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Then the daoist left quickly after teaching Xiao Wei a healing method. Xiao Wei wanted to take him as his s.h.i.+fu, but was refused, the daoist only told Xiao Wei that the reason that he saved him was due to him loyally protecting the master even in grave danger, and then he told him that this type of healing method is lost in the world of the living, so don’t let anyone know.

When Xiao Wei asked him for his name and t.i.tle, he said that he is Jiaoyazi, then left swiftly. Although Jiaoyazi didn’t admit that Xiao Wei is his disciple, Xiao Wei still gave three loud kowtow to the direction Jiaoyazi left in, and treated Jiaoyazi as his s.h.i.+fu in his heart. So, when Xiao Wei found out that the person in front of him actually knows s.h.i.+fu’s art, it was easy to imagine his shock! Xiao Wei had already subconsciously treated himself as Jiaoyazi’s successor, and so the first thought was that the person in front of him definitely stole the art from him (Jiaoyazi)! Since s.h.i.+fu had said it clearly to him at the time, this art was already lost, and the person in front of him was so young, yet he was better in this art by who knows how many times!

“What exactly are you! What happened to my s.h.i.+fu?” Thinking that, Xiao Wei asked nervously.

“Your s.h.i.+fu? Footy is your s.h.i.+fu?” I asked strangely. I didn’t hear Footy say that he has a disciple, but judging from his (Xiao Wei’s) healing method, he doesn’t seem to be lying.

“He’s my s.h.i.+fu! Who exactly are you, why do you have s.h.i.+fu’s arts?” Xiao Wei said vigilantly.

“Who am I? I came here to find a bodyguard originally, and now I’m a bodyguard for someone else,” I said.

“Do you know my s.h.i.+fu? Tell me quickly, how’s my s.h.i.+fu!” Xiao Wei leaped up and aid in excitement.

“Hai hai! Calm down a bit alright, Footy is very well right now!” I said.

“Really?” Xiao Wei said suspiciously, he clearly didn’t believed what I said.

I know that if I didn’t dispel the suspicion in his heart, he definitely wouldn’t work for me loyally, but how was I supposed to explain it to him? Was I supposed to say that I’m Footy’s martial uncle? The credibility was clearly low, I’ll let Footy handle such a deep question himself.

Thus I said to Xiao Wei, “Come with me!”

Although he didn’t know what I want, Xiao Wei still followed behind me out of the training grounds and into the fire exit.

I looked around, and after making sure that there was no one else, I shouted quietly, “Footy!”

“Did you need me for something?” Footy appeared instantly in front of me like the wind.

“This person said he’s your disciple and wanted to see you,” I pointed to Xiao Wei and said.

“My disciple?” Footy looked weirdly at Xiao Wei, who was standing beside me.

“s.h.i.+fu, I’m Xiao Wei! In the forest of Country F in Africa, you saved my life, and taught me the art of healing,” Xiao Wei quickly explained.

“Oh, so it’s you!” Footy frowned and said. “But I never promised you to be your s.h.i.+fu.”

“About that…” Xiao Wei said a bit awkwardly. However, he was happy that he could see s.h.i.+fu once again. It seems like the person in front of him seem to have deep connections with s.h.i.+fu, his worries of the art being stolen appears to be pointless.

“You aren’t going to accept such a great disciple? If you don’t, then I will!” I pointed to Xiao Wei with a smile

This made Xiao Wei confused, looking at the person in front of him, he seems very familiar with s.h.i.+fu, he had thought that this person is also s.h.i.+fu’s disciple, but now it doesn’t look like it, what kind of disciple would accept a disciple in front of their own s.h.i.+fu! Although Xiao Wei was very confused, he didn’t dare to say anything.

However, the next sentence Footy said shocked Xiao Wei to the core.

“Martial uncle, about this… I’ll accept it okay,” Footy said awkwardly.

“Hehe, it looks like you don’t want a junior brother!” I teased.

“What! Martial uncle!” Xiao Wei nearly fell on his b.u.t.t upon hearing that. What was happening in front of his eyes was too contradictory to common sense, the person in front of him was clearly ten-odd years old, he was actually s.h.i.+fu’s martial uncle!

“Alright now, shouldn’t you quickly acknowledge your s.h.i.+fu!” I signaled at Xiao Wei with my eyes.

Only now did Xiao Wei recover from his shock, he quickly prostrated in front of Footy and said, “s.h.i.+fu, please accept Xiao Wei’s kowtow!” With that, he gave me three loud kowtows.

After Footy signaled that he can stand up, Xiao Wei went in front of me, then prostrated, “Disciple Xiao Wei pays his respects to martial great-uncle, I have offend you much just now, I hope martial great-uncle will forgive me! If Xiao Wei knew that you were the martial great-uncle, Xiao Wei would not have dared to offend no matter how daring Xiao Wei was!”

I know this is the meaning of jianghu rules, and so didn’t stop him, and allowed him to kowtow. If I forcefully helped him up, it might have had the opposite effect, making him think that I wasn’t willing to admit him as a martial grandson.

Only after Xiao Wei kowtow three times did he stand back up, and said to me with a face full of smiles, “Thank you for martial great-uncle’s aid, helping martial grandson to fulfill a with, allowing me to meet s.h.i.+fu once again during my lifetime!”

“Alright now, don’t act so courteous! Although you are now Footy’s disciple, you are still my bodyguard in name, furthermore, Footy seems very busy, so study with me from now on,” I waved my hand and said.

“Understood!” Xiao Wei said happily. He felt that learning from martial great-uncle directly was definitely better than learning from s.h.i.+fu. From his perspective, martial-great uncle must be stronger than s.h.i.+fu! He didn’t know that martial great-uncle learnt everything from s.h.i.+fu.

“Alright now, then that’s that! We have came out for quite a while, if we don’t go back, then they will get suspicious,” I said.

“Oh yeah… Martial grandson still has something he doesn’t understand, why is s.h.i.+fu called Footy…” Xiao Wei asked hesitantly.

“Oh him, he changed his name to Footy, I gave him the name, how is it, the name is pretty good right! It’s so much smoother on the tongue than that Jiaoyazi!” I smiled creepily.

“About this…” Xiao Wei looked troubled at s.h.i.+fu, and felt very troubled, if he said yes, he would offend s.h.i.+fu, if he said not, then he would have offended martial great-uncle!

Seeing his look, I couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Footy, go back first, I’ll call you when there’s anything else.” Then I said to Xiao Wei, “Let us go too!”

“Martial great-uncle, where are we going?” Xiao Wei asked respectfully.

“Go and sign that contract with Geezer Su!” With that, I walked towards Chen Jundong’s office. Thn I thought of something, and quickly turned around to say, “Xiao Wei, don’t call me martial great-uncle in front of other people, or else they would capture you as a crazy person! Even I might be thrown in with you.”

“Yes, martial great-uncle!” Xiao Wei nodded and said.

“Still saying martial great-uncle?” I said angrily.

“There’s no one else now…” Xiao Wei said with a troubled expression.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 218

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