Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Vol 6 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5      Paris Saint-Germain

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A wonderful metropolis.

Contrary to the image that came to mind from its nickname, Paris was one of the most economical cities in Europe, the transportation facilities were congested every day and “Parisian” was the synonym of impatient people. An extremely chaotic city.

Especially La Défense, located in the northwestern part of the city, it was a business district that developed drastically over the last decades. In the present time, it had a super modern scenery with the skysc.r.a.pers standing in a line, crus.h.i.+ng the image of a「traditional Paris」to an extreme level.

In this city, where many global companies had their parent company, the building that ought to be called the organizational headquarters of「Cradle of the Sun」 stood towering over the area.

The dull colored building that felt the ages was surrounded by brand new silver buildings, standing out even more. However, because it predicted the development of the city earlier than anything else, it was the proof that it settled down before than anyone else. Its dignified posture brought about an appearance like it made the youngsters serve it.

And Charles’s office was on the top office of that building.

Actually, inside of it, there was a bar counter installed, the room was so wide that even c.o.c.ktail parties were thrown.

It had a modern and chic interior design.

And a panoramic view beyond the gla.s.s windows that occupied half of the walls.

It was very difficult to believe this was the office of the head of a Magic a.s.sociation.

Charles liked to sprawl on the sofa and overlook the city in a corner of the room. He felt like he could affirm what he gained in a life of strife after strife.

The head in his tender age of 20, clad in the dignity of a veteran who lived twice his age, kept admiring the scenery outside the window calmly.

The lights of the building, the lights of the houses, the lights of the cars――

The countless lights turned on; what a gorgeous and dazzling night view of Paris.

– Don’t you get tired of it?

Charles got up and received the gla.s.s as he replied to the words of the beautiful black woman who brought a c.o.c.ktail from the counter.

– Look. These large amounts of cars are in a hurry. Many people live fast for the sake of their goals and the various expectations in their hearts. The roads are blood vessels, the cars are the blood, the arteries of Paris are flooded with vitality, but…. I like the city and its scenery.

– Are you a poet now? If everyone were to hear you, they would open their eyes wide in surprise.

– Worry not. I won’t say these embarra.s.sing things unless I’m in front of you.

– If you want, you should whisper a poem of love as well.

– Nonsense. How am I going to do something embarra.s.sing like that?

– Is that a yes or no? You’re really a bothersome person. Fufu.

– My bad.

When Charles let the gla.s.s to meet his surly face, the beautiful woman smiled and sat down next to him.

The charming woman had finely chiseled features that felt similar to a splendid flower.

Her name was Flavie Sako.

She was a five-year-old business partner, a master of magic, a comrade in arms with whom won through power struggles, the right arm of「Cradle of the Sun」, the vice-head of the French Division and above all else, his fiancé who vowed each other the future.

– Remember. How many years took me to make this scenery my own? If I don’t rely on its charm and look at it twice at least, then I won’t get back what I invested.

– You have such a narrow-mindedness, still, you’re cute.

Flavie kissed Charles’s hair with her lips wet with alcohol.

It felt embarra.s.sing and lovely.

Charles thought back upon absentmindedly as he overlooked the flow of cars that felt like a fast-forward video.

Charles lived in Paris, he was the third son of a very ordinary family.

He didn’t remember the face of his parents anymore. He was noticed and adopted by the previous Saint-Germain at the age of 7, then received the basics of magic.

Hundreds of years have pa.s.sed since「Cradle of the Sun」was formed.

The organization became stiff with conservatism and authority, so it innovated, and the will of the first generation head degenerated to then be forgotten.

Originally, the abilities of the magicians were not inherited. Despite that, whenever they discovered children with the qualities of a magician, and accepted them by adopting them, family lineages not tied by blood were made, family lineages in name but not in reality were made, a lineage was made, and the absurd group, that competed having an ancient and honorable origin among the a.s.sociations, degenerated. *

*TN: Magicians is the furigana reading for Dark Saviors.

Charles was a direct descendant of his predecessor.

His most precious lineage was revered since childhood.

Actually, his talent for Dark Arts was by far the best, they entrusted their future with him.

However, the person in question went mad at the age of 13.

No――what happened was that he was born again, a turning point had arrived.

One day, Charles, who headed to the vault to procure an elixir under the order of his foster father Guy, met Flavie who just was on control duty that day.

Charles was a boy in the middle of p.u.b.erty, the beauty of her physical appearance was noticeable, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her.

Though it wasn’t to the degree of calling it first love, he felt his chest throbbed.

After that, he would go to see Flavie without being seen by his foster father again and again. It was simple at first, his intention was「beautiful Onee-san」, but he gradually was attracted by her gentle and sincere personality, her hidden intelligence and her deep knowledge of Dark Arts. He became aware of a new charm every time he saw her, and became a victim of love.

However, at that time, that was a love not allowed in「Cradle of the Sun」.

This ridiculous organization, which was obsessed with tradition and authority, looked down on non-white people with French nationality from the time of his grandparents.

They gathered the ones who had the qualities of a magician, but put them in the lowest cla.s.s of the organizational hierarchy. It was a worthless tradition.

When Charles met Flavie, he realized that foolishness and worthlessness.

In addition to her, he got to know powerful magicians such as Zlatan, Blaise, Dario and Émilienne among the despised ones that stayed in the same level of cla.s.s in great numbers and who were put in the roles of close aides in the present.

Therefore, Charles followed his own sense of justice and his love for Flavie ――and rose in revolt.

– Don’t let it stagnate. Harvest new blood and mix it.

