Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 213

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“It’s alright,” I waved my hand and said. “Supervisor Chen, you are also working for the company, I understand!” With that, I took out the chequebook from my pockets, and signed a fifty thousand kuai cheque over.

Seeing me take out the chequebook, Chen Jundong momentarily blanked. In this era, signing cheques weren’t that popular, and children signing cheques when they go out were ever rarer! Chen Jundong finally understood what it means by young age with a lot of money now, the originally ten percent deposit was paid with fifty percent! Chen Jundong also felt very comfortable working with this sort of straightforward people, and unknowingly, his att.i.tude improved a lot.

“Please wait a moment, I’ll call and check,” Chen Jundong said, then revealed a helpless expression with a shrug, “No helping it, it’s company regulations.”

I smiled to show that I understood. This is natural, Chen Jundong is just a supervisor in one of the company’s department, although he has quite a bit of power, he is still working for someone else, and he can’t call the shots. What’s more, why should he believe me, who he has only met twice? TO be honest, I really liked Chen Jundong’s way of doing things, separating official and private business, is not impulsive and does things properly, not allowing anyone to pick out an issue, he definitely is someone good at business! I don’t know how much this guard company spent to get this talent, I’ll find a chance to get him to Shuguang Corporation. I thought evilly.

After a few minutes, Chen Jundong confirmed the validity of the cheque from the bank, and said happily to me, “Mr. Liu, I let you wait long, I’ll go and gather the bodyguards without a job in the company to the training grounds right now, and accept your test!”

When we just started, and Chen Jundong gathered all the elites in the company to the training grounds, everyone were very happy about a large customer coming to the company. Yet when Chen Jundong told them my intentions, everyone eyes revealed contempt. From their perspectives, I was equivalent with weakness. Even the most normal security didn’t take me serious, even after Chen Jundong shouted many times in a row, n.o.body was willing to trade blows with me.

Since these people felt that trading blows with me was essentially insulting them. However, after a little while, some people started moving, since the wage I offered was completely unique! A hundred thousand, that’s the price of a top cla.s.s bodyguard, not one of the bodyguards here could accept a mission with such a wage.

Finally a shorty couldn’t hold it in and walked to the center of the grounds, he glanced at me and said, “We can trade blows, but I have to say it now, fists and legs don’t have yes, I want to know, what if I accidentally hurt Mr. Liu?”

The moment the shorty said this, a round of laughter filled the grounds, because from their perspective, what the shorty said might very well become fact.

I smiled faintly, and didn’t mind it at all. I replied expressionlessly, “If you hurt me, then I will still give you a hundred thousand kuai, and will not hold you accountable.”

“Oh? Haha, then if I beat you to death?” The shorty got an inch and asked for a foot.

I felt a bit impatient and said coldly, “Is this very funny? I don’t mind if you beat me to death, I just don’t know if the police will let you off!”

Cracking a joke was fine, but not if it’s over the line. He was lucky that my temper got a lot better, if it was when I was just reborn, this person already can’t handle himself in daily life.

The brat originally wanted to mock me for not knowing my own abilities some more, but after my reply, his face went pale. Then without saying anything, he clawed at me, extremely fiercely. If it was against a normal person, I think he might have succeeded, but from my perspective, he had way too many openings, I had at least a hundred different methods to deal with it, fifty of them could kill him!

I stood there, and didn’t even bother to doge, when that shorty’s hand was just as about to make contact with me, I suddenly reached out my right arm, and grabbed that shorty’s wrist, and twisted, with a “kaba” sound, the shorty’s hand was dislocated. Originally I didn’t plan to hurt him, he just have to blame himself for having such a stinky month, so I just punished him slightly.

“Ah!” The shorty screamed and stood there holding his wrist. This sudden change of events shocked everyone there, the people’s gazes of contempt became shock! Because technically, shorty didn’t even last one move before getting harmed by me.

“Let me try!” A muscular hulk walked out. From his physique and size, I could tell that this person definitely came from underground boxing places. I believe a lot of people have watched the movie “A Fighter’s Blues”, as we all know, the boxing compet.i.tion in underground boxing places is different from regular boxing places, there isn’t much rules to speak of, you can fight however you want, there’s no foul, no pauses, the only aim is to beat the opponent down.

What’s the combat compet.i.tion with the highest death rate in the world? Boxing compet.i.tion? Free sparring? Unlimited combat compet.i.tion? Or some extreme stamina compet.i.tions? That’s right, the death rate of these compet.i.tions was actually high, but compared to underground boxing, it’s way too little. The death rate of the world’s top underground boxing matches was about a hundred percent, in other words, in every single match, the loser would die!

This is the nightmare of the combat sports – underground boxing. Thus, the combat abilities that could survive from this kind of boxing matches would be quite good, without exaggerating, if you put the winner of an underground boxing compet.i.tion and a tiger in the same cage, the one dead is definitely that tiger!

The hulk I faced was such a person, from the scars on his face, I could tell the traces of those painful times! It could be said that this sort of people having such an ending was so much better! Being a bodyguard for someone else might be a bit dangerous, but compared to the danger he was originally in, it’s completely negligible.

“Let me see what’s different about a person that came out from underground boxing,” I reached out my hand, and made a please gesture. To be honest. I admired these people quite a lot.

The hulk in the front clearly blanked momentarily, he normally remains mysterious about his background, only a few higher-ups in the company knows about it, he never would have thought that the opponent spoke out his background from the start! Then thinking about him easily dealing with the shorty, the hulk immediately understood that the person in front of him was not normal and became a hundred and twenty percent. vigilant.

However, I was very disappointed afterwards, the hulk was still unable to survive a move against me, because this person just used brute strength, there was no control to his actions, in my eyes, he was full of openings. Due to the pity for him, I didn’t hurt him, and just knocked him down with palm.

The people that followed were only so-so, there was almost n.o.body that survived a move against me, although I didn’t use my full strength at all, and used very normal moves, what I was were all techniques that could knock them down, but not hurt them at all.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 213

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