Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 164

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“f.u.c.k, can’t you be more gentle with a beauty?” Huang Weicheng glared at Rat0eye, then turned around to Su Yingzi, while saying gently, “Superstar, you can’t not know what we want right? If you understand then cooperate with us obediently, or else you’ll see!”

Su Yingzi frantically shook her head, then suddenly looked over at the window not far away, instantly having an idea.

However, Rat-eye saw all of Su Yingzi’s actions, he chuckled and said, “Superstar, you can’t be thinking of jumping out from the window right? Then try! However, let me remind you, the gla.s.s is all bulletproof gla.s.s imported from Germany, you won’t smash it even with a brick, if you think your head is harder than bricks then give it a shot, you can choose to crash your head against there and die, but I am quite interested in raping a corpse!”

Su Yingzi looked down in despair, she had wanted to resist, but that weird feeling on the body became more intense, the itchiness between her legs was getting harder to bare, if there was no one on the side, Su Yingzi really wanted to reach her hand in and rub.

“Haha! How is it? Are you feeling it?” Seeing Su Yingzi’s look, Huang Weicheng instantly felt confident.

“What-What did you guys do?” Su Yingzi clenched her teeth and tried to hold back the bizarre feeling in her body.

“Oh, you still don’t know? Then let me tell you, I drugged the green tea just now! It’s powerful aphrodisiac directly imported from j.a.pan! I think that in a while you’ll be begging for me to f.u.c.k you! Hahahaha!” w.a.n.g Weicheng’s laughter nearly made people deaf.

“You-You guys are too contemptible! I will not beg you to… that me even if I die!” Only now did Su Yingzi understand, she was dosed with aphrodisiac! Su Yingzi has seen the effects of taking aphrodisiac, once the drug effects start, the person will lose their ability to reason, and become uncontrollable, this was the situation Su Yingzi is most worried about.

“Contemptible? This is called contemptible? It is normal for men and women to love, at the time when I f.u.c.ked you good, you also enjoyed it, speaking of which, the person making the effort is me! Shouldn’t you thank me!” Huang Weicheng said shamelessly. “Didn’t I say it just now? You woman really have a bad memory, I am even more interested in raping a corpse! Hahahaha!”

“You… You…” Su Yingzi got so angry that she couldn’t say anything, after quite a while she finally said, “Doing all this, aren’t you scared that I call the police to arrest you afterwards?”

“Call the police? Sure! I forgot to tell you, I have already planned to film the entire thing. When the time comes, and you go made, it should be me that’s raped by you! Let’s see who is going to sue who then?” Huang Weicheng said without any worried feeling. He hasn’t just done things like this once or twice, and thus he naturally had some methods.

“You-You aren’t human!” Su Yingzi screamed.

“Say whatever you want, we weren’t human from the beginning! We are animals! Hahahaha! Superstar, you don’t need to pretend to be pure anymore, isn’t it just getting screwed once? What’s the big deal, what era is this, it’s not like you’re f.u.c.king innocent! I can’t be more clear about the stuff that goes on in your entertainment field, I don’t believe that you weren’t ridden before you became famous! All of you pretending to be virgins, I’m telling you, don’t talk about you, I’ve even f.u.c.ked Hong Kong’s teenage beauty x.x.x and x.x.x, and each is s.l.u.ttier than the next on the bed!” Huang Weicheng said fiercely.

Su Yingzi can’t be more clear about what happens in the entertainment industry being in it herself. However, she was different, was the innocent body she kept safe for seventeen years about to be lost here today! Thinking about that, Su Yingzi felt worse than death. Although Su Yingzi was in the huge swamp of the entertainment industry, she is a very conservative girl to the core, and hopes to leave her first time for the one she loves most. Furthermore, she will always guard this only man.

“Come, superstar! Seeing your uncomfortable look, why not cooperate with me earlier, you’ll feel great and I’ll feel great! If I can’t satisfy you, there’s still my bro, the two of us will take turns s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g you… Hehe!” Huang Weicheng said with a smile.

Su Yingzi closed her eyes painfully, is this going to be her first time? She had dreamed of the first time with her loved one infinite times, she never would have thought that the dream would be broken like this. It would be fine even if the two people in front of her were people she felt affable towards, a person suddenly popped up in Su Yingzi’s mind, the boy that didn’t give her face at all on the concert, he also attended the party later, but he acted as if he didn’t see her, and sat along in the corner chatting with two girls that didn’t lose out to her, it really makes her angry! Su Yingzi didn’t know why that she could still think of stuff like this at this time, she only subconsciously hoped that the people about to defile her would become that person…

“Hubby, Su Yingzi most likely met some sort of trouble, hurry over and see!” Zhao Yanyan was carefully observing Su Yingzi’s every move, when Su Yingzi ran out of the banquet hall, she felt like something was about to occur, and noticing Huang Weicheng and Rat-eye that went missing together, she felt more confident about her thoughts.

“I go and see?” I asked in confusion. “She’s meeting trouble, why do I have to go and see!”

“Hubby, I feel like something’s happened to Su Yingzi!” Zhao Yanyan said anxiously.

“Something happened? What happened! What’s more, what does that have to do with me?” I said weirdly.

“She went missing for a long time!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Missing? Are you making me find her since she’s missing?! Aren’t there bodyguards?” I asked.

“It’s not the same! This might be much more severe! Those bodyguards are of no use! Actually in the sports stadium just now, I heard…” Thus Zhao Yanyan told me the conversation she heard from between Huang Weicheng and Rat-eye.

“If it’s as you say, this Huang Weicheng is too daring!” I exclaimed. The crime of kidnapping a celebrity isn’t small!

“Aiya! Just don’t ask so much! Hurry up and think of something! Didn’t I tell you that Huang Weicheng’s family was originally mobs, they never think about consequences of doing things! I think they most likely gave Su Yingzi the aphrodisiac already, if you don’t hurry, I fear…” Zhao Yanyan said anxiously.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier!” I said without understanding. If she told this to Su Yingzi earlier, she could have prevented this from happening.

“Didn’t I do it for you, so you can get lucky!” Zhao Yanyan said coquettishly.

“About this——“ I was really speechless, this is too…

Ai! I sighed, it looks like I can’t not care about this. Why does it seem like Su Yingzi fell into evil hands due to me!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 164

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