He led those who continued being oppressed by the slogan, continued fighting with the conservatives led by his foster father Guy, and after about 4 years of conflict, he made the old blood yield head-on with his strength.

All those who didn’t surrender, including his foster father Guy who was the symbol of the former power, were purged.

That was how he achieved this building――the Magic a.s.sociation「Cradle of the Sun」 in his hand.

And the birth of the 11th Paris Saint-Germain.

– I swear. That I’ll continue to protect this scenery. With you.

The modern townscape of La Défense seen from the windows.

The traditional townscape around the Eiffel Tower.

The panoramic scenery like he could have an unbroken view of the capital. Charles embraced Flavie gently and raised his gla.s.s towards her.

The gin, dry vermouth and crème de ca.s.sis c.o.c.ktail was strikingly red as brand new blood, he drank it up in one go after he enjoyed it with his eyes.

– For that, I’ll keep up the pace with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Edward, serve as the head of this d.a.m.n and troublesome French Division and kill all the s.h.i.+tty and bothersome metaphysical.

He rudely wiped his red-dyed lips.

– I know, but Charles――

Flavie received the emptied gla.s.s and became rapidly depressed as she set it aside.

– Shouldn’t we also care for those behind us, the French Division?

– It’s useless. Why would I care about the politicians?

– If you leave those negotiations to Chloe and me, we can make it happen?

– Give me a break. How am I going to make you do exactly the same as dirtying your hands?

– It makes me happy that you take good care of us, but we aren’t just society smooth talkers, are we?

– It’s for that reason. Those who are most troubled by the metaphysical that devastate countries are the powerful ones. And we’re the only ones who can hunt metaphysical. If so, the ones currying up to them will be us? Those guys? It doesn’t need explanation, does it?

– That’s why I’m a smooth talker. The irrationality that twists reason spreads in this world as much as it likes. Do you know what the conservative politicians think of us?

– The conservatives again…

Charles grinded his teeth.

One year has pa.s.sed since the metaphysical began to appear and the White Knight Organization was formed.

The conservative politicians, which was the current ruling party that dealt with this information that wasn’t made known to the public yet, thought about it.

――At this rate, if the frequency of the apparition of these monsters keep increasing, will we really be able to conceal it?

――If so, wouldn’t it be better to officially announce it at a time convenient for us?

――Yes, for example, during the next election.

――We’ll largely spread that we have the support of the heroes.*

*TN: Heroes is the furigana reading for White Knight Organization.

It wasn’t a real story yet because taking off in France only without the consent of other countries meant diplomatic problems would outbreak.

However, it was certainly considered.

And the problem here was….

Now, if they introduced the Saviors of the French Division to the people of the country as heroes, it would be a problem if black people and immigrant children were blended with the leaders――to spatter such incorrigible thoughtless words, that disgraceful lot stood for exclusivism and elitism!

– But are those guys wide-awake to their interest? For example, if we lend them more than enough election campaign funds, they’ll think they’ll have to withdraw their principles and position.

– I’ll say it again. It’s useless. Inevitable.

– Hey, aren’t you strangely getting worked up? Are you… hiding something from me again?

– I’m not. Won’t you be imagining it?

The poker face of Charles this time was perfect even for his troublesomeness.

He was able to hide the secret he had from Flavie with whom had a long relations.h.i.+p and was sensitive to other people’s subtleties.

It had been decided that Charles would forever regret what he had done.

– To tell you the truth, I’m anxious…. Did you hear babsama’s prophecy?

– I haven’t.

– Tomorrow, 『Cradle of the Sun』will be engulfed in an unimaginable sorrow――do you think this ominous divine revelation will occur?

– As if. What that invites is needless anxiety and not something ominous. Are you aware that only one out of ten prophecies of that old woman comes true? The remaining nine are just nonsense, it’s meaningless to worry about them.

– But you don’t know if the dreadfulness of the prophecy is in fact that one out of ten, do you?

– I’ve had enough. You’re tired. And the management of the French Division you aren’t used to is playing with you.

Charles got up from the sofa and prepared another drink at the bar counter. He gave preference to quickness so the amount wasn’t the best.

Flavie’s lips gradually became softer as she watched such sloppy recipe.

– You’re so delicate and precise when it comes to Dark Arts but when it’s something else, you’re extremely sloppy at it.

– Be glad. This is Saint-Germain’s model, isn’t it?

He answered the joking Flavie with a sour-looking face and took the completed c.o.c.ktail.

– Take it. It’s break time so let’s have a break. I pray so that you and I are enveloped by joys we can’t imagine tomorrow. Cheers.

– I can’t believe Saint-Germain-sama gave me a cup, this is the greatest honor for a magician.

– Nonsense. Why can’t you lead this toast to a more certain atmosphere?

– I wonder which mouth says so! You’re truly a bothersome person.

The two of them sat side by side on the sofa again and let their meet as they cherished the night view of Paris.

They had a wandering lighthearted talk and the alcohol went from one to two――Flavie fell asleep like a thread being cut.

The elixir that Charles mixed with the c.o.c.ktail worked.

– Forgive me. Tomorrow, when you wake up, I’ll surely be by your side and I’ll whisper to your ears that I love you as much as you want. No matter how embarra.s.sing it is.

He caressed the cheeks of the beautiful woman, but by the time he got up, his face had changed.

From the face of a hard-to-please lover.

To the face of the cool-headed, mighty and unparalleled head of the Magic a.s.sociation. He called Chloe using the extension telephone of his desk.

He ordered her to stand by in advance, so the woman with curly beige hair turned up at once.

– I leave her to you.

A simple instruction. Because of that, the excellent subordinate guessed everything that he felt.

