Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 62

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A Broken Sword

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Soma didn’t know what that being was, but he thought that there was no need for Aina to worry.

For that reason, Soma was running ahead.

So, to wait for what would happen next was the natural result…

“…It can’t be.” (Aina)

She couldn’t believe that sight for a while, as those words uttered after looking at it.

What sounded just before was a shrill sound.

Yes, it was hard for Aina to see that blow. In fact, it was obviously stopped by a s.h.i.+eld.

Of course, it didn’t end just like that.

Two times, four times, eight times… and the sound didn’t stop even when it had exceeded ten times and that much was the number of times the enemy’s sword was brandished.

Although Soma was accurately dodging all of it, for that creature to compete with that Soma, it was enough to make Aina startle.

She definitely had seen the matches between him and Sheila or Rina.

Nonetheless, those were mock battles… Moreover, those two have Special Rank Skills.

That meant, that angel also held the power of Special Rank skills, or perhaps, it could have more.

She didn’t want to believe that, but… the fact that both Sheila and Lina were now in this place, supported her speculation.

“…Both of you, aren’t you going to support Soma?” (Aina)

“I’d like to say that there is no need for that, but… I have no intention to hold Nii-sama back.” (Lina)

“…Yes, me too. …Even if I want to cut it together with Soma, I will only be a hindrance.” (Sheila)

“That’s–… too much, is it…” (Aina)

To be honest, Aina didn’t know which was stronger, was it Sheila or Lina?

By listening to the discussion of those three, it seemed that that angel might be overwhelming for Sheila. However, Aina thought that both Sheila and Lina were strong, and she didn’t even having a biased consideration.

It was similar to the battle before her.

Neither of them was out of Aina’s common sense, so she didn’t know how strong they were.

What she noticed was there was a continuation of the sound even until the present time.

However, it was enough if they knew that there weren’t able to intervene.

That was Soma’s turn on the stage.

Her mouth had gotten a bit loose as she finally thought so, but it was late.

Aina had done almost nothing recently.

It was obvious especially in the ruins.

It was mostly because the enemies were instantaneously killed by Soma and Sheila. Speaking of what she did, it would be like using illumination magic.

Although she shot magic attack on something that she didn’t understand and the huge monster of the second ruin, she honestly didn’t think that there was any meaning in doing so. As expected, it felt as good as not doing anything.

Indeed, it was easy for her. However, the unpleasant feeling also kept on growing.

In this situation, there would be no problem if she unleashed spells to a.s.sist Soma.

No, it was a situation that she should do it.

She probably wouldn’t say something like jealousy or hands slip in this situation, and… Nope, she didn’t really wanted to be thanked or being told that she helped him.

Anyhow, she threw away the unnecessary thoughts, and lifted her right hand.

Along with hand protruded to furnish the aiming, the words a.s.sembled after that was spirit of language which appealed toward the rule of Demons.

“– Bursting Flame, turn into a spear. Swift advance, shoot the enemy like a thunder.” (Aina)

She looked at Soma’s back for a moment.

The sword fighting that she couldn’t grasp as ever, and the only sound reach her ears was the overlapping sound.

But, there was no need for Aina to understand it.

It was certainly like Aina, but there was no need to worry about such a thing.

There was no need to coordinate… if it was Soma, he would surely…

“–Fire Bolt!” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Seam into the Mountains: Magic – Fire Bolt

The moment she shouted, mana exploded and flames overflowed.

The magic gathered and went ahead in a straight line.

It was really like a thunder. The moment it reached Soma’s back of the head, the neck slightly tilted.

The thunderous flame went past him and Soma’s sword flashed almost at the same time.

When she clenched her fist as if she succeeded, two sounds echoed on the spot shortly after that.

“…Eh?” (Aina)

The reason of that surprised voice was obvious.

One of the sounds was caused by the opponent’s sword stopping Soma’s wooden sword, and… the other sound was a sound of the spell directly hit Soma after her thunderous flame was bounced back by the opponent’s s.h.i.+eld.

