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The Destruction of A Certain Organization

In a corner of a dim room, a man controlled his breath, and was hiding.

He didn't intend to escape in this way.

It was to take the opportunity to strike back.

He wasn't sure how many companions remained left.

But, it would be their victory if one of them survived and completed the ritual,

Rather the reason why they were raided today, he was probably more concerned that this was a trial given by the G.o.d.

In other words, if they overcame this trial, their King would rule the world this time.

When he thought about it, his motivation was also swelled up.

But, at that that time…

As he heard the footsteps just around the corner, the sound stopped.

The body naturally became stiff as he gathered strength.

"Hmm… even if I look for this much, I can't find anyone else. Was it all there? There were eight people in total. These people are obviously suspicious. What on earth were they doing? …Well, I already finished breaking stuff, there will be no problem regardless of their planning. Now, what to do next? Should I search another place just in case? Or should I just go home…?" (??)

However, when it was almost like that, the shadow turned the heel.

Two more steps… No, the man would be noticed if one more step was approaching, but… the man loosened his mouth as if the G.o.d was on his side.

Just like that, the footsteps resumed for another step.

He grasped the sight of unprotected back which was going to leave with a twitch upwards mouth.

It had double meaning because his wish was fulfilled.

The man knew from the shadow… that it was a woman.

He saw her more than a decade ago… No, he encountered her.

And the result of that time was also similar as today.

However, there was one clear difference between that time and today.

At that time, there was nothing the man could do other than running away, but it was possible to kill that woman today.

He could fulfill the revenge he swore at that time. Moreover, the resurrection of their G.o.d would also come true.

Whether today was a fine day, the man jumped at her back at once while overwhelmed with joy.

With the will of bringing a certain death, he protruded the dagger held in hand…

"Die, Black-Silver…" (Man)

"…What a fool. There is no way I can be killed when you leak that much of bloodl.u.s.t, you know?" (Woman)

He didn't know what happened at the moment.

"…Eh?" (Man)

He didn't feel anything of the lower part of his body when he noticed it, and the woman was somehow looked upside down.

No, in the first place, rather than thinking why she was upside down or why he directly faced the woman… he finally understood when looking at her freezing glance.

It was him who was sliced into two.

"…You, Black-Silver War Princess…!" (Man)

Nevertheless, he glared at her until the end.

Immediately afterward, something ran perpendicular to his body, and the man's consciousness fell into the eternal darkness.

Camilla let out a sigh with an indescribable expression before the scenery of the fallen man who sliced into two and the spreading red-black liquid around.

To be honest, the final blow wasn't necessary.

It was as a matter of course since the man, who was already in that state, couldn't be saved no matter how much she looked at it.

However, she heard that deplorable name after a long absence, so it was impossible to leave it alone.

"Seriously… even if I have to say it to myself, it was unsightly." (Camilla)

She was disgusted at herself, and she let out a sigh again.

Black-Silver War Princess was a name given by enemy to Camilla who was actively involved in the war with the Demons more than a decade ago.

Perhaps the reason was the color of the hair and the silver color which was her choice for the armor.

Well, it wasn't unusual… in fact, it was common.

The nickname given by the enemies who felt threatened, and the risk were shared among the Demons.

Giving nickname was something normally done, and it was normal not to know the real name of the enemies.

More importantly, since her real name was not known, an easy-to-know name was given.

And the naming rule was fundamentally based on the characteristic of the opponent.

Especially the color of her hair which was almost unconditionally conspicuous.

It was easy to understand the degree of the danger because the color of the hair was said to represent that person's talent.

There were various hair colors, and each of them referred the direction they were good at, and black color was treated as an exceptional among them.

It was said that it had talent in all aspects.

Actually, it wasn't a myth.

At least for Camilla, it was true based on the appropriate research results which had established.

If it was a skill that Camilla could learn, there was a possibility she would learn it, and to add more to that explanation, she required one hour to learn the skill.

Because of that, Camilla was aiming for the top… and with Soma's talent, it made her convinced once more.

It seemed that she displayed her superiority and conduct, but Soma, who had once been treated as a genius, was partly the cause of her conviction.

Well, it also could be said that he had become her rival right now.

Otherwise, there would be a possibility that he would surely be treated better.

The reason why Soma didn't receive the treatment was not only because he was simple mentioned that he had no talent. And the other reason was he would be given a grandiose treatment if he wasn't treated badly.

Anyhow, that name was a part of Camilla's dark past.

When she thought how inexperienced she was, the things that she didn't want to remember resurfaced again.

That was why she wanted to eliminate them even one minute faster.

"Well, then… this side is over, I guess?" (Camilla)

Since she was acting to easily deal with the enemy earlier, she didn't really notice this.

She roughly searched but since she didn't feel any presence, every enemies must be already annihilated.

Although it was worrisome with what these people were planning in this place, their plan definitely had been delayed.

There was no need to worry because they were already crushed, but… more importantly, this wasn't over yet.

It was also the most important matter, she needed to rejoin Soma who went to rescue Lina and Aina,

"With this, there is no need for diversion tactic, right?" (Camilla)

Yes, originally they intended to create diversion and that was why Camilla separated from Soma.

Camilla would rummage around, while Soma went to rescue Lina and Aina.

It was planned for Camilla to evacuate or escape whenever it was appropriate, but… she noticed when she tried to uncover the situation.

Camilla annihilated the enemies without withdrawing at all, but… more importantly, she could feel a strong force that made her body s.h.i.+vered from Soma's direction.

That was how she felt even though they were separated in a distant.

Perhaps, if Camilla compared every opponent here to the one in that direction, they were still easy to be dealt with.

"Anyhow, was it a blunder? If it is poorly done…" (Camilla)

Although it was jokingly said, Camilla remembered this feeling.

It was the Demon Heavenly General she had seen once.

She was defeated by them, but… what she felt that time seemed to be similar.

If it was Soma, she didn't think that he would fall behind, but…

"…Tsk. Anyhow, I had no choice but to go, but… I might be able to do something." (Camilla)

While reprimanding the shrinking heart, Camilla hurried to that place.


I might make mistakes on the backstory portion because the raw is quite vague on that part. Please let me know.

Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 34

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