– Understood. But Flavie really couldn’t notice anything?

– It will be done in no time. I didn’t want her to worry too much or shoulder it.

– Consult it with Blaise or the others…

– I said. It will be done in no time.

As Flavie felt dubious, Charles had a secret.

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The other day, there were threats from those considered as the extreme far right among the conservative politicians.

――Kick out non pure-blooded people from the French Division within a week.

――Otherwise, that black woman you love will meet sorrow.

――The one we hired is the “Invisible”.

――You know who that one is, don’t you? There is no way for you to go against us, your only choice is to satisfy our demands.

That was very foolish and insignificant.

The deadline was tonight, and since there was not even a particle of volition in Charles to satisfy their demands, they would surely attack Flavie. Those guys of the far right respected honor at least. He didn’t think this was a bluff or that they would postpone the notice date.

– … The rumored Savior killer of Saviors. Does it actually exist?

Uneasiness appeared on Chloe’s facial expression.


That nickname was abhorred like the G.o.d of death within the White Knight Organization.

Unknown ident.i.ty. Unknown purposes. However, it was hired by someone like them this time.

Out of the blue, an attack notice would be sent about the target Saviors to attack them under the cover of darkness.

Those who were targeted ended up disappearing in the night.

No clues were left behind, the criminal’s modus operandi was unknown, it was certainly invisible.

Five victims in half a year since the first claimed victim appeared, they had a 100% success rate.

Two leaders from the j.a.panese Division and American Division and one leader from the British Headquarters disappeared.

It was mentioned that all five of them were powerful Saviors.

Charles cautiously kept an eye on the of the faultless Russian Division――

– Come now. I don’t care if it’s true or not, and it’s unrelated to who may come. I’ll protect Flavie.

He replied, looking uninterested and unconcerned and pressed the switch on the console. The window shutters came down while making a slight sound.

In addition to their durability that used industrial technology, it was a specially made to confer protection by Dark Arts.

Given the situation, the office became a decent fortress.

Charles made sure that the shutters came down completely then left the office.

There was only one route that led to the room.

Charles pretended to keep watch here.

The ventilation duct was not large enough for people to pa.s.s through.

Only one part of the windows was structured to open with a mechanism operated from inside as an emergency exit, but the shutters protected it.

And if they were to climb the walls with Mongyoku and the like, they would have to destroy the shutters to invade, which was against the modus operandi of “Invisible”, and if he heard a sound, he would rush there.

Even if they were an invisible, and unless they went beyond this narrow pathway where Charles blocked the way, they had no way to lay a single finger on Flavie.

He took a distance of 20 meters from the elevator and lie in wait.

Even if the enemy were to use G.o.dlike Movement from point-blank range, the two Golems that hung on his waist would completely stop their approach and in the meanwhile, it would be possible for him to welcome them with his maximum Dark Art attack.

However, that would be intentional, he took a distance that felt excessively cautious.

He had a perfect posture.

Charles protected the pa.s.sage with a heart and without carelessness or arrogance.

With absolute no gaps.

A frozen-like feeling of tension continued stretching throughout the pa.s.sage.

It felt like his life span would shorten just by getting a glimpse of it, he transformed into a fierce G.o.d and continued staring at the elevator.

With absolute no slack.

Charles was impatient, he had a personality that valued every moment, so he wondered how many hours he would be like that, but kept his watch very patiently without moving.

This was possible because of Flavie.

He could only do this because of Flavie.

The pocket watch was already thrown away to the floor.

Today, every single second of this night was dedicated to his love for Flavie. And so, the hands of the abandoned watch pointed to 2 am. Suddenly――the floor display of the elevator began to move.

The numbers increased hectically in order from the first floor.

Tonight, apart from Flavie and Chloe, he ordered all the a.s.sociation employees to leave the building….

Charles spread his fine and beautiful hands.

Then slowly snapped the joints of his ten fingers.

He let a ruthless as ice and fierce as flames fighting spirit get much more excited.

Finally, the lightning display showed the top floor.

The doors of the elevator opened to the left and right without a sound like a ghost.

『Flames become a fervent mercy that makes   All the chaos of good and evil concentrate and purify, becoming equal』

Together with that, Charles began the chanting of Flare and used the index finger of his right hand to put ancient magic characters into written form.

The flames, which were manifested at a dexterous speed before the doors of the elevator opened, were fired.

Without considering who was inside. It was unnecessary to say he was impatient.

For that reason, no subordinate was in the building.

If a subordinate infringed Charles’s order――then it was an enemy no matter who they were.

The raging and dancing flames went straight ahead without licking the floor, walls or ceiling as if filling up the narrow pa.s.sage and burned to exhaustion every corner of the elevator. He didn’t aim to give them an atom of s.p.a.ce to dodge them.

He could hear the screams of an agonizing death from the elevator, though he couldn’t hear them right away.

They inhaled the flames, their vocal cords and lungs seemed to be hideously burned.

Although it wasn’t to the extent of Vasilisa, the Dark Arts of PSG had super first-cla.s.s magical powers.

Its power could be easily guessed.


『Child of Ice  Child of Snow Lend me your breath  Make them freeze with your ferocious breath』

Charles used the next Dark Art without a moment’s delay.

He used the index finger of his left hand to spell it.

1st Rank Dark Art White Breath.

A raging cold dominated after the bursting flames trampled down the pa.s.sage to exhaustion towards the back of the elevator; the floor, walls and ceiling were densely covered with frost.

It killed all the creatures that existed on the road and dyed it all to every corner.

