Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 169

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Looking at her s.l.u.tty appearance on the tv, Su Yingzi’s face was about to become as red as a cooked lobster, how could she say such embarra.s.sing words! Su Yingzi couldn’t help but stick her head in the blanket.

“Don’t f.u.c.king move!” His roar rang out from the television, Su Yingzi raised her head again. What was he doing, he was actually talking to her in such a violent manner, Su Yingzi couldn’t help but get annoyed.

She was already hinting about it so obviously, he actually didn’t make a move, and roared at her. Does she really have so little charm? She had already brought herself up to him, yet he didn’t want to touch her. From a young age, which man she has met does not act subservient to her! Even those two bad guys couldn’t stand her beauty and wanted to… However, this person just didn’t treat her as anything.

Hearing herself repeat “I want…” over and over again on the television, Su Yingzi wished there was a hole in the ground to crawl into. This is way too embarra.s.sing!

However, why did she say that to him? When those two rascals were in front of her, she had tried her hardest to resist, yet when it came to this man, she tried her hardest to give herself over.

Su Yingzi’s face got redder and redder… Could she have fallen for him? It can’t be? She had only seen him once, and doesn’t even know what he’s called, or what he did… Like him? How’s that possible! … However, this person did give her a frantic feeling and made her heart race… this is too unbelievable! She is the superstar Su Yingzi, the young mistress of Su Corporation, how could she fall for a such a normal looking man that seemed so cynical? … But, the moment that he kicked open the door and rushed in was really so cool!

If it wasn’t for him, she might have already been… Su Yingzi didn’t dare to think any further… However, when Su Yingzi saw that he pushed her away, she actually felt a bit loss… Could she…

Su Yingzi calmed her heartbeat. She really was acting shameless, her first time is supposed to be saved for her future husband, who is also the person that can accompany and protect her her entire life, how could she be so reckless.

But, the following scenes on the television made Su Yingzi annoyed again, her face was red beyond comparison. That man actually put his hand on her that place…

Su Yingzi’s body also heated up, she subconsciously thought back to the events that day… At the time, she was beyond uncomfortably, and when he touched her that place, she actually had an unexplainable surge of pleasure, it made her really excited…

Was this the feeling talked about in books… How did she started liking this feeling, this is too embarra.s.sing…

Thinking to that point, Su Yingzi couldn’t help but feel embarra.s.sed. However, looking at herself in the television, who didn’t know shame… Her embarra.s.sing appearance was all scene by that person… How was she supposed to face that person!

But, even Su Yingzi didn’t know why that even though she knows that it was embarra.s.sing, she still watched as that person touched her…

Su Yingzi quickly bit herself, was she in heat? Su Yingzi looked at herself in the television, then looked at her underwear, she actually wished in her heart that he would do her like that again.

However, this was just a moment’s thought, after which Su Yingzi immediately cleared up. What was she thinking about! How could she wish for such things! She wasn’t like that before! Yes, perhaps the effects of the aphrodisiac didn’t completely pa.s.s, yes, that must be it!

Su Yingzi blamed everything onto the aphrodisiac from that day, what she didn’t know was that aphrodisiac isn’t some slow-acting poison, how could the effects re-surface after three days? Of course, this isn’t what Su Yingzi considered.

“Dong don’t dong!” Suddenly, knocking sound could be heard from outside the door.

“Xiao Zi ——, are you inside?” A middle-aged man’s voice rang out from outside the door.

c.r.a.p! Su Yingzi shouted in her heart, dad’s here! Su Yingzi quickly ran over to turn off the television, however she couldn’t find the remote in hurry, so could only unplug the power for the television and tape reader.

“Dad… Wait a bit, I’m getting dressed,” Su Yingzi shouted to the door. Then she hurriedly stuff her wet underwear under the pillow, then took out a new underwear from the closet. Coincidentally, this underwear was the same style as the underwear she wore that day, both were h.e.l.lo kitty underwear, Su Yingzi’s heart couldn’t help but shudder.

Su Yingzi shook her head, what’s with her! Why was she like in a trance, her brain couldn’t help thinking about those kind of stuff! Her father was at the door!

Su Yingzi quickly changed her underwear, and noticed it was a bit wet underneath, so she found a pad to pad it, then she put on her underwear. After doing all that, she surveyed her room once again, and noticing nothing was out of place, she opened the room door.

“Xiao Zi, what are you doing? Why were you so slow?” Su Yuanchao looked at his daughter with a red face and asked.

“Dad, I was sleeping…” Su Yingzi frantically made up an excuse. Was she supposed to tell the truth, and tell her father that she was getting h.o.r.n.y in the room?

“Oh, I didn’t disturb you right?” Su Yuanchao nodded and said.

“No, I just woke up as well…” Su Yingzi didn’t know what to say, and just answered randomly.

“Hehe, Xiao Zi, are you going to keep your dad standing at the door? Aren’t you going to invite me in to sit?” Actually, Su Yuanchao came this time to have a heart to heart chat with Su Yingzi. In fact, Su Yuanchao has always objected to his daughter becoming a superstar. What was the entertainment industry like, Su Yuanchao was very clear about that, it was essentially a huge dying pot, Xiao Zi is so pure, she didn’t know how sinister it was inside. Su Yuanchao had prepared to find a chance to make it clear with Su Yingzi, and get her to quit the entertainment industry. Ever since something nearly happened this time, Su Yuanchao became more determined about his thoughts, and wanted to use this opportunity to completely persuade his daughter.

“Dad… come in,” Su Yingzi said awkwardly.

Su Yuanchao entered his daughter’s room, then found a chair beside the television to sit down on. Suddenly, he felt that it was very hot outside, and used his hand to touch it, the television was actually burning hot, it was clearly just turned off! This Xiao Zi, what’s going on, why was she lying to him about her sleeping! However, Su Yuanchao didn’t mind, it isn’t a big deal.

“Xiao Zi, let’s quit the entertainment industry okay?” Su Yuanchao thought about it for a while, then finally said it.

“Dad! My career just gotten big… Quitting like this is too much of a shame!” Su Yingzi immediately shook her head and said.

“Xiao Zi, listen to daddy! You are such a pure girl, the entertainment industry is really not for you! Like this time, something nearly happened!” Su Yuanchao lit up a cigarette and said.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 169

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