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“You’re telling me to be a guard?” I asked weirdly, this person can’t want me to be his personal bodyguard right! From his actions, he does count as someone of the upper cla.s.s!

“Guard? Hehe, bro you guessed it right, a guard! However, the guard that I’m talking about is different from the guards at hotel parking slows!” The black suit said slowly. “The guard I’m talking about, is essentially a bodyguard in a certain sense! Private bodyguard you know?”

I sweat! This fellow really did want to hire a bodyguard! However, I didn’t make much to do, so I continued messing with him, thus I said, “The ones that you often see in movies?”

“Brother is truly smart!” With that, the black suit handed me a name card from his pocket, “This lowly one’s surname is Chen, this is my name card. If brother you are willing to work at our company, the monthly salary is at least ten thousand yuan!”

Ten thousand yuan? Did he make a mistake, in these years, even if you go and sell your body, you won’t make ten thousand kuai a month. Just what kind of company are they! I received the name card to have a look, on it was written: Azure Dragon Guard Company, Sales Supervisor: Chen Jundong.

“Azure Dragon Guard Company?” I paused and flipped over the name card, on it, the services provided were written: This company provides professional personal bodyguards.

This is pretty good, I was just thinking about hiring a few personal bodyguards! Thus I put away the name card into my pocket, and nodded to Chen Jundong with a smile, “Thank you, Mr. Chen, I’ll go back and think about it, then contact you!”

“Sure! Then I won’t disturb you any longer,” The black suit nodded, got up and left. “I hope I can meet you again!”

“I think it will be soon!” I said.

“Oh yeah, the people you p.i.s.sed off just now are all part of the underworld, you should hurry up and leave! That Xiaoma-ge must have gone to get reinforcements, you should run now before they come back since they don’t dare to stop you,” The black suit suddenly thought of something, then turned back and said.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine,” I shook my head and smile like I didn’t care.

“They say a single fist is hard to face many enemies, be careful! With your ability, it would be a waste if you got trashed here!” Seeing that I didn’t treat it as a big deal, the black suit didn’t say anything, turned around and left.

I drank the Laobaigan that the waiter sent over, and resting my eyes relaxingly. The series of c.r.a.ppy events that happened recently were really too s.h.i.+tty! From Xu Ruoyun to Ye Xiaoxiao to Wu Yingying, this was the first time I noticed that I’m a complete relations.h.i.+p idiot!

Just as I was thinking, Xiaoma-ge’s sharp and fierce voice pa.s.sed into my ears, “San-ge, it’s this person, he hurt all the brothers, you have to help us!”

“f.u.c.k, stop being so noisy, you’re so f.u.c.king useless! I really don’t know why that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ade accept an idiot like you as a subordinate, you’re so f.u.c.king helpless!” A sullen voice interrupted Xiaoma-ge, and continued, “I do want to see who’s so daring and dares to cause trouble in a place I cover, I have to beat him…”

Suddenly San-ge’s voice stopped, replacing it was a bright voice as he said, “Ya, so it’s old ancestor’s glorious arrival! Sanhouzi greets the ancestor!”

I raised my head to look, the person called San-ge was actually Guo Qing’s subordinate Ding Baosan! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with the t.i.tle of “ancestor” it was pa.s.sed around by Guo’s Qing’s r.e.t.a.r.ded lackeys, from one it pa.s.sed to ten, from ten to a hundred, it called all of Guo Qing’s direct subordinates to call me, the “boss’s boss” “ancestor”!

Ding Baosan bowed respectfully and said, “Ancestor, there was much offense just now!”

“San-ge! It’s this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d that beat up four of our brothers!” Xiaoma-ge pointed at me and shouted without understanding.

“Are you blind?” Ding Baosan slapped him and said angrily, “Quickly call ancestor! This is Boss Guo’s boss, do you f.u.c.king want to die!”

Xiaoma-ge was just slapped by me, and now the other side of his face got slapped by Ding Baosan, his entire head swell up on both sides, like a huge apple.

Xiaoma-ge covered his face with both his hands, and didn’t know what to do as he said trembling to me, “Ancestor!”

“Heh!” Ding Baosan snorted and pushed Xiaoma-ge to the side, “You’re blind right, this time if Guo-ye blames you, I can’t save you!”

Only now did Xiaoma-ge realize the severity of the issue, although he doesn’t know what the person in front of him does, but hearing San-ge’s words, this person must be even more powerful than Boss Guo!

Thinking that, Xiaoma-ge didn’t care about his face anymore, he ran over and said subserviently to me, “Ancestor, there was much offense just now, please disregard it! Xiaodi, I, don’t know the rules, ancestor, please punish me!”

“Never mind,” I waved me hand and said. “Just leave this thing at that! Sanhouzi, you don’t need to tell Guo-zi. Tell your subordinates to use their brain when their doing stuff later, find out about the person’s background clearly before making a move! The one you met today was me, if it was any sort of powerful young master, rich second generation, you wouldn’t even know how you died!”

My anger has pretty much subsided, there was no need to push them into the corner. After all, these people are Guo Qing’s subordinates.

“Thank you! Thank you, ancestor!” Xiaoma-ge said gratefully. Since I promised not to tell Guo Qing about this, it means that I had already forgiven him, how could he not be happy!

The next morning, I arrived at that Azure Dragon Guard Company following the address on the name card. This company was in the suburbs of Songjiang city, where there were a lot of people, but it was easy to find. I asked Zhao Junsheng about it when I got back the previous day, this company was rather well known, a lot of famous and successful people in the country hire their bodyguards from here, apparently, a lot of the high-cla.s.s private bodyguards retired from special forces, and have very good insight and ability to cope with different situations. For example, the superstar Su Yingzi that came to Songjiang city for a concert a while ago was their client.

Thinking about that girlie Su Yingzi, I couldn’t help but smile evilly, stars would sometimes have a side to them that is unknown to others.

“Sir, do you have any business?” The lady at the front desk responsibility for reception smiled to me and said.

“En… Is Supervisor Chen, Chen Jundong, of your company here?” I asked.

“Do you have an appointment, sir?” The reception later continued to ask with a smile.

“He asked me to come find him, I have his card here,” With that, I handed the name card to the reception lady.

The reception lady took a glance at the name card after receiving it then returned it to me, “Please wait, I’ll immediately ask Supervisor Chen.” Saying that, she picked up the phone on the front desk and dialed a number.

“h.e.l.lo… Supervisor Chen, I’m Xiao Zhang, a mister here is holding your card wanting to see you here…” Saying that, the caption lady raised her head and said to me. “Sir, how should I address you?”

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