『Flames become a fervent mercy that makes   All the chaos of good and evil concentrate and purify, becoming equal』

One more time, Charles’s Flare!

This time, he spelled it using his right index finger. A continuous attack without taking a rest. A coordination of Dark Arts done by a single person.

What came after the second Flare, was another White Breath. Followed by Flare.

Just like a precision machine, Charles continued using Dark Arts quickly and accurately, without experiencing fatigue.

This was why he was Paris Saint-Germain.

Heretic Dark Arts were diligently studied over hundreds of years.

A tradition.

He didn’t know who the opponent was. It was of no concern to him.

He increased the one-sided attacks, thoroughly added continuous attacks and crushed them to death without mercy or blame.

Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath, Flare, White Breath――

If the target of were himself, he felt he wouldn’t have gone this far.

However, they were aiming at his beloved woman, so Charles rampaged ruthlessly.

He finally stopped his hand when the number of fired Dark Arts really exceeded a hundred.

Finally, and like a Chinese martial artist, he deeply exhaled in silence and submerged his still smoldering fighting spirit.

The pa.s.sage that had been polished up every day without fail was cruelly destroyed.

It was tormented alternately by a very high temperature and very low temperature, it changed into a miserable state. It looked like scratches, like fingernail marks were left all disordered.

The elevator lost its function long ago, it had died out.

With the exception of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Edward, no matter what Savior was in there, even the bones would have disappeared completely.

Practically an invisible way of dying.

Charles confirmed the scenery that changed to scorched earth and turned back.

But he immediately stopped walking,

– Dammit. Now how Flavie and Chloe are going to go down?

He put a sour-looking face due to his own stupidity.

It was inevitable.

His consciousness was completely concentrated on how to protect Flavie.

(Well, Blaise or one of them will do something in the morning)

Charles concluded so and returned to the office where his beloved women was asleep.

Inside, Chloe was alone, and on the ground.

Charles was lost for words.

A magician whose intelligence was his greatest weapon could think of nothing for an instant.

His whole body trembled, but thanks to that, the stiffness of his body decreased.

– Chloe! What happened!? Where’s Flavie!?

He rushed over to his collapsed subordinate and checked her condition.

She was breathing.

But she was completely unconscious.

– Where’s Flavie! Come on, answer me!

Charles surveyed all over the room as he held Chloe’s upper body.

Thereupon, he finally realized that all the shutters were raised and that the emergency window had been released. Both were impossible to move unless they were operated from inside.

Only a blue, azure crescent moon similar to a scar engraved in the sky looked down on Charles.

– What’s … the meaning of all this…? What the h.e.l.l happened…? What the h.e.l.l is thiiis!?

Charles shouted to the limits of his voice.

A sorrowful shout echoed, disappearing into the darkness hidden outside the window.

Then Chloe woke up and talked about the situation.

She didn’t know what happened.

She opened her laptop next to the sleeping Flavie and did office work the whole time. The Golems, which were guarding the room, had no reaction. The shutters weren’t raised and the windows weren’t open――that was her last memory.

Her consciousness went dark without any signs or previous notice.

The rest was as Charles knew.

He heard it, but he didn’t get it.

Even if someone went up via elevator and that agonizing death was a decoy, how on earth the “Invisible” invaded the office without being noticed by anyone?

Were they then a Dark Savior who excelled at spy-like abilities like Blaise?

No――Charles wasn’t someone who would fail to notice such a thing, and being able to endure a fierce attack of fire and ice was something that made no sense.

What if there was a Dark Savior with a The Origin probably called perfect teleportation with less limitations than the Erratic Portal of the recently and often rumored “Witch of Gates”?

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No――even if that was true, it was impossible that a sign of magic power wasn’t detected by Chloe to then make them faint with Dark Arts.

To be knocked down with the likes of a blunt weapon while hiding the sound of their footsteps… was simply out of the equation. When it came to hand-to-hand combat, the golems, which could compete with Light Saviors, should deal with them swiftly.

Unknown ident.i.ty. Unknown modus operandi.

“Invisible” established a legend that should be feared once again.

The morning greeted them, Charles trembled with a sorrow he could never imagine.

The prophecy of the old woman proved to be right.

He came down to the surface with Chloe on a helicopter prepared by Blaise, but she had no recollection of that time.

Chloe felt responsible for her own mistake as well, she was sunk in sorrow because she lost her friend; her face had grown pale.

Even though she was taken to Blaise’s mansion and sat on the sofa next to each other, her soul felt like it would come out.

How much time pa.s.sed without saying something to the other?

As soon as Blaise returned, he kneeled down on one knee in front of Charles.

– I have something to report.

– ……

Charles, as absentminded as he was, kept staring at the floor without replying.

The words of the black young man only pa.s.sed through from his right ear to the left ear without echoing anywhere.

Blaise got troubled for a moment, but he politely spread the laptop he carried under his armpit.

– Please take a look at this.

– ……

Charles gave no answer as expected and kept staring at the floor.

His chest was dominated by sorrow, he had no willpower welling up to do anything.

Even raising his face was troublesome.

– Good grief. You really are a troublesome person, aren’t you?

The amazed voice of Blaise.

Immediately after that, he forced his way through.

He thrust the screen of the laptop before the very eyes of Charles.

– ……

Even turning his face away was troublesome, he looked at the screen absentmindedly.

At first, the eyes slid over the characters without getting in his head.

However――his gaze stopped at a certain point.

He traced those characters one more time.

The name of a man recognized as the leader of the far right politicians.

The name of the offender who sent the threatening letter and hired “Invisible”.

The name of the fellow who hated them but wasn’t worthy of their hate.

