Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 182

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“Auntie! We… We actually just came back from the police station…” He Xiyuan explained.

“What!? Just came back from the police station? You already reported it in? Why didn’t the police arrest this brat? Did he threaten you?” My mom said furiously.

I really am going to faint! Is she still my mom! Is her son so terrible in her mind? Is there still logic in this world!

“Mom, listen to me, can you let me finish first!” I interrupted my mom and said.

“Fine! I’ll listen to you first, when you finish, let the chick speak! If I see what you say it’s difference, I’ll break your leg today!” My mom said with a deep breath.

“Mom! Actually it’s like this…” Thus I told my mom everything about taking Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier to eat, then meeting He Xiyuan at the door, as well as how I beat the bad guys and finally entered police station.

“So you didn’t bully her?” My mom said with an expression of disbelief.

“Auntie, what Liu-dage said is all true! Not only that, he also acted as a samaritan!” He Xiyuan quickly said

“Really?” Only then did my mom let out a sigh of relief, nodded and asked.

“Mom! Am I just a scourge to good girls in your mind?” I said innocently.

My mom didn’t reply, she only glared at me. However, that expression clearing meant that “I think you are!”

“You are actually so good-hearted? And even saved someone?” My dad said.

“Dad! What are you saying, this isn’t the first or second time I’ve saved someone! Didn’t I save Xia Jing last time!” I reminded.

“Oh yeah! If you don’t say it, I really might have forget, now that you say it, I really regret it! I wonder how’s Xia Jing now, if I know my son is like this, I would never have let Xia Jing slept on the same bed as you!” My mom sighed. “Liu Lei, you didn’t do that to Xia Jing right?”

“Mom, what are you thinking! Is your son, I, that kind of person! We have a guest here, mom can you save some face for me!” I said embarra.s.sedly. Actually I actually nearly did do that.

“You also know that you need face! Heh!” My mom said coldly.

I felt quite speechless, and could only change the topic onto He Xiyuan. I told He Xiyuan’s background to my parents, but I left out the part about knowing the police chief, since there are some things that I didn’t know how to explain to my family yet.

When I reached the part about the evil Jia Daguo used his ident.i.ty as the village chief’s son to tyrannize people, and forcefully occupied He Xiyuan’s family’s fruit garden, my dad furiously smashed the table, and said angrily, “Is there still law! Xiyuan, uncle will help you out! Uncle will take you to the court to sue them! If it doesn’t work, then we’ll find the city’s government or the city’s committee, if that doesn’t work then we’re go into the province!”

“Old Liu! Please! Do you think the provincial party committee and city’s committee is your home? And you can go when you want? First of all, you have no evidence, second of all, you don’t know if that village chief has a backing! If that village chief has some sort of official backing him here, then not only would you fail, you’ll also get in a whole lot of trouble!” My mom a.n.a.lyzed logically.

My dad nodded after hearing that, he really was too worked up! He’s just an engineer in an electronics factory, what right does he have to help people get even!

“Uncle, Auntie! Liu-dage already promise to help me find the police…” He Xiyuan had wanted to say “Liu-dage already promised to help me find the police chief for help”, but I stopped her with an expression.

“Yeah, dad, mom! I already promise to take He Xiyuan to find the police!” I quickly said.

“Find the police? Ai! What use is finding the police for this! The police station here can’t do anything about their village chief, what’s more the village chief is under the county officials, there is no direct relations.h.i.+p with the police!” My dad also regained his composure, and knows that it was very complicated. “Oh yeah, which village did you say you were from again?”

“Yanhe Village,” He Xiyuan replied.

“Yanhe Village? Isn’t that the place where I went to work in the countryside! Back then, I had a sworn old bro, he was the village accountant back then, he might be an even more important official right now, he might be able to help you! Oh yeah, he’s called He Dali, have you heard of him?” My dad thought about it and said.

“What! You… You know my daddy?!” He Xiyuan immediately said in shock after hearing that.

“What! What did you say? He Dali is your dad?!” My dad opened his eyes wide in shock, pointed at He Xiyuan and said in surprise.

My mom and I were also very surprised, and looked at my dad in disbelief. I didn’t think that this girl I saved actually have some kind of relations.h.i.+p with my family!

“Yeah… My dad is He Dali, Uncle, you know my daddy?” He Xiyuan was so shocked that she coughed, she didn’t think that she would be able to meet her father’s friend even here.

“Yeah! I know him! How could I not!” My dad carefully checked He Xiyuan out, then slowly said. “Back then when I went to the countryside, I lived in He-dage, He Dali’s —— in other words, your father’s home! Ai! Time pa.s.sed so quickly, back then we were both kids, and were around as old as you and Liu Lei… Twenty years have pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye!”

“Uncle, you are the sworn brother, Liu Renshan-shushu, that daddy always talks about?” He Xiyuan thought about it and said.

“Yeah! Your dad still remembers me! …Ai? No, isn’t your dad the village chief? Logically speaking, he should already be an official now, why is he still being bullied?” My dad said weirdly.

“My daddy was the accountant back then? Why don’t I know about this! My daddy never said anything about it?” He Xiyuan said weirdly.

“Really? That’s strange! This is too strange! However, girl! Since you are He-dage’s daughter, then you are my, old Liu’s, daughter, don’t worry! Uncle will take care of the problem for your family! Even if uncle walks still his shoes break, he will help you get justice!” My dad said pa.s.sionately.

“Old Liu! Stop losing face in front of the kids, seeing you making no room for error in your words, what will you do then!” My mom mocked.

“About this…” My dad momentarily blanked, he knows that he acted idiotically again.

“Old Liu, you better talk with your He-dage and discuss it. If it really can’t be helped, then leave it, let’s not sue then! Our family can’t be said as rich right now, but we can make it through, if it can’t be helped then let’s just pay the money for the two children to go to school!” My mom was very generous in certain matters, this made my dad and I admire her a lot. She’s not like some women, who always act petty.

“Auntie, how can we accept it!” He Xiyuan shook her head.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 182

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