Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – English Test

Only when cla.s.s was about to start, did Zhao Yanyan finally return sleepily. Seeing me, she asked, “You woke up?”

I nodded while smiling, “With your bento of love baiting me, how could I not wake up?”

“What bento of love? So annoying!” Zhao Yanyan glanced and me and continued, “Did you look at my English notes?”

“No,” I replied.

“You! Are really helpless!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily, then turned around and ignored me.

After a long while, Zhao Yanyan seemed to be muttering to herself again, “Why am I so unlucky.” Then she took out her English book and said to me, “I’ll go through it with you?”

I replied, “Okay!” Although I didn’t need it, but I still wanted to know what Zhao Yanyan would look like when she teaches me.

However my dream was dowsed, the bell rang, and Ye Xiaoxiao walked into the cla.s.sroom with the test papers. She glanced around the cla.s.sroom and said, “Put away your books, the test is going to start, you have two hours, although there aren’t a lot of questions, but don’t be careless!”

Everyone put away their English textbooks in a wave of moaning. Zhao Yanyan eyed me, then putted away the English textbook in her hand, as if saying: Let’s see what you’re going to do!

After the test papers were handed out, the grumbling people also became silent, and immediately started doing questions, Zhao Yanyan also started focusing and stopped looking at me.

I took up the test paper and looked at it. The first question was a translation of Chinese to English, the vocabulary that was to be translated wasn’t hard, but a word could be translated into many synonyms or English words that were similar. How was I supposed to translate this? Wouldn’t I be screwed if my answers were different from the model answer? I already forgot more or less all the high school knowledge, how was I supposed to remember if a word was learn in high school or for Level four?!

I raised my hand and asked, “Ye-laos.h.i.+, what do you translate it as in the first translation question?”

Seeing I was the one asking, Ye Xiaoxiao said in a negative tone, “Translate it the way it was learnt in cla.s.s!”

“I was sleeping during cla.s.s,” the moment these words left my mouth, the cla.s.sroom was filled with laughter.

This angered Zhao Yanyan who stepped really hard on my foot underneath the table, and scolded me quietly, “Why are you always embarra.s.sing me!”

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think I would be so blunt, and threw out “answer it however you like” and then ignored me.

Whatever, I thought, isn’t it just translation, there aren’t many words, I’ll just write all of the words with the same meaning.

Finis.h.i.+ng the translation, the multiple choice and reading comprehension afterwards were much less complicated, but these sentences are too childish, testing me, who has achieved Level six English, about stuff like “Weather Forecast”! Before 10 minutes have pa.s.sed, I finished the test paper, wrote my name and handed it in.

Ye Xiaoxiao was convinced that I must have handed in a blank, and got me to place it beside the stand without even looking at it.

After I returned to my seat, Zhao Yanyan said angrily, “Why did you hand it in so quickly, you can’t be guessing again can you? Did you guess pretty accurately last time when you did those math questions?”

“I finished guessing,” I said. “Don’t forget about the reward!”

Zhao Yanyan blushed, and continued to answer the test paper, ignoring me.

I took out a blank sheet of paper, and listed out all he features and advantages of Chines input methods that I’ve seen in my previous life, and prepared to fuse them together, since these things haven’t been made yet, so there was no patent, not to mention copyrights.

When I more or less finished listing, the test also finished. Ye Xiaoxiao collected the test papers and said to us, “Liu Kesheng, Xie Wei, Zhao Yanyan, follow me to the office to help with marking. Everyone else should self study.”

When Ye Xiaoxiao and co. left, Guo Qing immediately turned around and said, “Boss, you’re really my idol, handing the test paper in just when the test started, you didn’t even see how white Ye-laos.h.i.+’s face turned in anger!”

Turned white in anger heh? Why did I notice, I was thinking about the input methods, and didn’t notice, it seems like Ye Xiaoxiao’s impression of me wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t matter, when the results come up, her impression of me will naturally improve.

“Oh yeah, boss, I feel like the sanda cla.s.s we attend on is really useful. I met a delinquent that used to bully me yesterday near my home, I fixed him up a bit, and beat him until he started looking for his teeth on the floor!” Guo Qing said happily.

“En, fighting techniques are important. The techniques you have learnt are enough to deal with rascals and delinquents, but if you attend compet.i.tions or met true talents, power is also very important!” I said.

“Boss, you really do seem to know a lot, but why don’t you learn sanda from the coach, and always train there by yourself?” Guo Qing asked in confusion.

“Hehe, I naturally have my reasons!” I replied perfunctorily.

“Oh!” Guo Qing nodded as if he understood a bit, little kids are really easy to deal with.

In the staff office, Ye Xiaoxiao split the test papers in three piles, one for each of Liu Kesheng and co., then gave them a model answer, and walked out of the office.

Suddenly, Liu Kesheng screamed as if he discovered a new continent, Zhao Yanyan and XIe Wei both looked up towards him, and found out that the test paper in Liu Kesheng’s hands belonged to Liu Lei.

“Let me see!” Zhao Yanyan said to Liu Kesheng.

“What’s there to look at!” hearing Zhao Yanyan walked to look, Liu Kesheng immediately got angry, “What’s there to look at on a test paper finished in ten minutes! He definitely guessed, there’s no need to waste time on his paper!” Saying that, he waved his pen and wrote a big ‘0’ on the paper.

“How can you be so irresponsible!” Zhao Yanyan said anxiously.

“What relations.h.i.+p does he have with you, causing you to be so anxious?” Liu Kesheng said coldly.

“It doesn’t matter what relations.h.i.+p, we have to treat every cla.s.smate’s test paper fairly! You are using your position to get even for a private grudge!” Zhao Yanyan was fed up with Liu Kesheng’s actions, and couldn’t help but stand up.

“I’m getting even for a private grudge? Heh! Is he worth it? Fair? There’s no need to talk about fairness when it comes to bad students!” Liu Kesheng revealed an att.i.tude that was going to oppose Liu Lei till the end.

At this moment, the office door was pushed open, Ye Xiaoxiao walked in. In truth, Ye Xiaoxi was standing at the door when Liu Kesheng made that weird shout. The reason she didn’t enter, was to see what was going on inside. Now she had a rough understanding of who was right and who was wrong.

Ye Xiaoxiao eyed Liu Kesheng, “Let me see Liu Lei’s paper!” Although Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think Liu Lei’s paper could show anything, no matter what the student were like, even if the answers were guessed, there was still responsibility as a teacher to correct it intently.

Liu Kesheng took out Liu Lei’s paper from the pile of marked papers, and handed it to Ye Xiaoxiao carefully.

Ye Xiaoxiao found a red pen and said, “I’ll mark Liu Lei’s paper myself, continue marking everyone else’s!”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 16

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