The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 73

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Published at 12th of September 2019 05:34:17 AM Chapter 73

A sweet herbal smell seeped in Mu Chen’s body along with his spirit power .

Being threatened by name, Mu Chen raised the corner of his mouth; and really missed this feeling .

Looking back at the dark black cave, Mu Chen thought Gu Yunjue might not come out in a short while . Black Egg was now on the rock, looking at Mu Chen who tidied up his clothes and created a hidden array at the entrance of the cave . Then Black Egg asked with his neck extended, “Palace Master, are you going there?”

Mu Chen felt that there should be no problem when he left for a little while, so he nodded and enjoined, “I’ll be right back . ” Mu Chen shaped the pile of fireb.a.l.l.s into a s.h.i.+p and stepped on it . After sensing the direction of the destination, he flew into the air and disappeared at the blink of an eye with just a single move of his body .

Catching sight of this thin white figure from afar, the people hidden in the shadows looked at each other . Ying Lixun launched the Soul Devouring Formation immediately .

Mu Chen sensed the threats all of a sudden . Almost in an instant, he stopped in the air, looked down and hummed with doubts .

Looking around for a while, he had already seen dozens of disciples from Lofty Cloudy Sect far away . He then gave a glance at the Formation they made, raised the corner of his mouth and sneered: Such a grand array!

When everyone saw that Mu Chen was not fooled, they couldn’t help but curse secretly, ‘What a wary b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’

An old man in black stepped forward and asked with spirit power in his voice, “Little friend, would you come down? Let’s talk, shall we?”

Mu Chen gave him a contemptuous look and said sarcastically, “People really get stupid when they are old . How many of you are hiding there? Come out . Don’t hide . ”

This cold sound rang around everyone’s ear and made them pleased . When their spirit power fluctuated at this moment, Mu Chen roughly figured out the location of the hidden people . Mu Chen snorted when he sensed the hiding place of Ying Lixun . He knew that this man was not kind . He should directly kill Ying Lixun this time, saving others from further trouble caused by him .

“How dare you!” Someone spoke in a cold voice . He obviously disdained Mu Chen .

“We come to the secret boundary together . But my friend, you have taken all the treasures as your own . Is this appropriate? I suggest you hand over all the treasures, lest unnecessary troubles come to you . ” That was quite obvious . He was suggesting that the things here belonged to everyone . It was too much that Mu Chen had taken them all without leaving anything . Mu Chen should hand it over if he was sensible . Otherwise, things might turn ugly .

If it was not for Mu Chen’s ident.i.ty as a pill alchemist, plus his profound cultivation that made him not easy to handle, there would not be such a load of tripe . They would normally kill and take the treasures .

After hearing the nonsense, Mu Chen sneered . They had captured so many disciples of Lofty Cloudy Sect, and made such a huge array to lure him into their trap . Why bothered to say so many high-profile nonsense? Sure enough, no matter when it was, this group of shameless people were just the same . “If you want to take it, just do it . Where did you get all these”


“You green hand! Such a fool! Be sensible . Otherwise, don’t you blame on me for what will happen next . ” Being seen through by Mu Chen, one of the unorganized cultivators felt losing face and flew into the air preparing to fight .

Mu Chen did not look at him at all, but his eyes fell on that array, as if he was studying how to break it . His conceited att.i.tude seemed even more irritating to the others . They were at daggers drawn all of sudden . Right before the grand warfare started, someone with an attractive voice laughed and scolded, “Hey, shame on you! There are so many of you, yet you gang up to bully only one person? That’s typically the immortal realm!”

The sudden voice caught everyone’s attention and alertness . There was a man in a red gorgeous robe not far away looking at them with a smile . He had eyebrows long enough reaching his sideburns . His eyes were as cold as stars . He had an evil and tyrant air and seemed crafty when he smiled .

“My beauty, you need a hand?” Seeing that Mu Chen was looking at him, he raised his eyebrows and asked contemptuously .


Mu Chen looked serious . He had no idea when that guy appeared . Mu Chen had already sensed danger and threat from that guy’s unpredictable strength .