What happened after that was inevitable as Soma’s body was blown backwards by the impact.

“So-Soma…!?” (Aina)

Aina, whose face turned white, running toward the predicted falling point at full speed. However, before she reached there, Soma’s body rotated in the air, and he landed as if nothing had happened.

“…So-Soma?” (Aina)

“Hmm… as expected, I was surprised when that got reflected. The interception was delayed because I didn’t predict that. Although the strength could be dissipated, I couldn’t stop the momentum, huh?” (Soma)

“Eh…Are-are you alright?” (Aina)

“Well, it is as you see. My left hand is slightly burned, but if it is this much, it’s no different from being unhurt.” (Soma)

When he said that, the slightly shaken left had was certainly turned a little bit red.

When Aina looked at that, she hanged her head.

“…Sorry.” (Aina)

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“Hmmm… what is it?” (Soma)

“Because of me doing something unnecessary… I hurt Soma…” (Aina)

“No, no, I told you. If it’s this much, it doesn’t hurt me at all.” (Soma)

“B-but…” (Aina)

“It’s nothing. To begin with, this is rather my responsibility. It would be unreasonable for those who support me to take the responsibility.” (Soma)

Even though Soma said so, this was Aina’s responsibility after all.

In terms of Special Rank, especially for magic, she should have considered it well and do some preparation.

Despite being able to shot magic, it was wasted–…

“Hmm… it’s fine to reflect the situation, but it is not the time for that now. After this, you will do a postmortem session with me.” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

That momentary stupid voice leaked out because there was a pop sound made by Soma’s hand on her head.

And then, she was caressed on the head several times.

Aina wanted to say not to treat her like a child, but she fell silent.

Because it couldn’t be helped.

If she opened her mouth now, there would be no mistake that mouth would loosen.

She tried her best to suppress it.

She thought about herself to be an extremely easy woman, but again, it couldn’t be helped.

Since it couldn’t be helped, Aina was reluctantly convinced it for now.

“…I got it. I will forget it for now.” (Aina)

“Hmm… reflective session with Nii-sama… Should I worry here?” (Lina)

“Yes, yes, don’t be absurd. It is just a small discussion. Soma doesn’t return to the battle immediate because of that, right?” (Aina)

“Well, it is one of the reasons. The other side doesn’t show any indication to move here.” (Soma)

That thing was looking at their direction as if he caught the words uttered, but it certainly didn’t seem to chase after them.

Although its battle posture still hadn’t unraveled, there was no sign of aggressive movement.

“…Is it difficult to beat it?” (Sheila)

“No. If it is about defeating it, I think it will not that much, but if I continue in this way, it looks like it will take some time.” (Soma)

“It seemed that Soma had plenty of margins, is it?” (Aina)

“That is the truth, but it will be the same for the other side too. First off, that thing is maybe, if I have to say it, it is a type that is good at defense. To break through it, it’s not enough with just fire power. Well, I think it will be defeated before long even if it takes time, but… when thinking about such an existence is protecting something ahead of us, I don’t want to take much time here.” (Soma)

“Hmm… If that’s the case, how about searching for a way to get through without defeating it? If it comes to that, we can break the wall.” (Lina)

“Personally, I think it would be better to stop from doing that? I don’t think there is a way to detour around while there is such a thing, and I’m not sure what will happen if we break the wall.” (Aina)

“…Yes, I agree.” (Sheila)

This ruin seemed to be a type that composed of two rooms and a pa.s.sageway.

There were other types such as a series of rooms, pa.s.sageways that connected rooms to another rooms and once in a while, there was a type of indefinite continuous pa.s.sageways.

There was no mechanism at the moment… but there was such an angel, so it was a mistake to think of this ruin as a mere ancient ruin.

They didn’t believe that they could easily make a shortcut. Plus, this ruin was encroached in the forest.

