Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 197

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“Bomu, don’t worry, I’ll be Liu Lei’s person for my entire life, he’ll be my only husband for this life,” Chen Weier said determinedly. She actually misunderstood my mother’s meaning, and thought that my mom was hinting that when she goes to university, she might abandon me after meeting someone better.

Zhao Yanyan, my parents and I momentarily blanked, we didn’t think that Chen Weier could say something so resolute, I was very moved. Thus, I spoke out my thoughts, “Dad, mom, Zhao Yanyan and I already decided to enter the matriculation exams a year earlier, this way we can be together with Weier earlier.”

“Enter the matriculation exams a year earlier? What are you saying? You’re not joking, right? Entering the matriculation exams with your level…” My mom couldn’t help but stop herself, subconsciously, she still thinks that I’m that bad student that always got last in every single subject during middle school, but then she suddenly remembered that in the end of term exams last time, her son was three marks off full marks in every single subject! Using the cla.s.s tutor’s words, this was unbelievable!

“Mom, I’m not kidding, I already self-studied the entire course for high school, I’m helping Zhao Yanyan learn the stuff later in this period of time, otherwise, I can go enter the matriculation exams this year, and still get first place!” I laughed.

“Heh, bulls.h.i.+t, first place is mine!” Chen Weier pouted and said unhappily.

“Okay, it’s yours, yours, it’s yours,” I appeased.

My parents looked helplessly at the three children in front of them, it’s fine if the kids are happy, what else can they say as parents!

“We don’t object to you guys entering the matriculation exams earlier, since you can just treat it as an attempt if you don’t make it,” My dad said.

The entire meal went by in this joyous and harmonious atmosphere. However, the following things caused my parents’ eyes to drop, they couldn’t believe that the two girls would sleep with their son together, but they couldn’t help but believe it now! Because, after the two girls finished eating, they showed no signs of leaving, and instead expressed that they will stay here.

The main problem was that these few days, I have been sleeping on the sofa in the living room and gave my room to He Xiyuan. Now that the two girls came, we clearly can’t stay in the living room. At this moment, I couldn’t help but complain that the flat was really too small, it looks like I have to quickly buy a larger one, but how was I supposed to explain it to my parents? This was another problematic issue. Somethings were easy to explain to others, but towards your own parents, it’s really hard to say, it really made that saying true, the people that know you least well are your parents.

He Xiyuan was really bright, and immediately saw my awkwardness, and thus said, “Liu-dage, you and the two jiejies sleep in the room, I’ll just sleep in the living room.”

I looked at He Xiyuan thankfully, this chick was rather observative , it looks like I really didn’t spoil her for nothing these two days.

However, I didn’t know that when He Xiyuan said that, she felt a stingy feeling. Looking at the two jiejies, it was clear that they had an intimate relations.h.i.+p with He-dage already, but she was just his meimei.

Before sleeping, my dad mysterious called me to the kitchen and whispered to me, “Chen Weier already did it with you right?”

I honestly nodded, even if I want to deny it, I needed someone to believe me!

“You brat!” Saying that, my dad took out a box of condoms and handed it to me. “You finished using the ones last time right, I bought you another box. Ask me for more if it’s not enough.”

“Hehe,” I received the condoms with a chuckle. “It’s alright, today is the safe day for both of them.”

“Safe day?” My dad smacked me on the head and said. “You d.a.m.n brat knows quite a lot!”

“Haha!” I chuckled evilly and took out a box of Durex Ultra Thin Feel with three pieces and said to my dad, “I have better ones here, treat it as your son paying his respects to you and mom, I promise it’ll feel like you didn’t put anything on after wearing it!”

“Really? It’s that good?” My dad received the box of Durex in surprise, and examined it closely. Suddenly he reacted, and shouted, “d.a.m.n brat, you’re gifting your old man this? Don’t run, stand still!”

“Liu-dage!” After shutting the door, Zhao Yanyan climbed onto that familiar bed while giggling and said coquettishly, “Weier-jiejie, let’s call hubby Liu-dage as well!”

“Sure, Liu-dage, come and spoil Weier quickly,” At this moment, Chen Weier had already changed into a set of pajamas that Zhao Yanyan wears, since Chen Weier’s body was slightly more voluptuous than Zhao Yanyan, the entire set of pajamas was like a set of skinsuit, wrapping around the front of her chest like a ball, making it look really hot.

“——” I was speechless for a moment, she can’t be seducing me like this right! When a girl with a super hot body in a skinsuit says to you, xx me. If you don’t make any move, then you might very well be an eunuch. Of course, women are not included.

Thus, I turned around, and fiercely pushed Chen Weier down onto the bed, and said fiercely, “Xiaomeimei looks pretty nice, how about playing with gege?” Saying that, I forcefully kissed Weier, and reached my hand over to her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

“Ah…” Chen Weier screamed loudly. “Don’t, someone come!”

“Hehe, xiaomeimei, if you are smart, then obediently sleep with daye, otherwise, laozi is going to force myself on you!” I said nastily.

Chen Weier pretended to be frightened, but the blush on her face gave her away, yet she didn’t forget to tell, “You d.a.m.n rascal, pervert… Let me go, I’m going to call the cops!”

“Okay, call, do you need me to get you a phone, call all you want…” I said evilly. I never noticed that being the bad guy felt so good!

“Ahh… No!” Chen Weier shouted. “Then please be softer with me, it’s my first time…”

“Hehe, alright!” Seeing that Chen Weier gave in, there was an unexplainable pleasure in my heart.

Zhao Yanyan looked at the two of us roleplaying with interest, and couldn’t help laughing. Although they had gotten intimate with the three of them many times, but in front of her, this was the first time Chen Weier and I played like this!

I excitedly stripped away the s.e.xy little pajamas on Chen Weier, I used a bit of force, and ripped a huge hole in the middle of Chen Weier’s pajama pants…

“Ah!” Chen Weier screamed, and called with a lisp, “Hubby…”

At this key moment, the door I locked tight was suddenly opened with the sound of a key turning, my mom furiously rushed in and started smacking my body with the broomstick, while yelling, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You are actually bullying a girl at home?”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 197

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