Not sure whether this man was a friend or enemy, Mu Chen turned back and stopped looking at him . At this moment, he could not provoke this fellow . If he got the chance in the future, he would definitely kick this man’s a.s.s and made this guy call himself beauty for eight hundred times .

“Wow, someone’s got a temper . ” That man was curtly refused but not a bit angry . He stood in the air and cupped his chin with his hand to watch the scene . He was very interested in the fireboat under the feet of Mu Chen . After a closer look, he realized that it was formed by several fireb.a.l.l.s separated by spirit power . He couldn’t help but feel amazed: This little beauty was not just bad-tempered but had some real skills .

Mu Chen did not want to mind the other anymore . He raised his hand and conjured a group of white b.u.t.terflies in the air that gathered together into a white tiger . One tiger split into two, two into four . Then, four white tigers pounced to the hidden people . Wherever they went through, nothing was left but scorched earth .

Seizing this opportunity, Mu Chen stepped on the fireb.a.l.l.s and kicked one into the core of the array .

His white fingers crooked slightly when the spirit power in the fireb.a.l.l.s was instantly distorted . The whole fireball blasted with a big bang and turned the array into a sea of fire . It burnt everything to ashes regardless of the base of the array .

A top-level killing array was directly destroyed by a fireball from outside; it was a direct crush without seeking a shortcut!

The Nine Yang Dark Fire was adhesive . Besides, it could burn one’s soul . The old man who upheld the array had felt the destructiveness of the flame; he had to take back his power so as not to be seriously injured in consequence of the burning array that connected with his divine soul .

At this exact moment, Mu Chen perceived the position of the disciples from Lofty Cloudy Sect . He burned a big hole on the boundary surrounding them . With a single grab of his palm in the air, he lifted a dozen disciples like holding peanuts in his hands . He then threw them more than a hundred miles away mercilessly .

As for where they fell, that was none of Mu Chen’s business . If they were caught alive, it was definitely because they were unskillful . These little fools deserved it!

Mu Chen was so fast that before others realized, he had already rescued the hostages . His movements were rather simple and crude . He threw the disciples of his own sect too far to be caught as if he was throwing beans .

With a clap of his hands, Mu Chen glanced at the people below coldly and said in a low but murderous voice, “All right, now we can talk . ”

Everyone’s face was changed and the disdain in their eyes was gone . To their surprise, Mu Chen was too hard to handle even in such a young age . Those opponents with low cultivation wanted to cringe immediately .

However, there was already impatience on Mu Chen’s pretty face . These unorganized cultivators did not fight nor retreat . They just stood there, dreaming to get something great?

Stepping lightly on his fireboat, Mu Chen spread all the fireb.a.l.l.s and made them float around him . Each fireball was not smaller than the former one . The air around was distorted by the dancing fire . Mu Chen, in white clothes, was standing in the flames and facing the wind, with no warmth but coldness of killing intent in his eyes .

All on the spot had witnessed the power of the white flame . When they saw the current situation, a lot of them were scared away . Those who stayed were all of the Late Nascent Soul Stage .

“Let’s get him together!” someone shouted, “He is a pill cultivator . There should be no other measures left . ” These words instantly stirred the atmosphere . Everyone summoned out their magic weapons . Some of them even took the lead .

Mu Chen stood where he was, and spread his hands up high . All the fireb.a.l.l.s flew right near him, ready to dash out . With a slight push of his hands, all the fireb.a.l.l.s flew at the people rus.h.i.+ng over . They collided, exploded and burnt . At a blink, every corner turned into ashes .

The leading few cultivators perished in an instant even without a scream, and so did their spirits and divine souls .

The cultivators behind were also badly injured . All they could do was to resist desperately . Their souls were then caught by the flames . When they tried to flee away, they were turned into flying ashes . Only a few tough guys kept their soul by abandoning their body .

Looking at them in a tight corner, Mu Chen snorted with disgust . He grabbed the escaping souls in the air, and crushed them directly .

Since they attacked him, he should not spare them a chance to go .

All of a sudden, a streak of black gas turned into tens of thousands of black fine needles and flew over in a bunch . Mu Chen perceived the poisonous gas on the needles . He frowned his eyebrows, ‘Such a dirty trick is rather familiar . ’

Mu Chen took out his sword and chopped at a black stone far away, with murderous intent in his eyes .