Therefore, they couldn’t antic.i.p.ate what would happen if they broke a part of it.

“Hmm… you’re right. There is no point in getting into danger to avoid another danger.” (Lina)

“…Even if we want to go to another place, it seems necessary to get through here.” (Sheila)

“Hmmm. Rather, there is a high possibility that our aim is ahead of that.” (Soma)

“There is no way that thing is going to give up in the first place. Got it.” (Aina)

Soma made a bitter smile on the fact that two lines of sight pierced almost simultaneously.

Instead of withdrawing, the two of them would try to push their way in without hesitation.

Aina would probably follow it… eventually.

In other words, there was no other way than defeating that angel.

“…Yeah, it’s inevitable. …We’re only relying on Soma for that. …I will use one of hidden cards.” (Sheila)

“Sheilsan… is that alright?” (Lina)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

Even Aina understood those words.

Sheila would use one of the hidden cards.

That was the real.

That didn’t mean Sheila didn’t trust them.

Adventurers usually didn’t reveal their hidden cards as much as possible.

There were also concerns about treachery and other things, and they might be hostile to each other depend on jobs.

It was a matter of trust or reliance.

However, speaking of whether she trust them or not, that was another story though.

Since it made no sense if she died, she wouldn’t hesitate to use it if necessary.


“…Perhaps, I think I can create an opening.” (Sheila)

“Hmm… got it. Then, I will aim for that opening and defeat it.” (Soma)

“…Yes, I leave it to you.” (Sheila)

As Sheila said so, she made a step forward.

She reached the katana on her waist. While grasping the handle as it was, she took a forward leaning posture.

Compared to the usual attacks, it was the first time initiating attack on enemy that was in a place away from her.

But what was different was the words that she said before initiating attack.

Apparently, it was a trigger to release a technique. However, it didn’t have requirement like spells. It seemed like a kind of self-suggestion…

“–Vanish into thin air.” (Sheila)

At that moment, her figure disappeared.

It was too fast and that didn’t reflect in the eyes.

There was no trace of its appearance in the view, but… Soma was running at almost the same timing as if he knew it.

Closing the distance to that thing in an instant, and just before that, the appearance of Sheila appeared behind ‘it’.

At that time the katana has already been brandished, and the timing with the blow that Soma had swung down was almost at the same time.

Perhaps, it should be expected for that angel, there were two sounds echoed immediately after that.

Its s.h.i.+eld and sword had prevented their blows, and… its posture slightly collapsed.

Sheila had her katana prevented, and it was mysteriously gone through the angel’s body.

And it wasn’t surprising for Soma to miss that opening.

Immediately after, the angel’s body danced in the air.

Prior to landing, Soma caught its chin and the tips of its toes.

Even if Soma was instinctively surprised to think that it didn’t kick, but Soma moved further away as if it didn’t matter.

The angel didn’t land on the ground as it twisted the body in the air. This time there were a lot of openings, so when he gave a blow with his wooden sword–

“–!?” (Aina)

It was a fact Aina’s vision caught it earlier than that, and that made her opened mouth.

There was supposed nothing special to happen.

It should be only literal meaning.

She felt terrible chills.

“Nii-sama!?” (Lina)

“…Tsk.” (Soma)

And then, the moment Lina and Aina noticed it, her shout and the sound of smacking lips of Soma overlapped.

Sheila turned around. She retreated while turning her back on Lina’s direction. Somehow, the indication of feeling shaken was transmitted.

Although she was wearing a hood, she experienced a lot of times. It felt like she was escaping reality–…

{RaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA!} (Angel) (TLN: This was written in letters, instead of katakana or hiragana)

“–I am a sword that cut Demons.” (Soma)

Soma’s muttering voice echoed at the same time of that singing voice of the angel… Immediately after that…

Instead of Soma, who was blown away, the wooden sword that was held in his hand broke down.

Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 62

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