Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Hug me again okay?

I used my hands to lightly wipe away the tears on Zhao Yanyan’s face, and said in a resolute tone, “I promise you! I’ll never leave you!”

Zhao Yanyan and I walked out of the theatre hand in hand like the other couples.

“Liu Lei, Zhao Yanyan called my name softly.

“En?” I replied.

“You wouldn’t think I’m really lose right?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly stopped and said while staring into my eyes.

“No!” I said a.s.suredly. Of course I wouldn’t think so, I had silently watched her grow up in my previous life, how could I not be clear about what she’s like?

Zhao Yanyan looked at my eyes that were without a sliver of falsity, and finally stopped worrying, and said softly, “Did you know, Liu Lei. Today is the first time a boy sends me home, the first time I lie to my family for a boy, the first time going to watch a movie with a boy, the first time I hold hands with a boy, the first time I let a boy touch my body, the first time I care so much about someone that’s not related to me, the first time —— the thought had never crossed my mind before, that I take the initiative to tell a boy, who I’ve only met for a week, that I like you. You took too many first times away from me, Liu Lei. Although I don’t know why, I just like you.”

Although I already knew what Zhao Yanyan had said in my heart, hearing these words come out of her mouth, I still couldn’t help but be moved.

Zhao Junsheng heard that his father’s secretary was busy today, and couldn’t pick up his daughter, so he got his driver old Gao to pick up Zhao Yanyan. However, a boy that was close to his own daughter popped out of nowhere.

This old Gao, why isn’t he calling me yet. Zhao Junsheng complained in his heart. Just as he picked up the phone on the table in his office and was about to call when his mobile rang.

“Hey, Director Zhao, I’m old Gao!”

“Old Gao! What’s going on over there? I was about to call you.”

“Director Zhao, I saw xiaojie and the boy walk out of the theatre hand in hand!”

“Are you sure?” Zhao Junsheng pondered for a moment and asked.

“En, I’m following the two of them in the car.”

“Where are they going now?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“They seem to be going towards your father’s home, should I get a few people to warn the kid?” old Gao asked.

“That is unnecessary, let’s see what happens first. But focus on helping me find out about the boy’s family background,” Zhao Junsheng ordered.

“Okay! But that kid doesn’t seem to have a lot of money, they took the bus home while sending xiaojie back, and it was xiaojie that paid for the movie just now!” old Gao muttered.

Neither Zhao Yanyan or I mentioned anything about what happened on the bus, and we walked towards Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa’s home.

When we neared a mansion, Zhao Yanyan stopped, and said to me, “I’m going back, the people over there all know me.”

I nodded, but didn’t let go.

“Liu Lei, I really have to go back, or else grandpa’s gonna scold me!” Zhao Yanyan said to me with a look of resentment.

I still didn’t let go.

“Ai——“ Zhao Yanyan left out a soft sigh, clenched her teeth, escaped from my hold and walked quickly in front.

Not even halfway to the mansion, Zhao Yanyan stopped, turned around and asked me with a tearful face, “Liu Lei, I miss you again, can I have another hug?” After that, she ran over and leaped into my arms.

Only after a long while, the two of us separated. Zhao Yanyan looked at her watch, let out an “aiya” sound, and immdaitely ran towards the mansion without turning back around.

I gazed her Zhao Yanyan’s fleeting back, I knew, on this day, history has truly changed, my track of life has s.h.i.+fted.

What kind of house is this? So high cla.s.s, and there are even guards on the gate?! Subconsciously, I felt that something was amiss, but I didn’t dare to check up clos, in case of getting spotted.

I wandered around nearby for a while, then finally found a bus that could take me home.

After getting home, my parents were both very anxious, and kept on asking me why I returned so late. Especially my dad, his face immediately darkened when he saw me return, and interrogated me, “Where did you go after cla.s.s? Did you go to the arcade again?”

I often stealthily went to the arcade after school during middle school, that resulted in my dad not trusting me. Ai! I was such a failure as a human before.

Of course, I had already prepared my excuse for returning late. It was the same excuse as Zhao Yanyan, the moment I spoke about how the computer teacher had said about I having a lot of talent and was prepared to enter me into the national compet.i.tion representing Shao Nian Gong, my father became really happen, and he quickly told my mom to go to the kitchen and heat all the dishes, then even took out a can of beer form the fridge, and said that we were going to celebrate.

“See! I did say my son wasn’t normal!” my dad said after drinking a mouthful of beer, “He’s definitely going to be like me in the future, a talent in technology!”

“What do you mean your son?” my mom wasn’t pleased after hearing that, “I gave birth to the son, what does it have to do with you!”

“What do you mean nothing to do with me? Could you have given birth without me?” my father’s mouth had no filter once he got excited.

My mom immediately pinched my dad’s arm and said, “The child’s here, don’t just say things out!”

My dad laughed a few times, then raised his gla.s.s and continued to drink.

The two of them treated me like a kid that didn’t understand anything, though in truth I understood more than the two of them combined. Although I was still a virgin, both mentally and physically.

“Son, don’t listen to your dad, don’t ever be like him in the future, found a c.r.a.ppy job, and earn that tiny amount each month, what is it enough for?” my mom said to me.

“What about me? Weren’t you the same?” I dad retorted.

“Hmmph, it is because I was working at the factory, that I regret accepting you, if I accepted Xiao Zhao’s proposal then I would have been out of hards.h.i.+p ages ago!” my mom said unhappily. I’ve heard these words more than once, every time my dad made mistakes, my mom would say these words to annoy him, however I clearly knew that in my heart, my mom still loves my dad.

“What was Xiao Zhao, he was just a teenage looking for work after existing the army at the time! He was helping out at our factory!” my da didn’t back down.

“What’s wrong with a teenager looking for work? I saw it on the newspaper the other day that he’s one of the top ten entrepreneurs in the city!” my mom continued to wave the truth around.

“I still have a good son though! He’s definitely going to bring pride to me in the future!” my dad used his last card, and said proudly.

“Hmmph! I’m also just giving face to our son, or else what do you think, I would have gotten a divorce with you ages ago!” hearing my dad mention me, my mom’s face was also full of smiles.

I did make my parents proud in the future during my previous life, my dad could hold his head up high in the future no matter where he went, and he after told others that I, his son, studies at Huaxia University! However, he could do it for long before he pa.s.sed away.

I decided in this life that I would not let things like this happen again.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 14

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