Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Secretary with an Impressive Background

“Since I’m here, don’t you dare to do anything to her!” the only thing I could do right now was to risk my life to protect Zhao Yanyan, I don’t know if that Secretary Zhang is reliable, so everything still came down to me.

“You’re pretty brave, brat,” Fat-a.s.s Yang continued, “Xiao Du, give him a few shots.” Captain Yang said to the police on the side.

Hearing Fat-a.s.s Yang’s orders, Xiao Du started to act cool, and took out a police baton from the cabinet, loud electric sparks could be heard from it.

“Zeze⌈[^1]⌋, this is twenty thousand volt electricity, it’ll feel great when it hits someone!” Xiao Du laughed sinisterly and was prepared to hit me.

“You idiot, you’re really new!” Fat-a.s.s Yang scolded, “Directly poking him like that will leave external wounds, Xiao Zhu, teach him!”

A dark and thin police walked over, and opened the handcuff on one of my hands with a key, then cuffed it into a water bath full of water. Before I could react, that Xiao Zhu already placed the baton into the water bath. My body shuddered.

“How is it, feels good right!” Xiao Zhu asked. If the baton hit someone directly, their body would leave clear external wounds, now that the water was acting as a conductor, it was both torturing, and didn’t leave any evidence behind.

“Good, you give it a hit!” I retorted coldly, since I knew that I have old bro Yama looking after me, I definitely won’t die. Thus I opposed him to the end.

Hearing me curse him, Xiao Zhu immediately increased the time period. My body immediately went numb.

Zhao Yanyan ran over after shouting “Ah”, but was caught by the police called Xiao Du from just now.

“f.u.c.k you, that’s enough! Don’t kill him!” Fat-a.s.s Yang scolded.

I laid paralyzed beside the water bath, unable to utter a slither of strength from my body.

Just as I felt like I was about to faint, the door of the interrogation room was kicked open with a “kuangdang” sound.

“Yang Shuguang! What are you doing!” a serious voice sounded out, but I didn’t have the strength to raise my head to look.

“Chief Jiang, we are interrogating a few criminals!” Captain Yang replied.

“Criminals? Who got you to arrest them!” Chief Jiang questioned.

“It’s-it’s Liu Kesheng that came to us, and told us to arrest them,” Fat-a.s.s Yang said awkwardly.

Chief Jiang’s face darkened, and nodded his head. He knew Liu Kesheng, his family background wasn’t unimpressive, his father Liu Ran is a very capable man. As for this Fat-a.s.s Yang, he wasn’t happy with him from the start, if he didn’t get into the police force with his wife’s family’s relations, he would have fired him ages ago! This fellow couldn’t do much, and just trouble for him everyday, arresting people just based on a word from a kid, is there anyone that works like that? This person lacked brains!

Chief Jiang felt a fire in his heart, he haven’t been promoted from this position of a chief after nearly six years, it’s all thanks to Fat-a.s.s Yang, this kind of trash in the police force, always bringing shame to him. If being in collusion with the underworld, then it’s extorting a confession by torture, causing the people above to investigate many times, and nearly dragged him into it as well! If this guy’s wife’s family didn’t have some capabilities, this fellow would have been laid off ages ago!

“Who is Liu Kesheng?” a young man asked as he walked in from the door to the interrogation room.

“Aiya, Secretary Zhang! Why did you come in person, did I saw I’ll deal with it as you wait downstairs?” Chief Jiang said.

“I asked you who Liu Kesheng is, don’t say anything useless!” Secretary Zhang said solemnly.

Seeing their savior, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t control the emotions in her heart anymore, and break free from Xiao Du, and quickly went over to my side, and shook my body while crying, then choked, “Liu Lei, you’re alright right, don’t scare me!”

I wanted to comfort Zhao Yanyan, but couldn’t muster the strength to. It took a lot for me to finally say three words, “I am fine.”

Seeing that I didn’t die, Zhao Yanyan immediately held me tightly from behind.

“Yanyan, are you alright?” seeing Zhao Yanyan, Secretary Zhang immediately walked over and caressed her head.

“I’m fine, Uncle Zhang, but my cla.s.smate was nearly killed by them!” Zhao Yanyan said pitifully.

Secretary Zhang turned around with a frozen expression, and said loudly, “Jiang Yongfu, look at the good you have done!”

At that moment, Chief Jiang already cursed Liu Kesheng and Yang Shuguang ten thousand times in his heart, why didn’t they get his affirmation to arrest people? Did you really think you’re a detective captain? You’re just a captain of the defense team, none of your relations.h.i.+ps are in the police force, you really thought of yourself as something?

Chief Jiang glared at Yang Shuguang and said, “What are you s.p.a.cing out for, take the handcuffs off quickly!”

Captain Yang immediately came over and took off my handcuffs, he was confused, Liu Kesheng told him to arrest him, even if he poked a hole in the sky, he still had his dad to deal with it, what act was Chief Jiang putting on? Why was the young man beside him? But he didn’t dare to ask too much, and carefully left.

After the handcuffs were opened, I collapsed onto the floor. Guo Qing’s handcuffs were also open at this time, him and Zhao Yanyan helped me onto a chair. Zhao Yanyan grasped my hand tightly, as if she was terrified of losing me.

Until now, Jiang Yongfu still didn’t understand the relations.h.i.+p between the girl in front of him and Secretary Zhang, relatives? It didn’t seem like it, that little girl called him Uncle Zhang. Ai, hopefully they aren’t too close, or else he was in deep trouble. He already gave Yang Shuguang a cue for him to find Liu Kesheng, let that childe converse with Secretary Zhang.

Liu Kesheng was asked to go to the interrogation room. The moment Zhao Yanyan saw him, she raised her fists, and glared angrily at Liu Kesheng with her eyes wide open, “Liu Kesheng! You’re way too despicable! You got the police to arrest us after losing a fight yourself!”

Liu Kesheng didn’t understand the current situation, and thought everyone in the police station was on his side. He wasn’t scared at all now that he saw Jiang Yongfu, and cursed loudly, “b.i.t.c.h, not accepting the face I decided to give you.”

“Who are you cursing!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily while raising her fists.

“Eh! Don’t think I don’t know what you and that brat did in the woods behind the school yesterday. And I thought you were so pure, I didn’t think that you were just a s.l.u.t!” Liu Kesheng said confidently, “Hmmph! I’m telling you, I didn’t only arrest you, I’m also going to beat up this brat Liu Lei personally later, turn him into a disabled, into an eunuch, let’s see if you’ll still like him?”

Seeing a kid be so, Secretary Zhang, who has experienced a lot, understood that this kid’s background must be rather impressive.

Secretary Zhang glared at Liu Kesheng and asked, “Don’t you know that what you’re doing is illegal?”


Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 21

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