Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 203

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Having the experience once, she stopped eating, I really don’t understand her, ordering such a large table of food, but only eating a bite of bun in the end. Isn’t there something wrong!

Helplessly, I could only call the waitress over for the bill.

“h.e.l.lo mister, you spend three hundred and thirty-eight Yuan in total, this is your bill, please have a look,” A waitress walked over and said.

“I have two hundred kuai of coupon here, then I’ll give you… a hundred and thirty-eight,” With that, I handed the coupons to the waitress, then took out two hundred kuai from my wallet.

“I couldn’t’ tell, you are rather rich! You spend three hundred something just eating one breakfast! It’s nearly up to a month of my salary!” When the waitress left, Ye Xiaoxiao looked over at my wallet and said.

I sweat! What do you mean I’m rich, you ordered this enter table of stuff! However, I said, “Isn’t this dependent on who I’m treating…!”

Ye Xiaoxiao felt rather joyful upon hearing it, not expecting I would continue and said, “If it was treating Zhao Yanyan, I would have directly gone to Shangri-La.”

“You! Heng!” Ye Xiaoxiao snorted and stood up.

I received the change the waitress handed me, and chased up to Ye Xiaoxiao who was in front, then said to her quietly, “You’re behind is wet as well.”

Ye Xiaoxiao exclaimed with an “AH” sound, then subconsciously covered her b.u.t.t. That’s because the jacket tied to her waist could only block the front and naturally not the back.

I chuckled loudly as I walked out. Only then did Ye Xiaoxiao notice that she was messed with again, because how could the soup of the bun spill on the back.

“Liu Lei, I’m going to kill you!” Ye Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth and said.

“Where’s your home?” I started up the Jetta, and asked Ye Xiaoxiao, who was still being silently mad on the shotgun.

“Governmental Staff Compound,” Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me and said in annoyance.

“What? Governmental Staff Compound?” Hearing that, could got a bit annoyed. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? The direction is completely on the other side.

The Governmental Staff Compound wasn’t far from Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa’s home, when we left Fourth High just now, we were going in the completely opposite direction, this Ye Xiaoxiao actually knew that we were going the wrong way and didn’t say anything.

“I thought you knew!” Ye Xiaoxiao knew that she was wrong, and thus she defended herself quietly.

I knew? How was I supposed to know.

It was fortunate that the traffic in 1995 was rather smooth and not so crowded. After ten odd years, the people on the road would move faster than cars.

“Your home’s compound is rather high cla.s.s!” I got onto the elevator and said.

“A slight correction, it’s my parents’ home,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“You went independent?” I asked.

“Not yet at the moment,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

I faint. I really don’t understand what this girl was thinking!

Ye Xiaoxiao lived on the fourth floor, from the height of it, it was a rather good floor, from this, I could tell that Ye Xiaoxiao’s father’s executive position was definitely not low, it would require at least the level of a section chief to have such treatment.

Ye XIaoxiao pressed the doorbell, not long after, a female voice sounded out from within, “Who!”

“Mom, it’s me, open up!” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

Not long later, the door opened with a “kaca” sound, inside stood a middle aged woman, although there were a lot of wrinkles on her face already, I could still tell that she must have been a beauty when she was younger.

From her middle-aged woman’s brows, she looked a bit like Ye Xiaoxiao, but wasn’t as pretty.

“Mom, this is…” Just as Ye Xiaoxiao was about to introduce me, who was standing behind her, Mother Ye interrupted her without letting her finish.

“Oh! I know, you must be Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend! This is the first time Xiaoxiao brought a boy home! Lad, where do you work!” Mother Ye checked me out with an ambiguous look, and said happily.

“About this… bomu, you misunderstood, Ye Xiaoxiao and I…” I quickly explained. I kept sweating! What kind of mother is this, I’ve never seen anyone like her, recognizing someone as her son-in-law the moment they go to her home.

“Hehe, I understand, I understand! You young people are shy, and find it embarra.s.sing to admit it. Claiming to be friends, but stealthily go out, what’s wrong with it, what kind of era is this, it’s not the past! What’s there to hide for a young man, it’s very normal for couples to live together before marriage!” Mother Ye waved her hand and said.

I spun around three hundred and sixty degrees then fainted, this doesn’t seem like something said by the mother of a girl right, isn’t this encouraging their children to commit crime!

“Mom! What are you saying! He’s my student, dad told him to come!” Ye Xiaoxiao stomped her foot in annoyance.

“Student? Do you think your mom is senile or did water go into her brain? She clearly called you Ye Xiaoxiao just now, do all students at your school address the teacher by their name directly? Who are you trying to trick!” Mother Ye shook her head like she had everything under control.

I was really speechless now! Mistakes were made! Normally, I always call her Ye Xiaoxiao in private, and so it just came out just now.

Ye Xiaoxiao glared fiercely at me, I could only pretend like I didn’t see anything and acted without care, disregarding it all.

“Xiaoxiao, you came back!” At this moment, a thick male voice helped us out. A fifty-something years old man came out from the study. When I saw her appearance, I couldn’t help but blank, why was it him!

The man also blanked after seeing me, neither of us made a sound, but our facial expression made it clear: why is it you!

I calmed down very quickly, and said, “h.e.l.lo Ye-bobo!” This person is that Ye-bobo I played go with at Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa’s place!

“Xiao Liu! We meet again, how is it, my daughter is no worse than Elder Zhao’s granddaughter right!” Ye-bobo raised an eyebrow at me and said.

It can’t be, why does he still remember this, last time he kept on selling his darling daughter to me, and now that he knows I’m Ye Xiaoxiao’s student, he’s still cracking such jokes! These extreme parents are really rare!

“Dad! You know each other?” Hearing that her father actually started making fun od her, Ye Xiaoxiao said with a red face.

“Can’t I not know him! Xiao Liu’s go ability is really great! Let’s have a match again later!” Ye-bobo nodded and said.

“Old Ye, is this not Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend?” Only now did Mother Ye understand, this person really isn’t Ye Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 203

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