When Charles s.n.a.t.c.hed the laptop from him, he stood up vigorously and chased the information displayed on the screen with intense concentration.

A newsflash on the internet.

It greatly featured a traffic accident with the result of deceased person.

The name of that man was reported as the victim.

– I’m sorry. I had to do something, so I investigated on my own and I dealt with him.

Blaise informed with a mild voice.

In other words, he killed him and feigned it was an accident. That hated fellow.

– But it keeps going. Zlatan and Émilienne are furious.

Charles heard the report, clenched his teeth and endured the tears.

Still, it seemed the tears would overflow, so he quickly stared up at the ceiling.

He languidly hung both arms and the laptop. Then shouted, trying to squeeze his voice out.

– I…. Should have done that from the beginning…!

Anger and regret.

Feelings of remorse that seemed to burn his body to exhaustion.

No, if his body really burned with these emotions, then how good was that?

– Let’s stop being bothersome, alright?

Blaise stood up and shook his head politely.

– You aren’t someone who can immaturely raise his fist high in the sky against ordinary enemies. You have never thought of such a cowardly action, am I right? But it’s for that reason we like Charles-sama.

– … Scold me, more.

– Even when you’re depressed you’re bothersome, you know…? Then, from this moment, you should just leave the dirty work to us. If the enemies are the far right politicians who have lots of enemies and grudge they brought upon themselves, then it’ll be easy to even walk around so they can’t complain about the future troubles that will come out.

Blaise smiled meekly.

– Walk around… can’t complaint… future troubles, huh.

– Yes. The opposing faction of those far right guys will be protected by us, we’ll cut off the relations.h.i.+p with those guys with money then let them lay their hands on those guys as much as they want. It’s certainly impossible for us to antagonize all the powerful ones. That’s why we’ll walk around, bring them to our side and pretend to flatter them up when in fact we’re manipulating them.

– You! Are you making me getting my hands dirty against my will!?

Charles raised his left hand.

And looked hard at his beautiful hand.

He grasped it tightly with all his strength. He felt like the nails bit into the skin and blood oozed.

– Blaise said it just now, didn’t he? Please don’t carry this alone.

A hand was put on top of his hand.

And gently undid the fist.

It was the hand of Chloe whose eyes recovered their light and snuggled up to his side.

– That’s right. Please think of our hards.h.i.+ps that you swing around every time you rush of your own accord. You’re really bothersome.

Blaise gave a harsh but honest advice.

Charles contemplated… and carefully considered while staring up… and finally, he concluded.

He shook off Chloe’s hand.

– I decline. Not take it upon myself and myself only? Give me a break. I’ll make you take it upon myself. Like h.e.l.l you’re going to do something.

– Haaa… you’re really tiresome. So much that you make things worse.

– But that’s how I am. I’m not the same me who relies and cares about others anymore. This new I will do whatever I like. Now you’ll meet me.

He declared resolutely.

He had regret. But he couldn’t surrender because of something of that degree.

If he were to surrender again, he would no longer be the Charles that Flavie loved.

– Don’t let it stagnate. Harvest new blood and mix it.

Chloe and Blaise were surprised.

When Charles wiped his tears, trying to shake them off with his finger, he tossed the laptop and started walking.

– Tell the others. We’ll stir the stagnated system of government of the powerful ones. A new order will be established by the Saviors. Even if we don’t have the power now… even if we have to cater to the powerful ones… one day… with these hands of mine… I’ll certainly!

He made the burning rage in his chest boil instead of soothing it.

Unless he got mad, the empty hole that lost Flavie wouldn’t be filled.

– Follow me without saying anything.

– Fufu. Understood. To be honest, because you’re bothersome, it will be interesting to work for you.

– We, the entire strength under the command of『Cradle of the Sun』, will accompany you to the bitter end.

Blaise smiled and Chloe a.s.sented with a meek face.

Charles went out of the building as he led those two people.

He encouraged his body that seemed it would collapse with a feeling of loss that resembled nihility and continued advancing like he dragged his feet.

He looked up. And turned to the front.

To become stronger.

To have a bigger organization.

He threw himself into training flames as if tormenting himself thoroughly and carried out a forced expansion of the French Division as a cruel and cold-hearted ruler.

As an individual, as the head of the organization, stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger――

So that n.o.body would think of trying to turn their blade towards Charles anymore.

So that no one would think of trying to make a move on what was important for Charles anymore.

The best pupils of「Cradle of the Sun」served him well, but there were many things to do yet and years pa.s.sed away in the twinkling of an eye.

Five years have pa.s.sed since he lost Flavie.

And on a certain day, the old woman had a prophecy.

As soon as he heard the name of an eyesore man named Haimura Moroha, he received a divine revelation.

It said――

This man was born with a hapless fate.

If it were to be compared to something, that would be huge overlapping laws equivalent to two heroes.*

Even White Knights are attracted to big undulations, even that Lightning Empress was gulped down.

And so, not even Charles-sama is the exception. He absolutely doesn’t have to be afraid of it.

If you were to get close to this man’s hapless fate, you will surely be guided to where Flavie is.

*TN: Law is the furigana reading for fate.

– ――Guided by that prophecy, we came to j.a.pan.

Chloe exhibited a fervent speech, absorbed in it.

She bent herself forward from the park bench and grabbed Moroha’s shoulders.

Maya, who was between them, seemed to be uncomfortable.

– A… prophecy?

Moroha looked at the hands that grabbed his shoulders alternately.

Chloe realized that and let his shoulders go in panic and sat down deeply on the bench.

