ABO Cadets Volume 2 Chapter 55

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Chapter 055, The Truth

(Important Notice: Her website is back~ No need for me to post anything now sing praises!!! Also, I am a bit of a fool, Drew's mechs name is apparently not Viper, it was described as a viper. From here-on-out it will be named Razer, sorry bout that ya'll!)

- Don't you be so vicious, that behavior is out of the question, alright?! This is your daughter-in-law!

As soon as Brian said this, Snow was embarra.s.sed without end and wished to bury himself in the ground, Drew also feels that this son has completely lost face and cannot help but firmly glare at Brian.

Brian immediately extended his hands out and tightly clasped around Snow's shoulder, using a defensive posture to hold Snow in a protective embrace.

In fact, these words that Brian said were not spoken from a momentary impulse.

Although he had been unruly from a young age, General Drew always fiercely yelled at him like this, and just now if it were not for Snow suddenly coming out of the castle, Drew would have wanted to forcibly take him away. His father's reactions just now were really way too unusual. It was as if he was trespa.s.sing some restricted area that shouldn't be entered. Brian's heart became even more uneasy making a connection between the history of this castle as well as the surrounding shady and eerily chilling atmosphere.

- Father suddenly blocking me from entering this castle so strictly, this castle is absolutely not simple!

If by chance there was really some secret pertaining to this castle, and if it is also a major secret concerning the military, then in that case, Snow just coming straight out from inside the castle like this, even wearing strange clothing from head to toe with his father's straightforward temperament, he might just immediately arrest him and take him away to be interrogated by the military!

Brian naturally would not let Snow be in such a dangerous situation, so just now, he immediately clarified the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them.

Even though Snow has clearly deceived him, that is their own business between the two of them. Brian clearly separated his priorities between important and unimportant. Snow hiding things from him is a bill he would settle privately. However, if others want to touch Snow, then it's absolutely impossible!

He spoke this out to his father, but in fact, it simply meant —

This person in front of you has a deep relations.h.i.+p with your son, if you wish to set about arresting this person, please consider your son's position first!

Sure enough, after Drew heard these words from Brian, although he was very angry, but as an elder, he was also not difficult nor made Snow feel embarra.s.sed again. Looking at his son closely holding that youth in his embrace with his hands on his shoulder, Drew slightly knitted his brows, turning his body around he said, "Okay, bring him back and we'll put this discussion off until later."

Drew had his mech, Razer, drop its c.o.c.kpit, wanting to take along the two children together.

Brian originally wanted to sneakily take Snow back to the hotel, but his father had already been a step ahead. He also couldn't win an inch and ask for a foot again and thoroughly infuriate General Drew. He had no other option than to comfortingly hold Snow's hand, softly saying: "Come on, let's go to my house."

"......" Snow's body is extremely stiff.

Facing the dark green mech, the pupil of its eyes faintly flashed a cold light, in the dark of night, it was like being attentively stared at by a viper.

It's... Razer?

Snow had once heard of this mech from his father's mouth.

He distinctly clearly remembers the characteristics of the Empire's few S-Cla.s.s mechs, the most distinct characteristic of Razer is its eyes, that intimidating dark green rays of light makes people tremble from the bottom of their hearts, there are also innumerable scales turned up like daggers on its body. The light calmly stilled right there, giving off a huge sense of oppression that one could be cut into pieces by it at any time.

The man in front of him who possesses Razer is obviously the head of the Hydra Legion —

General Drew Bayh!

Snow completely didn't expect Brian's influence would surprisingly be so great.

The reason why he chose Brian as his boyfriend was simply because Brian's Alpha character is relatively better, he would not discriminate against Omegas and Betas, and he is also obsessed with studying mechs all day long. He is like a careless son of n.o.bility, completely unlike the descendants of the high-ranking military officers. Moreover, Brian likes him very much, and he also...... he also does not dislike Brian.

The two haven't dated for a long time. They have only affirmed two or three kisses. By chance, when Brian's kisses Snow, it also doesn't feel disgusting. He had even thought that he had found an Alpha to promptly mark him at the time an unexpected situation emerges. He didn't expect to attract someone with such a powerful lineage.

General Bayh's only son......

The last thing Snow wishes to see is those Generals of the military......

Looking at the large mech in front and the man head to toe in a military uniform, Snow's hands and feet stiffen and turn ice-cold, before he had time to take the anesthesia needles in the sleeves out, he was swept by General Drew's sharp gaze, his fingers immediately trembled and he turned them back.

No, he can't be impulsive. Under this kind of circ.u.mstance, he could not take down this pair of father and son then escape without a trace.

He can only bide his time and change according to the situation. Snow eventually let out a deep sigh, feigned calmly following after Brian, together they entered inside Razer's c.o.c.kpit.


As expected, the speed of an S-Cla.s.s mech was extremely fast. After three minutes, it flew back to the center of the capital city.

He had the mech change into the shape of a suspension car and proceed to the Bayh residence. When it reached the front door of the villa, only then did Drew walk across with a cold face.

Brian took Snow and followed his father together into the living room. During the whole process, he kept holding Snow's hand tightly. Snow's fingers were ice-cold and the pale appearance of his face made him become extremely distressed, but his father's unsightly complexion also made Brian aware that today's business is undoubtedly rather complicated, so he clung to Snow's hand tightly. He was afraid that as soon as he let go, Snow would be taken away by his father.

After entering the living room, Drew turned and sat on the sofa and said to Snow: "Sit."

Brian immediately pulled Snow to the sofa to sit down. He turned and poured a cup of hot water and placed it into his hand. He moved his hand and kept it gently on his shoulder. He spoke in a soft voice: "First drink a little hot water to keep you from freezing like this."

Snow took the cup of hot water and found out that his hand had long since been cold and lost all feeling.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of hot water, his body finally felt a little warmer. His originally pale face gradually recovered a little pink color and his stiff fingers also became flexible once more. Only then did Snow open his mouth to speak: "......thank you."

ABO Cadets Volume 2 Chapter 55

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