Ying Lixun looked at Mu Chen in astonishment; he could not believe that Mu Chen could find him even though he had shaped himself into a black stone .

Mu Chen waved his hands and created a wall of fire to block the poisonous needles . He looked at Ying Lixun as if this man was dead, thinking that it might be the destiny of Ying Lixun to die in his hands . Otherwise Ying would always seek troubles, rather than being quiet .

After another chop from Mu Chen, Ying Lixun had to fly out of his hidden place . He blocked Mu Chen’s sword at the cost of his natal magical tool . He then spread the poisonous drugs here and there as if they were free .

He was already regretful for provoking this man, who happened to be a killing machine . This man might never care about his ident.i.ty as the descendant of an honorable family .

When he realized that Mu Chen was immune to the drugs, Ying Lixun still had a fluke in his heart and tried to escape .

Mu Chen snorted; he aimed at a Chinese scholar tree not far away and threw fireb.a.l.l.s right at it .

Ying Lixun had to remove the hidden barrier; he desperately opened his eyes wide, “How do you know where I am?”

“Because you are stupid . ”


Hearing Mu Chen’s answer, the bystander with a wicked air burst into laughter . He looked at Mu Chen, with playfulness in his eyes .

Mu Chen was indifferent, ‘This guy, when would he get out of here?’

Ying Lixun looked at that man, squinting his eyes . He made up his mind and took out a few high grade spirit tools . He said to Mu Chen with a sincere look, “Little presents for you . This is just a misunderstanding!”

Mu Chen was disgusted by his att.i.tude . He frowned his eyebrows with a detested look and held his sword tighter . All of a sudden, the high grade spirit tools in Ying Lixun’s hands darted over, and even the bystander was attacked .

Mu Chen and the other guy made basically the same movements: they raised their palms to stop the spirit tools . But the tools exploded the moment they were touched . Mu Chen summoned out a spirit s.h.i.+eld to block the energy of explosion . However, a sweet herbal smell seeped in Mu Chen’s body along with his spirit power .


After Mu Chen noticed what he was drugged, he slashed into the waist of Ying Lixun angrily . Only in this way could Mu Chen vent his anger now .

At the same time, the red figure appeared beside Ying Lixun and hit his head at once .

Both Mu Chen and this man hit the same target simultaneously . As their eyes caught each other, the atmosphere seemed to be condensed .

“I didn’t expect looking on the scene should cause me trouble . You don’t seem to be infected . ” That man threw the half corpse in his hand away and crushed the divine soul . He raised his head and looked into Mu Chen’s eyes . When he saw the rosy color climbed on the corners of Mu Chen’s fierce eyes, he laughed immediately, “You’re also infected . I thought you are invulnerable to all kinds of poisons . ”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes at that man . He really was invulnerable . Ordinary drugs did not work for him at all . But this drug Ying Lixun used should be some fierce obscene poison . He was familiar with the ingredients . Among them, there was one material without any antidote, which came from a promiscuous dragon’s demon core .

If an ordinary person was poisoned, he had to have s.e.x with others to detoxify . Otherwise he would explode . But for Mu Chen, it was unnecessary to do so .

The cultivation of Nine Yang Dark Fire had already begun to function inside Mu Chen’s body to burn the toxin . He could suppress it, of course . He only needed four hours to eliminate all the toxin, without any necessity to worry .

But the man in front of him obviously did not have this power . Ying Lixun planned to scheme the two of them, from which it could be imagined how dirty and disgusting Ying’s intention was .

The author had something to say:

Gu Yunjue, “Where’s the philter scene? Why am I not involved, even without an appearance in the whole chapter?”

Black Miao (Cat), “I said there would be a philter scene . Here it comes . But I never said it would relate to you . ”

Gu Yunjue was p.i.s.sed off . Gonna die .

Black Miao, “Come on . I am planning to give you a chance to appear tomorrow . ”

Gu Yunjue could not even die contentedly and wanna die once again .

Black Miao, “Seize your chance tomorrow, kiddo . Though you are adopted, daddy loves you . You’ve restrained yourself for more than seventy chapters after all . ”

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 73

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