War Prisoner Chapter 1

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The sand stretches over the horizon; the sun looks like blood. As a few eagles hover in the air back and forth over the dusk and within vicinity, there is no trace of smoke arising from kitchen, making the sunset from the city border look even more like a lonely and desolate place.

If standing over the top of a sand dune and watching in the distance, you could vaguely see a man dressed in white like snow. Su Yi sat over another dune. A black bamboo flute across his lips; the tone emitted was a very sad melody.

Suddenly, a burst of horse riding sound was heard, and then gradually appeared before his eyes, as the music also came to an end. Su Yi took the flute away from his lips, sighed and said: “Is there still no envoy from the capital?”

From behind him, a man dressed in lieutenant costumes dismounted, and whispered: “Yes, General! No one has arrived. The sky showed that it’s rather late now. It is best to return the campsite, Sir.”

Su Yi stood up and looked toward the distance, then murmured: “It has been dragging on for two months. How long are they intending for it to last?” His tone was grave. Its temperaments did not match his elegant and outstanding aura.

The Lieutenant looked up at his beautiful face, hesitantly wanting to speak. It was for some time when he could no longer refrain: “Su General, according to your subordinate, you should not wait any longer. Ten days ago, a group of the trade travelers from the capital had pa.s.sed through. I had made an inquiry with them, and I discovered that the salary expenditure for soldiers has long been used to build the Courtyard by His Majesty. I did not want to increase General’s anxiety, so I had not informed…”

Before he finished his sentence, Su Yi General’s powerful fist struck the wall indignantly and said: “Benighted King harms the country. How could he use military expenditures for pleasure? Is it not logical that unless there is a home, there will be no nation? Once Kim Liao attacked, even with me, Su Yi here, and exhausted soldiers, how are we to defend? When the country is gone, the beautiful Courtyard that was built would fall into the other people’s hands.  Ironically, generation of monarchs have yet to understand this principle. Perhaps my Qi’s days are numbered?” Then he shook his head and gritted his teeth in distress.

The Lieutenant quickly advised: “General,there is no need to worry. Someone might have gathered the fund supply and who knows,may be on their way here.It is still best to return to camp now.”

Su Yi waved his hand aside. His face resumed a pa.s.sive appearance, then said: “Go back Lieutenant. I will stay here a while for a moment of peace. Wan Yan Xu is recently uncharacteristic. From time to time, he had sent spies over. Surely, he will be making a move soon. I really need to contemplate a bit and be prepared for the enemy.”

The Lieutenant knew the General’s personality. So, not able to made further proposition, he could only swung on the horse and take the same route back. Su Yi sat on the dune, overlooking the thousand miles of sand and falling deep into his memories.

Five years ago, he was just a level four rank official and had no a.s.sociation with the royal court. At that time, Kim Liao invaded the border. Every official in civil and military were panicking, but no one dared to agree for warfare,and rather, they yielded. Angrily, he volunteered and led an army force to rush to the border. That war was a great victory though. Since then, he had yet to return the capital. The reason was the frontier was an important place that needed to be secured, so the Emperor had ordered him to keep patrolling the border forever; and without imperial declaration, he and his troop could never set foot in the capital.

In fact, a rich life was not what he wanted. Although windy desert sand, in his view, was better than burlesque, it was more relaxing and pleasurable. Since he was stationed at the border areas, Kim Liao refused to give up hope. There were countless large and small campaigns since then, but they ultimately failed. Three years ago, Kim Liao had mobilized the whole nation’s troops to attack again. Fortunately, his foresaw initiative had skillfully won the battle.

Kim Liao King had grudgingly die, which directly resulted from the incident before returning to his capital.The King’s eldest son, Wan Yan Xu ascended the throne and Kim Liao became static ever since. Qi’s King was informed of the victory as he sent a eunuch to declare the decree of an encouragement awards, randomly designated Su Yi a t.i.tle, and believed that it should be enough for his thanksgivings as an expression of allegiance. Since then, the King sat back and relaxed, happily spend thrifting and enjoying life.

Su Yi sighed again. His heart knew that Wan Yan Xu is superior compared to his father. This person was still young, but scheming deep, thoughtful deliberations. Just look at him forbearing for three years, and did not send out a single soldier to the frontier. He is a tough one; even the most cunning and brave desert wolf would not be a benchmark to him. In contrast to their side, their King was stupid, delayed military funds and resources, which made the soldiers’ conditions unbearable and miserable. Once the war started again, even if he has great skills, he fears that it will be difficult to turn the tide.

His blurred vision of the dune eventually stopped at that site where countless bones were buried because of the war. His heart bursts with grieves. As a General, he can strategise to achieve the greatest victory, but he will not be able to protect all of his soldiers. There was a quote, “A General’s triumph is over millions of bones”. Probably soon,he will be one underneath these sand. Only he does not know what will happen to the people of his country and what fate they will face.

He took out the black bamboo flute and placed it across his lips. The heartfelt thousands of emotions, this time,he could only express in music as the heartrending melody drifted by the wind waft over a few miles away. A young man riding high on a stallion, covered in furs and jade, extraordinary momentum and handsome looking that made others not daring to glance at intently. After listening to the heartbroken distant song, his face changed into a hint of cold smile.

War Prisoner Chapter 1

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