Tempered Immortal 100 Over The Sea

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Out of the city, Lin Xuan's face showed a dignified color, he immediately took out the Jade Snow Cord, with a bright light, he flew to the distance, and shortly after, in the originally calm sky, a black mist suddenly appeared.

Two Demonic Cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Stage came out of the fog.

"Do the both of us need to track a cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage?"

"Don't underestimate the kid, although his cultivation base is not high, but he's taken out thousands of medicine pills." Such a person, is definitely not an ordinary Rogue Cultivator, the Lord commanded…"

Their voice gradually went down, and the two turned into a black light, disappearing into the direction that Lin Xuan flew to.

After the praying mantis caught the cicada, shortly after the two left, several Cultivators came out. They wore white robes, the bottoms of their robes, embroidered with vivid water dragon patterns.

"Hey, those guys from the Great Magic Cave, actually came to our Water Dragon Sect to do their business"

"Oh, Senior Brother does not have to be angry, those demonic cultivator although arrogant and domineering, but to this Sect, they still have some respect, that junior sold so much pills in just half an hour, although Essence purifying Pill was only of the lowest level, but thousands is just too huge, you don't have talk about demonic cultivators, even our fellow Daoist immortals would be moved, not to mention now that he's out of the city, and will no longer be protected by us, what those Great Magic Cave experts do, wouldn't lose our Sect's face. "

The Water Dragon Sect's cultivator snorted, but by looking at his expression, it seemed that he does not intend to pursue it again.


Lin Xuan's flying speed was so fast that the two Demonic Cultivators that followed him were amazed. The speed of his flight is not much different then a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage.

The black smoke is getting closer and the two Demonic Cultivators were getting ready to attack. A huge forest suddenly appeared in sight, and Lin Xuan flew in.

After landing, the expression on Lin Xuan's face turned gloomy. His Spiritual Sense was far stronger than cultivators of the same stage, so the trackers were discovered long ago, but in order to make the other party let down their guard, he pretended that he didn't suspect anything.

This situation was expected, earning thousands of Spirit Stone. It will definitely arouse greed in cultivators, but he did not expect to attract Experts of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

If there was only one, Lin Xuan was sure to escape, but two…

Fortunately, I have a backhand.

Lin Xuan showed a sneer on his face. Although he was in danger, he did not panic.

About a quarter of an hour later, two Demonic Cultivators came to the top of the forest, although the trees below were lush. Blocking their line of sight, but they didn't care, as long as they released Spiritual Sense, they can easily find out where the kid is.

Such wilderness is a good place to kill people and rob treasures.

How was it? Did you find the kid? "

"Strange, we obviously saw him going in, how did his aura suddenly disappear, there is only one cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage First Layer."

"Is it the expert with First Layer cultivation?"

The two Demonic Cultivators stared at each other. They then landed together.

"Kid, did you see a 30-year-old middle-aged man with sallow complexion?"

They found a teenager of about twenty years of age who looked ordinary, practicing his spells in open s.p.a.ce of several acres in middle of the forest.

"Ahh…" Two Seniors are amazing. "The young man looked dumbfounded and was shocked by the profound skills of two Foundation Establishment Stage Demonic Cultivators. His stuttering words were not clear: "No…None

"Two Seniors, you have amazing skills, can…Can you accept me as a disciple? "

"Accept you as a disciple?"The taller Demonic Cultivator sneered and scanned with his Spiritual Sense for a while, still discovering nothing.

"You really didn't see other people coming in?"
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"Yeah, I wouldn't dare deceive Senior. I beg you to accept me as a disciple! "

Why would they listen to him? They didn't believe that a living person could disappear like this, the two searched separately. After half an hour, they still found nothing.

In desperation, they could only leave with a dejected expression.

Looking at the light of the two disappearing in the sky, the silly look disappeared from Lin Xuan's face, replaced by smart and capable temperament.

Gently wiping the sweat from his forehead, fortunately, his bet worked out.

After leaving the other's line of sight, Lin Xuan first withdrew the Demonic Disguising Technique, restored his true face, and then took another sip of Red Silk Gra.s.s green liquid to hide his cultivation base.

Although both of them still suspected his ident.i.ty, wondering if he was the middle-aged man in disguise, and scanned him with their Spiritual Sense several times.

But with Lin Xuan's good acting, they naturally couldn't see the slightest flaw. Secondly, the Red Silk Gra.s.s green liquid was magical. Even the modified Spiritual Sense method couldn't see his cultivation.

The two Demonic Cultivators had high self-esteem, and didn't think that a cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage could fool them, and were successfully deceived by Lin Xuan.

Of course, this is not without risk. If two Demonic Cultivators can't find the target, they'll probably kill him in anger…

However, this did not escape Lin Xuan's calculations. Although the Immortal World is b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel, even being a Demonic Cultivators. As a Foundation Establishment Stage Experts, they'd lose face if they bully a lower ranked cultivator.

Everything is as expected by Lin Xuan. Although the two Demonic Cultivators were not willing, they had no choice but to leave.

The danger was lifted, but Lin Xuan's face didn't show the slightest joy. After surviving using wit and some luck. He didn't like the feeling of fear.

If you have enough strength, and encounter any trouble, whoever is in the wrong, you can just kill.

A man's destiny must be in his own hands.

Lin Xuan stood in the same place, silently and soundless, and with a light he left the place. This experience is also a reminder for him. The cultivation world is place for the strong. It only recognizes his fists, and does not recognize the truth, what he must do is to improve his strength as soon as possible, and enter Foundation Establishment.

Tempered Immortal 100 Over The Sea

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