Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 220

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I threw one of my Chinese textbooks on my desk over, and it hit directly onto Zhang Lixia’s face with a “pa”, knocking her to the side.

Zhang Lixia covered the reddened half of her face and blanked there, only after quite a while did she realize that she was. .h.i.t by her student, Zhang Lixia has taught for ten-odd years, it was always her hitting her students, she never would have thought that she would get hit by her student this time, and it was the first day that she came! She wanted to display her power right off, yet now it has caused her to be in an awkward position! Zhang Lixia instantly got angry, then pointed down and shouted, “Who threw it?! You don’t want to stay here any more right? If you stand up, admit your mistake then write fifty thousand characters of apology, I’ll treat it as nothing happened, else do you believe that I can screw you over?!”

“No need to keep squawking there, I threw it just now!” I said coldly while sitting there. “There’s no need for you to judge Ye-laos.h.i.+, I’m making you apologize to Ye Xiaoxiao right now, or you have to face the consequences.”

“Aiyo? Say that again!” Zhang Lixia scolded me angrily, while pointing. “Ye-laos.h.i.+? You are a rather nostalgic person, what sort of drugs did Ye-laos.h.i.+ fill you with to cause you to defend her so?”

Zhang Lixia thought that my relations.h.i.+p with Ye Xiaoxiao was only that of normal teacher and students, and that I was just a fan of Ye Xiaoxiao, she could never imagine that Ye Xiaoxiao and I had another relations.h.i.+p.

“I’ll just say it once, whether you do it or not is up to you!” I said expressionlessly.

“Principle, I want to expel him! Either he leaves today or I leave, do it like you think you should! I’ve never seen a student that dares to argue with me, he’s completely rebelling. Aren’t you going to defend her? Then alright, leave with her and go directly to university!” Zhang Lixia pointed at me and said to the principle.

“About this…” The principle’s face was filled with sweat, unsure of what to sure. He never thought that the person that caused trouble would be me! If it was anyone else, he really might do as Zhang Lixia said, and directly expelled him/her! He would do that to make an example of the student, to prevent uprising. However, this student caused him a lot of headache, just this morning, Deputy Director-General Ye had just called him to take care of this student more! If he expelled this student now, that’s literally making a joke about his job! Although Director-General Ye was just a deputy, the director-general had already retired, it was Deputy Director-General Ye in charge, and had a huge probability of being promoted.

“So, do the paperwork for this student later! Since I’ll just say this, he has to leave if I’m here!” Zhang Lixia thought that with her ident.i.ty as a top teacher, the school would definitely go her way.

If it was normally, the school would definitely fulfill her required, but today was different. When Zhang Lixia had first insulted Ye Xiaoxiao, the principle was already very angry, other people didn’t know Ye Xiaoxiao’s ident.i.ty, but the principle couldn’t be even more clear, that’s the sole daughter of Director-General Ye, then with everything that happened after, it has already made the principle extremely angry! Thinking that, the principle gained the thought of dealing with Zhang Lixia to cut some of her arrogance! So what if you are a top teacher, if the student doesn’t give you a chance to teach, and just hide you for a few years, you’ll be screwed several years later no matter how famous you were.

“Then leave, since Xiao Zheng wanted to take this cla.s.s as well, give the young people some chance!” The principle said calmly.

“What?! What did you say? You’re going to make me leave? I’m a top teacher!” Zhang Lixia shouted in disbelief.

“Fourth High will still run without you! Don’t think that just because you’re some top cla.s.s teacher, you can be full of yourself, Zhang Lixia, you should know, it’s Fourth High made you, you; you didn’t make Fourth High, Fourth High! If you leave Fourth High, you are nothing!” The principle glared at the rampaging Zhang Lixia and said.

“I…” Only now did Zhang Lixia react, she must have hit some sort of b.u.t.ton! After so many years of experience, she has already turned into a w.i.l.l.y old bird! From the att.i.tude of the principle right now, it most likely is because of that student! Could this student’s family background be rather important? Thinking that, Zhang Lixia realized how impulsive she was. She was screaming to expel the student without even looking at the student files, if this student’s family had some important official, then isn’t she causing trouble for herself! From the looks of it, she really hit a metal plate!

“Sorry, that tongxue, laos.h.i.+ was too impulsive just now, laos.h.i.+ will apologize to Ye-laos.h.i.+ now!” Zhang Lixia understood the principle’s intentions clearly, if the school didn’t care for her, and not let her teach, even if she was a famous teacher around the globe, it’s pointless! They say the smart people understand the timings, Zhang Lixia understood this clearly right now! The principle was clearly not on his side, and was about to make a move on her, she knew that if she didn’t submit now, she will be ignored until she gets forgotten.

“I can’t hear,” I said coldly.

“Sorry. I’m apologizing towards Ye-laos.h.i.+ right now,” Zhang Lixia quietly repeated loudly.

“Okay, Zhang-laos.h.i.+ has apologized! I know that everyone had feelings for Ye-laos.h.i.+, so the overly worked up actions of some people can be understood, but I hope this sort of thing will not happen in the future!” Seeing that everything was pretty much sorted, he wrapped it up. He didn’t plan to do anything about Zhang Lixia anyway, he just wanted to scare her! Since Fourth High did need famous teachers like her to improve their reputation, if he really did anything to Zhang Lixia, it would heart other teacher’s heart! It was the best now, he taught Zhang Lixia a lesson, and also managed to shock them a little, it would cause the other teachers that had a bit of confidence to feel a slight sense of danger.

Seeing that the principle said that, I didn’t say anything else, I didn’t want to cause the issue to be too serious, since Zhang Lixia had apologized for Ye Xiaoxiao, nothing else matters to me. She can do whatever she wants, it’s none of her business even if she jumped on the roof.

“Liu Lei, are you hiding something from me?” Zhao Yanyan asked after seeing my sullen expression.

I sweat, this chick was too sensitive, I said awkwardly, “How can anything happen, I just don’t like the new teacher.”

Zhao Yanyan stared at me, that expression was way too pure, it made me feel like I was a demon tricking little girls, only then did Zhao Yanyan said, “I don’t believe you!”

I nearly fell onto the floor when I heard that, it’s fine if she doesn’t believe that, she didn’t need to use that expression right.

“It’s nothing really, just a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!” I didn’t dare to look at Zhao Yanyan in the ye.

What the heck was this, originally the perfect relations.h.i.+p between Zhao Yanyan and I was completely messed up by me, not only was there an extra Chen Weier, now there’s a Ye Xiaoxiao, I didn’t know what to do at all.

No matter what, the one I wronged most was Zhao Yanyan! In some sense, Chen Weier follows me because she sold herself to me.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 220

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