Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita Chapter 126

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Published at 10th of July 2019 09:32:45 AM Chapter 126

Milka’s eyes shone as she stood in the laboratory .

“Oh, you’re going to teach us?”

“Exactly . You can call me teacher from now on . ”

“Okay! Thank you, teacher!”

“Good . I expect you to study hard . ”

After that, I told Milka to bring the other apprentices to the laboratory .

Nia and Luchila came quickly .

Luchila was carrying Lord Gerberga .

“Mister Locke, what is it?”

“Is something the matter?”

And so I told them that Philly would be teaching them as a private tutor from now on .

“Since you were both raised in tribes, I am sure you have been educated already, but there are things that you should know about the kingdom of Mendilibar . ”

“Yes . Thank you . ”

“Do you mean it?”

“Well, it’s basically my duty to offer apprentices an education . ”

“Thank you . ”

“So you must call Philly your teacher from now on . ”


“Understood . ”


Lord Gerberga answered as well .

“That being said, Nia is also an Adventurer, so she may not be able to join cla.s.ses every day…”

“Yes, but I will try hard to learn as much as I can in the time I have!”

My apprentices were quite eager, it seemed . That was very promising .

Suddenly, I realized that it was nearly evening . And so we headed for the dining hall .

The laboratory was connected to the secret pa.s.sage .

And you entered it through the mansion’s library .

And while we pa.s.sed through it, I got the idea of using the library as a cla.s.sroom .

“Perhaps I could have some desks prepared so that you could study in the library . ”

“Oh yes, that seems like a good idea . ”

Philly agreed .

Most of the furniture here was brought on the a.s.sumption that only one person would be using the room .

But it was rather large and had plenty of s.p.a.ce for desks .

“If you need any stationery supplies, just tell me . ”

“Hmm . I will make a list then . ”

“And let me know if you require any books . ”

I was now able to withdraw my funds from my Adventurer days .

And I had received ample reward money as well . So there was a decent fortune sitting there .

Philly thought about it for a while .

“Oh . I would like to bring some of the books from my house…”

“I can help you carry them!”

Milka said eagerly .

“No, you should start preparing for dinner, Milka . ”

“Oh, yes . It’s nearly time! Alright . ”

Milka dashed away to the kitchen .

“Since Milka is busy, I could go with you to the Marquis’s house and help you carry them?”

“Would you?”

“It’s only two buildings away . ”

“Oh, yes . We were neighbors, now that I think about it . ”

But then again, it was two houses, but these were the mansions of n.o.bles .

So it took about three minutes to walk .

“Let’s go then . ”

And so Philly pulled a hood over her face before we left .

Nia and Luchila accompanied us as we went to Marquis Mastafon’s mansion .

Grulf, Tama and Lord Gerbera as well .

“Grulf . We’re not going for a walk . Stop running . ”


He tilted his head to the side as he panted .

A guard was standing in front of the house .

He was probably sent from the royal palace .

Philly addressed him first .

“Good evening . ”


The guard looked at the hooded girl with confusion and without recognition .

But then he quickly saw me and bowed silently .

I guess he knew all about me then .

He might have been sent from the privy council .

We then entered the mansion and headed for Philly’s room .

It was almost empty . Most of her stuff was gone .

“It would have been dangerous to leave books and records related to alchemy . And so they were taken to the palace . ”

“I see . Then what are we supposed to carry?”

“Hmm . I was thinking about the books on the shelf over here . ”

So saying, Philly went to the next room .

Here, there were a lot of normal books that had nothing to do with alchemy .

“Teacher . Do you want us to carry these?”

“Yes, Luchila . Thank you . ”

“I will help too . ”

Luchila and Nia were very eager .

“Well, books are quite heavy . I think we better put them in my magic bag . ”

“Understood . ”

And so I held the bag open as Luchila and Nia brought the books over and put them inside .

“There are more over here . ”

They also carried books from the Marquis’s study . There were several dozen in all .

“Hmm, how about this desk? It looks perfect for the library . ”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes . Father and mother intend on buying new furniture when they return . ”

“I see . ”

I guess it was because the dark ones had lived here . It probably felt like bad luck now .

But I didn’t care about such things as long as they weren’t actually cursed, and so I was grateful for this idea .

And so we picked up a few desks and chairs that looked like they would fit nicely into the library, and threw them into the magic bag .

“Now we have plenty of teaching materials . And since we have desks and chairs, we can start studying immediately . ”

Philly said with much satisfaction .

And then we returned home .

Grulf tried to start running again, and I had to hold him back .

“Grulf, you ran so much this morning already . And yet you still want to run?”

“Grr . ”

Not only had he been running, but he had gotten quite tired after it all .

But he seemed to be able to recover very quickly .

I thought about this as we reached the mansion and noticed that there were two people waiting for us in front of the gate .

“Yes . ”

“I think you might want to hide your face, Philly . ”

“You’re probably right . ”

She wasn’t like Lord Gerberga, who looked like an average chicken at a glance .

It would be very troublesome if any of the vampires’ servants saw her .

Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita Chapter 126

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