Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 – Lost Blue

“Weier, let’s put on our clothes and find something to eat,” I suggested. We haven’t eaten for most of the day, and having done physical labor for such a long time just now, I was already starving.

Chen Weier and my clothes beside the fire had already dried, and it was very warm wearing it. Chen Weier wasn’t shy like she was earlier either, it’s just that her movements were a little not fluent. This was the aftereffects of just becoming a woman.

Xixing Mountain Ski field.

Zhao Junsheng and Jiang Yongfu hurried over after receiving the news of Liu Lei falling down the cliff.

“Yanyan, what exactly happened, don’t hurry, say it slowly,” Zhao Junsheng was also really anxious right now.

Li Shaojie was already brought onto the police car by Jiang Yongfu, and a few police that came to investigate were recording down the interrogation transcript.

“Dad, hurry up to send people to save Liu Lei!” Zhao Yanyan choked. “Him and Chen Weier were pushed down by that Li Shaojie!”

“Yanyan, your Uncle Jiang has already notified the fire brigade to go down and search, we might have news in a while,” Zhao Junsheng comforted.

“Li Shaojie, you have now wounded with intent, you must honestly answer every single one of our questions,” Police A said.

“I already said it… I didn’t want to murder… I didn’t do it on purpose… I just wanted to push him so he would do a somersault to teach him a lesson… I didn’t think that they would just fall down the cliff,” Li Shaojie said shakily, he didn’t think that it would cause such a severe consequence.

“I don’t care if you did it on purpose or not, it has already happened, you should now honestly tell us about the situation just now!” Police B said.

I didn’t know at the time that Songjiang city had already gotten a huge number of people to search for me, the fire brigade as well as detectives full of experience, as well as employees of Shuguang Electronics all gathered around Xixing Mountain.

“Weier, take us the handful of melon seeds Yanyan gave you when we came out of the hotel,” I said to Chen Weier.

“Melon seeds, oh, let me see, it seems to be all wet!” Weier took out a handful of melon seeds and gave them to me. “All of them have been baked dry,” Weier said. “But what do you want this for? You can’t be planning to eat it as a meal right?”

“Hehe, of course not, these melon seeds aren’t enough for a little bite. We will use it to catch birds,” I received the melon seeds, and started peeling them.

“Catching birds?!” Chen Weier repeated, although she didn’t quite understand, but she still started to help me peel the melon seeds.

After a while, we peeled a small pile of melon seeds. I returned to the cave, and took out the ski hat that I took off just now. Then I found a string head from my scarf, and directly broke it back down into yawn. I found a small branch and held the hat up, and sprinkled some melon seeds to the bottom of the hat.

“So… You want to use these melon seeds as bait!” Seeing everything I have done, Chen Weier said like she understood everything.

“En, although these melon seeds aren’t the best bait for sparrow, but there is nothing here, and it is covered in snow everywhere, the sparrow that can’t found food must be starving that they don’t care anymore!” Saying that, I pulled Weier and hid behind a large boulder. Every since Weier’s virginity was taken by me, she no longer had any reservations for intimate actions with me, rather she was like a newly wed wife, and cutely followed by my side.

After about half an hour, we didn’t see a single sparrow fly by.

“Does your method actually work, why don’t I see even a single sparrow?” It was the first time Chen Weier helped out in catching birds, and since she was very tense, after a while, droplets of sweat has started dripping down from her forehead.

“Don’t hurry so much, sparrow are always in flocks during the winter, either you have none, or an entire flock,” I explained. Although I haven’t caught birds in my previous life, but you really think I haven’t seen it before? There was no shortage of this type of bird catching method on television.

As expected, after a short while, a flock of sparrow flew over from the sky. One of them noticed the melon seeds on the ground, it swirled around for a while, before landing near the melon seeds.

I quickly pulled the string, the ski hat immediately caught the sparrow. Originally I thought it would scare the other sparrows away, but once I took out the captured bird, set up the hat once again, another sparrow got tricked again. Sparrows in the countryside are really dumb, I remember the sparrows in the city are extremely intelligent. Repeating this, I managed to catch twenty to thirty sparrows.

After doing that, I packed up the melon seeds from the ground. This was treasure, in the following days, Chen Weier and I had to rely on these bait to live. Due to the relatively quick speed of my actions, a lot of sparrow were caught before getting to eat any. Therefore not that many melon seeds were used.

I arrived near the cave, and found a place where the ground were relatively soft, then I used the branches to start digging. I needed to get some yellow soil out, I have seen that the chicken cooked with yellow soil was called Hua-chicken, today I’m going to make Hua-sparrow. Of course only I was needed for this type of physical labour, due to the earlier madness, Chen Weier’s movements were still rather inconvenient.

I didn’t care about whether the mah-jong were alive or dead, and directly covered it in yellow soil, then threw them into the fire. After a while, the sound of soil cracking could be heard from the fire.

Chen Weier stared at me with interest, and said pa.s.sionately, “Hubby, if we really can’t return, then let us spend a lifetime on this island!”

Spend a lifetime, this wasn’t a bad idea, however there was nothing to eat, to wear and no houses on this island, I’m just afraid that we’ll die before making through this winter.

“I’m sorry, hubby. Weier knows that she’s wrong, Weier shouldn’t be this selfis.h.!.+ Hubby if you don’t return, Yanyan-meimei would definitely be really sad,” Seeing that I wasn’t speaking, Chen Weier thought that I was unhappy, and quickly admitted her mistake.

I gazed at Weier’s cheeks that have already turned red due to the fire, and said with caringly, “Weier, you are right! If we really can’t return, then let us spend a simple lifetime on this island!” Although I know this was impossible, but I was still affected by Weier’s words! In my previous life, when I stood at the peak of the business word, not only once did the urge to live a secluded life come up. If it wasn’t for Zhao Yanyan, I might have already…

Ai! I sighed, Yanyan, perhaps I will never meet you once again while I’m still alive!

As the yellow soil b.a.l.l.s in the fire slowly turned hard, and cracked, a fresh smell came out, I couldn’t tell if it was the smell of soil or meat, or perhaps both.

My saliva was already dripping at the time, I impatiently took the two soil b.a.l.l.s out with branches, then threw it into the snow on the side. There was a hole immediately melted in the snow. Seeing that the temperature lowered enough, I took out the soil b.a.l.l.s, cracked it on the ground, and cleaned off the yellow soil with my hands. The bird feathers were pulled off along with the yellow soil.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 119

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