Xian Wang Dotes On Wife Chapter 93 Part2

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Chapter 93 It's not easy to take a wife (part 2)

When seventh elder came in, he glanced at the dishes on the table. Then he raised his eyebrow, and looked at Gong Sangmo. Handsome!

“Do you want to take a rest for one night first or to continue, Xian w.a.n.g?” The seventh elder asked directly.

“Go on!”

Gong Sangmo didn't want to waste too much time. He wanted to see Yun Qianyu earlier, and he also knew that he could see Yun Qianyu again as long as he pa.s.ses all the tests.

The seventh elder was not surprised by Gong Sangmo's decision.

“So please follow me, Xian w.a.n.g!”

The seventh elder got up and walked in front, and Gong Sangmo followed indifferently.

Along the way they encountered many people in Cloud Valley, who politely greeted to the seventh elder and Gong Sangmo.

Now everyone in Cloud Valley knew that Xian w.a.n.g was here, and they all knew that Xian w.a.n.g was the future husband of the Master! So it's unavoidable to take a closer look, but they were still very decent.

After walking through the building group, Gong Sangmo followed seventh elder to a medicine field where he could not see at a glance!

All kinds of precious medicinal materials can be seen in medicine field. San Qiu and Yi Ri were both shocked.

Now it was winter, and there was still such a summer-like medicine field in inner valley of Cloud Valley. How did these medicines grow? Weren't they afraid of cold?

“This medicine field is maintained by the three masters of Cloud Valley. The Their Purple Jade Heart Sutra are internally maintaining this field, so medical herbs can still grow in winter.”

The seventh elder saw San Qiu and Yi Ri's doubts then explained.

As soon as Gong Sangmo arrived, he felt the familiar atmosphere of Purple Jade Heart Sutra, and saw the diffuse purple gas on the medicine field. So he could understand at a glance what the medicine field was all about!

It came to the conclusion that the two previous masters were Yun Qianyu's grandfather and father and they put all their internal forces here before dying.

And Yu'er would occasionally come to transport her internal strength and maintain these medicine fields!

“When Xian w.a.n.g and Master are married, we will refine some medicines for body care as a gift in Cloud Valley! But here still needs a herb, and we hope Xiang w.a.n.g can find for us.”

The seventh elder finally came to the topic.

Gong Sangmo also knew that this herb would definitely not be placed here and let him pick it!

“What herb?” Gong Sangmo asked.

“Yin Yang Cao!

As soon as the words of the seventh elder came out, Gong Sangmo's face turned black. Was he doubting his ability? Yin Yang Cao was indispensable for making certain tonics.

“One hundred strains!” The elder seventh said another word that made Gong Sangmo want to vomit blood.

Yin Yang Cao was just one of the indispensable medicines. One strain of Yin Yang Cao could make more than one hundred pills. One hundred strains? Did they make pills for him to eat for a lifetime? It seemed he really didn't have to worry about some of his abilities.

Gong Sangmo looked at the dark night sky. Although his night vision was good, Yin Yang Cao was not easy to find. The reason why it was called Yin Yang Cao was that it was two different forms in day and night. It was The best time to find Yin Yang Cao was during the day time.

During the day Yin Yang Cao was the form of green gra.s.s. Several thin and long leaves looked like orchid leaves, but at night the slender leaves would curl up and stuck to the ground.

If he wanted to find Yin Yang Cao in the dark, he must lie on the ground!

Gong Sangmo's mouth twitched. The seventh elder really tossed people!

“Is there a problem, Xian w.a.n.g?” The seventh elder asked.

“No!” Could Gong Sangmo say he has a problem? Totally impossible!

“Well then, someone will take you back after Xian w.a.n.g found a hundred strains of Yin Yang Cao. And I will check tomorrow morning!” The seventh elder left after finis.h.i.+ng talking.

Gong Sangmo was very unpleasant!

So he just has one night to find Yin Yang Cao?

San Qiu and Yi Ri didn't know what kind of medical herbs Yin Yang Cao was. But they knew Gong Sangmo was stumped from his expression and movement.

Yun Qianyu was sitting in her Yun Pavilion at this time, listening to the news that Feng Ran told her.

Yun Qianyu smiled when she heard that Gong Sangmo easily broke the matric formations of the second and third elders. Hearing that the seventh elder actually gave Gong Sangmo a table of poisonous banquets, she was not worried.

But when she heard that seventh elder actually asked Gong Sangmo to find one hundred strains of Yin Yang Cao from that medicine field one night, she was not calm anymore.

She knew how hard to find Yin Yang Cao, and it was not easy to plant. The survival rate was very low. She didn't know how much Yin Yang Cao in that medicine field. Anyway, it's very hard to find it! And the form of Yin Yang Cao was very special so she was really worried this time!

Chen Xiang peeled grape skins for Yun Qianyu, and looked at Yun Qianyu who was obviously worried and said, “Master, please rest a.s.sured. It's not difficult for Xian w.a.n.g!”

Yun Qianyu looked at Chen Xiang and said, “You believe him!”

Chen Xiang took it for granted and said: “Xian w.a.n.g can take Master back from Beitang Guqiu. This little thing can't hold him back.

Yu Nuo laughed: “Feng Ran, you have to go to take a look. Then come back and tell Master. Don't let Master worry.”

Feng Ran hadn't answered yet, and Man'er actively said, “I want to go. I want to go!”

After finished speaking, she ran away.

Ying Yu smiled and said, “This girl can directly said that she is curious to see!”

Yun Qianyu looked at their playful eyes. She was speechless. Did she act so obvious?

At this time, Gong Sangmo didn't do anything at all!

He touched his chin and looked at the far-reaching medicine field, thinking what to do to quickly find Yin Yang Cao? He couldn't really lie on the ground to look for, right?

