a couple contract with Mu Chen.' Recalling Mu's reaction just now, it became quite obvious who Mu Chen had mistaken him for.

The relations.h.i.+p between this master and his disciple was…

Yu Tianyi had thought he would be upset and remorseful after realizing it. But he only sighed secretly in his heart without other feelings, which made him quite confused.

Before Yu Tianyi thought further, Gu Yunjue simply held Mu Chen up in his arms. Familiar warmth and spirit power lingering around, Mu Chen slept soundly without any anxiety.

Right at the door, Yue Mingze gave a glance at Yu Tianyi, full of concerns in his big eyes.

His heart moved, Yu Tianyi shook the bottle in his hand with a smile, "We succeed."

Yue Mingze nodded meaningfully as if he was finally relieved after days of moral sufferings. Seeing Gu Yunjue come out with Mu Chen in his arms, Yue quickly stepped backward lest Mu Chen might be woken up.

Martial Uncle was scary when awake and even scarier when awakened by others!

Yu Tianyi scrutinized the jade bottle in his hand and then glanced at Yue Mingze, pondering something at where he stood without a movement.

Three days later, Mu Chen finally woke up. Hearing from his disciple that the pills had been given to Yu Tianyi, he asked with much bewilderment, "How come you was able to take it from my s.p.a.ce ring?"

Gu Yunjue pointed at the concentric rings they wore. There were originally a pair that functioned the same as a contract. After recognition, their owners' divine senses would be bonded together. So they were just like tools for cheating which naturally allowed Gu's divine sense enter Mu's s.p.a.ce ring.

Mu Chen raised his brows and muttered to himself, "So that's it."

He suddenly hit on some idea. Scanning over Gu's s.p.a.ce ring, Mu Chen transferred everything inside it into his own ring, 'Mine now!'

Gu Yunjue didn't refute but thought to himself, 'Alas, Master just emptied this ring to the drains. Fortunately, I've taken some out in advance.'

At night, Gu Yunjue sat on the bed with a serious face cupped in his hands, "Master, please pa.s.s a pair of underpants to me."

Mu Chen felt his eyelids twitching. He had really taken Gu's clothes together with other stuff from the s.p.a.ce ring.

Evil disciple! How could he just put clothes together with tools?

Under wrath, Mu Chen slapped his underpants on Gu Yunjue's face.

"Master has got the wrong one. This is yours." Gu Yunjue grabbed it off his face and responded calmly, "Mine might be larger. Master, please take another look."

Mu Chen, "…Find it yourself!"

Returning all clothes to Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen left with his face blushed. 'b.l.o.o.d.y evil disciple!'

As he went out of the door, a burst of laughter rang out loud behind that Mu Chen stopped his steps out of puzzle. 'It seems that he has never laughed like that. This evil sp.a.w.n, what's so funny?'

A month later, Mu Chen left a verbal message for Yue Mingze that he would take Gu Yunjue to experience the world, without nothing else indicated. They just summoned out "Little Yanyang Palace" and departed on a grand scale that day to make everyone know they would be absent for a long time.

Because it was at daytime, naturally quite a few people were attracted by the two. Many female cultivators in Hongxiu Palace looked at Gu Yunjue with sadness and grievance on their face, which was right caught by Mu Chen.

Mu suddenly felt a little distressed. It was the same with the last life that this disciple never got command of anything useful but always attracted females' attention wherever he went. Even worse, he could rank as their Grand Master. Now he was just misleading them.

'Surely he has grown up now to absent himself from intimacy with me!'

Thinking that, Mu Chen turned around and headed toward his own room with a livid face. "Master?" Gu Yunjue was bewildered by Mu Chen's reaction but still followed him. BANG! Mu Chen just slammed the door that almost hit Gu on his face.

Recalling carefully about his behavior, Gu Yunjue didn't understand why Mu Chen was p.i.s.sed off again?

In the room, a black bird lied on a tiny bed beside the window, incubating a white egg in the suns.h.i.+ne.

Seeing this scene, Mu Chen calmed down gradually. He walked over and gave Black Egg a fierce rub as if he was venting out his spleen, when a grey figure flew over and stood in their way with a Fragrance Tree held in his hand, "Wait! I have something to say!"

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 66: 'Surely He Has Grown Up Now To Absent Himself From Intimacy With Me.'

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