Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 – Getting Saved

“It’s like this, my son was arrested by the police, look….” Li Dahai quickly spoke after seeing Jiang Yongfu gave the word.

“Arrested? What’s your son called? What did he do?” Jiang Yongfu asked. He received eight or ten of these phone calls every day, however most of it was little c.r.a.p like some son of a rich family fighting with someone else.

“My son is called Li Shaojie, the person that captured him said he killed someone?” Li Dahai said.

“What? Li Shaojie is your son?” Jiang Yongfu heard that and immediately started scolding in his heart, it’s because of your son that I had to bring a large group of subordinates to find people on Xixing Mountain.

“What? Jiang-dage, about my son?” Li Dahai thought that Jiang Yongfu was willing to help, and said excitedly.

“I know about this, I can’t help you. Your son’s case is really severe right now, even if I want to help you the nation’s law won’t allow this! Okay, that’s it,” With that, Jiang Yongfu hung up. It was fine opening the backdoor for something like fighting, but wanting to use relations.h.i.+ps after killing someone? Dream on! What’s more was that the ident.i.ty of the victim was so unusual.

Li Dahai stood blankly there holding the phone that he snapped, he finally understood that his son caused a huge problem, something that he probably couldn’t deal with this time.

Not long later, Zhao Limin received the call from the rescuers that he found two pairs of ski boards on the ice layer on top of the river underneath Xixing Mountain, and there was a huge ice hold not far away from it. The two people probably fell into the hole!

Hearing these, Zhao Limin’s heart turned a lot colder. Fell into an ice hole! This means that the two people may very well have been washed away by the flowing water, ignoring whether or not they could breathe underwater, they might have already frozen to death in the freezing cold river! However Zhao Limin was a man with a general’s demeanor, he calmed himself down, then notified the people to continue to search downstream.

“I say, Fatty Wu, what kind of important person was it to make so many of us move out in the dark, is there a need for this!” On the military helicopter, a young soldier looked around using a pair of binoculars.

“My dad said it is a very important person, I don’t know their name either,” Fatty Wu said as he piloted the helicopter.

“I wanted to sleep a bit, I didn’t think that I would actually be sent out to execute a mission,” the young man holding the binoculars complained, however his eyes didn’t rest, and tensely searched underneath.

“Okay now, Laosi, stop complaining, if our group finds the people then that would be impressive, I can also show that old man at my place, so he couldn’t keep saying that I disappointing,” Fatty Wu sighed.

Suddenly, Laosi pointed to a place on the left and called, “Fatty Wu, quickly look! There’s light over there!”

“Ya, it’s real! Let me fly over and see!” With that, Fatty Wu turned the helicopter around…

Although Weier said that was a pointless move, I still lit another fire by the entrance of the cave. My thought of that was that it could stop the a.s.sault from wild beasts.

Actually Chen Weier and I already surveyed the entire island, there are no wild beasts here, if there were, I would have immediately rushed over to kill it, then barbeque it for food. To be honest, my action was just lying to myself, it was all for mental rea.s.saurance.

Not long after, I suddenly her the sounds of an engine, and it seems to be getting closer and closer! Could it be a s.h.i.+p? However I immediately denied this thought, the entire river was ice in winter, could a s.h.i.+p even sail!

I immediately ran over to the entrance of the cave, the sounds came from overhead! I raised my head to look, it was actually a helicopter, flas.h.i.+ng blue light in the sky.

“Weier, come out! We might be saved!” I started dancing in excitement, then shouted, “Help——! There’s people on this island!”

However I immediately realized that my shouting was futile, the people above definitely couldn’t hear. Yet at this time, the helicopter appeared directly above us, there’s eighty percent chance that it came looking for us!

As expected, the helicopter came closer and closer, when it was several tens of meters above us, the door opened, and a person stuck their head out to shout, “Is there anyone down there? Answer if there is! We came to rescue you!”

“Yes! Yes!” I quickly shouted. “Get us up there!”

“We can’t land around here, so we’re going to throw down the ladder, come up their yourselves!” That person shouted.

Chen Weier and I quickly put out the flames, and climbed up the ladder…

At the time, I was beyond excited! We were finally saved, and didn’t need to spend a lifetime on this d.a.m.n island.

“f.u.c.k, why is it you!” Just as I got on the plane, I heard a voice yell at me.

“Wu Tian!” I raised my head to look, the pilot of this helicopter was that Fatty Wu that tricked a meal from me the other day! However I feel like that meal was so worth it, I wouldn’t even hesitate if you told me to treat him to another one right now!

“Liu Lei!” Fatty Wu also said with a face full of shock. “d.a.m.n, the person that went missing was you!”

“How did you get on this s.h.i.+tty island? If it wasn’t for Laosi noticing your fire, wouldn’t you die on in that place!” Fatty Wu spat out a bunch of questions like a machine gun.

“Hai! Don’t mention it, I got plotted against!” I coughed and said. However I did feel great about myself, if it wasn’t for me lighting a fire at the entrance of the cave out of boredom, I might still be in that freezing cave trying to make it through the night.

“Plotted against? What happened?” Fatty Wu clearly didn’t understand what relations.h.i.+p this had with someone plotting against me.

“I got pushed down the mountain!” I laughed wryly. To be honest this case was quite r.e.t.a.r.ded, I had thought I was awesome beyond belief after getting reborn, I didn’t think that got a.s.saulted by a stinky brat. Therefore, I told Fatty Wu about how I went to Xixing Mountain to sky, and how I developed a grudge with Li Shaojie.

“f.u.c.k, he doesn’t want to live does it, he actually dared to plot against my big bro, I find a few people to beat him to death later,” Fatty Wu swore.

“The brat probably went in to eat jail food before you finish him,” I think this situation wouldn’t be small for Li Shaojie.

“f.u.c.k, letting him go in just like that is really letting him get lucky,” Fatty Wu murmured. “Ai, that’s right, I heard a lot of those criminals have special kinks, hehe, when the time comes I find some people, and help him set it up…” Fatty Wu suddenly said with a lecherous smile.

Special kinks? I momentarily blanked, then immediately understood, isn’t that brokeback——! I couldn’t help but shudder! This Fatty Wu is so f.u.c.king sinister, thank got him and I are bros and not enemies.

“Special kinks? Hubby, what is special kinks?” Chen Weier, who was sitting on the side, asked in curiosity.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 121

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