Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 171

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He had thought that the marriage would be a good thing, not only finding a good home for his daughter, but also allow them to work with Feifan Corporation. However, Xiao Zi strongly refused, so he couldn’t force her.

After Su Yuanchao left, Su Yingzi fell into deep thoughts. Find another bodyguard? Although she doesn’t know how that person is, but he shouldn’t be too bad. If she could get him to be her bodyguard, how great of a thing would that be. However, could he come? She doesn’t even know what she does, but since she can enter that party, he definitely isn’t someone normal.

Huang Weicheng’s storm nearly calmed. That guard just didn’t wake up, but Huang Youwei and Zhang Guoping still poured tons of money on him, and got the best doctor to treat him. As for the guard’s family, they cried till their tears went dry, calling the two bosses great people, and are brilliant to their subordinates, the only thing they didn’t do was to give a silk banner to them. However, how would they know that if this guard didn’t hold a huge secret, then n.o.body would care even if he died.

A month’s holiday quickly pa.s.sed, aside from learning superpower usage with Footy, I spent the time with the two chicks Yanyan and Weier, until the day right before school started, I noticed that I still had a bunch of holiday homework that I haven’t even touched. But I didn’t plan to doing them anyways, in the eyes of a lot of the teachers, I had already become an exception, who doesn’t go to school, doesn’t pay attention in cla.s.s, doesn’t do my homework, but still gets first place every single test.

In school, I finally met Guo Qing, my buddy that I haven’t seen for nearly an entire month. This brat is starting to see more and more like a person of the society, his hair was s.h.i.+ning due to the mousse. Even I couldn’t believe it, is this still the cowardly Guo Qing, whom I met when I just started middle school?

When I arrived at the door to cla.s.s, I saw a muscular hulk standing in the doorway. He used a threatening gaze to look at me, seeing that I walked over, he said coldly to me, “You’re called Liu Lei right? I want to have a chat with you!”

Before I said anything, Guo Qing immediately got worked up, “Chat your a.s.s! Who are you, you dare to speak like that to my Boss!”

That hulk clearly momentarily blanked, he didn’t think that Guo Qing would speak up. What kind of person was Guo Qing! No one didn’t know him in Fourth High, he is someone who’s stomp would cause the ground to shake. Opposing Guo Qing, isn’t that hanging yourself —— Thinking that your life is too long! All of a sudden, the hulk didn’t know what to say, he had research about this Liu Lei beforehand, he doesn’t have much background! However, why did the true boss of Fourth High, Guo Qing, call Liu Lei Boss? Isn’t this far too weird?

“Guozi, go in first. I’ll chat with him,” I waved my hand and said. After all, this person is only a student, finding me for a chat must be to talk about something calmly with me.

Guo Qing nodded, and before he left, he didn’t forget to glare at the hulk, causing the hulk to back away several steps. Don’t think that this hulk is cowardly, it’s because Guo Qing’s name is truly too famous, causing some unexplainable terror for him psychologically.

“What did you find me for?” I got to the stairs with the hulk, then asked him smiling yet not smilingly.

“I…” The hulk originally wanted to scare this Liu Lei, he didn’t think that Guo Qing would stick a foot in, causing him to be scared instead. Now, he no longer had the atmosphere he had earlier.

“I’m called Qi Dapeng!” The hulk thought about it for a while, then finally said.

“Oh! I know. You’re called Qi Dapeng. You didn’t come here just to tell me that you’re called Qi Dapeng right?” I said wordlessly. This person is far too strange.

“I… I want to talk to you about something!” Qi Dapeng hesitated a bit, then finally said.

“Talk to me about something? Then say it!” I really didn’t understand why this hulk was speaking so awkwardly, just like a girl.

“I want to challenge you!” Qi Dapeng finally regained his confidence and said loudly.

“What? What did you say? You want to challenge me?!” I looked confusingly at Qi Dapeng, is there something wrong with this person? Challenge me? Challenge me for what?

“Yes! I want to challenge you! You can take your pick for the method of challenge, but the loser must give up Xu Ruoyun!” Qi Dapeng said determinedly.

“What? Give up Xu Ruoyun?” I was even more confused! What does it mean by giving up Xu Ruoyun?

“Yes! Give up Xu Ruoyun! Do you agree or not?” Qi Dapeng said provocatively. At this time, Qi Dapeng had already regained his c.o.c.kiness, originally a sports-specialty student, he was used to walking sideways in school, how could he be scared of a little white face.

“Wait!” I quickly stopped him, “First tell me what do you mean by give up Xu Ruoyun? Why don’t I understand?”

“You can’t be pretending here right? Don’t you understand what I mean? Then I’ll be open with you! You know Xu Ruoyun right?” Qi Dapeng said.

“Yeah! What is it?” I asked confusingly.

“I like her!” Qi Dapeng said.

“You like her? That’s great! But why are you telling me this?” I was still confused.

“Are you pretending?” Qi Dapeng said impatiently.

“Pretend? Pretend what! I literally don’t know what you’re saying to me!” If it wasn’t for this person wearing the Fourth High’s emblem, I thought he came out from a mental inst.i.tution.

“X year, X month, day X, Xth hour, Xth minute, within the coffee shop in front of school, you asked Xu Ruoyun out, and you acted extremely intimate with her!” QI Dapeng said it all in one go.

I instantly blanked! It’s such a shame if this Qi Dapeng doesn’t become a private detective! At this moment, I also understood the reason Qi Dapeng came to find me! He misunderstood Xu Ruoyun and my relations.h.i.+p, and thought that I am one of Xu Ruoyun’s pursuers!

“You’re talking about this! However, I have to correct it, I didn’t ask Xu Ruoyun out, she asked me out,” Knowing his intention, I felt some disgust for him. If you like someone then pursue her, take out what you’ve got. I really felt annoyed people like this that challenge others because of a woman. First, ignoring how there’s no meaning for that, even if they really won, it doesn’t mean that they would get the women’s heart. However, I spoke out how Xu Ruoyun asked me out without restraint, the purpose was to p.i.s.s off the person I felt disgusted out.

“What! She asked you… Heh! Although Xu Ruoyun and your relations.h.i.+p is rather intimate, but I will still challenge you, and show Xu Ruoyun, who’s the real strong person! Qi Dapeng said while clenching his teeth.

“Sorry, I have no interest in whatever challenge you’re talking about. If you like Xu Ruoyun, you can pursue her yourself, don’t bring me into it!” I said expressionlessly.

“How can that be! I already let out the news of me challenging you! Now the entire Fourth High knows I am challenging you, even Xu Ruoyun knows about this!” Qi Dapeng shook his head and said.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 171

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