He thought of the habit of Yin Yang Cao.

San Qiu and Yi Ri were even more anxious than Gong Sangmo. It looked the sky would become fully dark, and Gong Sangmo apparently hadn't figured out a way yet. The two of them were walking back and forth in a hurry.

Man'er ran to the medicine field to see that Gong Sangmo didn't move at all! Suddenly she was dumbfounded!

San Qiu and Yi Ri quickly pulled Man'er aside and made an act of silencing in case she yelled loudly.

The master hated being interrupted when thought about things!

Man'er looked at them and sighed without speaking. She looked at Gong Sangmo anxiously!

Gong Sangmo knew Man'er came, but he was not distracted!

After waiting for a long time, Man'er didn't see any movement from Gong Sangmo, and muttered in a low voice, “It will be great if Yin Yang Cao can grow in groups!”

Man'er unintentionally said, but suddenly reminded Gong Sangmo!

There was also a characteristic of Yin Yang Cao that was divided into male gra.s.s and female gra.s.s. There must be male Yin Yang Cao around a female Yin Yang Cao. There were at least ten strains of male Yin Yang Cao around a strain of female Yin Yang Cao. And only female Yin Yang Cao could blossom and yield fruit. This was also the most important reason why Yin Yang Cao was difficult to grow!

Yin Yang Cao liked humid with less sunlight places. Gong Sangmo looked at medicine field and found a suitable place. He flied up and floated gently above the herb.

He took out a night pearl in his arms, and the light of the night pearl illuminated surrounding area within five meters. Since Yun Qianyu didn't like candlelight, he had been taking a night pearl. This was the second time it came in handy.

Gong Sangmo stared tightly under the herb. There was a little bit of wind blowing underneath the herb, and could not escape his ears and eyes!

Suddenly his body moved, he started to collect Yin Yang Cao. In the blink of an eye, he held more than a dozen Yin Yang Cao that just stretched out because of the light of the night pearl!

The beautiful and s.e.xy thin lips were slightly lifted, and a satisfying look flowed from his eyes! His black hair fluttered in the night sky, and a wide sleeve swung on the side of the body.

He tiptoed lightly, and flew to another place. After several times, Gong Sangmo flew back!

“Let's go!” He left medicine field first.

San Qiu and Yi Ri kept up immediately.

Man'er quickly caught up with Gong Sangmo: “Xian w.a.n.g, don't you count how many strains?”

Gong Sangmo glanced at Man'er and said, “One hundred!”

“Just right?” Man'er said unbelievably.

“Or you count?” Gong Sangmo handed Yin Yang Cao to Man'er and said to her.

Man'er immediately shook her head and again.

“Xian w.a.n.g said it was a hundred strains, it must be! I will tell Master after going back!” Man'er immediately carried out her Qing Gong and ran away in a blink.

Yi Ri looked at the direction where Man'er disappeared and muttered, “The voice is a bit louder, but her Qing Gong is really good!”

Gong Sangmo and San Qiu looked at him together, and Yi Ri wondered, “What's wrong?”

They both looked back at the same time, making Yi Ri even more baffling!

As soon as Gong Sangmo was out of the medicine field, a disciple of Cloud Valley stepped forward and took him back to the place where he had just eaten.

“Xian w.a.n.g will take a rest here tonight!”

Gong Sangmo had no objection and handed herbs to the disciple in Cloud Valley: “Can you send these herbs to the seventh elder and they will lose their efficacy till tomorrow morning!"

The disciple in Cloud Valley heard taht and immediately smiled!

“Xian w.a.n.g pa.s.sed this test!”

Then they left with the herb!

Gong Sangmo smiled and got into the bedroom for rest!

San Qiu and Yi Ri both looked at each other. If putting the herbs till tomorrow morning, even if one hundred strains were picked back, but he would not pa.s.s!

Yun Qianyu finally was relieved and went to sleep after Man'er told her that what happened about Xian w.a.n.g with her eloquence and physical explanations!

She knew that before Gong Sangmo pa.s.sed their tests, she couldn't see him!

Now Gong Sangmo had pa.s.sed tests of second elder, third elder and seventh elder. There were fourth elder, fifth elder who were proficient in disguising face skills and mastermind sixth elder who was the most difficult to compete!

Yun Qianyu knew that tomorrow was the most tested time for Gong Sangmo.

On the second day Gong Sangmo got up early in the morning. After grooming, he walked around in Cloud Valley. Most of people in Cloud Valley got up, and they were all doing exercises!

Everyone saw Gong Sangmo and greeted him!

Gong Sangmo also greeted them warmly and gently!

Although houses inhabited by people in Cloud Valley were luxurious, they were not separated from each other by the courtyard walls. It could be seen that they respected and loved each other!

Both medicine hall and martial arts hall were open. Anyone could get medicines, but one person would be responsible for recording in the medicine hall. What kind of medical? Who took that medicine and how much? What pills would be handed back so that any disciple can get the best resources to practice medical skills! There were also a large number of finished medicines available in Cloud Valley.

No wonder people in Cloud Valley had great medical skills and they had the strongest medical masters, the best resources, and their talents. It's easy to have great medical skills here.

Gong Sangmo walked around and thought that Yun Qianyu didn't live here! The seven elders didn't live here either!

He glanced at a wood in the south for a moment, then turned back to his place of residence!

Breakfast was ready when he came back. It was indeed Cloud Valley, and the breakfast could also be called medicated diet! Light and nutritious!

Gong Sangmo quietly finished breakfast, and someone came to invite him!

Gong Sangmo knew that today's test has begun!

Xian Wang Dotes On Wife Chapter 93 Part2

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