Moroha averted his gaze for a moment,

– That’s the real reason why Charles wants to scout me, huh…. If it’s as the prophecy says, then that means that if he’s with me, he can meet again with Flavie-san?

– You think that’s a suspicious-looking story, don’t you? I understand if you can’t believe it. But our company really does have an owner of those Ancestral Arts. Her hitting ratio is one out of ten, but she clearly guessed the date and time of the apparition of the first metaphysical that attacked France and the true ident.i.ty and the whereabouts of the Chinese Division Head who decided to not respond to the call of the government.

– Is that so…? That guesswork sure is impossible.

Honestly, if lot of fair things were said for the “one out of ten”, then the ones among them that were true wouldn’t be fake, would they?

– That means that all the people in the French Division believes the prophecies of the old woman-san?

– That differs from person to person. I… came to believe all of them now. That night, if we had seriously believed the prophecy of babsama and had taken more measures, I think we probably wouldn’t have lost Flavie, but it scares me to doubt it even if I know in my head that it’s no more than one out of ten.

This seemed to be some kind of trauma.

Chloe confessed, feeling sorry.

– Charles too?

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– No, it is different for him. In the past and now, he laughs it off and does not lend an ear to anyone. When I heard babsama’s prophecy, I brought to his attention that Flavie might be alive, but despite that, he got angry and did not cling to such naïve dream, to the extent he did not pay attention to me at all at first. Because unlike me, he is… a strong person.

– But he changed his mind now?

– For the time being, yes, because it’s confirmed that this is the one out of ten that hit the mark.

Oh, Moroha understood.

– Babsama’s prophecy has been half realized. That ruffian Edward, who seems friendly and isn’t totally frank, trusts you so much that even the Grimoire Holder Lightning Empress Vasilisa was defeated before you. He realized that no one could believe that and n.o.body believed that.

For Moroha, Charles seemed like he appeared all of a sudden, however, from Charles’s point of view, this meant he visited him at the perfect moment and with a clear reason.

– Now you understand, right? You are our hope. So… please…. As you see….

Chloe begged with a worried face.

Moroha scratched his head.

Between them, Maya had a troubled expression.

– … This is so sad desu. … I want Flavie-san to come back. …But, Maya doesn’t want Moroha to go to France nanodesu…. Maya is a fiend nanodesu….

She looked up at him with an anxious face. Chloe’s tragic but brave eyes.

Maya’s moist eyes.

Moroha, who directly took the two gazes that had approximately the same amount of enthusiasm, put his hand on Maya’s head.

And patted it gently.

– I would like to ask Chloe-san a favor.

In contrast, he began to talk with a strong voice.

Maya jumped under his palm.

The girl, who was her roommate, understood just by listening to his voice.

Moroha was irritated.

But Chloe didn’t grasp that and replied vigorously.

– Yes! Please ask anything, I will do what I can.

– I want to see and talk to Charles. Directly.

– T-that is… I will confirm that with Charles-sama right away…. What would you talk about, I wonder? You made up your mind so you will go to France?

– I’m not going.

– Eh…?

Moroha declared flatly and shook his head in denial; Chloe looked like she received a shock.

– Y-you do not believe… my words?

– It’s not that. I don’t think that Chloe-san is such a shallow person.

Moroha smiled at her, but his eyes never smiled.

– The more I listen to you, the less I want to go. I’ll never go.

He resolutely announced with the same strong tone of voice.

Chloe was just confused.

– Why…?

– That’s why I’ll talk directly to Charles. Please let me meet him.

This time, it was Moroha’s turn to pour a gaze with an amount of enthusiasm on Chloe.

Chloe kept silent and peeked at Moroha’s look.

She seemed to be unable to infer what Moroha was thinking.

But eventually, she nodded deeply, like she was pressed by Moroha’s gaze.

– Understood…. As things are, we will not come to a settlement, will we? I will ask Charles-sama.

Chloe opened her pouch and tried to take out cell phone.


– It looks like the negotiations came to nothing, Chloe-sama!

She heard a shout from somewhere.

「「「Decisive Will!」」」

Furthermore, several Dark Arts chanting that were familiar to Moroha. Sharp killing intent drew near from three sides.

– Hold on to me, Maya!

– Kyaah!

Moroha held Maya’s small waist with his right hand and immediately stepped back and jumped with a backward somersault.

He used G.o.dlike Movement to jump several meters in an instant.

An instant later, the bench on which Moroha and Maya were sitting was skewered by three swords.

Maya shuddered in his arm.

Each one of the four park entrances were blocked by a number of men in suits.

A matching saber hung on everyone’s waist.

– What’s your plan? Were you after Maya and not me?

Moroha demanded an explanation towards those guys with a cold voice.

His irritation wasn’t just to that level.

He let the anger that was transmitted to everyone fill his voice.

As was expected, no one tried to reply.

All the members who blocked the entrances had an extremely serious face, without saying anything.

– You guys! Why are you here!? Why are you doing this!?

On the other hand, Chloe’s confusion wasn’t the same as before.

Moreover, her cell phone began to ring.

– It’s Charles-sama…

Chloe answered the phone by reflex.

Moroha picked up the voice that could be heard leaking out with Divine Hearing right away.

『You heard it. You failed, didn’t you?』

Chloe looked around those who blocked the entrances bewilderingly.

And glared at them provokingly.

In other words, those guys listened attentively the conversation between Moroha and Chloe, heard the refusal of Moroha and immediately spread it to report it to Charles.

『Therefore. Switch over to Plan D』

– Please wait!

『I won’t. Don’t make me say it more than once』

Charles told her with an ill-humored voice and ended the call.

Chloe was dumbfounded, she was at a loss for words.

