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“Scare me? Haha! This is the most hilarious joke I’ve heard, can a dead person take revenge on other? Do you think you’re shooting a ghost story?” Huang Youwei laughed very strangely, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Then try!” I said expressionlessly.

Huang Youwei couldn’t stand it anymore, his entire body shook, he has seen those that aren’t afraid of death, but no one was so confident before they die. He couldn’t feel a bit of unease in his heart, then he clenched his teeth and pulled the trigger.

I really didn’t think that this Huang Youwei would really dare to shoot me, he really is daring to kill in this society! I hesitated a bit, but still didn’t dare to use my head to into the bullet, at the split second the bullet exited from the barrel, I used my superpower, after turning every around me slow, I jumped up and kicked Huang Youwei out, causing him to crash onto San-zi, San-zi let out a howl that could only be heard when pigs are slaughtered, then coughed out a mouthful of blood, yet Huang Youwei, who had the meat cus.h.i.+on of San-zi, didn’t get any internal injuries. However, my kick wasn’t light, and so he said “You are not human——” painfully, then fainted.

“Next time it won’t be so light! Remember one sentence, Liu Lei is very angry, the consequences are severe!” I didn’t care if Huang Youwei could hear me, I just left a sentence behind, then kicked the locked door open and walked out blatantly.

Ever since the kick last time, I have fallen more and more in love with this action, it wasn’t awesome, it was also really cool, I started to think if I had some sort of destructive tendencies? Or else how could I fall in love with this. Last time at home, I nearly sent our apartment door kicking, for this, my mom had nearly beaten me to death.

After I exited Songjiang Guobin hotel, I looked t my watch, f.u.c.k, it was already eight forty, I fear the sports festival had already started! If I don’t go, wouldn’t it be akin to giving up! This Huang Youwei, he delayed laozi’s important matters, I really should I kicked him to death just now. With him pointing a gun at me, I can kick him to death in without worries.

I stopped a taxi at the entrance, then flew towards Fourth High. Don’t ask me why I didn’t use my superpower, this is the city center, it’s also working hours, I didn’t want to be treated as some scientific monster by others.

After I arrived at the entrance of Fourth High, I saw that the sports festival had already begun. I sweat quietly in my heart, this Huang Youwei, if he delayed laozi’s important matters, laozi will definitely bomb his Huang’s Real Estate.

I casually threw down ten kuai to the taxi driver, I don’t know when Songjiang city’s taxis started to use a meter, raising the original price of five kuai all around the city to a starting price of ten kuai, and an additional 2.6 kuai every kilometers after the initial four. Although the price raised, the number of people taking a taxi didn’t seem to decrease, it seems like as the country started to change, the rich people in Songjiang city increased as well!

“Ai~! Don’t go, the money’s not enough!” The taxi driver pulled me and said.

“Not enough?! Did you make a mistake!” I said in confusion. It wasn’t even three kilometers from Songjiang Guobin Hotel to Fourth High, it’s not like I didn’t take a taxi in my previosu life!

“Of course it’s not enough, with the bridge fee it’s twenty four, don’t be a p.u.s.s.y, give the money quickly!” The taxi driver immediately said c.o.c.kily.

“Bridge fee? You set it yourself!” I said in confusion.

“f.u.c.k, where did all your bulls.h.i.+t come from, are you paying or not? If you don’t pau, laozi’s calling the cops!” The taxi driver thought the kid in front of him was some rich foreigner since he took a taxi from Songjiang Guobin hotel, and wanted to rip him off. This is because locals very rarely would go to such deluxe hotels.

Only now did I understand, this person wanted to blackmail me. I couldn’t help but shake my head, it was from this time onwards that a lot of evil merchants popped up in Songjiang, then later on, the entire country knew that merchants from Songjiang are all liars.

“You want to call the cops right, sure, the police chief is my bro, do you need me to call for you?” I chuckled coldly.

The taxi drive momentarily blanked, but then thought that this kid’s only sixteen or seventeen, how could he be bros with the police chief, and thus he sneered, “Sure! Then call! Laozi’s bro with the mayor!”

I took out the newly bought Motorola GC87C, the signal of GSM is truly difference, it was comparable to the modelling machines in the past! I dialed a number and said to the phone, “Chief Jiang, I’m Liu Lei… I just changed a telephone… Yes, there’s an issue… I just called a cab, there’s an issue with his meter… The car plate number is Song XX9454… Yes, sure, that’s it!”

I didn’t want to waste my breath with this driver, I just got off the car after throwing him thirty kuai. I still needed to hurry to partic.i.p.ate in the sports festival, karma will definitely get back to this kind of sn.o.bbish person.

The taxi driver held the thirty kuai in his hands and said proudly as he looked at my back, then swore, “Getting pretentious, and wants face so much, pretends to make a car, didn’t you still pay up in the end!”

What he didn’t think of was that after not even a hundred meters, he was stopped by the traffic police on duty nearby…

When I walked to the fields, I noticed that the speakers were shouting “5000 meter runners, hurry up and get to the record place to get recorded!” Hearing that, I thought, isn’t that calling for me?! I didn’t even go to the cla.s.s and directly ran to the record place.

Qi Dapeng was looking around at the record place, getting really anxious. Although it means that he won if his compet.i.tor didn’t come to compete, but he isn’t winning fair and square, it would be hard for Xu Ruoyun to think low of him.

Seeing my figure, Xu Ruoyun and Qi Dapeng’s eyes lit up.

Xu Ruoyun said excitedly to w.a.n.g Xiaoli, “He came, he finally came!”

w.a.n.g Xiaoli scolded, “Are you an anthomaniac!”

This was the first time Xu Ruoyun didn’t care about her friend’s teasing and just stared at the fields.

“You finally came! I thought you were too afraid to him!” Qi Dapeng walked towards me, raised his middle finger and said threateningly.

“Hehe, sorry for disappointing you,” I chuckled.

“You not coming would disappoint me! Later on, I’ll let Xu Ruoyun see who exactly is truly strong on this divine continent!” Qi Dapeng said confidently, and started humming,

Little universe, burn!

I want to be stronger,

Be stronger, at that moment,

Find the way to happiness,

Little universe, burn!

I want to be stronger,

Be stronger, at that moment,

Let the power in my heart, all burst!

I wanted to puke at that moment, this guy is too r.e.t.a.r.ded, right? Divine continent? If I was Xu Ruoyun, I wouldn’t like someone like him either.

After getting my number, I slowly pinned it in front of my chest, at this moment, Qi Dapeng and co. had already gotten ready.

“This student, why didn’t you take off your jacket?” The referee reminded kindly.

“I can still get first place without taking it off,” I said expressionlessly.

The referee shook his head helplessly, where would you find people running with their coats in! In the referee’s heart, he had already categorized me as just being there to fill up the numbers.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 188

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