Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 – Refusing to Admit No Matter What


“But Chairman Huang, there is no trail for this incident at all!” A subordinate said.

“Don’t you know to go to find a trail if there isn’t anything? f.u.c.k, do you have a pig’s brain? And you’re a retired scout, go and ask Zhang Guoping! f.u.c.k, if anything happened to my sun, I’ll make the Su girl get buried with him!” Huang Youwei said in anger. Huang Youwei was once the big boss of Songjiang city’s largest gang, the Tempest, and is very merciless, he would not think about the background behind Su Yingzi, from his perspective, so what if you have money? No matter how amazing you are, you have to do things by the law, but if he was pushed to the corner, he would just directly kill you. This is the difference between the underworld and other industries.

“Understood,” That subordinate quickly answered, and didn’t have any more complaints. He was very clear about Huang Youwei’s methods.

An hour later, Huang Youwei and Zhang Guoping met in a single room in Songjiang Guobin Hotel.

“So what you mean is that the only person that knows what happened is that unconscious waiter?” Huang Youwei asked.

“Very likely! He was on duty near the bathroom when it happened, then he randomly fainted, it might very well be done by the person that kicked open the door!” Zhang Guoping a.n.a.lysised.

“Since it’s like this, then hurry up and ask that waiter, what are we waiting for? f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t! He actually dared to make my son useless, I will definitely tear him to shreds after finding this person!” Huang Youwei clenched his fist and said.

“The most important thing is that the waiter is still unconscious! The doctor says that if he can wake up, then everything’s good, if he can’t then he’ll be a vegetable!” Zhang Guoping sighed.

“Heh, I’ll go and find a group of professionals, I don’t believe that he can’t wake up even with so many people!” Huang Youwei said hatefully.

“However, Huang-dage, the most urgent thing is to get Huang Youwei and Zhang Xiaoming from the station! The Su family is adding a lot of pressure, the police station is refusing to let them go!” Zhang Guoping pushed this thing onto Huang Youwei, who was more powerful.

“Heh! Zhang-laodi, relax, I will make the Su family not sue, what f.u.c.king second biggest corporation in the country, don’t forget what I do, if he pushes me against the corner, I’ll kill his entire family!” Huang Youwei said like he didn’t care.

Due to the case being related to a celebrity, so the police station kept the secret well, aside from the few involves, the outside still didn’t know superstar Su nearly got defiled. Huang Youwei was rather pleased with the police’s att.i.tude, the more under wraps it was, the easier for him to act, if it really was known by anyone, no matter how powerful it was, it would be hard for Huang Weicheng to avoid the judgment of the law.

“Say it, did you or did you drug her!” The police in charge of interrogating slammed tha table and said furiously.

“Drugs? What drug! I said it a lot of times, Huang Weicheng and I went to the bathroom, then that girl Su Yingzi acted like she was in heat, and pulled us into the storage room, and immediately sucked and bit us… Hey, don’t mention how s.l.u.tty that is… You know, I’m also a normal man, and if I don’t take advantage of the situation I’m an idiot…” Rat-eye, who is Zhang Guoping’s son Zhang Xiaoming, said with a playful expression.

“Zhang Xiaoming, I’m warning you! Don’t lie with your eyes open, that’s not what you said at the hotel!” The police in charge of interrogation was really annoyed, just now at the hotel, he had already confessed all the crimes, he (the police) never would have thought that now that they got back to the police station and allowed the brat to meet with his lawyer, he refuted everything!

“At the hotel? What did I say? Why don’t I remember?” Zhang Xiaoming scratched and shook his head, then said.

“You! Continue pretending with me? Do you believe that I’ll starve you for a few days first? The police in charge of interrogation said angrily.

“I’m pretending? What am I pretending? Oh, I remember, my head was smashed dizzy in the hotel, and I don’t know what I said while I was dizzy, at the time my mind wasn’t clear, you’re treating what I said then as the truth?” Zhang Xiaoming said like he suddenly understood everything.

“Heh! Don’t think we don’t know anything, Zhang Xiaoming, I’m telling you, since I brought you here, it means that we already have enough evidence! We’re letting you say it now to give you a chance to gain merit, if you don’t value it, you’ll lose this chance! Even if you want to then, you won’t have a chance,” The police in charge of interrogation said threateningly.

“Who are you trying to scare? Do you think we’re making a tv show? Don’t I know you police always playing these kind of psychological games? Being honest, you stay in jail, resisting to the end, you go back home for New Years!” Zhang Xiaoming mocked.

“Zhang Xiaoming, don’t not accept it when we’re giving you face! I’m telling you, even if you don’t say it, what we have now is enough to convict you!” The police in charge of interrogation said coldly. However, in his heart he was getting a very troubled, the case of Su Yingzi is a troubling one, the Su Corporation is already pressuring the police chief, the Su family is not going to give up unless there’s a reasonable response. Yet, the background of these two suspects are not small, and can be said as the local emperors of Songjiang, just talking about influence, these two people are for more powerful than Su Corporation in Songjiang city, especially Huang Weicheng’s dad, Huang Youwei, he was and still is the leader of the most powerful underworld force, if he gets pushed to the corner, causing him to cause some trouble, he (the police) fears that the one getting troubled in the end is still them, the police!

“Convict if you have the evidence, I don’t believe that you police can frame an innocent person, it clearly is that b.i.t.c.h Su Yingzi who’s complaining first as the wicked, and seduced us first, and after seeing the situation got exposed, pushed all the responsibility onto us!” Zhang Xiaoming said shamelessly. At this moment, he isn’t nervous at all, his lawyer already pa.s.sed him information that don’t admit to anything no matter what. This way, the police station can’t do anything to him.

“You…” The police in charge of interrogation was nearly going crazy, the stand of the higherups on this was very clear, they just told him to do things by the books. Although it was just a phrase, but anyone could hear it that they’re siding with the Su family. These two people would definitely have to be convicted. However, they have interrogated him for nearly two hours, this brat, Zhang Xiaoming, didn’t admit to a word, causing even him to feel annoyed! However, remembering that the mission the higherups handed him wasn’t complete, he could only continue asking forcefully…

Actually Zhang Guoping had wishful thoughts, the police didn’t have any concrete evidence. At the scene, Zhang Xiaoming’s clothes were tidy, and n.o.body could prove that Zhang Xiaoming was a suspect, following the legal process, they couldn’t not release Zhang Xiaoming in forty eight hours. However, he never would have imagined that his opponent was someone who knew how to play with the law better than him!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 167

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