Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 – Business Plan


“Yeah, mom. This way not only we can make Mala Tang big, but you don’t have to work so hard!” Chen Weier added.

“About this… Old Chen, what do you think?” Mother Chen was a bit moved, and said in a requesting manner.

“I think Xiao Liu’s idea could work! But making such a company would take a lot of money right?” Father Chen said worriedly. There were a few workers in the factory that he was in before that went on an unpaid leave, and got together five hundred thousand to open a small company to make canned food. Apparently they still ran into the issue of the shortage of funds.

“You don’t have to worry about this, if we’re going to do it, we have make it the best, how about this, Bomu, I’ll give you five million first, and you apply for the patent and brand of Chen Family’s Mala Tang. Then find somewhere to buy a place and use it as the office,” I said.

“What! Five million!” Father and Mother Chen all opened their mouths in shock. They could never have imagined that this boy that was even younger than their daughter actually casually threw out five million between chats and laughter, and it was just the start!

On the other hand, Chen Weier didn’t have any abnormal reactions. I could take out a million just to trash a car for fun, so this amount of money doesn’t can’t as anything.

“Yeah, if the company is going to expand later, then I will invest more funds,” I said calmly.

“About this… Xiao Liu, is what you’re saying true?” Mother Chen asked.

“Mom, of course it’s true! Just relax and be that general manager when the time comes!” Chen Weier said.

“Sure! Then mom will be working for you guys! Don’t complain to mom if I don’t do the job well!” Mother Chen said with a smile.

“What do you mean work for, aren’t we cooperating?” I said.

“Okay now, Xiao Liu. Just give me a standard amount per month enough for us two old people to spend, we don’t have much use for so much money. But my son, can we let him come in and work after the company opens…” Chen Weier’s mother said awkwardly.

“Of course this is okay, but I have other missions to hand to Chen Yong,” I said with a smile. Chen Yong graduated from university through the architecture department, I just lack this type of talent right now. The next step in my plan is to get into real estate, although I said I was going to let Guo Qing handle this area, but that’s only for him to deal with stuff in the dark, I have to get someone who knows about this to take the lead on surface.

“Then I won’t worry, Dayong, shouldn’t you thank Xiao Liu!” Mother Chen said.

“Mom, he was my boss ages ago!” Chen Yong said with a smile.

Later on, Mother Chen and I talked more about the details, the experience I have from running a company isn’t a day or two, and naturally the stuff I said made a lot of sense, causing Mother Chen to continuously nod after hearing it.

“After registering the company, we’ll primarily open the shops in supermarkets, malls and some entertainment facilities, such as theme parks. Then we can hire some people to manage it, but we must strictly control the recipe, and ensure that it doesn’t leak out,” This was the operating method I borrowed from KFC.

“Control the recipe? How do you control that?” In this era, Mother Chen had not heard of similar controlling methods.

“Yes! We can prepare the additives and seasoning, seal it into plastic packaging, and it can be used when it needs to be just by adding water. This way, we can ensure that the people don’t steal our technology!” I said.

“This is definitely a good method! Why didn’t I think of this in the future!” Mother Chen exclaimed. Mother Chen had also thought about these problems, when she wanted to open a branch store, but it was never solved.

“This doesn’t count as anything, a lot of large catering companies do that,” To my understanding a lot of restaurant chains within the country such as California Beef Noodle, all used this method.

“Sure! But I have no need to use as much money as what you give me?” Mother Chen calculated a bit, doing all this stuff plus registering the brand and patent would not take over a million at max.

“This is just the first step. Later on, our company can use a high price to purchase the recipe of some famous recipes, and make a franchise. Or we can run them by ourselves. The rest of the money can be used to open a hotel, the higher the level the better!” I said out my following plan.

I could take in all of those snacks that I saw in my previous life like Osmanthus Duck, Eight-Treasure Chicken, Mala Duck Neck etc. Furthermore, opening a large-scale catering mothers.h.i.+p wasn’t a bad choice at all, you can know how popular this industry was just looking at how full Dynasty Seafood Palace was! No matter how expensive things are, there would still be people going to eat it.

“Ah…” Mother Chen was completely shocked by my ideas this time. How could these impressive ideas come from a child’s mouth! Mother Chen finally understood the reason why this person could be filthy rich at such a young age.

“Let’s settle the first stage at that! We can talk about everything else after the company is registered,” I said.

The thing pretty much just got settled like that, I used Chen Weier’s name to open a bank card, stored five million into it and gave it to Mother Chen, to let her handle everything. Additionally, I gave the telephone number of the directors of the main departments in the Trade and Industry Bureau, Health Bureau, epidemic prevention station to Mother Chen, and told her to directly call them when in trouble, just tell them that she’s Zhao Junsheng’s friend.

That night, Chen Weier, Zhao Yanyan and I were eating in KFC, I don’t understand why this type of western fast food would pique the appet.i.te of the girls so much, they would never get tired of it.

“Hubby, let me say something to you!” Zhao Yanyan said coquettishly after taking a bite of fries.

“What is it?” I knew it wasn’t anything good after hearing this tone, it probably was some request for me again.

“This Sunday, Su Yingzhi is coming to Songjiang city for a concert, bring us there okay!” Chen Weier continued on the side.

I was wondering why the two of them got me to go out to KFC together at night, so they have a ploy!

“Who is Su Yingzhi?” I asked weirdly, come to Songjiang for a concert? Could it be a star?

“You don’t even know Su Yingzhi? Such a huge pervert like you actually doesn’t know such a beauty? Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Never heard of her,” I searched through my mind, I truly didn’t hear about such a singer in my previous life.

Could history have changed? Ever since I was reborn, there really wasn’t a low number of places where history have changed. This made me think of the b.u.t.terfly effect. However, this was just a little singer, it was fine as long as the general direction of history didn’t change.

“It can’t be! The entire street is playing her songs!” Chen Weier asked in disbelief.

“Never mind, isn’t it just a little singer, if you want to you, then I’ll go with you,” to be honest, I was completely not interested in this like concerts.

“What little singer! Don’t think that she has only started for half a year, she is already known everywhere, I heard a few days ago that she was even acting in a tv series!!” Zhao Yanyan said in displeasure.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 141

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