– What’s Plan D?

However, she came to her senses when Moroha asked her,

– … If you don’t comply with the scouting, the people you cherish should be hurt and kidnapped…. So that you’ll chase him to France――

Like when you went to Russia for a girl――the words of Chloe attempted to say so,

– What the h.e.l.l?

The subdued voice of Moroha interrupted her.

– Eh…?

– What the… h.e.l.l?

Finally, Chloe, who was bathed in the fierce intent of Moroha that easily surpa.s.sed something like anger, flinched from that.

– Should hurt them? Should kidnap them? The ones I… cherish?

– Hii…

Chloe twisted on the bench to escape from Moroha’s gaze.

– I understand. … That’s your way of doing things, isn’t it?

Moroha spat out with a penetrating cold-like voice.

At that very moment, the group that blocked the entrance broke into the park all together. The sabers they wore began to move by themselves and were held as if being handled by invisible men.

Each one of them wore a sword, so all of them were Golems.

Moreover, that performance looked unusually good for ma.s.s produced items. As expected of a Magic a.s.sociation with a history of several hundreds of years.

Furthermore, each person that rushed into the park began a 3rd Rank Dark Arts spelling with a skilled manner of using their hands.

Moroha looked broadly and grasped everything around him.

– Maya. The developed thing, you have it, right?

– B-but but, I don’t have time to adjust it and it needs 30 seconds to deploy desu.

– That’s all I need. Do it.

– R-roger desu.

Maya, who was still held in his arm, took out the crystal from her pouch.

And hurled it in the air with an「Ei」.

The crystal immediately began to expand at an unthinkable speed, lost its shape like a light dream, extended to the entire park with a rainbow-colored brilliance and lastly, it dispersed perfectly as if fusing with the world.

A Barrier Dark Arts. s.h.i.+mon Maya’s The Origin.

Its name was Dreamstone High Drain.

– It’s finished off, the phase of the living things cannot be s.h.i.+fted desu.

– I know that too.

Moroha put ancient magic characters into written form with his free left hand and chanted.

There is purgatory in the realm of the dead   There are burning fields on the surface

Flames become a merciful compa.s.sion that makes   All the chaos of good and evil concentrate and purify, becoming equal

All people will die  And return to skull

This irony is a greater desolation   Of my hometown reduced to black earth

Cry  G.o.d abandoned people

The world of decadence is eternal  The trumpets must blare  The hour of judgment has come

– A 6th, so easily…

Chloe gazed at him in wonderment.

The 6th Rank Dark Arts that Moroha started later was completed faster than the 3rd one of the magicians who broke into.

A fireball manifested above Moroha’s head.

A flame with an actually deep crimson color that was out of this world.

Moroha fired it and threw it violently in the middle of the park.

And exploded! Because a sweltering hit violently exploded, an unimaginable and powerful hot gust of wind spread in four, sixteen directions and swept over as if whirling.

This wasn’t a direct hit, but just an aftermath.

It completely gulped down the 3rd Rank Dark Arts the magicians fired on the spur of the moment, not only that, they were noisily mowed down and fainted.

Chloe was the only one to not be taken lightly, she bent down at once and somehow let the blast go past her with Red Ward.

She curled herself up, became pale in fear and kept her consciousness while trembling.

The area that was. .h.i.t directly could only be called a disastrous scene.

The ground was deeply and widely gouged in a mortar-like shape, the ground surface was transformed into bubbling lava.

Some of the playground equipment that was swallowed up dissolved completely, their shape collapsed viscously.

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The place of relaxation, with just a blow, was changed to a scene as if the iron pot of h.e.l.l was opened.

– This will soon return to how it was before… I can’t believe it nanodesu.

Moroha, who had embraced the amazed Maya with one hand and jumped high with G.o.dlike Movement, overlooked the nightmarish scenery.

He landed, glanced at Chloe who still trembled and turned on his heels.

– Please…

Her trembling voice was heard on his back.

– Forgive Charles-sama…

Just her voice came out from her head she held out.

– Why are you doing things like this?

In the end, Moroha’s voice got really cold.

– ……

Chloe said nothing.

Because she knew there was no excuse or the slightest bit of thing that could be done by them.

On top of that, she even went beyond was right and wrong, she prostrated before him and begged for the impossible.

– I’m going.

Moroha replied nothing more than that and tried to leave promptly.

He couldn’t stand there doing nothing when he thought about the people other than Maya being targeted.

The lot who came to attack them were too disappointing. He thought that maybe this wasn’t the real strength of the French Division. If so, then everyone else were more dangerous.

– Five people! Five distinguished and powerful people from『Cradle of the Sun』came to j.a.pan. They are ought to aim at the members of Strikers.

The desperate cry of Chloe.

A feeling, that her real intention was not to fight each other, was transmitted. At least from her.

Moroha grinded his teeth.

(Really…. Why don’t they leave me alone?)

If Moroha were told that it was because he had a hapless fate, he would want to smash it up with all his strength.

He left the park at an enraged pace.

He ran like a beast with G.o.dlike Movement and jumped like the wind with Decrease Weight.

He ran and jumped from the roof of a private house to a roof, then from the rooftop of a building to a rooftop.

He killed two birds with one stone: a shortcut in a straight line and avoided being noticed by others.

Maya in his arm clung to him.

– Aren’t you scared, Maya?

– I’m okay nanodesu. It feels better than running down a mountain desu.

– Maya is a woman who loves thrill, doesn’t she?

He felt like he was saved by the cheerful reply of Maya in the midst of a disorienting rage.

His head got a bit cold.

– Maya, get in contact with the cleaning group. I’ll call the shopping group.

– Understood nanodesu.

Was it good luck or bad luck that all the members of Selections casually gathered in two places today?

s.h.i.+zuno answered the phone at the third ring.

『Moroha! Are you guys safe?』

With the first words she said after opening her mouth, he understood that the shopping group was also being attacked.

He wanted to click his tongue.

– Yeah, we’re good. And you?

『We’re being attacked by two high-ranked knights of《Les éléments》.  Somehow, we’ve hold our ground so far』

Not everything was dark.

If his memory didn’t fail him, the shopping group, apart from s.h.i.+zuno, had strong people like Satsuki and Haruka.

He didn’t know anything about《Les éléments》, but he guessed that they might be two of the five people that Chloe said moments ago.

– Got it. Keep holding out as much as you can. I’ll be hurrying up my――

– I want you to wait, Moroha!

Maya, in his right arm, shouted at the ear held against the cell phone.

– The cleaning group seems to be in a big pinch nanodesu! Tokiko-oneesan request reinforcements nanodesu!

As expected, Moroha shuddered.

His feet stopped involuntarily in shock.

– Isurugi-senpai is there, or it’s still undoable?

There should be other team members gathered there such as Sophia, Taketsuru and Kamekichi.

– It seems that Captain-san isn’t coming due to urgent matters desu!

– This is terrible…

Of all things, it had to be now.

Since his right hand was blocked by Maya and the left one by the cell phone, he was at his wits’ end.

– What are you going to do desu, Moroha?

Maya let out a discouraged voice.

The situation grew worse as he hesitated.

He should immediately decide which one of them he would go to help, so Maya got his attention.


『I heard it all』

s.h.i.+zuno cut into the conversation with a slightly tensed voice.

『So, Moroha should go to the church. I’ll do what I can here. I’ll take half of your burden』

– … Are you really sure?

『Why wouldn’t I?』

The tension disappeared from s.h.i.+zuno’s voice.

『It doesn’t matter the predicament you’re in, my duty is to help you, isn’t it?』

As soon as he heard her, the hesitation of Moroha completely disappeared.

Her words that quickly fit in his ear as if he had heard them thousands of times.

Her tone of voice. Her vocal sound.

He showed immediate results to them. Moroha mustered his courage again.

A deep strong bond and trust as if they were connected to the bottom of their souls.

A great joy as if he felt it and experienced it in his whole body.

– Understood. I leave it to you.

『That makes me happy. You left it to me?』

*TN: I don’t understand the question of s.h.i.+zuno here, she says almost the same but in pa.s.sive and past.

Moroha finished the call and put a stop on his feet.

He was going at an incredible speed, but since the inertia was weak thanks to Decrease Weight, he slid on the rooftop while killing it with the sole of his shoes and immediately turned about to the direction of the church.

He tried to start running there――and a spark scattered in the bottom of his head.

He greatly leapt backwards from that place before he could think.

Suddenly, he dodged incoming roaring flames and protected Maya from the aftermath with Red Ward.

– Really? You avoided it nicely, should I praise you for that?

– Who’s there?

Moroha glared at the direction of the voice.

The rooftop of a high building two buildings away.

The one who stood there was Charles Saint-Germain as expected.

“The Magician of the Eiffel Tower” looked down on him with a sour-looking face.

His ice-cold blue eyes stared directly and fixedly at Moroha.

He couldn’t ignore it.

Moroha’s battle intuition told him.

This was already Charles’s battle range.

If he turned his back on him imprudently, the next Dark Arts would surely hit him.

– What do you want?

– So cold. I can’t come to see you without a purpose?

– I don’t have time to stick with your troublesome conversation. I’m busy now.

– I know. But you aren’t going anywhere. My subordinates are having fun with your friends now. I won’t allow you to do something as unrefined as barging in.

– n.o.body is related to this. Don’t you feel ashamed, dragging them into this?

– I do. But I’m sure I warned you, seventh person. I’ll summon you to France no matter what means I use.

– For the sake of Flavie-san?

– Chloe. That chitchat. Why did you have to tell all that to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d…?

Even though Charles looked annoyed, he rapidly became serious,

– That’s right. If I want to get Flavie back, I have to get my hands dirty.

– This… G.o.dd.a.m.n idiot…

What a bothersome guy!

Moroha revealed a violent emotion, took Maya down and jumped, putting strength into his legs.

Raised the corner of his eyes and sprung at Charles standing two buildings away with both legs.

– Maya will know how things are and get in contact with everyone desu! Concentrate on the fight desu, Moroha!

The voice of the little Maya seemed to push his back.

Moroha grasped tightly the ID Tag in his right hand and put prana into it.

A strong white light shone in his hand.

The plate made of metal reacted at once, changed to a red hot iron-like color and stretched like a candy.

It formed a grip that adapted itself to his hand well, then formed a stylish pommel and an unrefined steel blade.

Even if it still was no match for the holy sword wielded by Flaga, his dear sword that approached it steadily manifested.

On the other hand――

– Pablo. John.

Charles whispered with an ill-humored voice.

Then the two sabers of different sizes that were put on the waist began to move by themselves like magic and danced in the air.

They protected their owner, intercepted the slash of Moroha and stood ready.

Furthermore, Charles took off the leather gloves put on both hands and threw them away.

He made his hands sound as if checking the feeling of wrinkled and gnarled artisan-like hands.

On one hand, the Ancient Dragon who freely used both Light Techniques and Dark Arts.

On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain who was linked to ancient wisdom.

S-Rank and S-Rank.

Their mortal combat would open its curtains――

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